: PBE Tower hp?
Hi Guys, the latest deploy to the PBE we just pushed out should have this all fixed. Your next games will have towers all back to normal.
: @Riot Chesties, I want to talk about PBR tool!
Hi Lunar Revel - I'm really glad you have been passionate about using the PBR as a tool, and I recognize that the tool is not the most ideal in providing feedback loops in terms of, "where is this bug going?" or "who sees my bugs?" I can assure you that we are still utilizing the bugs collected from the PBR. In fact, when the New Client was on PBE, the PBR was looked to as an important tool for us to gain player feedback. Thanks for the feedback here as well, and when I'm presented with an opportunity to improve the PBR, we can work to deliver a better feedback loop. Riot Chesties {{champion:201}}
: I have a problem. I'm a user of LAS and i was watching it is for NA EUW EUNE :'v
Unfortunately, the LIVE account association can only be done between the above regions you mentioned (NA, EUW, EUN). If your LIVE account is not one of those, I'm afraid we don't have a means to associating your account.
: While I have ya here, what "starting money" will the new PBE accounts get? The former 40k RP and 100k RP, or the 950k RP/IP we got recently? Also (sorry to go off-topic!) but the champion's bundle M-S costs 30k RP ever since Rammus got included into it. While that won't be a problem for the people having 950k RP, it might be for people starting with 40k RP.
As currently designed, I believe the 40k is still the account sign-up default. I can check this, but can't promise that the RP grant will be upped all the way to 950k. That being said, we want players to be able to test the content acquisition, be it through traditional purchases or hextech crafting.
: If my account is already using the same email as my PBE account, what steps do I take?
Ensure that your emails are verified on both LIVE and PBE. Using your LIVE account, login and go to the PBE signup page and apply. We'll take it from there and will be able to get your new application approved.
: Are all current PBE testers supposed to be expecting this email?
We sent out this email to as many players with old accounts that seem to be active; however, due to some spam filtering or auto-rejection walls, not everyone we targeted received the email. If you're one of those unfortunate folks, it doesn't leave you out. I'm sure the email is probably posted somewhere now, and all you have to do is follow the steps in that email.
: Change your unlinked account's now, and then choose the name you want on your new account. That should work :] (Been there, done that!)
As Amy Sery mentioned, this is a way you will be able to retain your old name. If you're fearful of the time gap between releasing your name and claiming it on the new account, hold off until you get that approval email and have the new account creation web page prepped ready and open so there is very little window for anyone to try and snipe the name. At least that's how I would attempt doing it.
: Can you clarify on these points? >Will deactivate your unlinked PBE account once your linked PBE account has been approved Will NOT transfer your Summoner name from your unlinked PBE account to your linked PBE account Is the linked account a completely different login? Since it's linked, will it actually be the same credentials as our login on live? Does it automatically have the same summoner name as your live account? Or since my current PBE account and my Live account have the same name, will have need to use something different for PBE?
Hi Zielmann - I can help answer those questions, but I guess the heart of it is that if you have a PBE account associated with your LIVE account, it'll give us an option to provide benefits to both accounts, if the opportunity presents itself. To your questions: * The linked account is a complete different login * The credentials will be chosen by you during the approval process, so it's up to you to determine the new PBE account login * It does not automatically have the same summoner name as your LIVE * Yes, you'll have to use something different if the current PBE and LIVE are already the same Remember that this is completely optional; however, you're essentially opting out of any future PBE/LIVE interactions. Hope that answers your questions.
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: I have been unable to play on PBE for a few weeks as to the client where I would press play is completely black and can't click anything but the close button. I will post pictures once I get to my computer. I have reinstalled PBE multiple times and it works for a few days before the bug happens again. If you can get back to me on how I can fix this would be great. Again will be posting pics when I'm off work.
It'll be hard for us to fix it if we can't repro it. That being said, the more info you can provide via the PBR would help us try and track it down. Linking system specs, screenshots, etc will just give us more info. Hopefully that'll give us a lead.
: So this has been an issue for quite some time - but I've an excess of runes numbering in x45 of one type - which has also prevented me from acquiring other runes of a similar category (e.g.: x45 flat armor seals disabling access to per level armor seals). While inconvenient, it's also prevented me from testing the viability and feasibility of certain specialized pages on particular champions in different scenarios. If it isn't too much of an inconvenience, could this be looked at and cleaned up? As the recent adjustment to tank/fighter itemization has made this more relevant than ever.
