: Sorry if this is a question from naivety/inexperience, but do you know what the projected results are for this change? Thanks for the heads up on the change! ^^
Visually, nothing should change, so things should look exactly the same. Behind the scenes, It unlocks a lot of really cool stuff for us, which you'll be seeing in a few patches ;)
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: I've got a rendering bug! Every time the game tries to render Gromp my game crashes! No problems with Kha'Zix in the one game I had against him. The Gromp crashes happen in two ARURF games + practice tool. I submitted a bug report (through the sidebar) with more details + bugsplat things each time my game crashed. I'm using a Mac. Let me know if you need anything not in those other reports.
: > We've put a test on the PBE this patch that's running Kha'Zix and Gromp through our new rendering code. There should be NO visual differences between the two I have a bug report! I loaded into a game as Kha'Zix, and I totally wasn't a rotund, be-mushroomed giant toad. I was so disappointed at this glaring visual difference between Kha'Zix and Gromp; my fantasies were all dashed!
You just haven't evolved his final form
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: I've never enabled shadows before because it always(and I mean ALWAYS) caused a massive fps drop during a fight(team fight or a 1v1 im going in fight). I don't have a shitty GPU or CPU(GTX 950M , i7-5700HQ msi laptop). Does this change improve on that? If so, I will give it a try next time I hop into a game on the pbe.
Edit because I was misinformed: This only affects shadow blur which is a pass on the shadow map after it's generated. If you're getting fps drops with many shadows on the screen it's probably a separate issue. Give it a shot with the new implementation and let me know if you're still seeing the fps drops. Hopefully it's fixed, but it's possible something else is going on.
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: Anything! What *is* it? What challenges are you trying to overcome? What has specifically slowed you down? What's interesting about it? Sorry I don't even really know what it is to ask so many questions.
The Sustainability Initiative is focused on the long-term sustainability of League of Legends. As we continue to scale League, adding more content, making more changes, the game becomes exponentially harder to manage. We get more bugs, work slows down, it becomes harder to innovate. The current challenges we are trying to overcome are related to the way we test the game, the way we make content for the game and the way we build and deploy the game. The hardest part about working on such a large game that is live is that any changes we make have a lot more risk involved. We're building the plane as it's flying, not an easy undertaking. The most interesting challenge for me has been related to adapting what I know from making boxed games to how we make a live game like League. It's a very different experience and challenge and it's been a blast exploring that space. Let me know if you have more questions!
: Well, the biggest advantage is that of being able to judge distances/ranges determinantly. But even more important is the fact that it solves a long-running visual problem with League -- terrain height interfering with skillshot hitbox judgement. Lux ult is one of the biggest offenders, along with Sona ult, but one thing that I personally feel is most impactful that is not necessarily the most visible is how missile indicators are displayed. Lots of people have complained in the past demanding to have the hit boxes fixed, but really the problem is with the perspective camera, it will all be fixed in one fell swoop if orthographic camera is used. (P.S: quick question: what is special about the angle 56 degrees that we view the Summoner's Rift at currently?
You mentioned the pros, but not the cons :) I'm not sure actually, I think it's what someone picked a while ago as a standard isometric camera view and we've never had a need to question it, but I could be very wrong there, I haven't spent a lot of time thinking about that or asking others about that.
: 1. Besides cleaning up the codebase, do you have a roadmap for gradual supplantation of the engine as hardware moves on? 2. Visual Clarity. In the SR visual update, you chose to move the camera farther away/decreased the FOV to reduce perspective distortion. What are your opinions on straight-up 0 FOV orthographic camera positions?
1. Not yet, we've had a few discussions here and there about what that might look like, but nothing concrete. We're laying the foundation we can build on right now, so we're focusing on that before making a massive roadmap as that's the first and most important step. 2. I don't have a strong opinion here honestly, what do you think are the pros and cons with a 0 FOV camera?
: Tell me more about the Sustainability Initiative please. As you're permitted.
What would you like to know!
: You said we'll get more FPS with this, but on the screens you shared, you have less FPS :D Before: 9 FPS After: 8 FPS (i know 8 or 9 FPS is basically sh*t, i can't play LoL with less then 80 FPS)
Hahaha, I didn't even notice this in the screenshots good catch! I believe the fps tanks when you use the in-game screenshot tool, so I wouldn't worry about those numbers too much.
