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: Regarding the Summoner Role icons.
There may have been a brief window on the 22nd where our granting was turned on but not configured properly. I checked your account and added the two icons you mentioned.
: Idea: Super Duper EXP Boost.
I tried this several months ago when I was working on the PBE systems team. Unfortunately, the end result was that because of how level up is implemented it would only check to see if you have enough experience for the next level and increment your level by one. (Meaning you'd still have to play 29 games to get to 30.
: wins still aren't being added to summoner profile
How many wins does it say you have?
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: Riot Blackrook, will the features for team builder introduced in the 4.7 update include stats finally updating? Would love to get my 600 wins goal or what ever it is for the diamond thingy. Blind pick is cancer team builder so much more relaxing when playing normal games.
I do not know if this will be fixed before 4.7 but we are definitely working on it. All games played in Team Builder are being tracked so when the fix does go out, your win count should increase significantly.
: Regarding Team builder
Please post your log file from when this happened, found in: PBE\RADS\projects\lol_air_client\releases\\deploy\logs
: Currently, Lobbies seem to be stuck in the matchmaking que, only be able to leave by closing the client. The message to prepare for the upcoming match appears, however the game won't start.
If you are experiencing this issue please post a comment and attach your client log file for the date you experienced the issue: found in: PBE\RADS\projects\lol_air_client\releases\\deploy\logs
: having the same issues.
This sounds like an issue we've encountered before when you lose network connection to for a brief time. Can you reproduce the bug and post a screenshot?
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: As BlackRazz said skins can only be sorted by rp. The skins that become 1 IP with champ changes or VUs are the issue for me.
Ah I'm thinking of champions, not skins. Well you should be able to keep an eye on what's new in this thread and search for skins by champion. (i.e. right now just search for Twitch)
: 1 IP Items
You can sort by IP price, that should help!
: > nested conversation is a better experience for larger conversations. Cannot agree on that. If you want to find or search for a single users post the old site system was faster than now the nested functions simply because you dont have to click 50 times "Show More" just to find a post which was posted some time ago. Instead of going directly to page 20 and find it there. Sometimes when you click on "My updates" and click on go to comment it bugs and shows a complete different reply / comment
I believe you're thinking of "longer conversations" "Larger conversations" - with thousands of users - are more digestible in nested format while longer conversations back and forth between only a few users are more accessible in the flat format. Just my opinion.
: Make Heimerdinger Skins cost 1 ip to test their new VU
As promised, all skins affected by this VU are available for 1 IP until they go live. The two Legacy skins are also available.
: too many current known bugs, clearly should wait till all the kinks are out before rolling it out to people that arent used to bugs like we are on the PBE
Can you give me a few examples of known bugs that, in your opinion, MUST be fixed before we do a Live Beta? Keep in mind we're talking Live Beta, not official release.
: Strawpoll for Teambuilder beta on LIVE servers
The straw poll was set up by a redditor, not Lyte. Lyte's question was directed at those who have participated in our PBE tests where as the poll was not. Since everyone posting in this thread at least has a PBE account, our team is interested to hear your feedback. i.e. If you voted no, what more work needs to be completed before it's ready for an open beta?
You do have RP/IP even if it says you have 0.
: Next to the Zed and Vel'koz image on the individual players selection it says "voting" and not "picking".
Woooow. So blind. Anyone know what queue this is occuring in?
: Am I Hallucinating Or....
Are you guys all trolling me because I seriously don't see the word "voting" in the attached image at all.... X_x
: Hey dudes, If you made your PBE account last night before 12AM PST, I'm about 95.pi percent sure that the system responsible for auto-leveling PBE accounts was affected by last night's LA power outage. I'll politely request our engineers manually run the auto-leveler as soon as those systems are back up and running so you don't have to wait until tonight at midnight. Welcome to the PBE, Blackrook
UPDATE-- System is back online and Riot Jesse Perring has manually run the auto-level protocols. You should log out and back in if you're still not level 30.
: Not Level 30 on New PBE Account
Hey dudes, If you made your PBE account last night before 12AM PST, I'm about 95.pi percent sure that the system responsible for auto-leveling PBE accounts was affected by last night's LA power outage. I'll politely request our engineers manually run the auto-leveler as soon as those systems are back up and running so you don't have to wait until tonight at midnight. Welcome to the PBE, Blackrook
: so say Riot they should remove it or make it better.
