: Oh god... where do I even start. First of all, when you guys first announced Prestige Edition skins I thought they were cool. Prestige K/DA Kai'Sa was really good because it changed a lot and was different. Her hair, the glitters... Sure it was hard as hell to collect 2500 tokens but it felt worth it. But when we all JUST got our skin you guys announced Prestige K/DA Akali. Man, was I SHOCKED! When I first heard of these skins I thought they would be released in the same period like Ultimate skins or even Legendary skins. But then I was like, It makes sense since K/DA has been getting more and more popular (especially Akali). But I personally don't like the skin. The classic one is just soo good with all those different neon colors. To me gold isn't doing justice to the skin. The hair isn't as different as the Kai'Sa one neither. And now there is this... I really don't wanna say it because I know you guys don't like us saying it but this is just a golden chroma with golden effects. I don't even understand, why gold? I thought Prestige Editions would be like different, spiced up versions of the normal ones. Didn't think you guys would just make them all golden. This is a Blood Moon skin. It doesn't make sense for it to not have red or blue. I think this skin is a really poor choice. And trying to get these skins in such a short time is not easy for us. I know you guys want to try new things with skins like Pajama Guardians, Prestige Editions and all but I don't think they are working. A few years ago you guys gave us Mythic skins (Hextech Crafting skins). I think they are pretty much in the same situation. Hextech Annie is a really nice skin. The next few skins you gave us are really nice as well. But now you guys just keep giving us random Hextech (X champion) skins. They cost 10 Gemstones which are soo hard to get. I have only gotten 13 of those and I just can't get myself to spend them. The Hextech theme got really boring as well. TBH every metalic skin line got boring. I personally really want to see more fantasy skins like Coven and Elderwood. I don't want to see golden chromas neither. The golden chromas that we will be getting for the winter event don't really fit the skins nor the theme. They made sense and looked good in the Lunar Event but these just don't work. Like Bard is all soft and fluffy, gold just doesn't fit. And the gold color seems more like a yellow-ish brown on them for some reason. I know you guys want responses like "This looks awkward." or "There is this bug." since these skins are already made and you guys can't really change anything big about them. And I know that I got out of the point but I had these in my mind for a while now and just wanted to say them because I care. To summerize things up, no more gold skins/chromas please. The Prestige skins are not fitting the image in my mind and they are being released too frequently. And for all the effort it takes to get them, they should at least look better than the original ones. P.S.: Isn't the name of the skin too long. "Blood Moon Aatrox Prestige Edition". I just checked it on the PBE and it barely fits in the loading screen. Maybe you guys could change their names and just call it "Prestige Blood Moon Aatrox" or could add a star or something to the front like "★ Blood Moon Aatrox". Would also make them look more prestigious. Also, I thought these skins were going to get their own splash art. This is the exact same one with a gold filter. (And I am really sorry for my English, I had a really hard time trying to write this :D)
Hiya TaricBestGirl! First, your English is just fine. :P Actually, this is really well worded in a constructive manner, which is super appreciated. I'll try to tackle some of these points the best I can. As I've mentioned elsewhere in this thread, I'm personally QA on the skin itself, but I'm also compiling product feedback for Prestige Edition skins as a whole (and will get that sent off to the right people, who aren't all directly a part of my team). *I really don't wanna say it because I know you guys don't like us saying it but this is just a golden chroma with golden effects.* Nah, that's just honest feedback, I can respect that. Prestige Editions were meant to be a golden/white version of a particular skin. From what I'm gathering from you and others is, this might partially be an issue with the thematic selected for a Prestige Edition skin? i.e. glitzy VFX made sense for the K/DA thematic, maybe less so on something like Blood Moon. Variants - like Pajama Guardians - and Prestige Edition skins are super new, like you've said, so feedback like this is crucial for us to have early on so we can discuss and modify things as needed. The golden chromas - like Snow Day Bard - are also something new (crafting exclusive during events), so feedback is also super welcomed. *I know you guys want responses like "This looks awkward." or "There is this bug." since these skins are already made and you guys can't really change anything big about them. And I know that I got out of the point but I had these in my mind for a while now and just wanted to say them because I care.* All good here - it's not really off topic, and like I said, I'm more than willing to make sure this feedback gets in front of the right people. :) We did have concerns regarding the name, but we're keeping it in mind for when we [update the loading screen](https://www.riftherald.com/lol-gameplay/2018/11/19/18103197/league-loading-screen-update-changes), but are certainly aware that the names can get long. ;-; Adding special characters works a-okay in English and several other languages, but not all languages can support it in our game. :c (I think a star is a cool idea, tbh!) As for the splash, looks like it was said that it's a [special splash](https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/client-new-features-feedback/qKY4WrdK-kda-kaisa-prestige-edition), but didn't dive into what that meant initially. I don't know off hand what the specific expectations here are for them - from what I last understood, it was a chroma version of the splash with the Prestige Edition border over it.
