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: Expecting a VU for Udyr soon? I mean this already looks better than his ultimate skin.
: From an Udyr main the skin is fantastic. However it's clear that the auto attack animations are holding it back. Could these be updated in any way similar to Jax? Or would we have to wait for Udyr's VGU?
Updating the AAs aren't something we're going to be doing for this skin. ;-; We'd be looking at a champion update of some sort for that type of work at this point.
: Vfx are awesome, but is it possible to reuse spirit guard udyrs walk/attack animations, it just feels so incredible clunky.... (i don't think any udyr player would be mad about this)
Unfortunately not - we don't borrow from legendary or ultimate skins because it makes them feel less unique.
: Can you please update his AA animations and Idle animations? The run animation is cool but why not update the others like you did for jax? Udyr base feels so stiff.
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: I'm slightly concerned by the flash of the W when the root triggers. I'm not epileptic, but the sudden shift to white on W on root or tether break might be a risk to those with PSE.
Hi hi! I can chat with the VFX artist and see if we can tone it down a bit to be on the safe side. (:
: Absolutely love this skin and its chromas, however when you Mantra while using a chroma it reverts the color scheme to the default Dark Star version. I'm hoping this is a bug/it's just unfinished, because with Cosmic Queen Ashe's chromas her autos and bird both change depending on what chroma you use.
Hey! Not sure on this one, another pod tackles chromas, but I'll send this their way and have them take a look.
: Blackholes in the chroma's heads are missing and coming back all the time.
This happens on base, too! We're working on a fix. (:
: I think that theres 3 fundamental things that i noticed in the skin that i really dont like . 1.) The sound of the auto atacks its horrible, its like a metal thing, when it should sound like a cosmic atack or something, it really doesnt match whit the skin concept. ( For example, when u Q out its sounds kinda like a cosmic move, that sounds its ok , but when u hit whit cosmic blades it shouldnt sound like metal 2). The walking animation its kinda weird, when u see his feets, doesnt feel like he is actually walking, more like floating. 3.) When u Q in, the walking animation changes, and its really awkward. 4.) The daggers seens rather small than other shaco daggers.. when u compare it to older skins u will notice that the older ones are alot better. and dont get me wrong, but shaco skin, must be something related to him. He really doesnt seems like a clown, just a alien thing. When u see other tematic skins, at least they are the same character. In this one the face doesnt even look like a clown.
Hey! * I'll chat with the sound designer this afternoon/tomorrow and get their thoughts. * This skin is using base animations, I'm not sure how we can remedy this one too easily. * I'll have one of our testers look into this. * This one's more or less a design choice, but I can ask if they can be scaled up more. Skins are meant to be alternate fantasies, so it's intentional that he isn't a clown.
: Hello, First of all, that skin looks amazing. Thank you very much for the attention Riot. From the first preview it's solid. The only complaint that I would like to input is that it seems as a nerf to the champion, the Q is very obvious compared to the original orange fog that Shaco already has, with the addition of a new black void with this Q is kind of concerning with how noticable it will be once the q goes off. **Please do take another look and compare the differences between the Q visibility between skins as it appears to be drastic, otherwise the skin is amazing.** P.S. the splash art and icon is cool, the icon is hard to notice that it's shaco related but it's cool anyway. Thank you for your work. Any love for shaco is always highly appreciated.
Heyo, Thanks for the feedback! We did take a look at the Q today, and will be sizing it down to be more aligned with what you see on base Q. I chatted with the designer and got the skin team designer's sign off on that. The changes should be on PBE tomorrow, as long as changes get pushed into the build this evening.
: skin looks good, i like it, im curious what made you choose dark star though, were there any other ideas that got ruled out? Id love to know!
Glad you like him! Can't say, unfortunately, 'cause any other brainstormed ideas could always get used later! (:
: I'm not sure if its DS related, but Clone's backstab is bugged and doesn't deal any kind of damage. overall i think that Shaco's new skin is beautiful. I love how his smoke is changed to time and space warping look. Boxes look amazing, even particles on auto attacks are noticable. I was afraid about Two-Shiv poison being unnoticable, but the design of daggers are amazing on their own (add up the beautiful design of the skin) Debuff on Two-Shiv Poison is great though. Clone design looks a little weird at first, but it still fits the theme while looking terrifying. Im in love with his voice too.
Yep, you're right, the backstab is bugged because of a script error when we shifted things over onto PBE. Should be fixed soon! Thanks for the feedback! (:
: Overall it is an nice Skin and it look overall so nice, but plsfix the Q Animation. Compared to the Q anmation of the other Skins it is so bright and obvious to see. Also the Clone is very bright. Would be nice if the Clone could have a bit more Color and a bit darker.
