: URF is gone?
Hi! We've gotten the testing we need for URF, and are disabling to make room for other 9.22 content that requires testing
: ARURF Feedback: Gangplank Silver Serpents
Hi! I really like this suggestion, thanks for posting :) We're unfortunately locked for changes for this cycle, but I will pass this along to the designers for consideration for the next release
: [ARURF+] Being dead while your team kills the dragon doesn't give you the 4 elemental stacks
: ARURF Queue Bug
Hi! Would you be willing to send me your logs? Specifically, I need /RiotGames/PBE//Logs/LeagueClient Logs
: Golden Spatula Club not working
Hi! Would you be willing to send me your logs? Specifically, I need /RiotGames/PBE//Logs/LeagueClient Logs Also, if I could get the approximate time that you purchased the GSC that would be awesome :)
: Sona in arurf
Thanks for the report! Looks like the configuration got reset to the previous setting. We just fixed it, you should start seeing Sona and Ryze in your games.
: Why was ARURF removed?
Hi! I had to disable ARURF for 2 bugs that we needed to fix real quick. Should be back up soon!
: Lovely, once again able to play as Sionmains together soon! Are there any new details towards FGM custom games coming back? Would allow for people like us mains to finally host a rematch of the OfA tournament we had back in 2016, or just compete in drifting on Sion specifically. Also content creators and people just having fun would love being able to get two 'friendly' teams together without having to try to snipe each other, and do cool stuff in those specific games (potentially for the world to see)!
No news on customs, sorry :/ Same as before, it's something the team would love to do, but we haven't had time yet.
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: 7/10 Crashing during ability
Hey folks! Just to close the loop for you-- We were able to track down the issue last night, and a fix has been pushed to PBE. Let me know if you see it again :)
: > [{quoted}](name=Riot Bazaam,realm=PBE,application-id=A4D2003433C8FCD715185A7264A9CC6FDFAD7FEF,discussion-id=mjIYstnt,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-07-10T22:36:57.886+0000) > > Hi! I'm trying to reproduce this, I'll follow up if I need more info :) These crashes are not caused by amumu but a global problem regardless of champion pool every urf game is filled with people constantly crashing.
Appears to also be happening in customs, so I don't think it is related to ARURF either
: urf CONSTANT crashes
Hey! We ran into this as well and are investigating. Thanks for the info!
: 7/10 Crashing during ability
Hi! I'm trying to reproduce this, I'll follow up if I need more info :)
: Thanks for the response! I obviously was just working off my personal impression and I'm sure you guys have loads of data that knows better than me on the "what to include" stuff. The main issue I had that wasn't "stuff you should include" which I touched on in the original post was that the bots need some tuning. The bots in game 3 were basically demonstrating reportable behavior had they been real humans and could lead players to fundamentally not understand the game. They were running past me as I was fighting them, randomly leaving lanes open, tower diving with 20% health, stealing CS, and recalling like 2 yordles away. Not like they should be good of course, but they should probably at least play within the generally accepted parameters of the game. As someone who played primarily shooters like Call of Duty before coming to LoL, I don't know that I would have understood the weight of dying in League over other games if I'd faced those bots that basically feed.
I think this is a really good point, and is something we would like to work on in the future. Not only would spending more time on bots AI teach the player better habits, but it also would give us the chance to make really cool moments... something like having the bots gank your lane, or all come together to push down mid with you for the inhib. Unfortunately, with the timeline our team had for this project we weren't able to spend as much time as we would have liked on AI. However, with how successful this project has been just as far as improvements from old tutorial, we're discussing now who will own tutorials going forward, and whether we can get some resources focused on continuing to iterate and improve things like the AI to double down on the gains we've gotten so far.
