: Thoughts: 1. A lot of feedback seems ignored, such as people consistently pointing out the Valiant Sword Riven hand-during-ultimate stuff, or the Nocturne bug, or having no thread or response to the Dragonslayer Trundle "flat-head" issue. 2. It'd be nice to know your feedback is heard. 3. Seeing the above combined, I fear the result might backfire - people will now get even _less_ responses, and now as these things _still_ make it to live, we'll just assume nobody reads what we wrote. Comments are our only indicator people actually read our feedback. Now, if the feedback will actually be read _and acted upon_, it'd be worth it, but if it still wouldn't be, it'd just feel even worse.
Happy to tackle these! With bugs, we log them when they're called out on here, but they are also assigned a priority, and in some cases may not be fixed in the same patch, depending on how severe the issue is. In other cases, what can be perceived as a bug may be intended behavior (which we'll be happy to call out moving forward as well). Due to the off cadence schedule, we missed getting PBE threads up for the Dragonslayer skins -- totally on us. [KiWiKiD actually addressed the Trundle issue](https://twitter.com/KiWiKiDLoL/status/1220027657678548992) on Twitter this morning, his team's going to be looking into it to see if something can be done to change it. The idea behind this change is that feedback will be heard more because devs should have more time to discuss and implement changes because us (QA) aren't giving 5 paragraph replies on why we did/didn't make Yasuo's hair a certain color, haha. We feel this should hit the sweet spot between hearing your feedback and implementing it where we see fit (obviously huge changes are still out of scope, i.e. giving a champion new VO). It's something we'll be monitoring as we go forward to see how it's playing out for both sides and will make changes to this setup if needed. We're also exploring the option of editing our main post to give a changelist of what we decided to change.
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: please take into consideration the upvotes. Not every comment should be weighted equally. And the fact that not all suggestions are needed, some can be personal preference, where it doesn't make sense to adjust it because 1 guy liked it that way.
We definitely take it into consideration! ^-^
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: This skin is beautiful overall, but I was wondering why she doesn't have idle blue petals like on E or falling sakuras like the Nami skin does when moving? I think adding those would make this skin even better. I hope they can be added in
I'm not sure on the reasoning off hand, but happy to bring it up!
: This skin is gorgeous! Only thing I'd suggest to her base skin and her chromas is to add her cry marks back. I know the chinese inspired skins are supposed to have similar faces but it's something very iconic to Morgana.
Heyo. We chatted about this one and don't feel it's really in theme with her for this particular skin.
: Please enable 'Character Inking' on this gorgeous skin. I adore peacock feathers <3
Hi hi! We actually intentionally disabled inking for these (because of the transparency) because it cuts off and doesn't look so great. ;-;
: Firstly, this skin is absolutely stunning. I love the re-imagining of Morgana that you have going on with this skin. I love the color palette. I love the little sheer slit in her dress that allow us to see her legs/feet. I love the peacock feather aesthetic for her Q and that bind her largest set of wings. I love her elemental association being water where her base is fire. One piece of critique is maybe play with the hair color a bit more as it looks like she is all purple with small bits of variance in her palette. Maybe make her hair a bit similar to the center of a peacock feather where it is black with an violet undertone? Please do NOT add the cry marks. They would ruin the aesthetic that Immortal Journey has going for it. Also, this is more pertaining to the lore of the skin than anything else but is the dragon she weeps over losing in her backing animation supposed to be Talon?
Hey! Thanks a bunch of all the feedback! We don't have plans to add the crying marks, no worries there. We don't feel it's super in theme with her in this particular theme. It might be Talon. ;)
: OMG! Thank you guys so much for this beautiful skin, i'm in love!!!! But, in my opinion, the "Q" its very dark, its giving me Lunar Wraith vibe, i think should have more petals, same thing on "E". {{sticker:sg-lux}}
Thanks for the feedback! I'll chat with our VFX artist and get her thoughts!