Ricklessabandon is going to be working on a runes rework pretty soon.
: Blackrock you should try the %life Runes in Yellow ;) They are great for Mundo or other Fatties :)
% Health Runes are strictly worse than Health per Level unless you build 4000 Health.
: I personaly would like to see RP as a "payment" for work you really do. That means Bug reports. However it is hard to create this connection of game server with forums.
So I don't fully understand it, but we have been advised not to pursue anything along this lines for legal reasons.
: While 100k sounds like a lot, that's about seven sets of runes. Compared to the massive list of runes, that's a pittance, especially since you can have up to 20 pages. However, it's not really about what I want right now, it's about what I'll need in the future. Unless I've been mislead, the pbe is both for balance and bug testing, right? If that's so, then if a champion has synergy with certain raw stats that can be runed in, then runing in those stats should be thoroughly tested to make sure it's not imbalanced. Yasuo is an obvious example, in my mind, because his passive doubles a raw stat that can be obtained in somewhat large quantities from runes. I don't know the exact numbers, but I think that he can start with 40% crit chance. If that were OP, then I'd imagine the balance team would want to know so they can change something to make his early a little weaker. It's possibly just where we're coming from in this argument that our disagreement stems from, but my main focus in any game is breaking it through synergies. By testing out every possibility, you find that which works, that which doesn't work, and that which is amazing. Runes being what they are can be configured in countless different ways, and if I can find the best configurations then I have a distinct advantage over my opponents. You can see some of my work here:
Yea, the sort of stuff you're talking about is pretty much covered by our live balance team. They monitor Things like that pretty closely. We've set up the PBE to catch bugs and gather feedback. I don't know for sure whether or not live balance browses these forums. That being said, your concern regarding runes on PBE is not something we're going to put time into right now. Runes in general are being redone by live balance soon so we expect whatever changes they come up with to be on PBE well before they are live at which point we'll make sure they are testable on PBE.
: [Teambuilder]Party Play
You can invite friends to team builder as a captain. In fact, last week's test required you to.
: [Suggestion] An "I need runes" package
In theory you have 100k IP when you start to buy whatever runes you want that aren't in the starter bundle. I'm also not sure what you mean when you say you need crit damage runes to properly test Yasuo.
: the rune page is too expensive the starter kit(runes) not include ~~additional rune page~~ i guess before this kit i brought the rune page bunlde once times
The Rune Bundle has 18 rune pages for new players (because they start with 2) Unfortunately if you have more than 2 it just won't give you any rune pages so you'll have to spend your IP on them.
: As a company with amazing customer service, the removal of IP/RP funding was pretty shady. At least notify your clients before removing it. For most of us, the funding stopped for about two weeks now and you only managed to clarify the reason in the last three days. The reason why for actually posting? I would say most likely a flood of support tickets. As a newer PBE member, I was not fortunate as others to spam content prior to the changes. Why don't you get onto more serious problems in the PBE server like bugs, lag, constant leavers, 10-15minute game searches and poor match ups. I think I'll go back to the normal server as I don't see the enjoyment in being matched to a pre-made five (as a solo queue-r)and feel restricted to content all at the same time.
1. I announced the change when it was implemented a few weeks ago. Aether is just recapping a series of changes in one convenient thread. 2. The problems you mentioned are either being worked on or simply impossible to fix. If you're playing from EU, the servers for PBE are in California so there will be lag. I can't make electric signals transfer through copper wire any faster, that's just physics. However, the leavers and toxic behaviour is something we're actively working on to make sure everyone invited to the PBE isn't the type of person who would do that. 3. You're given 40k RP, that's at least 40 old skins you can buy just for fun plus every new skin that comes out is essentially free. I don't see how that qualifies as "restricted content"
: That's interesting and strange... Is most of the PBE population from the US? If it is, I can't understand how can people play during work hours...
Not at all. Last time I heard the demographics, the most heavily represented country on PBE was Poland. EU is a huge region. Also, keep in mind 1-5 is PST. Eastern time is 4-8 which is right after normal work hours. Even on the West Coast you have to take into account college students who don't have afternoon classes, and Highschool students who get out of school around 3. Sorry about everyone on the West Coast who can't play during this time, but I think we might still be a go for President's day. (We did a test on MLK day and that went well so I assume we'll do it again for this holiday.)
