: Normal camera lock and semi-lock are the only two camera modes that work for me on Butcher's Bridge. Fixed offset and per-side offset do nothing. All the different camera options worked for me on other maps.
: Butcher's Bridge floating in the air object. Possibly bug
Thanks for the find! This is a bug and we'll get it fixed. :)
: Music is great, the players turning into boats during the dash is hilarious alongside the thrown oranges. Only problem I had was playing the map with literally 8 fps.
I think the boat dash is pretty hilarious too. Sorry about the fps, and we're definitely focusing on optimizing the map so performance should keep improving from here on out!
: Just out of curiosity, will this be permanently replacing The Howling Abyss?
It will only be replacing Howling Abyss during Bilgewater: Burning Tides, and we’re still exploring post-event options for Butcher's Bridge.
: This is a good map, tho. But please: you took away from us the old Twisted Treeline, don't take away the Howling Abyss :( Sorry for my bad english.
Don't worry, Howling Abyss isn't going anywhere and it will be sticking around. :)
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