: I was poking around in the files and I have some questions. I make voicepacks on YT (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCP3Gd8tBEkdb_kXdyrISE3Q) and it looks like there are duplicates of every League voice (aside from newer champions like Zoe or Ornn) and that the lines in their files are no longer ordered by line type. They used to be organized by Attack, Movement, etc, but now they're just all in numerical hashcode order. Also, some voices are split between multiple files (like Jinx) whereas before they were all in one organized file. Was the point of this update solely to clean up the audio engine and boost performance, or was it to prevent/disable voicepack moddingas well? Not accusing or anything, just wondering.
This was def not done to prevent voice pack modding in anyway, the update is also organizing the audio banks into the new wad file structure we are using which maybe the cause here. Primary purpose of the update is that the audio engine has not received an update in a very long time, making it hard to optimize, or fix issues at an engine level.
: "Kai'Sa can sometimes go invisible until death if your client dysncs when she is respawning or using E." This happened to me in a game, I used KaiĀ“sa Bullet Angel with the black chroma and the first time I died I became invisible for me and my whole team but NOT for the enemy team, I became visible again when I died the second time... but the third time I became invisible again for the rest of the game (except one time I became visible without dying but using an E, wich I think is weird) {{summoner:3}}
It's a per client issue so some people will see it while others don't, we think we have a fix for this.
: Does that include the champ select? I think I heard the normal selection music twice with a little offset, but that may be because I now listen very carefully and it always has been in the theme.
: idk if its the right place to ask but does/will she have different visuals when she "evolves" her abilitys (thinking like Kha Zix{{champion:121}} )? and a voice filter when she has her mask on? i think that would be really cool ty shes a really cool champ i cant wait for her to hit live {{sticker:katarina-love}}
: when i press ctrl+5 to turn off her mask it keeps coming back when i press E or R, i hope that is a bug because i would like to keep watching her amazing face and hair.
It's intended that her mask goes on no matter what when she hits E/R. Appreciate the feels towards her looks!
: This will be boost performance?
At first not by too much, in the process of updating the engine we did go and clean up a ton of egregious files, but this does enable us to do further optimizations in the future that were previously blocked by outdated tech.
: I just logged into PBE and In my Opinion she is not there, even tho PBE is online again and updated, is there a reason for that?
Looking into why she isn't on the store, but she should be free to play so you can pick her in champ select.
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: Urgot ultimate
There is an indicator that appears on champions for Urgot, if his ult is up, and they are below 25% hp .
: Was that supposed to be in the update that went out earlier today? I didn't see any changes yet :P
It did go out, but we will be adding more fire.
: But red buff isn't really counted in that category anymore since it only applies a dot now instead of every time someone AA's. That is what I'm saying. You clearly misunderstood what I said. Just in case I wasn't clear enough I'll say it again. RED. BUFF. DOES. NOT. APPLY. ON. EVERY. AUTO. ANYMORE. revert the damage to normal for red buff while his W is active because there is zero reason to bring it to 33% damage.
You were correct, this was an issue with how his W handled true damage in general, not just red buff, we have fixed this.
: The Unofficial PBE Discord: Factions, Help Desks, Game Nights, Tournaments, and more!
: Is there any chance Giant enemy Crabgot can have different chains for his ult execute? They feels pretty out of place on the skin.
: Why on earth is CrabGot using chains during his ultimate instead of tentacles? It's really breaking the theme of the skin in my opinion. All the other spell effects match the theme of the skin. Also, I'm assuming his default recall isn't finished yet?
Has been changed :) Should be in tomorrows PBE Deploy.
: Red buff dot is also affected by the 33% while his W is active. I don't think it should be.
Currently intended, we playtested with Urgot W applying on hits at max effectiveness and his damage output was ridiculously high,
: Some Urgot emotes can apparently be heard globally, my team said so in game when I was using them. Additionally, sometimes the machine sounds from his W will get stuck playing in a loop even when the ability is not activated.
Thanks for the report! Those audio bugs should be fixed this deploy!
: Almost all his sounds are global, like recall, death, spawn, joke, dance, in a 40 minute game it really starts to be annoying. I dont know if it's the same for every skin, but it seems like it.
Thanks for the call out! Should be fixed today!
: i'd love to see more fire while killing someone with battlecast urgot it kinda looks like theyre just pulled into a lighter xD
There was a bug with the fire, should be fixed today.
: I picked Urgot and lost the game. Please fix.
: Yes but compared to the rest of the roster at lower attack speed i'd say Urgot is at the very lowest. I don't think it's a matter of attack speed, his animation when right clicking just don't feel good to use at all.
What about it doesn't feel good? The pause in the animation is the rivet gun reloading, you can see the clip turning at the top.