: [suggestion][PBE testing] Alternate Team Builder hours
Actually, 1-5 PST corresponds directly with our highest number of players on the PBE at any given time of day. I know that not everyone can play during those hours but Team Builder doesn't work very well with a small number of players in queue so we try to make it available when the most players are typically online.
: Riot, Who are you choosing for PBE players?
Did you request PBE access from that account? Only level 30 Summoners with very positive behaviour have been invited to the new PBE system thus far.
: Having every rune is something I've been working on ever since I was accepted into the pbe server, sometime last year. I'm almost finished, but I'm still gonna need a lot more IP to finish them off. In fact, just to know how much IP it's gonna take me to get the rest of the runes, I tallied it up. It will take **139,305** IP. Even with the stipend, it's taken me months to get down to this paltry sum, but without it, I won't be able to get all the runes for a very, very long time. As silly as it may seem to want *all* the runes, I'm a tester. I need the runes for every occasion, so that I can test what needs to be tested, or, if there's nothing to test, so I can test what strikes my fancy. So while it may seem annoying for you, it's not so for everyone else. Personally, I would feel greatly obliged to be able to retain the opportunity to buy all the runes.
I'm going to disagree with the notion that you need all the runes to test what needs to be tested. Unless you can give me an example of a bug that has been found to only occur if you have runes outside of what's in the Starter Pack.
: Store items that still arent 1 IP/RP
There are some technical problems with the Front-End of the store when ward skins are sold for both RP/IP. Not sure about the icons, but frankly they are just static images, they don't really need to be tested
: While the skins that have been out "for a very long time" might not need testing in your opinion. Riot could add code to the game that may in some situations adversely effect these skins. For instance Mecha Kha'Zix and the improved sound engine. Testers should not be restricted to what they can buy we are here to help you Riot :P
I did not say it is impossible for a new bug to appear on an old skin. However, if one does that will be caught on Live (tens of millions of players) way before PBE (about a thousand active players) However, you are free to buy as many old skins as you wish with your 40k RP, just for fun's sake or if you're thinking of buying it for real but want to try it out.
: Lol, Rioter admitting that useless runes exist (aka noob traps). xD Can we give you guys feedback on runes or are you going to do it entirely one-sidedly? I have a lot of suggestions if you are willing to listen. **In your plans to change the runes are you going to eliminate the "useless" ones or you don't know or you can't talk about it?** A certain rioter said there will be more details in February. How much longer is there to wait? **PBE account should simply have all the content unlocked from the get go.** There is no other correct way of doing thing. I don't really care about the technical limitations, you are smart people, you are probably able to figure it out. **It's not like skins that have existed a long time out are immune to bugs.** Recently Mecha Kha'Zix had a bugged animation. New testers won't be able to spot things like that because there is no way to own all the skins.
The recent trends with the game designers have been to make a feedback thread on these forums: so that both EU and NA players can participate. That being said, it depends on what the designer in charge wants to do. The guy to ask about runes is ricklessabandon who does tend to interact on the forums quite frequently.
: I'm not an expert on this one. I'm pretty sure it's random vs. any kind of weighted bias, but... you have me curious, so I'll see what I can find out.
It should be true random based on the available champion pool, but since the average player doesn't have all the champions unlocked the free week does have a major effect on the general player populace. You can see this in action with Orianna's pick rates on Howling Abyss. She appeared in about 6% of games last week and that shot up to 24% of games in the new free week rotation. At the same time, her win rate went down from 52% to 45% because more people who didn't own her now have to play her and don't know how.
: yeah thats nice but when i bought the champions and runes before those bundles i spent like half of my IP and RP.. so now i have left only 10k RP and 40k IP . all u have to do is: fisrt all the content on pbe server should be free and i mean all the champs skins and runes because we have to test those things , i don`t understand why u put prices on thins things??
You do not actually need to test all the skins. Many of them have been out for a very long time and are not being changed. At Riot, release managers such as Riot Feithen know much better than anyone else what needs to be tested and can therefore adjust those items to the 1 IP price until testing is complete.
: Man is useles to sell something in pbe, we should be able to try everything, rigght? You can let the gifts and chests with monney if you u really need monney from us, those who help the league to get better..