You'll need to send a player support request to reset your runes. The bundle that was out of date and causing that issue is now removed so you shouldn't encounter that issue in the future.
: Should we only report bugs unique to PBE or would this also include bugs present on Live?
Bugs found on PBE should be reported using the tool. In fact, you'd have to be logged in with a PBE account to report the bug. Good question tho.
: Do you guys think it would be possible that we could report a bug _in spectator mode_? In other words, provide some sort of link that takes you out of spectator mode and opens up a tab that lets you report the bug? Often times, I see bugs graphically, or I see bugs gameplay wise whilst spectating, (since I'm not actually able to play during the day due to not wanting to interrupt the rest of my family's internet), and I really do not want to have to take a screenshot of the bug and have to exit out of the game just so I can click on a link that reopens in a new tab anyways. I really want to help report bugs, and I will continue to do that, but it's very frustrating that I will have to log out of the game, just to access this report a bug tool which can only be found on the front page. Thank you guys for all your hard work; much appreciated by me and the entire community! Keep it up!
If you play on windowed or even borderless mode, you can click the link to left (navigation pane) that says "Report A Bug." You can report the bug while you still have the game spectated.
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: Useful information for new PBE players
Hi Everyone - I wanted to address why we recently removed the rune bundle. This was primarily done to prevent a bug from occurring where the bundle put the players' runes in an unusable state. Although it specifically states in the guide to not buy it more than once, you'd be surprised how many people have bought it more than once. It was an old bundle package that was actually causing errors on our side as well. Although it was beneficial for a time to be able to collect a set number of runes in this bundle, we felt that purchasing runes via the normal purchasing patterns would be sufficient for players. Thanks, Riot Chesties {{champion:201}}
: The failed DDOS... i cri everitim ;_; Is there more news on if/how this will co-exist with the boards?
We don't have a definitive plan just yet, but the goal is to get the tool in a state where bugs will be funneled through the PBR, and feedback and discussions can continue to occur on the boards. Ultimately, using the boards for discussion as it was intended. We know that there is value in simply asking a fellow tester if they've experienced something. It is much more useful to us with the needed info associated with it. How it all will roll out is still being worked out. Sorry that it's not a definitive answer.
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: Thanks for letting us know. The link is mistaken and I'll try to get that fixed ASAP. For now, use this link to see the PBE status page: http://status.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/#pbe
: > [{quoted}](name=RiotBaconhawk,realm=PBE,application-id=F4829252249E2AF6D186A049D48D087BFD800A07,discussion-id=7HmqxFOj,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-07-20T21:48:19.147+0000) > > I personally come to the boards that refer to what I am working on. Right now, I'm on the boards dev team, so I look at Site Feedback here, and Boards Feedback on NA. Thank you for responding! I like the layout of the site and I know there is always room for improvement. It is nice to know that you don't limit yourself to just this section of the community(PBE). On the topic of Site Feedback I just think the Search feature could use some tweaks, like an advanced search option. I understand it is pretty sufficient enough as is but if you add something like a feature to not include a word/topic in your results or just to be able to sort your results it would be nice. I would also like to point out, while I'm at it, that the Service Status link on Navigation Bar redirects to the public Service Status. It's not just that link, it's also the url. http://status.leagueoflegends.com/?en_US#pbe redirects to http://status.leagueoflegends.com/?en_US#na. Thought you might want to check this out. I really appreciate the work you do to improve this community.
Thanks for letting us know. The link is mistaken and I'll try to get that fixed ASAP. For now, use this link to see the PBE status page: http://status.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/#pbe
: The PBR is a good opportunity for us to reinforce the nature of PBE as experimental -- we're not sure this is going to work how we expect it to. We're holding off on coming up with answers to the questions you raised until we have a better understanding of how testers are using the tool. Apologies for the non-answer at this point, though :|
To RiotAether's point, some of the answers you're looking for will be informed by each PBE player's participation in helping us with the tool. If it makes sense for us to include other key features we will, as well as how we want to drive the usage of the tool versus the boards. All in all, I'm looking forward to having you guys help with this and seeing where it'll go from here.
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: It's definitely a "better" version of weekly stipend that we had up to 2014 fabuary. That's not a good thing, as I mentioned before. It is even worse than old weekly stipend. Players treat Mystery Gifting as a way to collect all the content which is not available in the store. Now RP is infinite.. I think that granted RP amount should be reduced from 3 000 to 100, and it should only be received when player has less than 50 RP. This will allow to make all the content that can be purchased for RP (like chromas, they can't be made for IP for some reason) available for everyone. With 100 RP you can buy 100 chroma packs!! So far we only have a few -.- I am really confused because this change negates weekly ~~IP~~ and RP removal that was made in 2014 for a really good reasons.
