: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Infernal Varus!
Thanks for the feedback Forgotten Darkin, we have fixed some of those issues noted.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Infernal Shen!
Hey guys, we adjusted the sword a bit but could not add on a voice filter, it's a lot more complicated than people think and we did not have the resources on this go around, I'm sorry.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Infernal Shen!
Hey guys, I hear most of your feedback and will talk to my devs about SFX (mainly empowered Q) and seeing we feel about adjusting the sword a bit.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Infernal Galio!
Woops I lagged, should be on PBE shortly.
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: Thank you for the answer ! Everything you do is more than appreciated. I just have a small question, you said that if her daggers were glowing it would be an in-game buff (if I'm correct), which I can completely understand, but I dont see how the fact that her daggers are glowing would be a "buff" (we're talking about the 2 daggers that she constantly holds in her hands, right ?). I might need some clarification on that point ^^" Thanks once again
Hey KatEvolved, I pushed for a slight glow on the daggers but most of the team felt it was lateral. As for clarification on that point I believe a designer can explain better but bascially we don't want any hint that kat has any sort of buff (sheen, anything) We pushed some pink into the ult (team felt it was better on outer swipes over hair) and that will show up on PBE ~1pm PST Monday May 6th..
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Battle Academia Katarina
We heard your feedback about adding more pink into Battle Academia Katarina's Q and Ult, so @Sirhaian spiked out some changes! Video here: https://twitter.com/KiWiKiDLoL/status/1124435928720625664 Cheers!
: Hey Eeshwan! I'd like to know more about your bug: e.g. What level were you when this occurred? What other animations (recall, Q, etc.) were you doing when this occurred? The more details the better, thanks! Sorry that you encountered the bug, glad it was in a custom though.
Actually we found the issue! It occurs when his attack speed is below .66 We're working on a fix asap, thanks Eeshwan!
: Had a bug in the one custom I played yesterday, reload animation after firing twice did not play, but the audio did and the model for his 'ammo clip' (the cylinder) appeared right on top of the gun, then disappeared after the reload completed. Dying and using abilities did not fix this. Unsure how to reproduce as I only played one game of the skin unfortunately, will keep an eye out when i play more.
Hey Eeshwan! I'd like to know more about your bug: e.g. What level were you when this occurred? What other animations (recall, Q, etc.) were you doing when this occurred? The more details the better, thanks! Sorry that you encountered the bug, glad it was in a custom though.
: I fully agree with this, I’d definitely love to see blonde lux come back, she hasn’t had her natural hair in nearly any of her new skins now!
A lot of people like BA Lux's hair color so I'm sorry I'm not able to say we'll change it to blonde. However I have given feedback to the team we should consider a blonde lux skin next, as yeah she hasn't had her natural hair in her recent skins. Thanks guys.
: It's pretty fine actually, there's Steel Legion, which is way harder to see, and there's also Star Guardian, which is the easiest to notice and dodge https://i.imgur.com/hG9yEku.png[/img] https://i.imgur.com/18SIDWr.png[/img] https://i.imgur.com/D0lpcyU.png[/img]
Great response Edimian, awesome photos as well. Thank you!