: Ok I just played through them all. First of all, WAY better than they were before — by like a mile. However, I did notice a few issues: **I think the first tutorial is actually by far the best.** It is mostly intuitive and throws you into it. The first fight feels epic even if you are always going to win. However, there are a few minor improvements that could be made: 1) When you kill the sion bot it might feel unintuitive what to do next. A big "walk forward and kill the turret" message would be helfpul. 2) When you select one of the 4 champions it might be helpful to include a small 1-3 word descriptor to them so you can pick the kind of caracter you like to play in other games. Even just "The assassin" "The mage" "The tank" etc. it would be nice so the first experience is one you feel like you have a little control over and aren't guessing. **The second tutorial is the most jam-packed and informational.** I like the progression into playing a full-ish game. A few things I'd change: 1) This is the biggest issue right now in my opinion. The bots are dumb (this same issue applies to tutorial 3 maybe even moreso). Not just like normal dumb which I know they are supposed to be, but like dumb to the point that it would make me question how the game works. Multiple times they would basically int into turrets, try to recall right in front of me, and even run past my team and down lane towards nothing. It would be very confusing expecting a fight and then having the character just run past me. 2) I'd like the lanes to be at least somewhat of an introduction to the conventional way to play the game. It may be confusing to put an annie/yi bot lane against someone only to find out that basically never happens. Just seems easy enough to change that I think "why not?" 3) You can buy items in this mode before you are taught how to. And you almost need to because your enemies buy them. **The third tutorial feels... confused.** It seems a little light on content and I think more can be fit into it without seeming overwhelming. With the current state of it, it feels too long too. Like once you buy items there's still like 10 minutes left where not that much really happens: 1) As I was saying, I think this tutorial could benefit from the addition of a brief overview of runes, maybe summoner spells and ultimates as well. I don't think items are such a bold and confusing revelation that they need their own tutorial entirely. 2) The first mission is to get 12 CS but the bots just blindly attack the minions... as an experienced player I had several CS stolen from me so it took a full 3 waves. I can see this being a major pain point for new players. 3) The semi-locked camera is confusing and doesn't work that well. Maybe just at some point saying "you can lock and unlock the camera by pressing Y, try it!" and then letting players choose what works for them would be more intuitive? 4) There is a typo in the item select screen. One of the headers says "Choose items that work well for your." I assume there was supposed to be a word after that. **The ending of the tutorials... is nonexistent.** Like you just win the game and then get spit out onto the last tutorial screen. It feels anticlimactic and jarring. I don't know if this is what it's like for an actual new player, but I even got confused how to get out of the tutorial screen. You have to click the tiny X like if you want to leave a lobby, and the top left icon does nothing which is what I would have expected as a new player. Hopefully all that made sense and is at least a little helpful.
Hey! Really really appreciate the time you put into this. I outlined our strategy a bit in another comment, but basically what it comes down to is from the players we brought in for testing (who had never played league), this was about the limit of stuff we could teach in these tutorials before they became pretty overhwelmed. It's crazy how different the experience is for a first time player. One of the things we learned a while back is that within about 5 - 7 games, players will almost totally forget the things they struggled most with as a level 1 player.