Thanks for the concern guys. I know RP allowances are a topic of interest. Ultimately, we want to ensure that players can test our content and purchase interactions. This isn't to say that the current RP allowance will always be there, but that at this juncture we wanted ease the pain of RP deficits.
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: I'll definitely try out some more games tomorrow as I have quite some time tomorrow. :) As of now, this is the only thing I have. Ahri in this game was having the problems- shame I never checked her aa though, since my game was really chaotic. Hope it helps. (I'll also ask my other PBE friends.)
Thanks! This is a good start for us.
: Would you like the log in which my teammate had told me that he was having the bug, but I didn't check it on my side? Anyway, if I get the bug by any chance I'll upload the video and the log as well. R3D logs, right?
Correct, R3D. Right now, go ahead and send us what you have. If you were in a game where you saw a missing projectile, it could perhaps help. Right now, we need something to investigate. Really appreciate it! Thanks!!
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: Unable to see auto attacks
Hi Guys - If either of you guys have the ability to attach logs or screenshots or even better vid, it would really help us identify the issue. Would really appreciate it. Thanks ahead of time!
: Arclight vayne
Hi Guys - We're looking for some footage and/or logs of this happening. Would you be able to attach the R3D logs associated with that game? It would greatly help us track it down.
: Earlier I had about 6 games fail to start. I just tried again after reading your comment and I got into a matchmade 5s game successfully. Thanks for the fix!
Aweseome! Let us know if it crops up again for you. Riot Chesties {{champion:21}}
: Today was a good day. Now we shouldn't have to link to this thread as often as we have been lately :D While I have your attention (hopefully I do, anyway), what are the chances of these boards getting some moderator type people? I know there was a program in place a while back, before my time on the PBE, but it was discontinued for whatever reason. In light of the recent state of the boards, I feel some moderation would be a major improvement. I understand that you Reds cant spend too much time wrangling us, but some form of authority/sense of organization would be nice around here. I know there are a handful of us here who would be willing to volunteer. Myself included :)
Hi Whistlesticks - We are looking into making some changes that will improve the quality of life for our boards, but nothing set yet. I'll keep everyone posted as we begin to implement those types of changes. Riot Chesties {{champion:21}}
: Useful information for new PBE players
Hi Lunar Revel - This thread is incredibly useful to all players, I'm going to have this stickied because all of our new players would really benefit from this. Nice work and attention to detail. Riot Chesties {{champion:21}}
: Are PBE servers down?
Summoners, Thanks for the report. We have just been able to fix the issue. Please try again now. Riot Chesties {{champion:21}}
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: Zed Senpai PBE, No games are appearing to end; so, we will go into maintenance to fix this issue. Downtime duration is estimated to be 60 min. Thank you for reporting this issue. {{champion:21}}
Update: PBE is back up and the problem has been fixed. {{champion:21}}
: Sichais, No games are appearing to end; therefore, we will go into maintenance to fix this issue. Downtime duration is estimated to be 60 min. Thank you for reporting this issue. {{champion:21}}
Update: PBE is back up. {{champion:21}}
: Cant get in a game
Zed Senpai PBE, No games are appearing to end; so, we will go into maintenance to fix this issue. Downtime duration is estimated to be 60 min. Thank you for reporting this issue. {{champion:21}}
: Games/queues not ending properly
Sichais, No games are appearing to end; therefore, we will go into maintenance to fix this issue. Downtime duration is estimated to be 60 min. Thank you for reporting this issue. {{champion:21}}
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: PBE Update Delayed Until Tomorrow (6/4)
We're actively working to get the patch out. Sorry about no ETA, but we're hoping to get it out to you guys by the afternoon. Send us positive energy. Riot Chesties {{champion:21}}
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: PBE Unavailable
Summoners, PBE is now back up! Sorry for the lack of incremental updates, but it was all due to our focus in getting PBE back up again. We had a hiccup with our login queue system, and the problem has been remedied. Thanks again for being patient. Goodnight and have fun. Chesties {{champion:21}}
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: PBE Extended Downtime
PBE was brought back up at around 3:15PM today, but did not contain any new content. Sorry to disappoint, but once Patch 4.5 is LIVE, we'll begin pushing out new PBE content. Thanks. Chesties {{champion:21}}
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