Hi hi! I chatted with a couple designers about the Q. We're going to make the poof VFX similar in size as base (including the distortion), but will not be changing the overall design of the VFX. As for the clone, that's something I can bring up with the pod today!
: Does this skin have a border ? That would be awesome!
: The skin looks good. And chroma are making the skin look even better! But... why does Shaco have only 6 chromas while Karma has 8? And it shoudn't be bc of the exclusive LPP chroma... bc Jayce has the same amount of chromas as the rest BA skins... so WHRE IS THE REST of Shaco chromas? I need them! >w<
Hey! This would be a better question in the chroma thread, I don't have too much insight into the chroma process, sorry!
: Great skin, please fix/change Q smoke please! It makes it very obvious to enemies when Shaco is using Q!
Hi hi! I chatted with a couple designers on this one. We're going to make the poof VFX similar in size as base (including the distortion), but will not be changing the overall design of the VFX.
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: its a really nice skin, but my biggest issue with it is the flag, its just his weapon flipped up side down stuck in the ground? Any reason it didnt get a unique model? (especially for a skin of this price/tier) and I'm sure you guys can come up with really cool designs for a hextech flag 2nd problem would be his crown, it could be some hologram headpiece instead? It looks really dull and boring atm and doesnt feel hextech at all. The shoulder pads could use an upgrade as well. Also the effect on his passive CD indicator is really subtle, if the opacity could be tuned up a bit more it would be great. The ult also seems a bit lackluster, it could be more grand and splendorous, as in this skin line is showing the wondrous marvels of hextechmaturgy in a future piltover but I dont feel that from the ult? It could use more of the light blue hologram but Im not sure if that would be enough
I don't have too much insight on the design here, but it's something I chat with the team about. We did chat about something similar for the crown in development, and a hologram felt more Program/PROJECT and not as on point for this thematic. I can definitely see about updating the passive CD indicator, though. I've got a note to see if we can add some VFX to the ult, too. :)
: This isn't directly Jarvan related, I suppose, but it does relate to his back animation. Hextech Malzahar's ultimate was commented as being underwhelming by a few people in his feedback thread, and there wasn't really a response to it. The portal that Jarvan uses in his back is very similar to what I would have hoped to see from Hextech Malzahar's ult. Is there any way the team could implement something similar for him?
I can chat with the team and if it's something we can update/change. FWIW, we *generally* don't make changes post release unless there's a gameplay concern, but it couldn't hurt to ask!
: Really underwhelming skin, specially when you take into consideration that his last 2 skins were blue. Yeah yeah SSG was a team skin and was light blue, but J4 just looks so out of tone with the Hextech theme, especially when you take into consideration that, minus Annie (which looks like a doll + has Tibbers), he would be the only human champion with the theme since its revamp. I think some of it are good (his ult model looks like a big blue crown and the W shield looks really clean), but it's not something that I would personally buy at 1350 and certainly not at 10 gemstones. Like someone said here, it's also really weird that someone got a Dunkmaster skin in this patch and not him that literally does that with his ultimate.
: Nice skin, but the ult feels really plain and simple, both when you use it and the walls themselves, would be nice to have some more particles as it is super plain rn
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: Rengar is an obvious choice for this skin line. Though I really like the idea, I don’t think it was implemented right. He is already cat-like so why give him a cat-suit. Maokai, Yorick (and Katarina I guess) all have cat-suits already. It’s a missed opportunity to make him fully a cute cat, like the way you changed Fizz to a dog. Model-wise I dislike the skin. He looks disturbing than cute. And could be because of his hair but the cute cat face on his forehead is not visible enough. Is it also not possible to change his hair in some way? Maybe to something like yarn strings (I don’t know what they are called sorry for my english :P). Or a hoodie? Just anything that would make him cuter. Also for the Rengar mains, the skin really is a little awkward I guess but it’s a April Fools skin. It’s only natural for it to look so, though I understand how you feel. Your concern is that he may not get another skin that would fit your taste for a really long time now that he got this which you’re right he may not. I will copy paste this here as well: Also just a general comment about the event. It doesn’t feel like VS at all. You guys are obviously favoring dogs. Their skins are way better and cute (I am a cat person btw). And how is it fair to give a Prestige skin to only one side in a VS event?