: I really love the skin <3 The only thing I would maybe suggest a change would be her special loading screen border (I'm not sure if this is meant to be here). I changed the colors of her gem, and would change it for Riven in red and Nami pink (like Lunar Revel WW, Nasus and Lux had their own colors) and the border from gold to silver, because Morgana's accessoires are silver :3 https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/295474b6b9cf5bc0d38b65e1f94b494e649879bac31ed6a54b14775eaf142da0.jpg
Thanks for the feedback! I'm going to pass this along to the peeps who designed this and get their thoughts. :)
: could you either make her in-game hair a darker purple to match her splash art? or maybe fix her splash art to match her in-game hair color? ;x
I'll chat with the team today! Some of it may come down to lighting, but happy to bring it up nonetheless.
: I can see that other people have reported this but I got the same issue: After I spun around in a circle enjoying the new tail physics the skin offers, her hair and dress around her torso completely spazzed out. [Imgur Link showing it](https://imgur.com/a/wKBEFVR) This only occured while I was moving; When I stood still it was fine, and when I cast any spells or backed it was fine as well. Homeguard animation was also correct.
: Really like that skin! Here are my quick notes: -Face looks odd. Make it more Nami looking, this one rn looks a bit...plain. Doll like. -Something about the tails main part annoys me. It's somewhat boring to look at, it's just some purple thing. I'd love to see more details on that. -When using W her arms bug out and seem to clip with her clothes since she usually has none. -Name consitancy: She has no sacred sword so why not call it Sacred Staff? Splending stuff sounds as if you could replace the world splendid with literally anything else. "Cool Staff Nami" or "Nice Staff Nami" Sounds just as the same to me. -Water Nami is a fish, the new skin has some splash splash particles but lacks real water sounds in my opinion. It sounds more like arcane magic similar to Arcance ziggs than to a water themed champion +Really like the headpiece crown thingy and the staff +Really love the colour sheme +Really love the dress To make her tail look more special you maybe could take some ornaments or cyan coloured elements from her staff and either add it to her skirt, her dress or somehow to her tail. {{champion:267}}
Hi hi! Thanks for all of this feedback. Happy to touch on a couple of points here. **When using W her arms bug out and seem to clip with her clothes since she usually has none.** I'll look into this one today. **Name consitancy: She has no sacred sword so why not call it Sacred Staff? Splending stuff sounds as if you could replace the world splendid with literally anything else. "Cool Staff Nami" or "Nice Staff Nami" Sounds just as the same to me.** We wanted something similar, in the same vein as the others, but not cookie cutter. That's also why we've used 'Enduring' and such in other names. :) **Water Nami is a fish, the new skin has some splash splash particles but lacks real water sounds in my opinion. It sounds more like arcane magic similar to Arcance ziggs than to a water themed champion** This is intended - we moved away from the usual water because that's really all she's ever had. This skin is meant to be more magical!
: *** Just loaded up on the PBE, theres a weird hair bug when your moving. Also the walking seems kinda jagged and choppy in this skin compared to usual almost like playing dota where your character turns in a weird way. This skin..... is everything. Our baby nami finally gets that elegant skin!! I wish there were no testing needed cause I need it on live right now. LOL. Gorgeous splash art though I do wish the staff was a bit more incorporated since its "Splendid Staff" Thank you Riot gods for giving us this skin. https://i.gyazo.com/d8e8808e78da33a685cf5906aa860f20.png
Hey! We're looking into minimizing some of this hair clipping -- we've had a bit of trouble due to her old rig. :c
: Actually, my only feedback is about the splash art. Since i didn't know where to share this, i'll leave it here. I think the splash art is kinda too dark, almost as dark as Deep Sea. If you guys add a little more light/brightness, it would be great and would suit the other splashes (Immortal Journey), too, since they're not as dark as Nami's. I edited a little bit as an example: https://imgur.com/a/J4Gpr7P That's all! The skin is perfect, i've never been happier about Nami getting a skin! I play her since 2016 and i'm really excited.
Thanks for the feedback! I've passed this along (along with a few other comments on here) to the splash team to chat about!
: Her face is a bit off and her breasts could also be toned down some. Otherwise this skin is perfection and is everything I want in a Nami skin. Seeing her with legs is crazy and I love it so much!
Thanks for the feedback. Catching up with the character artist today!