: I agree with other people here. 3 patches in a row where we get a Prestigious skin just feels like they are not prestigious at all. Don't get me wrong, is nice to have different particles and stuff, and individually they are still harder to get than normal skins, but seeing a new one every cycle just makes me feel like they are just as common as any other skin. Now regarding the skin itself, it's ok I think. Gold doesn't really fits into the BM thematic imo, and besides we already have a golden Aatrox in his Justicar skin. I know, there are obvious differences, but still feels like a middle point between Justicar and BM.
Thanks for popping in! I think that's a fair comparison to Justicar, and something I would like to highlight with the team regarding Prestige Edition. i.e. does a champion catalog already have its 'gold' skin, so is Prestige Edition something we should consider, is it strong enough?
: Even thought a lot of people are hating on the idea of another Prestige skin, this one actually looks pretty damn good. Although it looks more like a chroma than a Prestige version, the colors are spot on and the VFX in game do look like an upgrade from the basic Blood Moon skin. To me, the golden/black colors really fit the theme and give it a demonic angel vibe which honestly seems less forced than the Prestige KDA Akali skin.
Appreciate the feedback! Could you elaborate on what could level it up to be more in line with what you expect from a Prestige skin?
: So, I didn't get to originally comment on Prestige Edition skins due to my account in the forums having issues (unable to make posts and/or upvote/downvote) so this will be kind of a long post. Please bear with me. Let's start with Prestige Edition K/DA Kai'Sa. I love the skin. However, the price you had to pay to get the pass (1650, more expensive than the skin's tier) AND the huge grind you had to do (too many tokens required), made it a very draining and negative experience. Had to stop playing the game for a while after I was done, got sick of it- and I believe I wasn't the only one. Now, as we know, Akali's Prestige skin will be relatively easier to get (pass costing slightly less, much fewer tokens required, no grade system for how you earn tokens thank God and you get slightly more value from it with first win of the day giving more tokens etc) however, you'll have only but a month or less this time so you'll once again feel the drain imho. And lastly (so far) Prestige Edition Blood Moon Aatrox... Before I start expressing my thoughts, I want to mention a couple things that were officially stated by Riot: 1) "We won't be releasing Prestige skins in close proximity to one another" (I think we need a definition of "close proximity" per Riot terms cause the ratio has been like, 1 per cycle?) and 2) "Prestige Edition skins take skins to the next level with a special chroma, border, splash, and VFX." I'd like to stay on that. From what I've seen, Prestige BM Aatrox is nothing but a _**glorified chroma**_ (**with stuff like gold and glitter that don't match the skin's theme**). Only skin that comes close to that description is Kai'Sa's imho. Overall, to me personally, what happened with Prestige Akali (and then _**Prestige Aatrox revealed even before Akali's hit the live servers**_) looks like it is a hurr-durr cash-grab attempt. I believe Riot should take their time and work carefully on each Prestige skin, instead of rushing them like that (going back on your word too), making each feel truly unique and special as well as justify their status, description and how troublesome they are to get. P.S. Katey, nothing of the above is aimed directly at you, you are always so nice, sweet and kind and one of the few (2) Rioters who have ever replied back to me which I'm really grateful for and value especially. I'm just criticizing the company's marketing strategy.