: It is great news to hear that Riot does indeed have a long-term plan in gradually updating the game engine in general. I have been asking for ages about what plans Riot have in store for a procedural upgrade. I believe that this is the first time you guys have properly communicated the existence of such an initiative, aside from a slight ambiguous hint in the projectile update that did not make it clear whether it would be a one-off thing or not. May I ask how the game client/engine is partitioned in terms of functionality? As in, how independent are each modules (HUD component, User input component, Server logic component, Rendering/VFX component) such that one might overhaul one part without impacting the others? As in, would you guys encounter the situation where if you rework the minions, the minimap would stop functioning because the HUD element was somehow coded as minions? Personally, I feel that right now User Input is in serious need of changes, a lot of the modes of input are quite archaic and inconsistent. One example of this is the significantly inconsistent behaviour of Attack Move when compared to Spell Casts. Both are casting-like inputs, but for their normal-cast versions, Spell Casts can confirm the input **on release** of [Button 1] in addition to **on click**, while Attack Move can only be confirmed **on click**. This makes it (needlessly) critical to time your mouse click **exactly** after the keypress for the attack command. Beside this, with you guys pushing Quick-Cast On Release as the recommended input mode for new players, it is incredibly strange that you do not have the same option available for Attack Move. There is no reason for these kinds of discrepancies to exist when both are casting-like inputs. Another example is Camera Control. I had my hopes up when you guys first released the Semi-Locked Camera option, seeming to indicate the possibility of tweaks in this component of the game engine. I previously wrote a [short treatise](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/wBgZiaNI-the-ergonomics-of-camera-panning-and-proposal-for-an-alternative-mode-edge-pushing) on camera control reasoning that there is no reason to dogmatically continue with the outdated mode of camera control inherited from 2D isometric RTSes which were originally created due to a limitation of technology. It is just much more natural to control the camera based on how far you move your mouse beyond the edge, rather than depending on some preset velocity. Also, League could really benefit from F5-F8 camera positions assigned to your wards, so that we could also get some of Starcraft's [multitasking glamour](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RR7CU3CJ7iU) in our gameplay for those who want it, without necessarily disadvantaging those who don't use it. Finally, all of these is nice and dandy, but I feel that there needs to be much more transparency communicating in the technical inner-workings of the game. There should be a platform for discussion where you guys can communicate to us how it works, and the more technically-minded players can communicate potential insights that might have otherwise been overlooked thanks to being drowned out by Memes&Games posts. Thank you so much for gracing us with your presence on the rare bit of technical information in the game, by the way.
I actually don't know the answer to most of your questions as I'm not an engineer or designer, but I'll see if I can get some people in here who might have the answer! Aso, Have you checked out our engineering blog? I think it's more geared towards what you're looking for! https://engineering.riotgames.com/
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: regarding the Global Splash Update can you fix the new Hecarim loading screen? http://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/leagueoflegends/images/e/ec/Hecarim_OriginalLoading.jpg it looks like it was pasted on the old loading screen which was just slightly turned transparent
Whoops, should be fixed in the next pbe build, thanks for the report!
: Can we not? Many of these are just horrendous compared to what we have now. Beyond that, are you actually going to finish it this time? You've done this at least once before (or something similar) and quit maybe half way through. I guess at worst I can just save all the splashes now and alter the files to show those for me.
Just to clear up some confusion. One of the big reasons we made this splash art change was to eliminate a pipeline for getting specific content in for Tencent that has been costing us time to maintain. We know that some of these are weird and don't fit our art style, but our choices were limited to, Riot version or Tencent version, pick one or the other. Our splash artists are busy making splashes for new skins and champions and we didn't want to pull them off of those to clean up a pipeline. I know this isn't ideal and all regions are feeling pain from this change, but cleaning up these pipelines means we can focus our developer's time on features and not firefighting.
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: Really interested in how the "ghosted" champions will look! Something like Morde's ult? (please not just a tiny buff rune around :P)
It looks similar to Baron Buff, but the colors are different and the minions become semi-transparent.
: So Pillager and oracle are the only items to spot the deadly-evil-shrooms-of-doom now?
The active will also reveal traps within its aoe.