: I totally love the new skin. It looks astonishing. The skill animations are on point. The only thing i have to criticize is the "Ebb and Flow" animation. It feels a little bit weird to use compared to other skins like the "Deep Sea" one. Hope you can make it feel a bit more "water-like" when you use it. Everything else is just wonderful. Thx Riot Games! Sincerly, a very happy Nami main :-) {{champion:267}}
We actually tried to keep it away from water since that's what she normally uses, haha. I'll see if there's an alternative that the VFX artist would be okay with!
: I really like that skin, i'm happy riot released new skin for Nami, but what i dont like about that skin is, her hair are bugged, and it doesn't looks nice on her, so i'd like it to be fixed, before riot puts it into the actual game. I like that splash art, but i think she has "Aliens" like eyes, they're too much big for me i guess. And the environment around her should be lighter maybe. But I like it :) https://imgur.com/a/NlppusE
Hey! We've been working to minimize the clipping on her hair! :) I've passed along the splash feedback to the proper folks to discuss!
: still no rioter comments? >.> whats the point in giving feedback if there are no rioters constantly monitoring these posts, its like they put these up for every skin, and then wait until the final week to respond to people saying theres not enough time to tweak or add certain things...
We've been reading the comments and passing them along -- this thread has nearly 100 comments, and it's quite honestly impossible to give everyone a thoughtful reply. Instead, we've been compiling the feedback on this thread and others to give the devs more time to discuss if/what they'd like to change.
: As others have said, her splash art is... Disappointing. Most of the criticism is about her face, which, I agree completely, but I don't think it's the only issue. I think the lightning of the art is also very bad. I get that it's supposed to be nighttime, but, it just seems waaay too dark, washed out and desaturated. And when the skin itself is a super colorful one, that choice doesn't seem to make sense. It's like giving a super colorful, bright and vibrant splash to a Coven skin for example. The splash art needs to sell the skin, and this dark desaturated splash doesn't sell the brigh colorful Splendid Staff Nami se see in-game. It also doesn't fit with the style of Morgana and Riven's splashes either. So, basically, here's a little edit: https://i.imgur.com/8OpRc59.png[/img] And a comparison gif: https://i.imgur.com/RNXJRLZ.gif[/img] I think it's still very clearly night. But the lightning is a bit more flattering to the colors.
Hey, thanks for the feedback! I've pass this along to splash to evaluation. (:
: Please enable 'Character Inking' on this gorgeous skin. All chromas are so good <3
> [{quoted}](name=ClaraOswinOswald,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=4LAaK6Qe,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2019-09-10T21:12:58.315+0000) > > Please enable 'Character Inking' on this gorgeous skin. All chromas are so good <3 Hey! No dice on that one, unfortunately. It doesn't play nice with her transparent fabric. :c
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: As an overall i think is a good skin, sadly, the OUTDATED MODEL AND TAILS (mostly tails) ruins the product, however we understand thats not in your hands, so moving on, about the skin i have some issues 1. **Her orb (Q) is way too big and way too circled** it needs to be more like an OVAL when u cast it and when it returns and a bit smaller. 2. **Her Charm (E) simply looks like a Flat Heart Image** when u cast it, **its needs more texture** like K/DA heart charm cast, maybe a turning around heart while it goes to its objective. 3. **Her horns in game are basically black**, while in the splash art these are more like a detailed brown color. 4. **Her tails should be more Translucent** to fit this ethereal and fairy aesthetic that Elderwood offers. 5. ** Her Hair is way too Purple,** the Splash Art shows us a more Purple-Red comb, yet i dont think is a big deal since Foxfire has that hair tho, but you can tone it down a bit. Besides that, I honestly think this is a **great produced skin** that could have been perfect with a better model but again, we cant ask you guys something that is not in ur hads to do, so yeah, **great work and I hope you actually read this** cuz those small changes can 100% bring her to this ** Ethereal Forest Entity that she is supossed to be in this case** and at the same time make her aceptable for her mains and other players. Greetings.
Hey Yunior Oppa, thanks a bunch for the detailed feedback! :)
: NO, PLEASE NO, give the concept of this skin to another champion, by the love of GOD this concept does not fit Ahri, last time you removed the whiskers from the Star Guardian Ahri and most of us said nothing, I am not going to stand idle while you remove her ears and replace it with HORNS, please remove this before it is too late, all Ahri mains including me want a Pool Party Ahri skin not this thing, AGAIN please stop this at once.