Hey! No offense taken, tbh. I'm a messenger in a lot of this and my role is to make sure players are heard. ^^ I (we) did agree the first grind was a bit much, and we (thankfully) reduced the effort needed, albeit still a grind. I know we're closely monitoring these types of things because it's a new product/new way of acquiring content, so any feedback pertaining to that is *super* helpful! I can chat with our product owner and see if there's some clarification we can provide around the strategy and if something changed from the inital campaign plan. You aren't the only one comparing this Prestige Edition to a chroma, but I would like to thank you for being constructive about it. Do you think part of this stems from a mismatch in thematic - i.e. glittery stuff might work better with K/DA, or similar style thematics? I don't know how 'troublesome' this one's gonna be yet, but can update the post when I have info - I think Mortdog was still sorting this one out. :)
: (Gonna try and see if I can link discussions of people that can't comment on existing threads but can make threads on their own, lemme know if I get too annoying). Here's a discussion someone made in relation to the new Blood Moon Aatrox Prestige Edition skin: [Prestige Aatrox + some general Aatrox problems](https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/client-new-features-feedback/goB3N6hX-prestige-aatrox-some-general-aatrox-problems) by Samus Hentai.
: splashart and skin are literally just a recolor of the normal version. the only thing else that seems to be added are random glitter effects. it would be nice to see a different oni face on his shoulder, different horns, different sword, different wings, different spell cast indicators, different arm, literally anything. contrary to what others believe, i think other skin lines can have a prestige edition but as it currently stands the skin isnt prestigious, its just a glorified gold chroma. i believe this skin can be really great but this isnt it.
Thanks (again) for feedback! I've popped all of this into a note for the team and have them chat about it in our sync this week. I can't promises any particular changes, but wanna make sure you know you're being heard. :)
: My problem with this skin is that it's called "Prestige Edition". In my opinion it does not fit at all. Also, Prestige Edition skins lost their appeal and rarity real quick. We get one every other patch. By now they are nothing special anymore, just "variants", but worse, since they are locked behind weeks of having to grind games for tokens - at the very least (I know that we won't need to buy a pass to get this one). You might as well start treating Victorious skins the same way, since Prestige skins SHOULD be unique and stuff, since it take a lot of effort and/or money to obtain them. Once a year? Sure! Twice a year? I mean… why not? Once every second patch? No, thanks.
Heyo! Super appreciate the feedback. While I can't speak too much on the product calls in terms of Prestige, I am compiling feedback in this thread for both the skin and for the product as a whole and will be delivering the feedback accordingly.
: What I liked about the Prestige Skin is that it doesn't just make the skin golden but adds a completely new look to the skin. Prestige K/DA Kaisa and Akali both look different to their normal K/DA skins. Different clothes (textures). Prestige Blood Moon Aatrox is just the same skin with golden colors and effects. This is NOT the way to go for Prestige Skins. This shouldn't be the norm. Because then you can just sell a golden chroma. Aatrox: https://i.imgur.com/tiVloIQ.jpg Akali: https://i.imgur.com/LKOzw2p.jpg
Hey Snowmelody PBE, Thanks for the honest feedback. These comparisons are super helpful when compiling feedback to the team. This is still a pretty new product for us - and the first time my pod has taken on a Prestige Edition - so I really appreciate the candid comments! :)
: Only two points: 1.- Body seems a bit weird. I mean his head feels extremely small in comparison with the body, I don't know why, maybe the horns size or the shoulders? Meanwhile in the splash art the body and the shoulders fits perfectly with his head. 2.- What about the mask. Give him the option to wear a mask when he show the wings with Ctrl 5, don't you think that would be nice? That's all, I love Aatrox and Blood Moon skins so, I really appreciate this idea. Just keep that way!
Hey, Thanks for the feedback! ^^ Imma copy pasta a bit from elsewhere in the thread for visibility's sake. I know toggles get thrown around a lot as suggestions, and we shoot 'em down a lot (and I'm gonna be the jerk that does that now), but I also want to provide context as to why. It's not a simple animation hookup, it involves a special tech that needs to be implemented and quite honestly, it's wonky and requires trial and error and some heavy testing. Which, at this stage of development, we don't have time for. :c I've made a note regarding proportions, though, and will sync with the team!
: 1. I really wish there was a mask since that is core to the Blood Moon theme for me, at least as a toggle. 2. I think the wings need to be a comparable size to the wings on other skins. 3. I with the banners was a bit bigger. That is all, everything else is pretty good!
Hi hi! We won't be adding a mask to this guy (sorry!) I can certainly bring up the sizing concerns you have with his wings/banners! <3
: The skin is amazing! I see a lot of people asking for a mask. If you do end up giving it a mask, please make it so that people who DO NOT want it (like myself) can toggle it somehow. I also love the splash art. Without the mask. That's just my opinion though, don't destroy me please.