: > [{quoted}](name=Riot JxE,realm=PBE,application-id=cMKtzQHY,discussion-id=NjlrbWPV,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-05-27T22:29:28.765+0000) > Killing Vilemaw now lets you summon the darkness and lead a legion of ghost minions to swarm the enemy base. Players will enhance nearby allied minions (allied minions gain increased combat stats, MS, and briefly terrify enemy minions) Champions will also cross over to an other realm and become “ghosted”. Please let me have your Babies
Challenger surrogates are the only ones considered.
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: > Our goal with Mark/Dash was to create a healthier environment for all champions on ARAM. You've buffed a class of champions while punishing the same set that already gets shit on in Summoner's Rift due to mobility creep. Even at 40 seconds cooldown, if someone lands a snowball on you as Miss Fortune and they have any sort of CC, you're either going to have to burn Flash (which is on a much higher cooldown) or your fate is in your teammates' hands. The same goes for any immobile squishy. They don't even have to be ACCURATE with the spell. They can just hit something in the general vicinity as you, and there's not much you can do unless your champion has some sort of hard CC to counter it as they come in. This essentially made melees with CC almost as smothering as poke champs were. The difference being, though, is that the pokers fall off vs. tanks and tanks just get overwhelmingly tanky. It gets to the point where they can just mindlessly dash in and it doesn't matter because you're a squishy poker that can't run for shit while they have like 4000 health and 250 armor and MR coupled with some CC. If you really want to balance it, a good step to take is to take away the ability to jump to minions (but still have them be able to block it). Maybe also make it have a range limit to the follow up like the second part of Lee Sin's Q. Also, the fact that it gives vision as it travels and also reveals stealth? It does way too much. There's so many champs that it's just not fun to play against Mark/Dash with.
We need to move the spell away from a "must-pick" before we can really understand what kind of impact it has and that's the goal of this round of changes. Currently we're not seeing a drop in pick rate for squisher champions like MF. If that trend occurs, we'll definitely look into how to solve that problem.
: Mark/Dash changes for 5.10
I wanted to hop in and share some overall thoughts about Mark/Dash as well. Our goal with Mark/Dash was to create a healthier environment for all champions on ARAM. Due to the nature of a one lane 5v5 map, some champions are naturally going to have stronger kits than others. We wanted to give champions with fewer strategic options viability in the game mode. We can already see the improvements the spell has made because we're seeing higher play rates of some traditionally unpopular champions and lower dodge rates on ARAM. The spell is a bit overwhelming now, so we're committed to balancing the spell. We want to move it away from a place where it's a must-have regardless of champion, while continuing to improve the viability of some our more unpopular champions. Please continue to give us your feedback and thoughts on the spell, we're reading all of it!
: While I appreciate the goal of this, isn't this like banning fans from a stadium? (For example, when shooting free throws, or going for a penalty kick the fans are a huge distraction.) Sometimes the environment you work(play) in has distractions. I feel like part of being good is overcoming those distractions.
This is an interesting thought and I've been playing around with this idea in my head all day. The first question I have is why don't stadiums ban people from doing this? A few answers might be, they can't, they need fans for money, it creates fan excitement. I also thought back to how disruptive the vuvuzela was during the world cup in 2010 and came across this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vuvuzela#Noise_levels_and_bans[1] The players hated it, but it was so integral to South African culture that FIFA didn't ban it. I ask myself, if the NBA\FIFA could improve competitive integrity while solving some of the problems listed above, would they? I honestly think the answer is yes, they just don't have a solution for it currently. As a video game, we're not bound by the same set of problems and if we can improve competitive integrity by making an easy change like this, I believe we should.
: Does it affect performance? Could it also be used by players with old pcs to improve their fps?
It should have a slight impact on performance, but honestly not enough that it's worth toggling on for that. Setting your video quality to the lower settings will make a much bigger difference than this toggle. I'll run some more tests and find out for sure though.
: Dawww. I'd love to have those guys stay but disabling them would help my computer's performance at least a teeny-bit, would it?
It should have a slight impact on performance, but honestly not enough that it's worth toggling on for that. Setting your video quality to the lower settings will make a much bigger difference than this toggle. I'll run some more tests and find out for sure though.
: As a veteran tester , im happy to see these options in the menu, focusing on the gameplay rather then the flashy looks of the map is gonna heighten the competitive play that much more. Il make sure to test this out and see if there is anything else that would hinder my peripherals while in game :) also will this option be able to disable neutral monsters movement and animations?