For this thematic, we're going to be keeping her horns, and won't be overlapping with ears or replacing the horns with ears.
: I am so happy that this skin line is finally getting explored. We already have a zillion mechanical skins in the game, we need more natural and fantasy themes like Elderwood. But you really shouldn't have used the chroma in the teaser. A lot of people, me included, instantly disliked the skin because of it. Base look way better though. https://i.imgur.com/ZgPsbwS.jpg[/img] My problem with the skin is that the purple mist on some of her abilities are too much (to me at least). The W especially. Could look better if it was toned down. Surprised there is no green or other colors in her abilities considering, you know, nature is full of colors. All three of the skins being purple is sad. But I love how the bloom sprouts with Q. Glad you made it blue instead of more purple (apparently its only the empowered one but still, looks good). I also agree on that she doesn't fit the theme. She is too human-animal like. She is supposed to be a plant creature. I mean, not that there is a specific shape they must be in but in the end they all look like alive plant-tree creatures. Her human looks, horns and tails take her away from the fantasy of the skin. I agree with the others on that it should be named Dryad. I think it's ruining the pattern the skin line has. Like in the last patch with Udyr, old model and animations ruin the skin (her tail especially). Isn't she like one of the most popular champions in the game? And it doesn't seem like you're going to stop on giving her annual skins anytime soon. She should've gotten a VU in the same level as Ezreal years ago. But other than that, cool skin and amazing splash art. At this point there is no use in saying "_Another X skin?!_". I guess Lux, Ahri and Jinx shall be in every single skin line lmao.
Hey hey, So be honest, there was a miscommunication with our video capture folks, and they loaded up the incorrect skin for capture. It wasn't intended for us to show a chroma in the PBE preview video. Noted in regards to the VFX! I mentioned this elsewhere in the thread here, but skins in a line aren't meant to be cookie cutters, especially in more recent years, so with her not matching perfectly 1:1 with some other Elderwood skins is intended. For some context, we do skin lineups when ideating and concepting new skins, so for Elderwood, you would have seen an image with Bard, LeBlanc, Hecarim, etc. Dryad also lives in this world, but in recent years, I've seen us sticking to a more consistent naming conventions to limit having a bunch of skins with confusion as to where they live, what their tie in is, etc. I agree with you, I think we definitely run into some limitations with older champions. It's something we do consider and chat about, and in some cases, can do quality of life changes when we have the bandwidth (or when a champion is from the dawn of time, like Udyr). VGUs are in the hands of our friends over on Champions, so we don't have too much say when it comes to who gets updated and when, they have a roadmap of their own.
: The biggest issue is theme execution. If you look between the traditional whines, across all the media formats, I'm seeing a continuous agreement that *Ahri doesn't feel like Elderwood.* Elderwood has a very specific eldritch theme. And an emphasis on wood and trees. Ahri is pretty much human wearing forest clothes with tails. She has a youthful (yet very attractive) appearance, and she pounces on the butterfly in the recall with a childish curiosity (basically like Neeko). She doesn't act anywhere of a wise elder nor does she look enough the part of a tree. There isnt an otherworldly aura about her that runs as deep as the rest. *She doesnt belong with the other Elderwood skins, even with consideration of LeBlanc's design.* *But she looks great as a forest fairy* (sans wings, with tails). The design itself is a fantastic execution. But it's not the cohesive image elderwood is known and loved for. *So I suggest the simplest solution possible:* **rename her.** *If nothing else, please, rename her. That's all you should have to do.* Ahri appears to be a mischievous forest fairy; enchanting, alluring. It works with her fox girl base too, a charming trickster with an innocent appearance. She is basically a nymph, or sylph. So call her something like that. *I don't know her skin's official lore, but if it could work well enough, rename her "Dryad". Soraka already has her Dryad skin in the skin universe, and why not add to the universe by expanding the Dryad skins?* Soraka is the only one, so it won't matter if Ahri is newer, fancier, and less green. You wouldn't have to go through translation hassles either because it already exists in the system as another skin. Otherwise, rename her Nymph or Sylph or something, if her lore is too different from Soraka's to work within its 'canon'. **Rename her. Preferably to Dryad or something similar. That is the most serious, sincere feedback I can give.** ______ Furthermore, on the Ahri subreddit, someone mentioned she looks a little weird with her tails being so bright. The colors and everything are great, but they look way better in the splash. Could you make them just a little bit translucent? Just enough to soften them?