Hi hi! We did have him as a cat cat and it was honestly, really creepy. Moreso than Pug-Maw, lol. It also felt a bit too goofy, if that makes sense. So instead, we took a different route, one that worked for other, more serious champions - Maokai - and applied that style and gave him a onesie. Basically, he looked like a normal sized cat with a big head before, and it was... not great, haha. • I'll see what can be done about the face on his forehead! • Changing the hair entirely is out of scope, and if he's just in a onesie, it'd make more sense (imo), that is' his base hair. I get what you mean though, since other skins have full on hoods. ;-; • This, like most funny skins are 100% polarizing, so I understand the concern with not getting another skin for your main in a long time. For this skin particularly, we felt that it a. made sense with the thematic and b. offered something new to his skin catalog -- all of his other skins are pretty serious. It's hard to say what we have planned next for him (haven't thought that far ahead), but it'll likely be on the more serious side of things again, if I have to guess. :) • The intention isn't to favor dogs, but we didn't want to bloat Prestige more than necessary -- we're hearing players out when they're saying we're releasing to may of them as is. If we had picked a cat skin to get a Prestige skin, I think team dog would have felt the same way. ;-; I don't have too much knowledge as to why Fizz was the chosen one in this case. This may be something that [this team]( would be able to answer, though! :)
: Riot games I dont deslike the skin concept and idea, but in my opinion, and I think I can also talk for almost every other Rengar main, this skin doesn't fit Rengar's theme, which is a legendary hunter. I understand that you guys wanted to make a chill event different from the others 2 with "edge lord" skins, but this is too much, a legendary hunter being transformed into a fluffy cat that screams like a 3month old cat and has rainbow effects. I think that there were many other skin lines that Rengar's theme could fit, but this VS event isnt one of them.
Hey! To give a bit of context around skins in general -- they aren't meant to be canon to the base champion, and are meant to be alternate fantasies for them. So, we'll sometimes create a skin that doesn't 'fit' traditionally with the skin (this is usually with the more fun and trolly skinlines we have). I've worked on Rengar skins in the past and the feedback that I'd personally received/saw was that they were all similar, serious skins, and something more lighthearted/fun would be a nice edition to his skin catalog. I'm not saying this to invalidate your feelings, but something that I've picked up over the years from players/Rengar mains. All of that said, I do appreciate the candid feedback! <3
: Rainbow leap vfx doesn't show up when leaping out of the ultimate.
: (It looks like pictures are broken but they aren't just clik on the broken image it will redirect you to the images for more clarity) Splash art while loading into the game is too close, his blade on right hand is looking like he's holding a banana, it should be a little bit more back so his blade fit in, I tried doing it myself so have a look at it. Empowered Q trails following his knife while stabbing are looking great, but his base Q trails are lacking that, they look like he doesn't do any damage at all and are hard to see, base Q trails vfx should get more extended from the start to match the empowered vfx length: Emp Base Rainbow vfx should imo be a lot more shiny and longer. Current one lacks that and it looks too sharp to the eye, maybe make it a little bit softer around the edges so It looks more appealing to the eyes.
Hey! I see what you mean here -- I'll chat with splash and see what they think/what they can do to make this better without sacrificing the main part of the splash, Rengar himself! Made a note about the trails and I'll be following up with the VFX artist today. We did tone down a bit of the shine on this and other skins because it was overpowering on the model, but I'll see if we can find a happy middle ground here.
: On the splash art of the Pretty Kitty Rengar has the same color on the hoodie as on the sleeves and chest that goes around his neck, but in game his sleeves and around the neck together with the chest are using different color scheme than hoodie and doesn't match splash art, those two parts needs to get recoloring to match the splash art better so it can also look more light, lively and happy, this skin is all about happy right, so no dull colors that doesn't have soul in it.
Hey! Lemme talk to splash/3D today to see if we can get more parity here.
: Hi, I am colorblind (strong protan) and I know there’s a colorblind mode, but the combination of blue/pink is annoying/weird to look at. Can you consider adjusting either the color of Yorick’s skin or the onesie? I hope this does not come up as rude but please do not reply saying that you want to keep his skin color for “clarity reasons” when you are replacing Fizz with a dog on the same batch of skins. I like this skin but I will have a hard time playing with it if it stays that way.
Hey! Colorblind is definitely something we consider when making skins. Could you be a bit more specific on what you're looking to change. From what I understand now, it's the contrast of the onesie against Yorick's base skin tone? I'll chat with the team today and see if there are options we have to alleviate this.
: Just played it. Initial thoughts: 1. **Old VOs don't fit with this theme** - I get that this is now set-in-stone Rito policy, but hearing the old voice lines come out of this Yorick and Maiden is really jarring. It sucks that, in order to play this skin properly, I'd have to shut the VOs completely off and imagine cutesy things coming out of them.. 2. **Splash Art looks out of place** - It looks like Trundle stole Taric's "pink Draven" cosplay! 3. **It's cute and playful, otherwise** - Yorick sitting on a Roomba a funny recall! 4. **Wondering about Chromas** - Is the neglected champ worthy of a few different color options or are we sticking with just the Deep RHPS Magenta?