: I played all of the new tutorials once, here are my first impressions: **_New Style_** I really liked the new tutorial style, the game does not freeze and lecture you anymore. It's more like hints popping up on the quest panel. I'd suggest to rename it though, because "secondary quests" does not really describe what you are putting there. Also, it's SR which is what makes up around 90% of the games. Limiting it to mid only in the first game basically gives you the howling abyss which makes it easier to explain the progression to the nexus. I especially like that you replaced the hint "your minions are low". It was stupid to get that message every time there were 2 minions on the turret left. EVERY TIME! Now it triggers on a tower hit. Not "Care, this might happen", but "Yeah, that happened, dont do that." Learning by doing. And it has a cooldown. Thank fucking god. It doesn't trigger everytime you get a hit, but rather with every new action / dive. Switching champions in game is awesome - any chance we'll see that for practice tool? **_Bots_** The bots recall right behind a tower and generally behave weird: If that nasus I had in the 3rd game was a player, I'd say he was running it down mid. Went straight past my team while I shot him. Also, they don't really respect turrets, I had 3 or 4 executes in one game. They do not need to be good or behave like a real player, but they should be able to handle the basic rules of the game. I think it would be better if they were more careful, and when they actually finish a recall (after the player hurt them), inform the player. "Your enemy was hurt, he had to retreat. Use that opportunity to push and damage the tower") The bots I played as, with and against (I think its a pool you chose from to randomly put together a team?) are beginner-friendly. No complex champions, no assassins. Enemies standing in the fountain and joining later (or not at all) is a good way to make it easier without the player noticing (unless he can count lol). If you want to go the full route, make the afk-bot invisible - or have it not load in at all. **_Progression_** The tutorials do a good job of getting you from "click to move" to "lasthit and spend gold to get stronger" (without explaining how to lasthit - that is something you have to figure out by yourself!). Did you turn up global gold for the second game? The shop is there, but it does not tell you about it until the third game. This would be a cool discovery if you found it in the second game by yourself, but what I didn't like about the second game is that it just added 3 items to my inventory. I did not buy them, I did not do _anything_. At least add a hint: "look, there is an inventory, you can buy 6 items, here, have 3". Also, I found that my team gets progressively weaker over the course of the three games. That is a good idea in itself, but they should start out a little weaker. They basically finished the game without me. I think you stopped them from hitting the nexus, which should force YOU to destroy it, but they just ran on the enemy, blew all ults and aced them. You also added some base stats / base damage to the player, which is fine, but then the game should revolve around YOU more, not your team killing the enemy champions. I also understand it must be possible for new players to finish this game and balancing this will be very hard, but right now I think your team starts out too strong. What it does not tell you about: * Vision and Warding: What is the fog of war, why is it important to ward, what is the difference between normal wards and pinks ("control wards"). * Summoner Spells: You just get Ghost/Heal and it shows you how to use them, but there is not even mentioned there are more spells. * Basic Tactics / Meta: I know this is a very advanced topic and bots are not able to jungle, but at least explain it is usually 2 Top, 1 Mid, 2 Bot. (And make the bots act accordingly - not like the Taric that decided "fuck mid, lets go bot so we can 3 man the tower"). Also, explain the roles. Not your subclass system that most of the actual players don't even get (where is the difference between a bruiser and a diver?), but just tank, mage, ADC. * Stats and Scalings: Also an advanced topic, but how do I know what items to buy, except from them being recommended to me? Why can I build AD OR HP so my spells get stronger, and why does AP help on one champ but does not do anything on Garen? I know most of these are not easy to understand and should not be in the first 3 games you ever play, but right now they are _not covered at all_. I think a champ select tutorial would help. There you can show * Positions * Different Champs / Different Classes (like you did with Ryze, Ashe and Garen, although Ryze should probably be changed for Annie or something) * Runes and Summoner Spells **_Bugs_** I have had bots not knowing which lane to take - 3 went mid while one came bot with me. Then one of them recalled and we played 1-2-2. Which is basically fine, but it should be that bots match up so you have equal lanes on either side and it would be great if you made it 2-1-2 only. I don't think it is good to learn wrong lane assignments. There are red circles around enemy champions, indicating that they pose a threat to you. Strangely, they were not present for all champions, is that a bug? Also, I had some text cropping issues (see [screenshots](https://imgur.com/a/yRTlC6R) .) although that might be related to the german localization only. Finally, it seems like these games wiped my matchhistory - at least I can not access it in the client. On the website it works. (edit: format, fixed link)
Wow, thanks for the thoughtful feedback! We spent a long time thinking about what we should teach. Earlier iterations of this taught more... but as we brought players into the office to try it out who had never played league, we realized just how overwhelming all the systems in LoL really are. What we settled on was teaching a set of skills which allow you to get into a game and play it from start to finish. The hope with this strategy is that we bring down the barrier to even start playing League and make it more approachable, opening the game up to more players and then allowing them to explore and learn the more complex parts of League at their own pace. That being said, I do think there is some cool space for skills tutorials that players can opt into later-- Unfortunately, these weren't in the scope of this project. Hopefully we can do something like that later on. Thanks for the bugs! I'll record these and pass them to the appropriate developers
: Can I suggest for the 2nd and 3rd tutorials to offer the doran's items as starting items? Also I noticed right away that MF Ahri and Lux have some new spawn animations will those be for tutorial only or will they come to normal play as well cause they look pretty good
When it came to teaching items, we went with starting items that would build into later items, to avoid confusion at random single-purpose items sitting in your inventory. I like them too! For now though, they're only planned for use in the tutorial.