Not initially, if it's something people need it's definitely something we can explore. Based on some of the initial feedback we've gotten those don't seem to be an issue currently.
: I post a link here to things I saw with eye candy disabled. hope you guys from riot can tell me if these things should stay or go with the new feature. http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/client-new-features-feedback/z7Gc7g96-hide-eye-candy-feedback-part-13 http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/client-new-features-feedback/QEPzTUEp-hide-eye-candy-feedback-part-23 http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/client-new-features-feedback/xsVBaw5A-hide-eye-candy-feedback-part-33
PBE hasn't been deployed yet! Once it does again give it another run through and let me know!
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: PBE 5.10 Patch Megathread
Looks like some of the stuff in our cross map consistency pass went out a bit early. Don't expect the Twisted Treeline/Dominion/Tutorial stuff to go out in 5.10. We're currently aiming for 5.11
: No Explosion sound for nexus
Thanks for the bug report! We're looking into this
: Missing Texture Over by Baron
Thanks for the bug report! This should be fixed for the next PBE deploy!
: Adding Mark/Dash is an awful idea and it's going to destroy any notion of balance that ARAM has. The vast majority of those champions that you're targeting by adding M/D don't have a problem because they can't get into a fight. They have a problem *early game* because they can't poke, and if they do engage they're guaranteed to take damage that they'll have a hard time healing back. Adding M/D won't change that, but it'll make engages *for everyone* stupidly strong. Imagine Galio, a champion that's already extremely strong in HA *especially* against all of those AP poke comps people think are OP. He's going to have a jokingly easy and low cooldown way to get ults off. Same thing with Alistar, Kat, Amumu, Fid, Maokai, etc. There are so many champions that are already extremely strong that are going to get pushed way over the top by M/D. In return you're giving champion you think are weak a tool they didn't need. Meanwhile, you're adding Warmog's which is going to make giants belt double rejuv starts extremely good. That helps the weak early game that melees have while making tank late games even stronger than they are. Adding Warmog's is the correct way to make melee stronger all around, especially early. That being said, adding M/D with Warmog's is way over the top. It's like your balancers made two separate changes and didn't coordinate with each other. Finally, M/D wasn't the thing that made champions like Akali ridiculously strong in Poro King. It was mostly To The King because divers could dive way further than they should be able to get away with and just return back to the king. It basically gave everyone the second activation of Zed's ult. --- For all of you that think melee are hopelessly weak in ARAM, here's some help for you. You are weak early game, but almost unanimously strong late game if you don't feed. Start regen (lifesteal/spell vamp if you can make use of it). Stall the game out until you get stronger by wave clearing. Sometimes that means waiting until 6; sometimes it means waiting until 2+ items; sometimes it means waiting until level 16. You are going to lose your first tower eventually, but the longer it takes for the other team to get the tower without getting any kills the stronger you're going to be later. Don't waste your skills on losing poke trades, especially if it means you're poking instead of wave clearing. If your team needs help engaging have someone rush Righteous Glory. In most cases someone should rush Locket. You have *plenty* of options for engaging already. M/D isn't going to help. It's going to make things worse for you by making already strong picks stronger. The only extremely frustrating and forever one sided scenario is a strong poke comp with a lot of zone CC that can kite back any engage easily. These are incredibly rare and ***should not be balanced around***. The only thing you should be doing to stop this is to make it even less likely by unlocking all champions in ARAM. No offense Riot, but I don't think your ARAM balancers are ARAM players. Most of the changes you make on ARAM seem like something an SR player who plays ARAM on occasion and puts no effort into actually learning the game would do. Do not balance around those players. Balance around non-ARAM-smurf players that play ARAM nearly exclusively and know how to play difficult comps. --- All that being said, I do have (mostly positive) feedback for the other changes that I'll put in a reply.
Thanks for the feedback! We all play ARAM (and other game modes) pretty regularly and Mark/Dash has been a really fun addition. I used to play ARAM back when it was on SR and people would rush a mana manipulator haha. If certain champs become too strong we will look for other solutions to address those problems!
: New Howling abyss nexus bug
Thanks for the bug report, we'll look into it!
: Howling Abyss blue inhibitor explosion is...
Thanks for the bug report, we'll look into it!
: Aram infibitor HP bug/glitch
Thanks for the bug report, we'll look into it!
