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: Well Riot GMang, What have you taken from this as feedback as we have not heard you say anything for 3 days and we have given you feedback on how we feel about the change. As I have stated on my other post you should not do this change lightly (as I imagine from the way you have responded thus far) and should really consider the repercussions of the change more. From what has been said the damage is a nerf pretty much no matter how you look at it as a champion standing in the center of the old ult would still take more damage than if they stood there in the new one just based off of the damage and AOE of the individual cannonballs. Is this just a one off here is what we are doing deal with it type of change cause you asked for feedback but haven't responded to most complaints but answered just to clarify info about it not to take notes about it. Sorry if this sounds angry I'm a bit on tilt as Riot has still yet to give a shit about the dominion community.
Asking for feedback is different than chatting a lot in big discussions. The latter takes as lot of time that I frankly don't have in my day. :( I do read all the comments, including ones on other forums like Twitter and Reddit. The comments here are certainly valuable, as are other forums, PBE games, internal playtests, etc. This kind of thread may not leave every contributor immediately addressed, but there's still lots of value to them. Are there things here we should monitor and prepare for? Are there niche tastes we could've missed? Are there cases here that we didn't thoroughly test in playtest? Do we have fundamental directional risks that call for returning to the drawing board? Are there polish points we can address before shipping? This really isn't some fluke change. This has been in playtesting on-and-off for many months. We haven't coasted on these numbers the whole time, and the change was not taken lightly. Our first changes mimicked a lot of the comments here, in fact, including worries about damage (started with damage buffs due to paper math, but we found it overkill in practice). While all feedback is valuable from a data standpoint, not all feedback is good for discussion. For example, "nerf pretty much how you look at it" is just false: it's better for wave clear (reliably kills the whole area with no miss chance), and if enemies aren't standing in the middle a lot (team fights usually have more non-centered targets than centered targets), you'll deal more damage on average--and that's not even to discuss the value of reliability. But ultimately, my goal isn't to debate: it's to hear what you think. People here are worried about damage being weak, and this thread tells me just how important it is to them. I've been worried about that for months, so I share much of that concern and this thread raises that concern. I'm prepared to buff it if that's the right conclusion--part of the value of this change is that it's a spell we're more willing to buff, after all (hence the cooldown re-tuning). It also lets me know about VFX and SFX concerns, for example, which I can bring to our artists and see what option to take. I hope that gives some context. Apologies if this observational approach isn't your style--I'm more of a listener than a talker. :S
: I feel like it should be the opposite, more damage in the center and less on the outside and the slow in general should be higher than 25%.
Sorry, I mean more and less compared to Live. The actual damage in the PBE version is totally uniform within the zone.
: They reduced the max potential damage if someone were to be hit by every single cannonball, **which never happens.** You're also ignoring the minimum potential damage of getting hit by few to no cannonballs which feels really underwhelming. This new version's consistency is a clear upgrade over the old ult, because everyone in the circle is going to be hit with the slow and every enemy is going to be taking damage.
Just to clarify: the slow behavior hasn't meaningfully changed. Like on Live, the zone continuously slows all enemies, not the cannonballs. Buff bar behavior did get updated though. On average (edit: compared to Live*), damage right at center will be lower, while damage away from the center will be higher. We found that for practical applications (team fights, wave clears), this was generally a net gain (as was the reliability). The cooldown tuning should just be a buff overall. :P But if people have other thoughts when they play it, I'll be reading all the posts here!
: Nice how much time we gotta wait for it ?
It was added to the planned Friday deploy (for today), but the nature of PBE means you can never be sure about environment stuff. :0
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