Hi hi! Thanks for popping in to leave feedback! We don't plan on giving Blood Moon Aatrox a mask for this skin - it was an intentional design choice to omit it this time around.
: The red color that he has going on seems a bit too bright and unfitting. Would it be possible if it was a bit darker? Something that matches the splash art more accurately. Also personally, i like the fact that he doesn't have a mask as it distinguishes him from other BM skins.
I'm going to chat with the team about the brighter colors and see if/what they wanna do! :)
: First off I'd like to say thank you for finally breaking the streak of no skin for aatrox. The skin is really beautiful (especially the splash, whoever made that is a genius) and I'm finally glad to be getting one for Aatrox (It's been a long time coming). One of the issues I have with the skin is the fact that we don't have a mask, that is kind of a core theme. I know that you guys may have been thinking he was a god of blood moon hence he combines all the masks and doesn't need one (thats what i thought when i saw him) but it would be cool to be able to toggle one (Not a main issue tho). The main issue for me is how bright the skin is. The red and white are just way to bright at the moment and being an aatrox main I'm not used to being outside or exposed to such bright light. Jokes aside I just can't stand looking at the skin for too long because of the brightness of the red. The prestige doesn't have that same issue so maybe it is just the red and white combo. Lastly the wings, I don't know what it is about them but they just don't look right, idk if it is size or colour (they do look a lot like base skin) but it just isn't quite right. Maybe a change in colour is needed but I would most like to see you guys experiment with the shape of the wings, I think that is an avenue you could go down pretty easily. Other then that it's really nice and looks good. The abilities are really nice to look at and use.
Heyo! Splash was Alex Flores, he's a monster when it comes to splash. :3 Not giving him a mask was an intentional design choice by the team, and you hit the nail on the head as to why. I know toggles get thrown around a lot as suggestions, and we shoot 'em down a lot (and I'm gonna be the jerk that does that now), *but* I also want to provide context as to why. It's not a simple animation hookup, it involves a special tech that needs to be implemented and quite honestly, it's wonky and requires trial and error and some heavy testing. Which, at this stage of development, we don't have time for. :c *Being an aatrox main I'm not used to being outside or exposed to such bright light.* I'm actually cackling. I've made a note for the team that he's feeling a bit bright - they're going to chat about it a bit later today! Super happy to hear an Aatrox main is happy with his (finally) new skin. <3
: contrast between the skin and the hair on the splashart is a bit wonky. theres no visible contrast between them, and looks super dark and unvisible on the champion inidicator in game as well. i do not like the recall it too much, but to make it better i think it could use more highlighting on the weird soul things that go into him (make them more obvious?). it would also be cool if he became is darkin form/winged form after he absorbed the blood moon magic stuff and flew away instead of just standing on the ground (looks weird when aatrox is standing still and then suddenly comes flying in from the side of the map into the fountain after finishing recall)
Hi flavor PRO, Changing the recall super drastically isn't something we're able to accomdate at this stage in the game, but tweaks like highlighting the souls is something we can definitely consider. I'll also be bringing up splash concerns pointed out by you and others in this thread to get the team's thoughts. :)
: Amazing splash art, but jesus the in game model looks nothing like advertised. From far away it looks like it may as well a Christmas Aatrox skin because of how bright the red is. I think the red and white should be toned down a bit so it could at least match the colors of the splash art.
Will be bringing this feedback up to the team later today. :)
: First things first: the splash art is absolutely amazing, one of the best ever made imo. Second: i think the difference between the splash skin and the in-game one are too big. I thought that i would be with a colour palette similar to the Nightbringer Yasuo skin but instead it seems too bright. I think that the red should be more darker or "dirty" and the white too, more grey. Like covered in a little veil of ash. Because as bright as it is the eye is too attracted to all the details, (like the mask on the shoulder) that combined made it seems like a statue decorated for Christmas. Tl;dr: Awesome splash, more darker in-game skin please. Bonus: idk about the mask, actually i love the "human" face that becomes a devil/ashura demon
Heyo! Appreciate the feedback! I'm compiling everything to present to the team later today. :)
: 1. I personally think you've done a great job. What I'd wish for is Bloodmoon Aatrox receiving a VO because the skin does not fit his default voice (plus it's a 1350 skin and it should have a VO because Justicar Aatrox is a 975 skin and has it). 2. Banner wings needs to be bigger, pretty please! 3. Some form of mask
Hi hi! Are you referring to VO or VO processing? Both are unfortunately out of scope for us. D: We decided early on that VO processing wasn't a must for this thematic - most, if not all Blood Moon skins don't have VO processing. I can suggest the banner wing size up! Not including a base on his face, and instead working in into his shoulder design was intentional - we aren't going to be adding a mask for this skin.