: Hello, first of all I'm an otp with almost 1M points and I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited about this skin, tysm !! I know this isn't a legendary quality level skin and its already in my opinion by far the best one, but I feel like making some suggestions :) - First of all I'd really love if at the end of her recall katarina doesnt just disappear, it would be so cool if we could have some sort of transition to just make it smoother (maybe shunpo out..? or anything, just a transition :D ) - I think the blue part of the daggers that she's holding in her hands could be a bit more glowing - Sound of dagger-picking up should be a bit louder (like really **a bit**, because i guess its still supposed to feel smooth) - And the main "issue" for me is the hair, her hair looks like an octopus it would be great if you could fix that somehow and make it more "homogeneous" :D Also she has [this](https://gyazo.com/c9033817814bb4db7f8d4c9fee6c09c8) tiny string (is "string" the word ? idk lol) and I think it doesnt look good, she also has it in game, i dont want to remove it i'd like to make it smaller or maybe not as much straightened up as it is - My last suggestion is that it would be so cool that her hair has some pink glowing effects during her ult ! EDIT: Katarina’s daggers (that she’s holding) should really be glowing, especially the blue part, because if you just look at the skin model she doesn’t look like she’s going to jump everywhere and kill everyone, she doesn’t look like she’s about to do anything « magical » (basically she looks like a simple human). And my last complain is that there’s maybe too much dark in her model, especially at the back. A small touch of white could be appreciated
Hey KatEvolved, first off thanks for the feedback! Second off, I'll just be straightforward and let you know her model is locked (hair, outfit, back, etc.) due to overwhelming worldwide appeal, but I'll do my best and get her daggers a bit more glowing. I actually tried to push that before but gameplay didn't want it to seem like an ingame-buff, so we had to leave it in the state it's in currently. I hope you understand if we're not able to push it more. * For the ult, we'll definitely be attempting more pink in it (whether it's from her or her outer swipes, maybe both) * For the sound of dagger-picking up, I'll compare it to base, that's our gameplay guideline on skins so if this current skin is less than base, we can definitely beef it up. • For Recall, that's a cool idea, I'll see if our team has bandwidth to do so, though no guarantees, sorry.! tl/dr: model locked, more pink in ult (thx), sound of daggerpicking up if it's less than base, recall i'll need to see if team has time to do it
: Thank you so much for this skin! This theme fits Katarina, it's good looking, the chromas are amazing. HER HAIR IS DEFINITELY THE HIGHLIGHT OF THE MODEL! Her VFX and SFX are perfect, especially her Ultimate, her Shunpo looks and feels so smooth to use. Her Icon, Emote and Splash were perfectly made for her! I only have one complaint, that brownish grey color on her ult (Maybe to look like dust), I really think would be so much better if it was pink like her dagger's slash (When she picks up a dagger), would fit way more, because that other color looks a little off. https://i.imgur.com/IB57H4Z.jpg)] Also, if the Q throw had more pink would be better too! But other than that I'm really happy for this skin and I can't wait to play with her non-stop! Thanks once again for the amazing job! - Bess {{sticker:katarina-love}}
Alright I'll hand the feedback over, looks like a good amount of people want that! thanks Bess
: this skin is great! from just the turn arounds i was on the fence, but actually playing with it feels really good. the particles are unique, definitely give a sort of anime vibe. i'm not sure if she has a new walk animation? i'm guessing not, but tbh her walk usually bothers me. on this skin it doesn't. i was talking on the lux subreddit with another person though, and they brought up the idea of her having converse instead of boots? i think it would fit her character more, but i get it if it's like. too late into it to make a change like that. lastly, a question. does anyone know how to unlock the prestige edition on pbe? it's not in the store, and when i go to it through the collection page it says unavailable.
Thanks for the kind feedback, as for prestige edition, it'll be out tomorrow or later this week.
: Most 1350 skins don't have a new homeguard animation or new idle. SG Lux only has that cause she's part of the SG line where everyone has the flying homeguards(and some/most have a new idle too because reasons).
Exactly, thanks Billy. We gave Battle Academia Lux some extra love on her ult animation, hers is unique!
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: Hello! Solid skin, i like it. Just 2 things come to mind when looking at it: the logo on the ground after Q is cool, would be nice to have it last a little longer, it disappears very quickly, let people watch it ;) And second, the red aoe around Alistar during his R really reminds me of a shield, while it's cool i'm afraid it could lack a little clarity in game, maybe limiting it to the legs and not wrap Ali completely could be an answer to that. Overall cool skin!
Thanks for the feedback evhel, I'll ask our game designer to look around his kit with your R feedback in mind.
: i feel like him not having eyes at all will help deliver the theme of a sentient golem more, like the gem takes up the entire upper part of his face, like Arclight Brand or Liss also his abilities should be more red and black instead of gold? this was the case for Conqueror Varus
We decided to put a gold take on his kit this time, as for no eyes, hmm you may be right.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: K/DA Evelynn Prestige Edition!
