: can perfect timing reduce CD on Mariner?
Great question. Honestly it should. It likely won't for this event, but if the item became permanent we would for sure make this change. Great catch!
: So considering we're talking experimental aram changes, how possible would a reroll quality of life change be for all all random type game modes be? To clarify I mean a few things: 1. Some system that gives the person who rerolled first dibs on their choice between the champion they rerolled and the champ they got rerolled into, a little too often I'll be nice and use a reroll because I'll have it back next game just so my teammates can have one more option and the enemy team can have 1 less option, only to see someone on my team instanly take the champ I rerolled(this might mean you'd have to dictate a short period where people can't reroll and can only trade champs with others in the pool) 2. While not about rerolls, it is closely related: if someone dodges an all random game mode queue everyone in the game but the dodger gets the option to just have the next queue be 100% random or have a slightly higher chance to get the initial champ you got, while the person who dodged will 100% have the champion they randomly got when they dodged and they're locked out of trades and rerolls that they initiate.(not sure if some dodge punishment like this is already in for all random modes or not, never really dodged even if I got a champ I thought I couldn't play well at the time. As someone who likes all random game modes, I don't mind when randomness gives someone a champ they don't know how to play and they do awful, but I do mind when randomness gives someone a champ they don't know how to play and they dodge).
We don't have reroll changes planned for this time, but there are some I'd love to make in the future!
: Im just wondering, why do I see Sona getting nerfed but i cannot find Nami or Brand or Malzahar in there?
Sona is EXCEPTIONALLY strong (68% win rate+), where as the others are just kind of strong (~54%).
: what about the heal bot soraka/nami and for rune they seem so much better also the -15% to ziggs seems a bit much he is not an auto win
Both of those champs aren't particularly high win rates, so no immediate plans to change them.
: I play aram a lot more than your average player, it is my go to mode to relax when I'm not playing with friends. So here are my thoughts on the ARAM changes: **A ban phase has been added to ARAM. Everyone bans a champ (10 bans total), then random champs are assigned** I am ok with this as low and behold there are certain champions that dominate ARAM and makes some games very easy as the champion either pokes heavily or excels in team fighting . Though my worry is that certain champions will never be played because of the bans. **Damage from champions more than 900 range away is reduced by 15% (excluding Ultimates and DoTs). ** I don't really know how I feel about this change. On the one hand, we have a team with no poke and a team with poke. The team with no poke has a very strong engage at lvl 6 and they sustain their way there with the damage reduction and healing relics. They build semi-tank and simply rely on their all in to finish fights. But then the other hand you have a heavy poke team against an average comp where their high range simply bullies them out of the lane. For this change, I would make the range bigger and make the reduction a little more stronger. Again not sure how I feel about this. **At 15:00, minions begin spawning more often and moving faster, maxing out at 25:00 Champions deal 10% bonus damage to structures. At 15:00 that bonus begins increasing, maxing at 30% at 25:00** 100% agree on Riot's idea of "game is approaching 25 minute mark and this is ARAM, this needs to end soon". ARAMs are quick and team fighting orientated game mode so I don't think having a stalled out game will fit into that. Now making towers fall quicker is important to make ARAM games shorter BUT I would at least have towers who will back my team up when 5 enemies dive us. Making towers take extra damage from champions is alright with me but I want towers to be a threat to fear and not just an obstacle to overcome. Maybe the same bonus damage to the tower? % true damage conversion? Just ideas, the towers in ARAM are already very underwhelming so making them fall even more quicker doesn't feel too good without some trade off. **A new Summoner Spell, Backtrack, replaces Barrier. It gives a small shield on activation, then 3 seconds later sends you back towards your fountain. (Further for melee champions.)** I personally love taking Barrier in ARAM simply because of the baiting potential and since Heal is reduced in ARAM, but replacing Barrier with Backtrack doesn't look like a good idea. Since Backtrack is the replacement for Barrier, I don't mind if the shield amount is reduced, but when you have a ticking pull back, that's when I question taking it. Fights can play out very differently in mere moments and there will be times where you need to use the shield portion before even thinking about the dash component. I can imagine a situation where you need to shield yourself to live a little longer for a very important cooldown and when you finally have it up and there is an opportunity to use it, you get denied by the pull back. This summoner with definitely be a niche for certain champs (cough Skarner) but I wouldn't trade it for Barrier any day. **New Items & Changes to Existing Items: Mariner’s Vengeance Warmog’s Armor Ghostwalkers** Mariner's Vengeance can go either way, either to resurrect and get cc'ed right after becoming a slight annoyance OR a team who tried desperately to kill you (a fed carry) now must kill you again and such a short notice that your important (a stun or lockdown ability) ability isn't up yet. I do have questions about ultimate buffs/effects such as Master Yi's Highlander, Vladimir's Hemoplague, Riven's Blade of Exile. DOes Master Yi still have his attack speed and movement speed buff? Does Vlad still do bonus damage to his targets? Does Riven get to keep AD buff and can she recast her ult if already casted? I would like to know more about the interaction of the item before really questioning whether it should be released. Ghostwalkers! Loved this item and making it so you have to be out of combat was just the balance nerf it needed. Warmong's Armor was a big problem in ARAM, you go tank and pick