: Oh my!!! The fix is in progress and it should be back up within a few hours. I'll check it again tomorrow morning and confirm!
All fixed, and it shouldn't happen again. Sorry about that!
: > [{quoted}](name=Riot Feithen,realm=PBE,application-id=cMKtzQHY,discussion-id=INIWaH5F,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2016-08-24T04:30:30.767+0000) > > Uhhh that's no good. Looking into it, thanks for the heads up. If you fix it. I will love you.
Oh my!!! The fix is in progress and it should be back up within a few hours. I'll check it again tomorrow morning and confirm!
: Leave Buster Watch out
That shouldn't be possible. I'll try to find out what's up! Did you get a penalty?
: I CAN"T download the PBE on my new computer
Uhhh that's no good. Looking into it, thanks for the heads up.
: Weird name
You know if you get a bunch of kids hyped up on sugar, and you ask "Who wants to go to DISNEYWORLD?" and they all run around flailing screaming "MEMEMEMEMEME"? That's what his name means. :)​
: [Twisted Fate] – Highnoon Skin Q Visual
We'll be disabling this skin once the patch rolls out, until we can get a fix ready. Nice find, ty!
: Stuck in game that already ended
Hey folks, It looks like there was a network blip in the DC where we host the game servers right around this time, which is probably responsible. We've not seen any spike in ghost games or reports similar to this, so hopefully it should be fine. Let us know if you see it again, though! Thanks, Fei
: Thanks! Any chance you could chuck a new .dll our way once it's fixed so I don't have to redownload PBE in its entirety?
Theoretically your software should just realize that the file isn't a virus, and let it out. I don't have a way to push a new dll through, given nothing on our end will/has changed. The patcher sees that you already have it, and won't want to download it again.
: [BUG] Pua Crossrider in my launcher dll... hopefully I'm the only one
Thanks for the heads up! We've reached out to the company to try and resolve the alert before we go Live with this patch. We're confident this is a false-positive, but as always, advise you trust your anti-virus!
: Masteries fully broken
Okay, this is the result of the team removing the Expose Weakness mastery prior to our 6.3 Live deploys. It's not quite ready for prime time, and if you had it saved on a mastery page, that page will error. You can delete the page to fix it. Thanks for the heads up!
: Masteries fully broken
Not cool! I'm digging around now to see what's up, and get this to the right team. Unfortunately I'm not actually able to see the bug. My mastery pages are editing/saving/creating just fine. Would love to know if anybody else is seeing this!
: Custom Game Creation Glitch & Leaving Issues
This should have been fixed in yesterday's patch; it was very real, and very very nasty!
: PBE Content Being Removed for Loot System Testing
Hey folks, We'll chat here about how to handle content/currency post-test, but we really encourage you to NOT try and re-buy everything immediately. We need as much interaction with the Loot system as possible, it's way more valuable than testing against older content. As normal, we'll get everything NEW in the patch set to the lowest price possible, so that you can still check it out. If you see us miss something feel free to drop a post here on the Boards and we'll take care of it ASAP. Thanks, Fei
: [Suggestion] When a new champ comes out on PBE, please enable One For All
Hi there, One-for-all unfortunately doesn't just work by default. A lot of work goes into making sure every champion and ability function. By default, many don't - for example, I doubt 10 Bard's could ult in One for All right now and see it end well. If we turned the mode on without ensuring it works, there's a good chance the experience you'd have and the bugs you'd find wouldn't be entirely legitimate. As interested as we are in player feedback on the new champion, we're just as interested in how others feel about them, both allies and enemies. While it's not as fun to play as somebody else when you really, really, really want to try Kindred... I like to think of it as an opportunity to learn how to play with/against them. :) See you on the Rift, Fei
: Skins are unavailable
Hi there, If there's a specific skin you think should be listed (but isn't), let us know here. We try to keep everything up and available for 1IP if it's new or facing any potential changes. Cheers, Fei
: Server maintenance started halfway through a game, do we get punished for the disconnect?
Hi there, Nope, you will not be punished for a disconnect triggered by our daily maintenance! That would be pretty horrid! Thanks, Fei
: LOLPBE client does not patch
Hi there, This is pretty weird and sounds like some kind of borked patcher/installer issue. I would recommend deleting and reinstalling entirely if all the other solutions haven't worked. Before you do that, if possible, it would be awesome if you could attach your patcher logs here. We can poke around and see if there's anything specific that might have gotten you into a bad state. Thanks, Fei
: PROJECT Skins are not showing on the list in Report A Bug Tool
: Lux ult bug
Thanks for the heads up folks; if it's not fixed in today's deploy we'll get her disabled.