Huge Update to the model and vfx textures here: https://twitter.com/Sirhaian/status/1113617410580344832 There are additional gifs in above link as well to view what some of her new spell/kit VFX look like as well, however I strongly urge you try her out ingame on PBE :) Cheers! -Kiwi
: Finally had a chance to try her out. Here are some gripes I have with the skin. **Outfit/Model** Her dress and the interior of her lashers are wayyyyy too yellow, in the splash and in-game (in and out of Demon Shade). https://imgur.com/a/AbMj9IZ Her hair looks fine when out of Demon Shade, but when in Demon Shade her glowy hair obscures her *iconic* shades which I think is a big no-no. I'd prefer if y'all would change her hair so it doesn't fall in her face, but if not then make her hair much less glowy in Demon Shade. I agree with the comments that say they prefer Evelynn to have reddish hair. I think it'd give I bit of contrast to the skin. https://imgur.com/a/IVI8tpB In the base skin's Demon Shade, she had a nice balance of things going on the upper and lower parts of her model. For the upper part, the fur of her outfit looks like it glows like her hair and shades. For the lower half, the eyes are drawn to the lasher tips. In the Prestige version, I think the hair glows too much, obscuring her shades. The back of her jacket looks too plain; maybe add the K/DA logo or a heart on the back perhaps. For the lower half, I really think y'all should rethink having her dress glow so much; it makes her look like she has a golden baboon's ass. https://imgur.com/a/rs5IzhN Out of Demon Shade, the base skin's outfit is sleek, sexy, and visually interesting to look at. I love her asymmetrical skirt with gold accents, and it is cohesive with the upper half of her outfit, with her plain black top with gold necklaces. To prevent her look from being too monotonous, she has the sleeves with fur as well as fur around the back of her top. The Prestige version's current outfit doesn't give me much to look at. I like her jacket, but the back of it is too plain. Maybe there can be some designs on the sleeves of the jacket as well. I think the garters are a nice touch, though they could be placed a little lower since the dress blocks it out. Speaking of the dress... it's bad. Please stop using that crappy golden yellow color; it isn't flattering on *anyone*. This dress is so boring to look at as well. If you want to keep the dress, change the color and add some cutouts to the dress to make it pop. I say throw the whole dress away though. Go with a strappy, skintight romper and add a little fur somewhere in the outfit. And for the love of God don't make it monochromatic as hell. https://imgur.com/a/id4zEQ2 Ooooooh, almost forgot about her face. What's up with her face looking drastically different from base K/DA? **VFX** I'm sorry, but her Q spikes look piss yellow. Thought y'all learned your lesson with Ahri... The heart that fills up with her W also has a gross looking gold color. Too saturated and bronze-y/amber looking. https://imgur.com/a/U0u5OOP I'm also not a fan of the dusky blackish-brown color Evelynn is in Demon Shade. https://imgur.com/a/87PPHz9
Hiya! Please try her out again today, we made sweeping changes on almost all VFX and lashers.
: i like the look of the unempowered E, the diamond tips look great. i think the empowered E glow is a little too much though. it almost looks ghostly white. maybe its just the picture
Thanks! glad you like the direction, will post an update tomorrow that happens to have your feedback addressed as well :)
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: K/DA Evelynn Prestige Edition!
Hey guys, just wanted to update that we are listening and taking in all your feedback, and are very appreciative. We're working on her lasher and overall model colors to be blue and a different type of yellow, respectively. We're also addressing the feedback on the empowered E not looking different enough as well. **WORK IN PROGRESS** https://i.imgur.com/7CEwV9Z.png **WORK IN PROGRESS** Thanks for the continued patience and I'll have an update tonight or tomorrow. {{summoner:31}} The update should show many things including various vfx tweaks. I want to point out here that Q VFX will not be a monotonous gold as commented, too.
: Hey Kiwi just wanted ask if Ali is price split with the MSI prize pool by the same amount like last year
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: Wonderful skin! I've been playing it so much on the PBE and I really am enjoying it, however if I was asked how it could improved this is what I'd say * blue e range indicator instead of green * custom runaan's bolts for autos (the default ones really clash with the new blue ones * give his w more particle vfx because right now it kinda seems to miss some, my suggestion would be to add some of the like blue poison fog particles that you see on his targets when they are poisoned. that's all for now, thanks for the great skin!!