up a Warmong's and you become a meat shield that purposely takes damage, gets low, leave enemy line of sight (or if you a big douche) laugh spam as you regen all the health you lost. Very annoying to face and I like the approach to missing health instead of max health. **Runes Balance** Finally, certain runes (Presence of Mind) were must have because of the team fighting nature of ARAM so i am happy that Riot is balancing strong AND weak runes. **Champion Balance** Now this is where I am a bit iffy, I think champion specific nerfs in ARAM is not the way to go. For one thing, ARAM is just normals but you are in one lane in 5v5, you skip laning phase and you go into the team fighting phase. So nerfing and buffing a champion might be off putting to some ("Wow I did more damage than expected" or "Wow I did less damage than expected"). I think buffing a certain champion will definitely be a mistake, if that champion gets ahead then their buffs will make them even more stronger. Then again the buffs are going to champions that RIot thinks struggle in ARAM but in most cases these "struggling" champions can get a comp that supports that champion play style and can snowball said struggling champions. In all honesty, I feel it is best to push the changes above through EXCEPT the Champion Balance changes (MAYBE keep the nerfs, but assess the champions carefully). When it comes to changes like the poke damage reduction and bans, I don't think there is a need to balance champions specifically in ARAM, PLUS a lot of people just dealt with out of line champions for the past couple years so I don't think they are necessary. *And to add a little detail I MAY OR MAY NOT have 1000+ games on ARAM (kind of embarassing lmao)*
Thanks for the lengthy feedback! Give it a try and let us know if you still feel the same after. We're doing this as an event, so if it doesn't work out we can revert :)
: So I´ve been playing a few games of the "new" ARAM, it kinda feels like comebacks aren´t possible now. Games get very onesided if a team wins the first 2 fights in the game, and then the minion waves start to spawn faster, which makes it imposiible to defend properly. So please, change the minion spawn rates or don´t touch them at all. It is very frustrating that games get decided after 6 minutes in the game
How long are the games lasting? The minion changes don't take effect until 15 minutes and even then they are slow to ramp up. If you can share some examples of games I'll take a look!
: Looks good. If mode-specific balance changes of this kind are locked in as 'here-to-stay', will we get a list of 'changes currently in effect' to each mode that is easily accessible from the client when selecting the mode? Additionally, where would be the best place to put all those small-to-gamecrashing Mariner’s Vengeance bugs? (assuming there are any...of course :^) )
Yes, we'd keep a "Here to stay" list. And feel free to post bugs here!
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: So, I was on the PBE and tried the Icon function. Here a few thoughts. First - a lot of the limited and legacy icons are wrong. Like a lot of them. Someone should look at these. Second - there are handful of icons from which you could only earn 1 (for example the Freljord Icon). Maybe the other icons from the same event/season should be shown different since you already one possible icon? Third - Personally, I don't see any reason to seperate the Snowdown Icons into three different sets. It is super annoying since the icons are on three different places. Fourth - Make a set for Physicial Merch. Some errors I noticed: Team Builder Assassin Icon – the description is different/longer than the other Team Builder Icons Battle Boss Baron - Unlocked in crafting in the 2017 Arcade event. Arcade Poro Icon – Earned by purchasing the Dungeon Pass. Rengar Plush in the Jungle Icon – Acquired by making a purchase in the Riot Games online merch store during the “Welcome to the Jungle” Event. Boki and Baki – Purchase the First Star or New Horizon Bundle during the Star Guardian Event 2017 Kiko - Purchase the First Star or New Horizon Bundle during the Star Guardian Event 2017 Multi - Purchase the First Star or New Horizon Bundle during the Star Guardian Event 2017 Shisha - Purchase the First Star or New Horizon Bundle during the Star Guardian Event 2017 Yuuto - Purchase the First Star or New Horizon Bundle during the Star Guardian Event 2017 Mark of Fortune – Redeemable on the website during the 2016 Lunar Revel Event Lunar Guardian Warwick – Unlocked in the Lunar Revel Crafting 2018 or by purchasing the Lunar Guardian Warwick Bundle Lunar Guardian Nasus – Unlocked in the Lunar Revel Crafting 2018 or by purchasing the Lunar Guardian Nasus Bundle Lunar Empress Lux – Unlocked in the Lunar Revel Crafting 2018 or by purchasing the Lunar Empress Lux Bundle Radiant Wukung – Doesn’t belong to Lunar Revel since he was released during the World/belongs to physical merch Lunar Revel 2015 Year of Goat – Gift a mystery gift or chest during the 2015 Lunar Revel Event Decrypter Icon – Bonus Crafting Content during the2016 PROJECT: DISRUPTION event. Disruption - Bonus Crafting Content during the2016 PROJECT: DISRUPTION event. EM Caster Icon - Bonus Crafting Content during the2016 PROJECT: DISRUPTION event. Hyper Edge Icon - Bonus Crafting Content during the2016 PROJECT: DISRUPTION event. Harrowing 2013 – Earned by unlocking all four other Harrowing icons during the 2013 Harrowing event. Gemstone Pengu Icon + Gemstone Icon – Purchase the Gemstone Bundle during the 2017 Snowdown Event Gemstone Stocking Icon + Gemstone Icon - Purchase the Gemstone Bundle during the 2017 Snowdown Event Shopkeeper - Earned by unlocking all four other Snowdown icons during the 2012 Snowdown event. King of the Sea – Purchase the Smuggler’s Loot Bundle Ashes, Ashes & Original Tibbers – This icon was release in the sore for purchase in 2018 to celebrate the ANNIE: Origins video Gun Goddess Icon – Purchase the Gun Goddess Miss Fortune Payback Bundle before the event’s end. Bee Singed Icon – Doesn’t belong in the April Fools Set Bawk Bawk Icon – Win a game with an icon equipped. Swap the Bilgewater Icon to Bilgewater and the Serpent Crest Icon to the Fraction Icons. The Dark Water Icons from Vladimir and Diana are named wrong (Bilgewater Diana and Vladimir) Ufff, there are probably more, but these were the ones I noticed by browsing. I hope, that helps.