To clarify, there is no way to spend real world money on the PBE. Also, it is not useless to sell content through the PBE store because the team that runs the store is constantly making improvements to the store system (such as mystery gifting) and those changes need to be tested too.
: welp xD i wish i knew this before buying a bunch of the new skins and some old ones, down to 790 RP xD Oh well, i should've read up more on the terms and stuff. One question, i know it might be a stupid one but is all the new skins and ward skins going to be available with the 1 IP alternative from now on? If so then not having RP isn't that important then.
Yes on skins, any skin that has been changed and needs testing will be available for 1 IP until it is shipped. Ward skins I'm not so sure because there are technical problems with selling them for IP.
: I'm just wondering why the weekly stipends were taken out completely. Was there some negative effect they were having?
They were poorly implemented in a very short-term fix sort of way which dragged out into the long term. We decided to look into a more robust long term solution and we decided on making 1 IP the standard for new content as that simple solution.
: the ruens... when i see this is too late :(... bought 3 tiem, didnt notice it came with 9 not 1. but y dont put all the runes in there?
Because having all the runes is actually very annoying to scroll though all of the useless ones. I have every Seal (yellow) in existence but the only ones I use on all 20 of my pages are Armour Seals.
: 40k is enough for 40 or 50 some skins but then that's it for older content. Has there never been a case of a bugged interaction between a newer skin and a particular older skin? If not I suppose there's no concern, but if so (or if that's a possible issue for the future) then this change would lower the number of interactions between any two particular skins and hence decrease the frequency of those bugged interactions, making them less likely to be spotted. I don't have much of a dog in this fight as I am posting from an older PBE account on which I laboriously unlocked everything over time, but I would observe that I found the weekly award to be a nice motivation to log in regularly even if there wasn't anything particularly new going on. I suppose it will make it harder for me to complete my project of filing a bug report because I caused IP / the number of per win IP boosts I have to roll over, but that's not as major a concern.
I don't think skin interactions have been a problem, in any case there are already a huge number of possible combinations that there's no way to exhaustively test them all with the number of players on PBE. If there's a bug with an older skin it's usually caused by changes to the champion (i.e. Janna's Vic skin monsoon animation last patch) and those are typically caught by internal testing. As for your personal quest, I wish you luck, you have a long way to go until you reach maxInt.
: Yeah but can't you start testing a few hours earlier? Or do you guys need more time to prepare for testing?
The PBE servers are taken down for updates every weekday morning so we have to wait until that is finished.
: Hi Lyte. Are these tests deliberately planned to not be on the weekend for server capacity purposes? I and a lot of other players can't play on weekdays (due to work,) so while I'd like to contribute, I feel as though I can't due to the timing of the event.
The main reason the tests aren't on weekends is, as you pointed out, due to work. We work Monday-Friday like most offices.
: There is a bundle in the pbe store that gives you all the champions for the small price of 10 ip.
There is also an equally magical bundle that makes sure you don't spend all your IP on the runes you need!
: Hey, make sure to lower rune prices too! I blew through my entire account's 40K IP just buying some 5 Rune setups! outrageous.
Should have bought the PBE Rune Starter Kit.
: ........ \>.> Translated into not borderline-offensive speak, our primary strategy over the past few months has been to enforce the tenets of the new PBE system by frequently admitting large batches of positive, qualified testers. Behavior, we hypothesized, would naturally improve based on the population changes we're encouraging. This seems to have held true based on the tone that the community (read: you guys) has taken, and we're of course observing data as well to make sure we don't jump to conclusions based on self-reported anecdotes. As an FYI, I don't think we'd advertise our ban sweeps . You guys have done a tremendous job changing the tone of the PBE through encouraging and exhibiting positive behavior and we'd rather let you be the heroes of the PBE than focus on whatever disciplinary measures we add on.
: We wouldn't be able to test RP purchases this way. Have you considered letting us purchase 1k rp for 1 ip?
Sorry, let me clarify, new members will still be getting a large sum of RP when they sign up which they can use to buy old skins whenever they want. But instead of giving everyone an additional 4k RP every week to test new skins, we're just going to offer the new skins for 1 IP.
: Out of curiosity, why does it take 24 hours to level up the accounts?
It only takes a few minutes, but it happens once every 24 hours.
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