: So far I think it's great. However I think the item tutorial could use some work. You should be able to choose a character before the game and have a short description on what they build. For example, Miss fortune builds damage/Sion builds heath and resistances/Lux builds AP stuff like that. I also think there should be an optional mission that briefly tells new players about the jungle. Simple stuff like, these are basic monsters, blue buff gives you mana regen and red buff gives you hp regen. Dragon gives everyone buffs. Baron is a late-game monster you kill to end games. And give the players more XP and more CDR on their ult. If they're new they're going to want to experiment with their ult and what it does. And after the tutorials show them that a practice tool exists to they can mess about.
Thanks for the feedback :) As far as choosing a character, that's coming! After the first tutorial, you'll be able to select one of the 5 characters to continue the tutorials with
: bug (i think) : You can unlock free camera view in new tutorial by holding left mouse button on the map.
Hey! This is intended- while we think it's helpful to start out with locked camera, if a player is really curious to move around on the minimap we'd like to allow them that freedom to explore :)
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: Mana flow rune description
Hey there! What game mode is this on?
: If it's not a weird bug with the victory screen not behaving properly, or a bug with shaco's clone, it could also have something to do with the number of 'invisible' points that are over the cap. while the red team got 350 points first, they only had 348+5=353 points total whereas the blue team ended the game with 331+25=356, which shouldn't matter obviously but that could be the quirk.
Looks like it's a timing issue with a fix we put in for the end of game ceremony (emotes, victory, etc). Unfortunately it's not looking likely that we'll be able to get a fix in on time, but we should have it fixed for the next time blood moon comes around :). Awesome catch! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: [BUG] [Hunt of the Blood Moon map] Victory bug, victory > defeat ; defeat > victory.
: Red and Zoe
Hi Kirito- Can you send a screenshot?
: > [{quoted}](name=Riot Bazaam,realm=PBE,application-id=A4D2003433C8FCD715185A7264A9CC6FDFAD7FEF,discussion-id=wV3IOojH,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2017-12-14T01:34:18.237+0000) > > We've tracked down the issue and are working to get it fixed. Thank you for the report! Also happens for me in URF. Idk if helpful but just saying :p
We have a fix in that should go live with today's PBE patch (so probably in the next hour or 2)
: Yes. It only happens in ARAMs. All my teammates got this issues also.
We've tracked down the issue and are working to get it fixed. Thank you for the report!
: Can't choose skin in champ selection screen
Hi SKT T1 USELESS! Is this issue only appearing in ARAMs for you?
: Rerolls on winter arurf are not working
Hey there, We've identified the issue and a fix should be out shortly. Thanks for reporting!
: Poro King game mode cooldown bug
Thanks for the report! I've logged the bug
: I mean it would be pointless to call it "ultra rapid fire" if u couldn't fire at ridiculous rates.
So, we were originally ok with 'ridiculous rates.' Unfortunately, lethal tempo put us in the realm of 'actually breaks League of Legends' rates. [Nidalee wants a hug (7.71 AS)](https://streamable.com/3b3mf) EDIT: Got the AS wrong, 12.0 was a different one
: Overcharge - continuing to fire in the end game sequence
Hey there! We have a fix in for this that should be deployed soon (if it hasn't been already)
: Overcharge - Left (blue?) side spawn top teleporter sometimes puts you into the "visible"
Hey there! Thanks for the report :) We're aware of this issue and are looking into a fix.