: The big Oni-like Arm on the Splashart is his left one while in game its the right one. Please fix!
: I think you guys should try touching up the texture of the skull that he has on his right shoulder. (This goes for the prestige version of the skin, too) Right now those eyes just make it look goofy more than anything else in my opinion. Also, is it possible Aatrox's walk animation loop could be fixed with the release of this skin?
Hey! Thanks for the feedback. I'll sync with the character artist about the skulls this week! The walk animation would fall under something Champions would fix, not Skins, but I can get he feedback to the right people. :)
: > [{quoted}](name=Ducks R Epic,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=XMN4hP02,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-12-04T21:34:26.126+0000) > > The skin looks cool! But please give a VFX to the Shield Block!! It&#x27;s always that default-looking blue in every skin... And please fix the W's default VFX on Pizza Delivery Sivir https://imgur.com/a/N6an8kk
This is intended, from what I understand.
: The skin looks cool! But please give a VFX to the Shield Block!! It's always that default-looking blue in every skin...
Hi hi! I'll sync with the team and get their thoughts - we are *slightly* limited because it's a spell shield. :)
: Dear KateyChaos, In Regards to blood moon Sivir it's art and in game look beautifully done along with the chromas. However, I must ask are there plans for blood moon Jhin chromas? The idea of chromas is great for people who love their champs and skins. I and many other Jhin players would LOVE to see chromas for blood moon Jhin and I think this would be the perfect time to add some along with the blood moon line release. I ask you to please consider it because I can assure you there are many others that would love to see some chromas for Jhin! Thank you for always considering feedback.
Heyo! For chroma-related questions, I'd hit up their [Blood Moon thread](https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/client-new-features-feedback/5fABJ2FV-pbe-bugs-feedback-thread-blood-moon-chromas). Another pod works on all of our chromas and have much more context than I do! *Although, I do agree that other Blood Moon skins could benefit from chromas!*
: (Gonna try and see if I can link discussions of people that can't comment on existing threads but can make threads on their own, lemme know if I get too annoying). Here's a discussion someone made in relation to the new Blood Moon Sivir skin: [Sivir blood moon](https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/client-new-features-feedback/jhHe1RAt-sivir-blood-moon) by 1Phaganax.
: First of all, very unexpected to see a Pyke skin this soon but he is my favorite champ release since Bard (give him some love please) so I totally dig it. I never thought about a Blood Moon Pyke so far and I am kinda impressed. The Splash Art is gorgeous and totally catches his personality. The vfx and sfx are so good - That ultimate sound gave me goosebumps (please keep the volume that way. I love getting pentas with Pyke and let an orchestra cheer/hype me up even more) The only thing I would like to see changed is his cape. I think the red should be a bit darker. Same goes for the grey middle part. Also I'd like to see a little touch up on the white fur. Some red/purple color gradient (looking at BM Jhins fur) I don't mean to completely change the color. But keeping it white while making the tips an awesome red/purple color could look really good. Though the cape is much more important in my eyes. And btw: Super cool Backport Animation. I love that he fades in Inc. But do you have any insights on why Blood Moon Pyke and Cosmic Queen Ashe (for instance) are allowed to totally fade and transition into pure colors while Blood Moon Jhins transformation into Inc got removed? Wasn't that for clarity reasons? If so - Why are they allowed to have it in their backport and Jhin isn't? Good Job guys. Love that Skin <3
Hey, Appreciate the feedback! ^^ I was also surprised to see a Pyke skin, but I'm pretty excited for the thematic on him, aaand I don't even play him. :P Glad you're digging him, I'll pass along the kind words regarding his SFX and VFX to the team. I can totally bring up the texture suggestions to our team this week when we go over feedback! I didn't personally work on Cosmic Queen Ashe or Blood Moon Jhin, so I don't have too much insight on those. We did things a bit differently back when we made Jhin - our 'approval' proccess from gameplay/competitive is much more streamline now and we have more clear guidelines to follow. As with a lot of content, we evolve and push things, and reconsider things. A good example is with Braum - when we made Braum skins early, we were told in development that there was no way we could change his decals. After a few chats with gameplay, they reconsidered and gave us some guidelines to work with - a happy medium, basically.
