: The colors are perfect, please don't change them! The deep red/dark pink and gold looks like a Victorious skin for MSI and LCS and makes the skin look very royal and powerful. One point of feedback: The particle that swirls around Karma for when she reduces her ult-cooldown with autoattacks is still green from her classic skin.
Glad you like the new direction! You are right about the ult particle - I believe this is just a bug, checking it out :)
: Howdy! I don't know if this is the right place for feedback for this skin, but I guess I'll just post it here anyways {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} My one and only complaint (the skin looks AMAZING) is that the VFX of the skin seem pretty much just like recolors, which i suppose is fine for a 975 skin, but the Challenger skins before this definitely-not-challenger skin all had a sort of smoke-ey aspect to their VFX, like with nidalee Q and Ahri Q :B aside from that, I love it! (also, i win a bet because of you all, so thank you very much :D)
Hey there, thanks for the feedback! Hopefully when you see the full suite of VFX you'll be a bit happier with the direction (I also loved the smokey aspect to the old Challenger skin particles, but they didn't fit the design for Conqueror nearly as well). There are some other aspects you'll see leveled up, like the appearance of the MSI trophy that we thought would have a bigger impact overall on the skin and how it's tied to MSI. You can catch a glimpse of it in the still image above!
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: Looks like Emotes and Recall are not working in today's update 9/22 [or maybe not enabled yet]
This should be fixed now! Thanks for the note. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: Do we get to keep all the previous tier icons or do we just keep the highest level icon?
You keep each tier, so you'll end up with 3 per team that you upgrade fully.
: i wrote all cost we should take to get icons tier, not just only to upgrade from t2 to t3. i understand waiting for final day of world championship (last token) is leaving us with only few days of icon spamming. everything now seems pretty clear and teams get better participation in incomes. i have only one question - championship chests have higher chance to get cosmetic stuff? edit: thanks for answers
Championship chests don't have a higher chance for cosmetic content (like PROJECT) but also keep the same price of 195 RP for chest + key.
: so would us doing this for an upgraded Emote/Icon be permanent? or still temporary like last year?
The upgraded icons are permanent, but the emotes and recalls are temporary like last year.
: i think it works like this: 250 RP = tier 1 icon 250 RP + 750 IP (5x150) [10 jewels] = tier 2 icon 250 RP + 750 IP (5x150) [10 jewels] + 4 x Championship chests 780 RP [12 jewels] = tier 3 icon or: 250 RP + 1200 IP (8x150) [16 jewels] + 4 x Championship chests 390 RP [6 jewels] = tier 3 icon right?
To get to tier 3, you only need 12 jewels total so you can get those with any mix of IP and RP you want. So 6x150 would get you there as well, or 4x195 RP for Hextech Chests.
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