: [Vayne] PROJECT: Vayne Ult overlay doesn't fit the screen
Hey, I'm gonna take a look at this right now. Thanks for posting it in this format! It makes it so much easier for us to reproduce and track effectively. Update: The team is already aware and is looking into it :)
: Just on paper, it looks like Lucian, Ezreal, and maybe Corki will dramatically outshine the others. Based on internal playtesting, have Ashe and Kog been playable?
Thanks to cooldown resets (Yellow pickups, overcharge kills) Ashe has her arrow up CONSTANTLY. Also, I've heard AP kog is hidden OP ;)
: I don't think that's necessarily true, though I do agree that both Vayne and Lucian are extremely strong. We will be monitoring the playrates/winrates, and make adjustments as necessary. Some other marksmen that are good at the mode in particular include: - Xayah - Tristana - Graves (if you're good at using his Q into walls) I'd suggest trying those out when you get a chance! ^_^
Idk how many more times I need to style on my team with Varus before they admit he's strong in this mode too ;)
: Ascension returns for testing!
Reposting this on Feature Feedback instead of Champions and Gameplay feedback
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: tldr: the no recall policy served as an anti snowball mechanic and added some flavor to the game and enabling it by default is a mistake. Hi, I really dislike the new recall, you are drastically changing how the game is being played over some kind of exploit that legit never happens ever, that's a bit ridiculous imo. It's akin removing turrets from SR or adding the recall to ARAM, you can see it completely ruins the spirit of these games. Let me preface this by saying I mostly play against plat+ players and other diamond premades on the live servers on the ascension map, I had 100 victories for 50 losses at some point, I think I've a pretty good idea how the game is being played. With this change going through: 1. players are going to spam recall after every takedown or objective controlled, sometimes in the middle of a fight even, not doing so is a mistake since every single component or item you buy increases your power, and not buying said component or item puts you at a disadvantage for the next fight. 2. players are going to spam recall to simply move around the map faster, yes simply recalling-teleporting back is just as fast, sometimes faster than walking back and forth between objectives on your own until at least boots 2. 3. map control becomes uncertain to the point you might as well not bother, with people recalling left and right, it's no longer possible to assert where is everyone at any point in the game and thus to use that information to tell where it's safe or dangerous to be or where the next fight is going happen because you can never be sure where all the players are. 4. in the same vein, map awareness and chasing for kills becomes pointless, people can just recall whenever they are in a bad situation, wasting a lot of your time if you decide to search the area where those players were last seen. 5. more importantly and one that should not be taken lightly, it's a giant buff to poke mages and enchanters (and possibly warmogs users), some of which are already the best champions in the game on this map (sona, teemo, shaco, maokai). you say champions who recall cannot heal, guess which champions are almost always at full health? enchanters and poke mages. while melee champions will have to die sooner or later to refill their battery for the next big fight, those champions don't since their battery is always full. 6. as a poke mage it's easy to see why, you are spamming spells from afar, then you recall, come back and spam more spells, you get all the pros and none of the cons of the new recall. 7. enchanters are a more egregious case, the protect the ADC playstyle with 1 ascended ADC and 2-4 supports is very prominent in my games and pretty much unbeatable already as it is, now you have enchanters who can also recall to buy more items, while you would eventually overcome this protect the ADC team by simply having more items at one point or another, it's no longer the case here since they -minus the ascended champion- will always have just as many items as you, which makes comebacks impossible. comebacks against that kind of team composition was already hard, you don't magically recover a 30 points deficit on this map, but now the game is pretty much over as soon as they get the first ascended buff. questions - suggestions: 1. does the recall even fix the exploit? players with sunfire cap or whatever can still prevent you from recalling. 2. is the new recall necessary? can't you simply come up with something else that won't completely change how the game is being played to fix that exploit? how about simply adding a timer, if by 30 minutes no team has won, the team with the most points wins. 3. if you are set on the new recall, how about adding a cooldown say 5 minutes, so players can't just spam it left and right. 4. if you don't wanna make any more change to the recall, what are your thoughts on my points above? are you okay with the ascension map losing some of its charm as a death match sort of map and some champions becoming obnoxious af? 5. what happens when the ascended champion recalls? does the enemy team get any point? seems like it can be exploited to deny the enemy team points (killing an ascended champion gives more points), as in, you becomes ascended, kill a bunch of players, then recall when you are low = huge power play, you got a lot of points from those kills and the opponent didn't get anything for killing the ascended since he recalled before it could happen.