: (Gonna try and see if I can link discussions of people that can't comment on existing threads but can make threads on their own, lemme know if I get too annoying). Here's a discussion someone made in relation to the new Blood Moon Pyke skin: [Small complaints with the New Pyke Skin](https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/client-new-features-feedback/FeWBEEPQ-small-complaints-with-the-new-pyke-skin) by Boosted Oranges.
: Hi! I'm a big fan of the visuals of Pyke and I've loved him since his announcement. This skin is really beautiful but is held back by some design issues. **POSITIVE:** The particles and armor on this skin are gorgeous! I was worried they would interfere with pyke's sort of understated aesthetic but in motion he looks really nice :) I love the shape of his new dagger too. It's a shame that some of the color issues on him currently are drawing so much attention away from it and his darker aesthetic. **BIG ISSUE THOUGH**: His horns. Right now they're so bright that they are the focal point of him when you look from nearly any angle. Why is that the case? The focal points should be his dagger and his evil eye. Even on his chromas, the horns are so bright that they almost glow and it looks silly (the only exception being his emerald, bundle-exclusive chroma). They would be a lot nicer if you made them a darker shade of red that matched his inky particles, or one that just didn't feel so much brighter than the rest of his outfit. The second issue I have with the horns is one that is more labor intensive to fix. They cover his eyes entirely when viewed from every angle you've shown here and generally don't have a very appealing shape. He seems like an imp rather than a shadow stalking guy. Changing the shape so they don't fully obscure his face and mask from nearly every angle would let the skin shine a bit more and make it feel more "blood moon" (the white masks are pretty crucial). Alternatively, go even harder with the horns. Have you experimented with having them extend slightly further back behind him (kinda like how the horns on Loki's helmet are?) It could give him a more streamlined, efficient look rather than seeming kinda frivolous. **SECONDARY ISSUES**: His mask does not contrast with his fur collar enough in the default skin. It makes the lower part of his head difficult to distinguish from his shoulders. This is combining with his horns obscuring his head in a way that makes him not very pleasant to look at and makes the details of his head difficult to distinguish. Additionally, the white of his collar and of the cloth binding his gauntlets draws the eye due to their brightness. Making it more grey would be great. **NON-MAJOR THINGS**: Gold markings down his arms! The exposed skin on his chest and head look really nice (shame those markings don't change shape with the chromas), but his arms are bare and it would just be cool to see. The shading on the muscles on his upper arms makes them look deformed and lumpy. I know pyke is muscular, but this seems like trying to make his relatively slim arms (for a league character) look Terminator Arnie jacked without actually changing the shape of them and it feels strange. I think you guys do great work, and I don't want to seem nitpicky. But I see so much of the beauty of this skin being impeded by just a handful of things. I hope you take my comments into consideration, ESPECIALLY with regards to the horn color if nothing else.
Hi hi! Thanks for dropping in! The horns are currently the brightest part of the model because our models are always shaded light (bright) to dark, top to bottom to contrast on our map/map lighting. I can see if the artist can drop the saturtion a bit. I can also bring up the other balancing concerns you mention a bit further down in your post. . You're right the changing the horns a bit more of a tall order and I'm not sure it's something we'd be able to do, but happy to suggest it. We did try a few looks in concept, but hte team ultimately felt this was the strongest shape language from a game height perspective. Keeping the arms bare was intended to give a bit of rest on the model because he has a lot going on elsewhere in the design. I'll bring up the muscle structure concerns, though!