: My main feedback visually is that his coat is the the same color as his metal and it's not very obvious that it's a coat. Is it possible to make the texture darker?
Hey Memory! We actually tried this a couple of times during dev (Ranging from different tones, to colors). Part of the challenge with Urgot is that he has a fair amount of competing colors going on, in different places, so if the coat stands out more on the model it causes color hierarchy conflicts in game, which in turn makes it harder to focus on important Gameplay needs (such as the legs during combat). I know that may not be the answer you are looking for, but I hope it helps you understand our thought process here.
: Great rework, my only concern are Urgots auto attacks when not using W. They feel clunky, and very unsatisfying to use as there's almost a pause in his animation before he shoots. I feel like it should be a smother animation to make it feel less clunky.
At lower attack speeds you should feel this, while we are smoothing out some animations, Urgot is firing a giant rivet gun, it's not the *smoothest* thing in the world.
: How does Urgot's W interact with Panth passive? Does the first shot take it away and then the ability goes from there? Also, is W stopped by certain crowd control? I imagine it does, but just wanted to be sure. Thank you for clarification!
First shot is blocked by Panth passive, and W stops firing for the duration of the CC, but if you still have the W buff on you when the CC ends, it will resume firing.
: Urgot Practice Tool Bug?!
This is a bug that occurs with an invuln target that is executed while queue another ability, we are looking into a fix for this today.
: So I played around with him a bit in a custom game against bots, so I have a bit of a feel for him, but I have a couple clarification questions. Does his passive count as part of his auto? It feels like an ability and not an auto, but I'm not sure. Will it consume or ignore Pantheon's passive or one of the various spellshields? The way it felt on the PBE, is that his W basically modifies his auto attack in various specific ways. is that correct? Or is it counted as a spell rather than an ability? Building on that does lifesteal cut into thirds as an on hit effect?
His passive spell is triggered by his auto, but is a separate thing. It is not currently consumed by spell shields. It is counted as a spell, with auto like feelings, lifesteal is cut into thirds (it was incredibly op when it wasn't)
: Personally, I feel like Urgot's dash animation should be more "Scuttle-y," rather than the flying leap that it currently is
We tried the "scuttle-y" versions of E and it happens to fast you can't see what is going on, or appreciate how fast the legs move, from a Gameplay standpoint the leap read much better.
: If an Urgot is in game it causes some performance issues. My brother and I were bouncing all over the place with 27ms and 139 fps. I even did a few custom games on my own, one with him and one without him to confirm this. I had no issues in the one without him, but had issues with him.
Will look into it, there also could be some load issues on PBE, as everyone is trying to log on and play around with Urgot, and the skins.
: Not an actual bug, but there's a typo in the ult's tooltip where it says that "The target's movement speed decreases with _the their_ missing health". Btw this guy is funny af to play, would be even better if the passive's indicator was easier to see 'cause green on grass is hard to read.
: I feel like the passive indicator is a bit too close to the model to read at times, especially near the front. I end up guessing most of the time on which knees are off cooldown.
After a couple of games let me know what you think, both the ground indicators and knee caps are reads as to when the passive is on/off, but it does take a little bit to understand.
: I have a couple of bugs (most likely confined to practice mode) 1. If you deal damage to a dummy while under the affects of your R, it will die. I assume this is a bug, since just using the R execute normally does not work. Easy to replicate with ignite + R. 2. If you dash while shooting the second part of your R execute, then the target dummy will awkwardly keep its distance from you once it "dies". Basically for the next 10 seconds or so the dummy will try to keep at max R range from you, so if you move towards it then it scoots away. It does not scoot towards you if you run away though. Looks to be the same distance that the R forces enemies to if they are close to Urgot when he ults. It could bear some testing on whether other invincible enemies also have the same behavior when an attempted execute fails.
#2 should be fixed in the next deploy.
: Alright, thank you and what about my edit - Battlecast's Urgot visual look? Right now he looks quite metallic or more greyish than current blacky/greenish one. What is your opinion about this?
Hey read that post over the weekend and forgot to respond :( Right now the colors are currently intended, as we make more and more skins we understand what color tones read better during combat on summoners rift.
: Hello! I think you have already seen this but in my opinion a cool idea would be to change new Urgot's Ultimate Execute from 25% on all ranks to 20/25/30% based on rank. Right now it seems like it has a lot of damage in early game and mid game but falls a little bit in late game. I am Urgot main with 700k+ mastery points on Urgot and I absolutely LOVE this rework :D it's just my idea about gameplay change. EDIT: There is one more thing that I fUrgot (forgot :D) https://www.reddit.com/r/UrgotMains/comments/6m1s4p/imo_battlecast_urgot_skin_should_be_a_little/?utm_content=title&utm_medium=hot&utm_source=reddit&utm_name=UrgotMains It's my thread and a "lot" of people would enjoy this little change.