Hey Cocacolalips! First off, thank you for going so deep on your thoughts on the mode. We really appreciate the time you took to share your concerns. When we first made the change, we shared a lot of these concerns as well :) With any gameplay change there are always risks, but we feel like this was the best option solve the issue while preserving the core feel of Ascension that you love. After internal playtests, we feel pretty good about the direction of the recall change and impact on the overall game flow. We'll be monitoring closely, and if it turns out to be a bigger problem we'll look into new fixes :)
: Well, played it as long as I could, then maint happened T.T Still had a lot of fun, somethings I noted: The new recalls are just an improvement over all, people still die left and right, so there's not usually a reason to back, but those few times you stay alive for a while it's quite helpful. Also, if possible and if you guys have time, could you perhaps make the empowered recall golden instead of purple? would be much more fitting :) Not sure why kleptomancy was removed from ascension? seems like it could be a lot of fun \o/ Overgrowth rune is near useless in ascension, I guess it should probably be swapped with second wind? Some bugs I noticed (some are quite old, well, all are quite old I guess) - Pinging Xerath humorously says something like "Summoner has targeted **the** Xerath." - Shards of Shurima sometimes display their hp/mana bars for about a single tick if you hover your mouse over them when they spawn. - At some point I died as karthus, then my team won. So in the victory phase where everyone spawns in and dances, karthus didn't have the golden transcendence effect. Guessing it's an after-death passive bug? And lastly, a question I've always had about the game mode: Why are crystal shards called relics? Shouldn't they be something more like sun disk pieces then instead of crystals? If I notice anything more, I'll post, thanks for reading <3
Hey PirateRob, thanks for the feedback! I'll respond point-for-point here: * Glad you liked the recall change! Unlikely we'll be able to change the recall vfx at this point, but I love the suggestion. * Kleptomancy did some awkward things for ascension, like drop Minion Dematerializers (do nothing) and health/mana potions (we don't want these available on the mode). There were also some design concerns about what extra gold does on a mode where we give everyone the same amount of gold all the time. * Overgrowth is getting swapped out as well, it just didn't make it into this deploy. Should be fixed for tomorrow's deploy :) * Thanks for the bug reports, super helpful. I'll add these to our list. * As far as the super generic crystal names... Ascension was like our second game mode and at the time we didn't really have any narrative support. TBH we were still in learning stages and we tried to pick something that at least somewhat represented the theme we were going for. I feel we've gotten better at this over time, and I hope it's shown! Please do drop on by with any more feedback, thanks dude!
: Awesome, ascension is my favourite gamemode, glad it's getting some changes! It'll be awesome that you don't have to die to get items anymore, though, it's a bit worrying that team mates might just randomly tp back home just before you're about to contest another shard/xerath.