: Hey hey, I absolutely LOVE this skin! everything is great just as it is, however just one thing I'd like to adres. I'm not sure if you also handle cromas, if so, please hear me out: I was really happy to find out there were cromas. Especially a purple version (I'm going to guess its Amethyst but I'm not sure for this one) because I mainly ALWAYS love purple ones and this absolutely perfect with it imo. Anywho, the only thing that I feel is bothering is that the mask is not white or just *too* blue. **The blue hue kind of ruins the skull-aspect from the whole Blood Moon theme.** Since every other croma is either white or an even slighter color hue to them (Which is almost unnoticeable but still keeps **white** base as main color) they still look really great. Why treat this one different? If decisions are to still keep it blue either way, then perhaps make it a bit of a less 'bright' blue? I made an example [Here](https://i.imgur.com/567OlDh.png)
Heyo! I don't tackle chromas, another pod does all of our chroma work! :) They have their own thread [here](https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/client-new-features-feedback/5fABJ2FV-pbe-bugs-feedback-thread-blood-moon-chromas). If you wanna toss this in their thread, Alex can take it back to his team!
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: I am asking this before the chromas come out but I wonder if their would be variations in the skintone for the chromas? I know other winter wonder champs have more human skintones but I think Soraka would look amazing with a more ice mage/witch/healer idk vibe. Frosty hair and skin. This skin design-wise is gorgeous but the base palette just look rudimentary to me.
Hey! Just took a peek and they're all the same skin tone as what you're seeing in the parent skin. There should be a feedback thread going up for the chromas once they're officially on PBE, I'd suggest dropping this feedback in there - the chroma team should have more context/would be the ones to act on any feedback! <3
: Base colors seem a little bland and underwhelming, and his weapon doesn’t look sharp. That splash art is bad ass though!
Thanks for the feedback! I'm going to be syncing with the team later today and I can bring these concerns up!
: His name on the loading screen is Renektoy.
Thanks for the call out! The loc string needs to be updated. (:
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: cant buy pajama guardian skins if you own the star guardian skins already
Are they not available in the store, or are you unable to complete the purchase loop? I can take a look Monday! (:
: The leo skin was not exactly what i expected from a legendary skin. _**The theme:**_ Almost exactly like normal leo (if we ignore the lunar version) I thought legendary skins were a chance to explore new ideas/ push things further darkstar thresh- i take whole planets god fist lee sin- i am a god dunkmaster darius- i am a basketball player _**animations:**_ Basically all look too similar to leonas stock animations- q is underwhelming as fuck w is alright i guess e literally looks the same ult cast is the same her walk/autos/idle look nice tho _**particle effects:**_ cool i guess... but whoever designed those Camille particle effects needs a raise and a promotion _**champion/kill Interactions:**_ 4.39 minutes (skinspotlight video). Riot really must be broke {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}} Most of it was about the elderwood/death blossom yeah im sure leona does not have any other skin lines that she could interact with (COSMIC, BLOOD MOON, POOL PARTY). If your biggest issues in life are weeds then your life must not be incredibly hard. I did like the coven interactions tho but i doubt we will ever get these interactions elaborated on only 1 omen of the dark interaction? really? you couldn't have interlinked coven and omen of the dark through leo? The one interaction she gets thats cool: "go to thy degenerate gods. i cast thee from these shores" you didnt relate this to illaoi?? This didnt choose to add more lines like this? The Diana interactions were cool but its just sad to see that we didn't get a Diana skin as well. "oh b-b-but we only intended to make leo" dont be idiots you've seen that making skin packs makes you money and at the very least making a skin line with more than one champ (riven vs yasuo , darius vs garen) can make u money, wasted opportunity tbh. Then again i really dont want any more of these "ye thy thee" champions skins riven and yasuo was fun but wow is it overplayed now. **_Final verdict:_** more could have been done with the skin but wasn't, looks like it need a few more minutes in the oven its no yasuo/riven/darius/garen the coven skins are tight as fuck tho. {{sticker:sg-lux-2}} Just give us the diana skin as well already and our pajama poppy is it that much trouble to literally just change her model?
Hii, This isn't the right feedback thread for Leona, she has another thread for her feedback. This is only for Pajama Guardian skins. (:
: will the PJ guardians get borders too?
: Few questions here 1. Will Star Guardian icons/borders return on this date? 2.if not will they ever come back? 3.Will other star guardian skins get some love too? :D (sorry i posted this in the other post){{sticker:sg-soraka}}
Hey! Borders aren't planned to return ever, they were part of a promotion where you got it if you purchased the skins at their initial launch. It's possible we do more of these in the future for Star Guardians, but nothing is currently planned.
