: Unable to Download Mac PBE Client Due to Error
OW :( We are looking into this! Sorry about this. We will try to resolve this as soon as possible.
: Only draft pick available to play?
The usual queues are now enabled again. Thank you for your report. :)
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: Ranked queues only this weekend (October 16-18)
Hey everyone, Normal queues are re-enabled.
: PBE won't open
Hey guys, We were undergoing maintenance at the time, are you able to launch your PBE client now?
: 8 actually :o.
I apologize about the extended maintenance. We ran into some issues that are not related to the ranked queue testing.
: PBE Client login screen sound bug
Thank you for the report. I have forwarded this issue to the appropriate team. Sorry about your ears. >_<
: Unable to login
Alright! Login issue should be resolved. Please give PBE a try! I apologize for the inconvenience.
: Unable to login
Sorry everyone, we are investigating the issue right now. Please be patient for a bit longer.
: Custom/Normal Games not working
Looks like we've encountered another issue with login. Looking into this now!
: Custom/Normal Games not working
The issue should be resolved! Happy PBEing and sorry about the drama!
: Hello guys im new here so i have some questions
Welcome to PBE! We should have addressed the leveling script issue today. Please check your account and thank you for being patient with us. :)
: Auto level Up system failed for me
Hey guys, The scripts were all impacted by our office move, sorry! Engineers are working on restoring everything now. If there are still problems later this afternoon, we'll open up all the queues and set all champs free-to-play. This should help everybody get some games in while we work on it.
: Ahri Q Bug - Killing my own minions, turrets, and even teamates!
Thanks for bringing this to our attention! Ahri has been disabled on PBE until we can look into the issue.

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