: ARAM - Blue side inhibitor health bar still missing
Thanks for the bug report! We'll look into it!
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: 2 ARAM bugs
Thanks for the bug report! We're looking into this
: Aram Nexus/Inhib health bars
Thanks for the bug report! We're looking into this :)
: Awesome Job as always Riot! Could it also be possible to introduce the moving gras from the rift to the abyss with some snow and ice on it? That would make it as good as the new summoners rift. Keep up the fantastic work! :)
Yup that's in there as well!
: Just played a game, and noticed there were no health bars on the inhib or nexus. I just kept attacking until the inhibitor said it was destroyed (and the nexus said victory) but it looked a little weird, like we weren't really attacking anything.
Thanks for the bug report! We'll look into it
: Here's my feedback on the ARAM (Howling Abyss) update: The Nexi, as well as the turrets still use the old explosions, and the Nexus on the "watcher" side (didn't test it on the blue side yet) use the old "gnome Nexus" model for a split second while exploding. (although I am sure at least one person has brought this issue up already) Also, some minor questions: 1: Will the minions receive the same spawn sfx/vfx as on SRU? 2: Will the Nexus towers recieve lasers? 3: Will the turrets recieve the SRU shield buff as well? 4: Also, in case you replace the old Nexus explosion, will you add the corresponding Victory/defeat animation as well? I would love to see improvements as those on Twisted Treeline as well. I personally play a lot of 3v3 rankeds with my friends and I am sure a ton of other players do so as well. (Regarding Nexi, Inhibitors, new minions with their spawn sfx/vfx, a laser for the Nexus turret, shield buffs, SR jungle monsters as well as new tower models with a texture fitting to the Shadow Isles) I hope that isn't too much to ask of you, take your time. I appreciate every single bit of effort that you put in your daily work on this game. Sincerely, Sailor Gangplank. {{champion:41}}
1/4 yes to both, it may not make it in right away, but it will eventually :)
: Any specific reason why you are sticking to Blue vs Purple instead of Summoner's Rift Blue vs Red? I also wish we could ditch colorblind mode differences and add support for relative team colors across all maps. Blue for allies. Red for enemies. It should apply to spell markers as well (including the currently bugged Vel'koz W and SSG Rumble R).
The Howling Abyss theme and colors were designed around the blue/purple themes and the red became too overwhelming when we tried it out. Adding relative team colors to all maps is definitely still on the table, for now, we were just looking for quick wins to improve the other maps in our game :)
: Didn't see this thread and made a new post. I see this here now so I'll post it ... here and now. Original thread; http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bugs/QbWYkMQ4-howling-abyss-inhibitors-have-old-inhibitors-crystal-still-in-them-and-use-old-death-model New Inhibitors on Howling Abyss have the crystal from the original inhibitor inside of them. Also, when the inhibitor is destroyed, it uses the original inhibitor's destroyed model. http://i.imgur.com/KblQeIB.png Tested on the 4/7/2015 build. Additional information; Inhibs on both sides of the map had the crystal. I was alone in the game. The effect was in every game I played (all 2 of them). The purple side nexus has this same issue, but the blue side does not. http://i.imgur.com/iwDqvEb.png
Thanks for the bug report! Unfortunately we weren't able to remove those before today's PBE deploy, they should be gone tomorrow :)
: Wouldn't it make a lot more sense to give the purple/red side the red side style crystal? The bulkier stag theme works for the horned GREGOR/Freljord side of the bridge, but the watcher side is more pointed and sleek. It's just odd because you can see the stags on the nexus design and it's a tad conflicting.
We thought about doing this, but the ice theme and colors on Howling Abyss were designed around the purple/blue colors. Adding red to the map was too overpowering and really threw off the theme/design of it. It's not ideal for us to use the stag themed assets, but it looked better than what was there before and it leveled up the art on Howling Abyss overall in a way that allowed us to get a quick win.
: Will The Twisted Treeline be getting any improvements any time soon? The towers are tiny and the minions are just an eyesore.
Minions are an easy win and something we should be able to easily bring to the other maps. We're going to see what other improvements we can make if time permits :)
: Does this include things like new Nexus and Inhibitor models?
Yup! Just updated the post with the images
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: [Summoner's Rift] Texture Seam Visible
Thanks for the bug report! What visual quality settings are you on?

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