Hey Keyoy, We playtested with different health threshholds for a while and landed on 25% being a good number, but just because he goes out with 25% at all ranks, does not mean that number is set in stone for future patches depending on what his balance needs are.
: For the Battlecast skin, are the particle effects still being worked on for some of his emotes/abilities? I feel like [the taunt](https://media.giphy.com/media/aHRa3RLo9T4IM/giphy.gif) and his [auto attacks should have a muzzle flash on them](https://media.giphy.com/media/uF7Akgl6SRpL2/giphy.gif) if they're shooting bullets lol. Also his [ult finisher of getting pulled into the furnace](https://media.giphy.com/media/mCKyQGOVvJl3a/giphy.gif) seems like it could use something to help live up to the brutality of being ground up by sawblades, maybe if there was a more noticeable flame when they get pulled in? :P It appears to be missing the smoke plumes from his exhaust pipes after they're executed too... (which... by the way, could we get something like that effect added during his dash? [It seems like a perfect ability to pair it with](https://media.giphy.com/media/Sx9hTv5mSCKBy/giphy.gif). Sorry if these are super nitpicky, but you did say slight imperfection! :3 ---edit [just noticed that when attacking inhibitors and the nexus with Purge active, it's missing part of the attack sound effect](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x5KwDdncbBY). It plays normally when attacking minions and other champions though .
Hey there! Thanks for the feedback! For the taunt I don't think we will be adding anything additional, but in regards to the Ult, there were some furnace flames that went missing, and should be back making it slightly more brutal in the next PBE deploy.
: I think it's cool how runaans procs his knees. https://snag.gy/WutBVD.jpg
Haha, we had many debates over whether this should happen.
: give Urgot a better recall, it's very disappointing
What about it do you not like? The goal was that he is standing above everyone in Zaun, and explaining to them why they are weak.
: With Muramana you deal reduced on hit damage with his W but still drain mana at the same rate. It isn't exactly a bug, but very strange since the firerate will drain 800+ mana while giving you barely any damage.
Hmm I'll check with BelugaWhale to see if the mana drain portion is intended or just an oversight, the reduced damage on W is intended though.
: When Urgot activates his W, his Echoing Flames(Knees) do not crit. Is this intended?
His passive Echo Flames, do not crit, and neither do his W autos, his regular autos do though.
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: Pool Party Zac Skin. The lacking ultimate
Hey there Robin Stone, we are looking to get the ducks back in during the next PBE build, they are currently fixed on my end.
: warwick old champion select quote is still active in legacy client
This should be fixed now, thanks for letting us know!
: The new Warwick's R(if the person dies before the duration ends) freezes WW in place until the duration would have ended. His Q also uses the cooldown if you try to use it on any target and they die before it actually hits them.
Hey bud this should be fixed! Thanks for the report!
: This rework is really fun to play and the design looks pretty cool. One issue I have is that after the ult ends he just stands there. The old ww could queue a Q or auto attack to start after his ult. It would feel a lot smoother if the new ww could do the same. Other than that I just wanna say that I think firfang ww needs more fire particles. The new model looks badass but the particles of the old one were far superior. Would it be possible to set his tail on fire like you did for that fire themed ahri skin? Maybe his hands too? Thanks for considering.
The issue with his R was a bug and should be fixed in the next PBE deploy!
: Got a weird bug during a custom game against bots. I wasn't able to use any of my abilities or recall, but I could use summoner spells and item actives. I captured it in action, and also captured the moment when it decided to start working again for whatever reason. I thought I'd tried using his E before when Q W and R were locked and not functioning, but who knows. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DVx5yx14OdI
Thanks for the video! We will be looking into this!
: Not a bug per-say, but there is a lot of red visual clutter when W's passive goes off
That is intended, if you have any feedback about how its visual clutter please let our artists know in the feedback thread! http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-feedback/rpetZmtK-warwick-update-feedback-thread
: WW bot makes makes "attempting to reconnect" pop up. He has no summs either.
We have disabled WW bot until we can get a fix out tomorrow thank you!
: Hmm Hello there, since I do not see an official thread I was wondering if it is ok to post here the feedback regarding Warwick Splash and model feedback.
http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-feedback/rpetZmtK-warwick-update-feedback-thread Here ya go friend!
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: Type of Bug: In Game Description: Shacos jack in the box don't fear kata when she uses shunpo or ult Reproduction rate: Happened every time Steps to reproduce: 1)Have Katarina and Shaco ingame 2)Place down a Jack in the box 3)Shunpo onto it or just flash ult (sorry i got no video)
Hey there BloodMoon, we have a fix for this going out! Thanks for the report!
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