Hey! I'm glad you found your way over here. :) • Yeah, you and I both know that this is something that we have limitations with. :c The idea here is that he's dressed up in a onesie, so we felt the VO worked, although, I can see where the lines with the Maiden are a bit more disconnected because she's...definitely a bit different. • I'll see if we can get more parity in the splash, I'll chat with the artis today. • I was honestly nervous about this one coming out because I know you're a huge Yorick main and weren't a fan of the last skin, but I'm glad that we made something that you're seemingly pretty happy with overall. :) • As for the chromas, another team tackles those, so I don't have too much context. I know he has them, but for specifics, I'd suggest hopping over into [this thread]( Their devs have a bit more knowledge on the chromas!
: Can his dance get a cat-like tune? And his shovel needs more funnier sound IMO.
: Is it possible to make the little passive cats and the big ult cat cuter? They all look like their eyes are closed. Is it possible to give them cute, wide open eyes and some face detail. Especially to the Maiden, she looks odd and creepy. Anything that would make them cute? They are a little too soulless. Also just a general comment about the event. It doesn’t feel like VS at all. You guys are obviously favoring dogs. Their skins are way better and cute (I am a cat person btw). And how is it fair to give a Prestige skin to only one side in a VS event?
Hey! We've seen similar feedback that the ghouls are a bit polarizing - people either love them or hate them. For Yorick, we felt something super cute didn't ftx with Yorick as a champion, so we went with the middle ground here. I'm also a cat person, so I feel ya. We've done a few Prestige skins now, and didn't want to overdo it, especially for a single event. It's not to say that one team is better than the other, that certainly wasn't our intent. :)
: Please change his recall. I'm very sorry for the cat, poor cat, slaughtered by a cleaning robot! That's horrible! And somehow funny.. like the crab on Pool Party Fiora.. I dunno! Is the cat even alive?{{sticker:sg-soraka}} (At least, he is handsome as hell and the skin is very adorable, i loved it.. BuT pOoR cAT!!!!!)
The cat definitely makes it out alive, I promise! <3
: Please give him chromas, I saw a rioter reply on twitter saying he should have some but there's nothing on the pbe ;-; I like this skin a lot and Im honestly really surprised you're giving Yorick another skin but I think chromas would really make it even better I also think the cape doesn't stand out enough, I know it's hell to animate but maybe a different color?? purple/lilac?? wish the ghoul kitties were a bit cuter, like meowkai sapling cute but I guess they're fine as they are.
Hey! As Amy mentioned, there are [chromas](, they didn't make into the first PBE builds (sorry about that!) It's a bit tricky, but we make it work. I'll chat with the team about the colors today and see what they think. I've seen similar feedback that the ghouls are a bit polarizing - people either love them or hate them. In this case, we felt something *super* cute didn't fix with Yorick as a champion, so we went with the middle ground here. Thanks for the feedback!
: Can ult music sound you know, funnier?
: Maybe having a price tag attached to the trident could also play into the fantasy of being a dog toy
Cute idea! I'll see what the team thinks. :)
: other than possible clarity issues (like pugmaw), dont think this skin needs much change as much as the cat ones but I really dont know how to feel about his trident, it has squeaky dog toys sounds but doesnt look like one at all. would be neat if it was 3 squeaky bone toys tied on a stick or just a giant one also prestige should get new sounds instead of the same squeaky ones since its crystals and a piece of meat now
* The good news is, we did run this skin by gameplay and playtest teams, and got the okay from their perspective. (This goes for all skins, but we don't put something out without getting sign off from them!) • We had *small* limitations with how we could tackle the trident since we wanted to maintain some of his reads. We tried several concepts in dev, including some with bones, but it felt really... out of place and kind of messy. • There's a [Prestige Edition]( thread, if you'd like to chat with the devs who made that particular skin. They'll have more context on what changes they can/couldn't make and why. ^-^
: This skin is so cute, love everything about it. You can tell a lot of work went into it.
Haha, glad you like this one! It's probably one of my favorites out of the bunch. <3
: lol this has to be the best one out of this batch. that butt tho however I think gatling gun could be centered better only to the mouth? valkerie and package could use a little more than just reusing the same texture from Q, dropped dog treats, balls/toys etc minor thing but I think blue and yellow on the wings swapped would look better
Thanks for the feedback! ^-^ * I'll see about if it's possible to center the gatling gun, I'm not sure of rig limitation without loading him up. * I can also get the team's thoughts on props/wings.
: Could you change the blue chromas knife to not be a carrot? Like if it has to stay orange that's fine, but at least remove/alter the lines on it. Kinda ruins my favorite one IMO. Thanks for all your hard work! <3
> [{quoted}](name=Wild Bunny,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=cIZLHM3Y,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2019-03-06T02:19:02.117+0000) > > Could you change the blue chromas knife to not be a carrot? Like if it has to stay orange that's fine, but at least remove/alter the lines on it. Kinda ruins my favorite one IMO. Thanks for all your hard work! <3 Hey! There's actually a chroma thread (another team helps us with chromas!), so that feedback would be best in [this thread]( :)
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