Hey, Thanks for the feedback and write up! ^-^ I can say that skins in a thematic aren't meant to be cookie cutter, so for her not to look 1:1 with some others in the Elderwood thematic is intended.
: Regarding chromas: Overall I prefer when the tails are a single color like #1 red and #6 pink. - Chroma #2 would look better with a solid gold or yellow tail - Chroma #3 would look better with a solid white or ice blue tail - Chroma #4 would look better with a solid gold tail - Chroma #5 would look better with a solid gold tail - Chroma #7 would look better with a solid white tail [img]https://i.imgur.com/mFSsAoD.jpg[/img]
Hey! I don't tackle the chromas, we have another team that works full time on those, among other products. Your feedback would be best suited [here](https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/client-new-features-feedback/mZW82upW-pbe-bugs-feedback-thread-elderwood-and-infernal-chromas)!
: Hello there, I really do like this skin, but there's one thing : We are a lot unhappy about the ears and tails. Tails : Splash Art give a good translucent look, I absolutely do like this idea, but then make it too in game. Ears : Well, Kitsune always do have fox ears, you could put horns in the back on her ears, this could be not a bad idea, or remove horns, maybe easier. One more thing, there are blue butterflies, why not adding them and let them flying around Ahri ? Janna has her kind of pet. Thank for listening to us, I hope you will do what to do to make almost all of us happy {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Hey Eiphy, Splash and in game are two different mediums, so there will be a bit of discrepancy, especially in terms of levels of details. I'll see if there are adjustments that can be made, though. We're going to keep the horns, we won't be adding ears for this particular skin. We felt that adding idling butterflies would be a bit too much noise visually. ;-;
: A wonderfull skin with AMAZING SFX, creeping flowers that wither, masks, curses, hexes and whimsical purples! let's walk through it together, First thing's first I feel like a change to name Elderwood to Whimsicalwood would clarify the new darks and purples, for I personally find the skin leaning more to Coven then Elderwood thematics, however, slight adjustments to "colors" solve this problem. Model, imo very dark and more Coven then Elderwood, but I like the new purple and dark Elderwood esthetics on the new skins, it gives a more magical and whimsical vibe which really fits the "revamped" theme. (problem lies with the White and purple/dark tones that Lissandra/Camille have) The "blades" have a slight "wave" effect which is a lovely addition and the pink really stands out making his moves very readable. The mask looks great but gives it the Coven esthetics because of the white "bones/skull" that Lissandra and Camille use. The leaves on his back/shoulders really gives the skin more depth and makes Nocturne more monstrous and realistic. Now the one problem I have is that the "smoke trail" from his head looks glitchy, when walking **up** it "spawns" through his armor/back, the smoke "tail" looks really clean and has nice colors that match the new whimsical theme. passive, amazingly done, the new "marks" that appear and fade makes the range of the passive clear and the purple circle effect looks really powerful. Q, from the see-through mask with little purple/green leaves to the dark spreading/creeping black soil and the flowers that wither and FOLLOW the target spawning MORE flowers Iam more then happy to see this much work done for this ability, Nocturne himself even turns more dark and menacing! W, a shame the model covers it up with his blades but a nice touch, the branches/sigils really bring that "blairwitch" esthetics but makes it lean more to the Coven side, when blocked the buff has small purple "cinders" really giving this enhanced feeling but imo not making it clear WHAT is enhanced, maybe changing the color of his blades would fix the _"i attack faster now"_ problem but might give the indication of _"i have more damage now"_. E, Riot WELLDONE, the branches work SO well with his theme and really "save" the Elderwood name, what makes this ability SO pleasing to use is the SFX that compliment his haunting theme perfectly, and the indication of the mask brings clarity WHEN someone is actually feared. R, the R symbol when someone is targeted is very "thin" compared to previous skins, but works really well thematically, the "cloak/cape" trail behind him in flight looks really powerful and really brings the "impact". lastly the leaves that fall in the area when a target is hit is a wonderful addition that also sells the elder wood line more. Overal my opinion/advise would be to "change/adjust the skull to a wood/branch, to remove the "head smoke" and to brighten the W on effect and shield. thank you Riot for making such an amazing skin!