: I believe that 945 RP for people who already own this skin is way too high. All of these skins are at least a year old and have not had to have updated particles. I do not believe it is fair to price these as if you have made an entirely new skin for people who have already paid for these particles and animations once. I personally believe for people who already own these skins they should be 520 or 750, considering those are the prices of skins that only have model changes. I personally believe 520, because that price has previously been retired, would make sense for something that is, for people who already own this skin, just a small model change. I understand charging 1350 for people who don't own the original variation, but to almost charge the price of a new skin for just a model change to people who own the skin just isn't right. For Variations on new skins, 30% off is fine. But for an older skin that you only redesigned a model for, it should only cost a little more than a chroma to previous owners. Thank you.
Appreciate the feedback! We've updated the discount to 45% if you own the Star Guardian skin already, which comes out to be 742 RP.
: Hi Katey! First, thanks for lowering the prices of the skins if you already own the original/other one, much appreciated. Now, I wanted to ask: how will the sales work for these skins? If e.g. I own SG Lux, and PJ Lux goes on sale at 50% discount, how much will I pay for it? 371 (i.e. half of 742)RP? If so, that would be awesome :D Oh, and another very (veeery) minor thing: I'd rather the skins be priced 1000RP and 750RP, round numbers! xD (also, 750 RP is already a familiar price for skins)
Thanks for the feedback! We haven't nailed down how all the sales would work. I don't make the pricing calls and don't have much context on the pricing. D:
: First of all, I'm so glad about the new discount, thanks for listening. Now, sorry that this is probably not good feedback again(sigh)... But why did you guys chose this specific group of champions for this? Like, why not just one of the teams and then the other later one? Or even just not another random selection? I really wanted a Jinx one x.x And I ship her and Lux on this line so even if she gets one later, I really wanted them together on the shared splash x.x Sorry for the lowkey rant lol.
It was primarily based on who we felt would work best with onesies/how well we could represent their familiars in a soft fabric form. That's not to say others couldn't work for this line later on!
: Will take a look tomorrow and get the team's thoughts. :)
It'll be updated in Thursday's build! https://imgur.com/NYxSCR6
: Ezreal seems to be missing either the homeguard animation from Star guardian or base Ezreal's normal sprint currently on pbe he seems to just walk very quickly
I put a note in the post, some homeguards were missing. Everyone's Star Guardian homeguards should be restored this week!
: Hi Guys, I just finished one game as Lulu{{champion:117}}, and when I died I missed the hat, only the staff stays on the ground is correct? Because on skin cosmic enchantress and the original skin the hat flies when I died. Another thing: The art pajamas Lulu and Ezreal {{champion:81}} don't show on screen as you can see in the screenshot. And the name of skin an art of Lissanda {{champion:127}} too! PS: I don't have any guardian skin so I don't know if is a bug or no. https://prnt.sc/lfak31 I loved this pajamas skins, but I as support player really want Nami {{champion:267}}, Sona{{champion:37}}, Taric{{champion:44}} and Janna{{champion:40}} Skin Guardians! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Hey! Death should be a little different for this skin 'cause it's not her normal hat. The splash art isn't in just yet, so what you're seeing on the loading screen is okay! :)
: Hi Friends! Shisa isn't visible in Soraka's recall! Can we bring him back, please? Thanks!
Hey! Likely a bug, will take a look tomorrow! :)
: So, I think you guys might be using a wrong/outdated texture for Ezreal? I remember that, when his rework was first teased, his face on Star Guardian looked a bit weird on the rework trailer video, a loot more older and sharp than on all the other skins. Whoever was responsible for his rework's skins fixed it before it went to PBE(they said so on Ez Mains reddit), and the skin has been fine like that ever since. Now looking at the picture for Pajama Ez, I instantly thought it looked a lot like that original trailer version. I went to both his skin spotlight videos, and I think I'm right. This is his current face texture: https://teemo.gg/model-viewer?skinid=81018 I think this should be fixed/changed not only so that the skins match(not sure if that's supposed to be a priority or not), but really because his current face is really weird and doesn't fit Ez, especially on a cute pajama skin like that. It did get FIXED(with those words rather than "changed" or "updated" for a reason.
Will take a look tomorrow and get the team's thoughts. :)
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