E range indicator might be in today! Will try to get the other ones considered
: Hey Riot KiWiKiD, First of all, great skin! I have some feedback regarding the model and voice. A question about the voice: Is it possible to give his voice lines a voice processor effect to make them echo and frost-like, like Lissandra's voice over? For the model part: I have noticed that some of his model like the boots, claws, and parts of tail aren't matching with his splash artwork in terms of coloring. Also, he only has 3 claws lurking out of the boots. Doesn't he have 4 claws? Just some honest feedback. His sounds are great, and I love the skin concept and splash artwork! Terrific work! Thank you so much for this wonderful skin!
Hmmm, I'll ask the team to see if VO processing would be worth it on Twitch. We have a review today that'll go over this! (The model differences), thanks Nom
: Whistler Village Twitch falls under the "Winter Sports" category of skins. When This one releases, it will likely fall under the "Snowdown Showdown" or "Winter wonder" categories. Also worth pointing out that aside from the splash art, Whistler Village twitch has no snow elements in game. The vfx are standard and the texture is essentially a recolor.
: akali's ramen isn't showing up in game. i don't think its just in training either because i saw a youtube video where the creator mentioned that her ramen was missing. I'm hoping that akali is eating ice cream because the skin is based off the winter event. I'm assuming that's why she has frosted tips and a fur coat on. i think ice cream would really fit the skin and be a cool alternative to her ramen. it's also prestige so i hope that at least her ramen changes too since that's something that changes with her skins.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: K/DA Akali Prestige Edition
Hey everyone, last comment for a bit due to Thanksgiving break! After reviewing all comments, we are looking at the neon colors for Prestige Akali's shroud and are going to be changing them into something more fitting. It'll take about a week--I'll post an update Monday! Thanks everyone for your feedback/input.
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: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Coven Lissandra
Hiya!! We've added some withering flowers to her ULT! Will attach some media next Monday for ya'll as it's still processing. You guys will also be able to see it on Monday's PBE build! Cheers guys.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Coven Lissandra
Hey guys, responded below but it seems alot of people want some flowers in other places, moreso her ult. We will see what we can do, thanks everyone
: Is there a way to add some of the red flowers from her recall to the particles of her ult or something? I think that would look very pretty
Hey, I'll bring it up! We thought of that in production but thought it would clash against her current ult particles. we'll reconsider. Thanks for the feedback! (and everyone as well)
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Coven Camille
We made the secondary Q impact as strong if not slightly more than the base. Please let us know how you like it! Thanks!
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Coven Camille
Hiya, looking at secondary Q impact SFX! thanks everyone for the feedback
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: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Praetorian Graves
Hey guys, sorry to hear about the chroma feedback. I'll see if we can last minute pivot one of them but it's very hard to do so. I'll definitely send feedback up to keep this in mind for serious skins, to at least have a 50/50 balance in dark/bright chromas depending on tone of skin. 100% agree with you guys
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Praetorian Fiddlesticks
Hey guys, we've removed the crow ult on the ult due to everyone's feedback Thanks a lot for letting us know! Yes we had it in due to gameplay implications but we're gonna try it out, should be good to go. We'll look at the ult sawblades but I think we kinda like it.
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: Ok so before I get started just know that the feedback and critique is coming from someone who's passionate about the cosmetics that come out regularly. Whatever is said is not meant to be a personal attack or holds ill will. **NOTE: Before my claims will be invalidated in some way or another, i'm going to link a youtube video that compares both regular K/DA Kai'Sa & Prestige, same exact timing, even in slowmotion.** https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F98YQfqXlUw **Prestige Kai'Sa the prototype for this new concept. ** I feel like we sort of got catfished by the way marketing has been done in regards to this skin. A lot of players were skeptic with the initial teaser during the 2018 worlds event pop-up weeks ago but we were told to wait until the reveal happened before judging due to the stuff that was promised to be around. We got told that Prestige Kai'Sa wasn't just a simple chroma, but an entire skin on it's own supported by it's own **unique** Splash-art, VFX/SFX, Model etc. Except now with the reveal it seems as if all that has told was heavily exaggerated. The "Unique" Splash art turned out to be literally the same exact default splash art but recolored and changed slightly to fit the initial model design of Kai'Sa. The "Unique" Visual effects turned out to be recolored