Thanks for the feedback! Let me see if I can break it down. First - Our definition of Legacy is "Not available in store but does drop in loot", and Limited is "Can't be acquired in store or loot". Based on that, if you see something wrong, let me know! Second - This is a neat idea. Maybe for a future release! Third - It should be down to 2 snowdown sets soon, which should make it a bit easier to find. Fourth - I think there are only 2 of those. The Rengar (Special Events) and the WuKong (Worlds/Esports). Lastly, a lot of your descriptors are more specific for sure. We kept ours pretty high level for now, and if we have some time we can go back and add to them. Localizing all the descriptions for every language and region is a lot of work, so we needed to keep them pretty generic.
Hmmm I found it in the Snowdown Showdown section. https://imgur.com/FxF642y
: The Fist Bump ward should definitely qualify as an Ultimate Ward Skin... I mean, it's exclusive for people who participate in a fist-bump with a Rioter. Overall I don't think the Skin price-tiers should be used for prestige-tiers - it might be better to base them of the color/symbols of Honor or Mastery tiers, instead. Equating a £20 skin to an actual in-game achievement seems... ill-fitting. I also don't think the progression of accomplishment and the progression of rarity should be the same tier-list - you've got the Hextech Ward, Championship Ward and Victorious Ward in the same category, despite the fact one is still available, one was limited availability and one was an achievement. For example, based on the Honor system: * Lotus-icon - Consistent. Icons/wards in this tier were awarded by Riot - such as for good behavior, beta participation or ranked achievement. * Flag-icon - Determined. Icons/wards in this tier were earned during events. * Heart-icon - Supporter (of Riot). Icons/wards in this tier were purchased during limited-time promotions. * You could add an eSports icon too, to distinguish the sheer number of limited eSports icons from things just as Radiant Wukong. * No icon - Store purchase. * Legacy icon - Store purchase, but the item is in the Legacy Vault. * Mythic icon - Rare Gem purchase. You could also add rarity-colors to those icons - but, ultimately, the rarity of an icon/ward is just Available, Legacy or Limited (i.e. can you get it again in the future). If this isn't implicit enough of the above categories, or there's too many exceptions (e.g. maybe there's limited-time purchases you intend to bring back), then you could add a Limited/Legacy border/badge around the icon. EDIT: I made a mock-up: https://i.imgur.com/YgPgmGx.jpg I also made a Limited Edition border based on Urf the Manatee Warwick, but as I don't know if any event-tied icons are ever coming back - the icons might implicitly imply Limited Edition. I think Slay Belle is the only one that's ever been available more than once. https://imgur.com/lKPunL3
Love the effort you put into this! We are trying to move towards a world where all our systems match (honor/rarity/etc). So every system should go Green < Blue < Purple < Orange. You will notice that Red, which skins has as Legendary is missing. Some day we'd even like to get skins to this world, but that's for another day. As for all the other icons you suggested, they're really neat! But our goal is to try to keep things relatively simple and easy to understand. Even what we have is a little complex, so I'd likely stay away from adding more. If anything, we could add descriptors on mouse over tooltips.
: I prefer to see wards grouped by their status so by the following categories: * Available: Wards that can be purchased in the shop. * Legacy: Wards that are in the legacy vault but are made temporarily available from time to time. * Rare: bundled wards (both current and past), event wards, esports. * Hextech: hextech wards. * Limited: Season end wards, honor wards. I prefer this grouping because it makes it very easy to see the pool of possible wards I can get when I'm re-rolling 3 ward shards. With the above grouping, that would be anything not owned in the Available + Legacy groups. I hope that grouping by status can be as an option along side grouping by rarity.
Sorting by availability (Available vs Legacy vs Limited) is an interesting idea.
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