> [{quoted}](name=PirateRob,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=MNkEJ3av,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-10-26T06:38:12.049+0000) > > Awesome, ascension is my favourite gamemode, glad it&#x27;s getting some changes! It&#x27;ll be awesome that you don&#x27;t have to die to get items anymore, though, it&#x27;s a bit worrying that team mates might just randomly tp back home just before you&#x27;re about to contest another shard/xerath. Glad to hear it's your favorite! There's definitely some concerns about what it might do to game pacing, but we're hoping with the teleport trinket system on Ascension that your team will be able to get back into the action quickly. Do stop on by and let us know what you think after a couple games! We're excited for your feedback.
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: I'm not sure if this is the place to post this, but I would suggest some sort of tweak to Malzahar Bot's ultimate. I understand that it's a big part of Doom Bots to have moments where you go "Wait, that's bullshit!" and it's a little weird to say that an ability that's relatively unchanged compared to live is unreasonable, but 90% of the bots can be played around based on positioning, kiting, and dodging. Even if Annie flash-ults, the duration is relatively low and the damage isn't crazy, whereas Malzahar it feels an awful lot like "I was playing well, dodging and kiting, but then Malzahar decided it was time for me to die so I died." The duration means that you'll usually end up getting hit by one or more of the skillshots from other bots, which, in combination with the damage, means you're almost always dead without QSS. Again, I know that the whole point of Doom Bots is that it's unfair and you're going to be killed by all sorts of overpowered nonsense, but specifically Malzahar ultimate feels like it does an especially good job of turning high points into low points. I can imagine an ability with shorter (~400-600) range where he glares at you, channels for ~1-2 second, and if you don't get away (out of ~600-800 range away from him) he blasts you with an aoe 5s ult with doubled damage or something equally stupid. I don't think it should necessarily be "fair", just at least a little more projected and with ways to play around it.
> [{quoted}](name=BobaFlautist,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=TsgVIzcf,comment-id=000b,timestamp=2017-10-16T21:52:47.049+0000) > > I&#x27;m not sure if this is the place to post this, but I would suggest some sort of tweak to Malzahar Bot&#x27;s ultimate. Hey duder! Definitely the right place to post this :) We can't always respond to feedback (we get a LOT), but we do take the time to read it! It really helps us understand what feels good to play against, and what leaves you feeling rekt by something entirely out of your control.
: Experimental preseason 2015 changes hitting the PBE over the next few days
There's something to be said for adding 'overly strong' items/abilities/champions as a mode of balance and tuning. While less intuitive, it kind of follows an argument of "If everything is broken, nothing is". Is it a theory you guys are subscribing to for this preseason iteration? Or is it more just designing specific items to promote new strategies.
: Not at all. Last time I heard the demographics, the most heavily represented country on PBE was Poland. EU is a huge region. Also, keep in mind 1-5 is PST. Eastern time is 4-8 which is right after normal work hours. Even on the West Coast you have to take into account college students who don't have afternoon classes, and Highschool students who get out of school around 3. Sorry about everyone on the West Coast who can't play during this time, but I think we might still be a go for President's day. (We did a test on MLK day and that went well so I assume we'll do it again for this holiday.)
Appreciate the response Blackrook. Definitely understandable, guess it's just a wrong-region wrong-time thing :p I'm gonna play the heck out of it President's day though!
: The reason they wouldn't be able to do this is simple, when they are at work, they can manage the server. When its night time for them (Day time in Eu/Other), they can't do it when they aren't there. Also, for people on EST, PST gets it it even worse, due to the fact that most kids won't get home from school until 3-5 PST anyways. So really, the time is not in a good spot for most people regardless of location or time zone. Do your testing on the weekends if it means that much to you.
The problem isn't just getting on the PBE, it's that specifically Team Builder is only open during work hours. And I guarantee you, rioters don't all go home at 5. I know some, and they work long hours to provide us a good game. I'm not mad at them for the hours by any means, I'm just hoping they'll consider adding some extra hours for trying out team builder
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: [Team Builder] Invalid_skin error after purchasing skin in champion select
Happened again on purchasing a skin from the teambuilder menus. Had to leave teambuilder entirely this time and requeue. See attached picture.
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