existing vfx with a dash of gold bling everywhere. The "Unique" Sound effects turned out to be literally the same sound effects the base K/DA skin had OR they're that extremely similar I've been unable to even differentiate anything "Unique" that prestige Kai'Sa received and i've listened and compared them both several times. My problem with this is that it has been marketed in a way a lot of players thought it would be something fairly different from the base kda kai'sa skin, yet it ended up to be a total recolor... some might even label it a "Special Chroma" because that's what it truly embodies more than a skin that stands on it's own. it has no identity whatsoever. Recoloring a skin to be completely golden doesn't take it there. which is so saddening because we've seen that y'all can do so much better and actually deliver. Just look at the splashart that was told be "unique" but kai'sa literally has the same exact setting/pose/posture just altered/drawn to fit the initial design of the model of said skin, some bells and whistles to fit the awkward emptiness as a result of removing Evelynn/Akali/Ahri and called it a day. No new angle, no new pose, no new background nothing. It feels and reads to a passionate player that this entire Prestige project has been as low effort as possible, so much more could've been done. At the very least you could have taken the dance animation of the recall and locked it to the dance motion for the prestige skin to have a minimum level of "extra". Please improve this skin more so it actually is a stand-alone with it's own identity rather than a special chroma version. If the intention was to just be a special chroma version it should not have been advertised the way it did especially given the fact players were forced to cash-on early with the minimum purchase for the worlds battle pass in order to get this skin, combine that with the lack of info given and bada-bing bada boom consumers will jump on it. I know this is meant to be extremely special and I'm all about that but at the end of the day what is presented to the consumer in question doesn't match with what you want from the consumer (requirements etc). Now I wouldn't just give critique if I didn't have any points to share out for improvement, feel free to filter the ones do-able vs the ones that are unrealistic given the small timewindow, since I know you guys probably already jumped to work on other skins as we speak. - New/different sound effects to make it more it's own entity rather than a copy paste sort of thing. This could be applied to the auto's, the initial passive pop, new W sound, different E sound etc. - New/tweaked special effects to make it more its own entity, in this case it has been done with the gold bling/glitter, but given kai'sa makes use of her auto's quite frequently i feel like you could add some more bling to her auto's. maybe some of the gold dust? - take the recall animation, loop it and change kai'sa base dance to this one instead? - New splash, at this point it just looks like a recolor, the splash looks awfully awkward too now the group composition is gone, something you can't cover up with some fog/smoke and levitating crystals. Thanks for reading this, and again apologies if anything comes across as rude.
I'll bring this up to our producer and ecommerce but sorry the skins team does not hold decisions related in what you want/suggested. :/
: I'd also like to add a few discrepancies that I noticed between her splash, in game model, and vfx. 1. This is minor, but it's still an overall vfx flaw. The effect when Kai'Sa uses her E, that I will describe as a sort of dust-like hologram trail effect, improperly displays Kai'Sa's model as the K/DA original skin model ie: her buns, her side pieces of hair, and her boosters. Video showing the VFX: https://youtu.be/F98YQfqXlUw?t=230 Image detailing the VFX: https://imgur.com/1o3RuUi 2. The splash art for Prestige K/DA Kai'Sa has a flaw in that it shows the gem of her booster to have a very faceted or cut gem look, when in game the gem has a more sanded off flat top. Splash art showing the gem with a facet: https://imgur.com/pBiMiqX In-game model showing flat surface on gem (example taken from this post and edited, can provide personal in game picture if needed, but can guarantee, they look the same): https://imgur.com/DVMYQU3 A lot of us that have either spent a decent amount of real money, and or time on the game in order to obtain the skin would like these kinks to be ironed-out of course, but I can understand what's small is small. Still a flaw is a flaw! ;) Hopefully we hear some feedback from you on this board, hopeful we will of course! Thanks again! --I'm also going to add that the sfx when she uses her E, right before the buff wears off you hear a sound/sfx that sounds identical to Nami's W as if Nami is healing you, it really can throw you off and I see being a bit on the effective side towards gameplay! Listen for yourself, sounds like they used the sfx straight from Nami!
Hey Mossy, sorry to say that a lot of the team believes changing the booster is very mixed. A lot of comments on reddit and here like the sleekness of Prestige K/DA's. Also changing too much of any part of her model, not just the booster, will overhaul tons of asset work Publishing has done. We will look at the SFX when she uses her E in relation to Nami W, though. Thanks for your tremendous feedback.
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