: Custom/Normal Games not working
We're fixing it now, hold tight. Should be about 30 minutes. Edit: Also, thanks for the quick heads up!
: When will the PBE update be?
I know it's not what you want to hear, but "as soon as possible". Literally as soon as we can, it'll be going out. Our goal is to deploy every single day, which usually falls between 11am and 2pm PDT.
: Project Fiora was avaliable for purchase in store
: PBE Matchmaking
Hi there, Rank on PBE can be pretty misleading. The population is significantly smaller here and that skews the results of placements and advancement rates. For example, I'm silver on Live, but got Diamond on PBE last year. I'm totally not Diamond. :) I wouldn't put too much weight on it. Sorry you had a crappy game though! Fei
: The Gangplank Announcer is still on PBE
Thanks for the heads up, we should probably turn that off!
: Nami Ult Bug
As a huge Nami fan I'd love to say "Working as Intended"... but that's not true. We'll make sure this is looked at, and if it looks like the abuse is getting out of control, disable her briefly while the fix is in progress. Thanks, Fei
: Riot Feedback (just curious)
I jump on anything that seems to be about the stability of PBE. That tends to be crashes, lag, patching problems, disconnects, etc. Mostly because those are the types of things my team can act on, either via getting something disabled, pulling up monitoring, or poking at servers to see what's up. I've also got a decent sense of what big new stuff is on PBE each day, so I keep an eye on threads that might indicate people having trouble with it. I also work with the group who check absolutely every single post on the Bug board. They prioritize trying to find the issue in our bug base, or reproduce the issue if it's new. We most often reply to posts if we need more information. I can confirm that a human being reads every single post on that board. :)
: [Options Menu/Video] No borderless windowed option
Hi there, So there's a kinda ugly bug where the bottom option in each option drop down is still there, but not initially visible. If you scroll down, it's still there. I've let the team know, thank you for the heads up! Cheers, Fei
: Server maintenance notice too soon
Hi there, In addition to the reasons Amy mentions, one of our biggest goals with the PBE is to get you the freshest possible code and content each day. If we don't deploy at around 11am PST, it means something's being fixed. As soon as it's fixed, we'll start. We can go from "code written" to "you're testing it" incredibly quickly, and we want to get even quicker. Delicious fresh code, asap! Cheers, Fei
: Account suspended
Hey folks, I can't comment on specific cases, but we do know that PBE has been pretty unstable this week. We're trying to determine if this may have led to any false suspensions, and if so, revert them. More news when we have it! Thanks, Fei
: game lagging horribly
Our most recent deploy should have fixed this, we'll be watching to see if it's as "fixed" as we hope!
: Game Randomly Ending
Hey folks, We did a late night deploy to fix this, and we'll be keeping an eye on it today. Cheers, Fei
: Black Market Brawler completely stops after 10+ minutes
Hey folks, The late night update last night should have fixed this across all game modes. Let us know if you're still seeing it today! Cheers, Fei
: Why has ranked been down?
Hi there, We've been changing the available queues to help get some testing in specific areas that need love. It also helps keep queue times reasonable. I'll see if we can get you an ETA on it coming back. Thanks, Fei
: 5.13 Feedback!
Thanks for posting. :)
: Thank god I hate the new HUD
Hey there, It would be awesome if you could drop onto the HUD feedback thread and let the team know why, and what specific elements don't work for you. Cheers, Fei
: Hey hacob12, Thank you for raising awareness to this! Do you (or anyone else that has experienced this) happen to have any logs, screenshots, videos, or match history links to games where you experienced this issue? Any of this additional information can be super helpful for tracking down what's going on here.
Bumping this for Mr Roku. He is in fact a Rioter, he's just not got a red name yet. :) We'd love absolutely any information you can provide about the situation where you saw the bug.
: Hey all, Wanted to jump in and confirm that we're aware, and looking into fixing this ASAP. As always, thanks for bearing with these disruptions to your PBE experience!
Quick update for those keeping track, the crashing has been resolved. Thanks for the posts!
: Unable to see auto attacks
Thanks for the report folks, this is a squirly one. If anybody else sees it, we'd love any information you can remember. Who was in the game, if it was consistent or staggered, everybody or just a few people, etc.