Hey! Thanks a bunch for all of this feedback, will be chatting with the team. ^-^
: He looks more Coven than Elderwood, but it probably has something to do with the lore. https://i.imgur.com/yR396AM.jpg[/img] My only somewhat complaint with the skin is that, wish his head and lower-body wasn't so much misty/fiery and instead he had a hard/physical body for a change of pace (I'm not talking about legs of course but that would be a hilarious skin idea if you would like to try it out lmao), kinda like Eternum, since all his skins are same in that regard (though I understand since he is a ghost-like being). Roots and thorns coming down from his torso and getting together to make the lower part of his body, would have made the skin feel more unique and in the theme. It's an ok skin. Will probably look amazing after his VGU.
Yep, he intentionally is teetering on the line here. We did try a few options early on, but they felt out of place for this thematic. :c I agree with you, though, when he's brought up to speed with newer champs, he has so much potential to look amazing. :3
: Hello! My feedback is in regards to the nocturne chromas. Overall, I love the new skin and model and I think the sfx are great! I do wish the chromas were a bit less dark/ muted. Pearl and Ruby chromas are pretty much insta buys for the champs I play, but noc's pearl and Ruby chromas don't seem as colorful or the same color scheme as similar chromas. Would it be possible to add more lilac and pearly whites to noc's body model? Or maybe make his crown/horns pearly? I hope you'll consider this feedback! Thank you.
Hey! Another team actually tackles all chromas! Their QA creates their own posts, their post for this patch can be found [here](https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/client-new-features-feedback/mZW82upW-pbe-bugs-feedback-thread-elderwood-and-infernal-chromas)! ^-^ I don't have too much context on the chromas, sorry!
: It may just be me but I think the W sound is not satisfying enough, could use a bit more "crunch" or "splurt" to it if you know what I mean.
: Elderwood Veigar's ultimate reverts to the base skin's ultimate animation when you get above 1000 AP. Went into practice tool and bought Dcap, ludens, morello, zhonyas, void, and sorc boots. Leveled to 6 and then checked all abilities. Used Q+W to get to 1000 AP, as soon as I hit 1000 AP his ult reverts to the base skin ult. I sold Dcap and dropped below 1000 AP and it went back to Elderwood ult. Skin is 10/10 amazing tho, I love it! Good job!
Thanks for the solid report! <3 This will be fixed in the upcoming PBE builds!
: IT'S TRUE AFTER 1000AP HIS ULTIMATE TURNS INTO THE BASE VEIGAR'S ONE!! This is so beautiful and different from the rest of his skins, as Veigar main I'm very happy (also Ahri main so my wallet is going to cry with both of them), but I don't quite like his eyes. They look so "human?" one of the more characteristic features of Veigar are his evil bright eyes...{{champion:45}} on Elderwood splashart he looks weird and scary in an unpleasant way, more like psycho eyes than demon/black-magician eyes... Thanks for including him in Elderwood by the way!
Hey Lirain! The base VFX should be adjusted in this week's PBE build. ^-^ I'm not sure if we'll be changing the eyes, but I'm passing that feedback along.
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: Expecting a VU for Udyr soon? I mean this already looks better than his ultimate skin.
: From an Udyr main the skin is fantastic. However it's clear that the auto attack animations are holding it back. Could these be updated in any way similar to Jax? Or would we have to wait for Udyr's VGU?
Updating the AAs aren't something we're going to be doing for this skin. ;-; We'd be looking at a champion update of some sort for that type of work at this point.
: Vfx are awesome, but is it possible to reuse spirit guard udyrs walk/attack animations, it just feels so incredible clunky.... (i don't think any udyr player would be mad about this)
Unfortunately not - we don't borrow from legendary or ultimate skins because it makes them feel less unique.
: Can you please update his AA animations and Idle animations? The run animation is cool but why not update the others like you did for jax? Udyr base feels so stiff.
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