: Not All Patch Changes Were on PBE
Hey folks, Everything that goes Live, with very (very very _very)_ few exceptions goes to PBE first. It's a core part of the League deployment pipeline and in our eyes, it's non-negotiable. The exceptions are behind the scenes services, weird data-center specific things, and security changes, which I can't talk about for obvious reasons. My guess here - and it's just a guess! - is that the patch notes were inaccurate. Could be a communication issue between the teams involved, a copy/pasta error, or just a misunderstanding about when the cut off is for changes going Live. It's also possible the changes went in the very last day, and you didn't get a chance to try them. That's a very real problem, and we're working on it. We always want you guys to have as much time as possible on changes before they go out. Cheers, Fei
: > [{quoted}](name=Riot Feithen,realm=PBE,application-id=A4D2003433C8FCD715185A7264A9CC6FDFAD7FEF,discussion-id=K0Ea4KQh,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-06-03T22:26:35.808+0000) > > Are you still having the issue? yes, in both na and pbe :( i tried repair..... and same error. i Also tried different server and it won't work. And yay, riot does care :D
Yeah, that's really weird. That you can't connect at all makes me think there's something going on between your connection, and the game platform. I'd suggest sending in a player support ticket so that somebody can get you dedicated help. I've done some poking around and don't see any issues with PBE logins, so that's your best bet.
: Can't log in either pbe or live
Are you still having the issue?
: Found something spooky on PBE
: Why do I get more FPS in PBE client?
I'd say change both your settings to default, so that they're 100% identical, and test again once 5.10 goes Live. They should be exactly the same FPS, as there's no performance impacting code running on PBE clients vs. Live clients. It's likely you've got some settings on PBE that work particularly well with your hardware/drivers. For ping/connection, the servers are not in the same data center as Live, so that makes more sense.
: Friends List and Chat Windows not appearing
We've got the last few fixes in, so the deploy should kick off in the next few hours. Hopefully nobody will see the issue this weekend. :)
: Specified Testing?
Those sites will get you the best info on changes. You can assume if it's new/changed, we'd love you to test it. :) If there's a specific bug we need help with, the Red Tracker (on the left hand panel) will pick it up. Rioters will also often make threads for big features where they'd like tons of testing and feedback.
: Friends list dosn't show
Hey folks, We'd really like your log files! Default location would be: C:\Users---\Desktop\PBE\RADS\projects\lol_air_client\releases\\deploy\logs Thanks, Fei
: ppl dont even care about bugs sometimes, they dont upvote and my effore is useless then...
If you report a bug on the bugs board, even with zero upvotes, a human being will read it and try to reproduce your bug. We'll use whatever information you give, and check to see if it's been reported by our own QA. 100% coverage, and normally in less than 48hrs. Upvotes help most if something is really impacting your ability to test, like a completely broken queue, item, champion, skin, etc. If something makes it up quickly we can respond quickly. Hope that helps! Your effort is absolutely not useless. :)
: A bit of a rant
Hi there, There are a few threads around this topic, so I wanted to hop on and make sure you guys & gals know we're listing. In terms of toxicity, we're (daily) suspending and banning the bad apples. As we weed out players damaging the health of the environment, we invite in fresh eyes to keep the player base a decent size. Our tolerance level for bad behavior is significantly lower than Live and from the indicators we have, I do believe the overall toxicity level on PBE is improving. We also track things like afks, dodging, how often people use their accounts, how many games they play, and so on. A few other systems are in place, many of which rely on players reporting bad behavior; I can only urge you to keep reporting what you see. Thread organization/duplication is another problem, and we hope to share something exciting here Soon(tm). Since Soon isn't Now, we also have a mod team working to help tidy up threads, merge dupes, and generally keep things organized and useful. The program just started and we're still ironing out the kinks. For example, in our ideal world, we would have moved your bug post into the "bugs" forum. Every single bug posted there is investigated by a human being. We'll reproduce it, log it, and make sure it's on the right team for a fix. This slipped through the cracks because it was on the New Features board (and feedback oriented boards are focused a lot more on organic discussion, debate, and interaction with feature developers). We need to broaden our coverage, as well as reconsider what boards we're using for what purpose. In terms of the bug itself, I don't want to give the false expectation that every bug will get answered. We WILL try to respond if the issue is damaging your ability to test, and especially if we need more information about a problem. I do want to mention how awesome your bug post is: it fits the format, includes a screenshot, and is super easy to reproduce. You nailed it, and we appreciate that. We get tons of value out of the PBE and that's very much because you guys work so hard to contribute. We probably don't say it enough, but thank you. :) Cheers, Fei
: Chat and notifications are not showing up
Hi there! Could you send us your logs? The default location is: C:\Users\ (your active user here) \Desktop\PBE\RADS\projects\lol_air_client\releases\ (most recent patch) \deploy\logs
: I got no friends
We're trying to figure this issue out, so if anybody is still having it, we'd love to see your log files! Default location would be: C:\Users---\Desktop\PBE\RADS\projects\lol_air_client\releases\\deploy\logs We'd especially like the logs if you've NOT yet fixed it via the delete/repatch solution.
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