: Loading Screen Crash Megathread
Thanks for the files, you guys are awesome! If anyone can consistently and reliably reproduce the loading screen freeze hit me up because we'd love to work with you directly.
: So, the PBE deploy 10 mins ago actually fixed most of the issues I faced... Now the only thing that's not working for me are the keyboard shortcuts on 125% scaling. It only switches between 1600x900 and 1024x576, instead of running through all 4 available resolutions. On 100% scaling everything works fine though..
Ah gotcha, glad to hear most of your issues are resolved now! We'll capture the 125% keyboard scaling issues but since it still works via the client setting options we most likely won't prioritize a fix until later. Thanks again for finding this!
: On my main monitor, in 125% scaling, LCU resolution can only be switched between 1024x574 and 1280x720 making LCU really small... (Keyboard shortcuts don't work at all too) When I set scaling to 100% or drag client to the other monitor, that is always running in 100% scaling, all resolutions work normally incl. keyboard shortcuts. 2 Monitors: Main: 3440x1440 (125% Scaling); Second: 1920x1080 (100% Scaling) Windows 10 Pro 1909 Video: https://youtu.be/8q8Rm0dB6to 00:00 - Show how only 2 smallest resolutions work, others just show smallest (125%) 00:18 - Show how keyboard shortcut can lower resolution, but not increase (125%) 00:25 - Show normal behavior on 100% scaling, incl keyboard shortcut 01:10 - Show normal behavior on 2nd monitor with 100% scaling --- from here: Live LCU on EUW 01:45 - Show completely normal behavior on LIVE LCU (125%) 02:00 - Show normal behavior on LIVE LCU using keyboard shortcuts (100%) 02:10 - Show how some resolutions can't be reached using settings menu and are therefore bugged after switching with keyboard shortcuts...
Hey this is super detailed and awesome! Thanks for the video as well! Could you confirm what version of PBE you're running for me? You can see the version number by hovering over the V9.23 text in the bottom right hand corner of your client. It should be V9.23.297.5757 or newer.
: My experience with this bug has been on the live servers, usually it occurs if I alt-tab instantly when the loading screen appears. I cant get a crash dump out right now but when I get the chance I'll post one.
That would be extremely helpful! Thank you so much!
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: League Client Scaling Bug Megathread
Hello! Thank you everyone for all your responses, we think we've been able to fix most of these issues in the next PBE deploy on 11/13. If you are still encountering issues after the deploy please **reply** to this comment with the following information: - How many monitors do you have running? - What are the native resolutions of your monitors (1080p, 4k, etc)? - What OS version are you running (you can find this in System Information)? - How did you reproduce this issue (e.g. dragged client to another screen, mis-sized at launch, etc)? - What are your windows scaling settings? - Media (screenshots, video, etc) Thanks!
: Can't load into game
Hi! Apologies for the crashes everyone, this should be fixed with the next PBE deploy.
: Who else has this problem?
Thanks everyone! We think we've identified the root cause and the fix should be on PBE already - let us know if you're still experiencing crashes!
: Who else has this problem?
Hi! Can you all send me your logs from the game that crashed so we can take a look? They can be found in Riot Games > PBE > Logs > GameLogs. Thanks!
: > [{quoted}](name=Riot Aperoll,realm=PBE,application-id=A4D2003433C8FCD715185A7264A9CC6FDFAD7FEF,discussion-id=xmqxx3ps,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-03-13T02:08:09.541+0000) > > Can you let me know what specs you're running? We're actively monitoring the data coming through and this will help in identifying trends and root cause. Sure, I use a MacBook Pro Mid-2018 - MacOS 10.13.6, Core i7 (I7-8850H), 32 Gb of Ram Type DDR4 SDRAM, Radeon Vega 20. If you need some more details just let me know!
We're not seeing the trends you're experiencing unfortunately, but this doesn't mean it's not happening! Can you please send me your RPD file from a game where you're experiencing the drops and stuttering? Similar to the steps above, it's located in: > Finder > Right Click League of Legends > Show Package Contents > Contents > LoL > Logs > Performance Logs One thing to note though is that there's only ever one RPD file at a time so if you play another game where you don't have these issues you'll end up overwriting the previous one.
: Okay, I didn't expect it to increase the fps either but at least I gave it a try :D. Of course, hopefully u can tell me what causes the low fps on my system! I upgraded my GPU recently but things didn't change. I had a GTX 970 before and I don't think the i7 should be bottlenecking. Here is the file: https://drive.google.com/uc?id=1L-agiAKZ46p5oICjTlSbepDmyp1BbwEd
Thanks! Are you using any external programs while playing League? Something is impacting your performance outside of the game - it seems like you're getting GPU and CPU spikes every 100ms or so. If you open your Task Manager and navigate to to the Processes tab while League is running and sort by CPU that should help narrow down which program could be the culprit.
: FPS drops still occur on MacOS High Sierra - almost like the frames are stuttering. My FPS fluctuates around 35 in game as this happens. I upgraded from Sierra last week (FPS fluctuated around 70 - no change in settings) and this problem didn't occur then, neither on PBE or normal servers.
Can you let me know what specs you're running? We're actively monitoring the data coming through and this will help in identifying trends and root cause.
: Just a question. If I am right LoL is still using OpenGL 1.5 on che Mac version. Why You didn't switch earlier on a newer version of OpenGL? However, I really hope you will decide to switch to the Metal API. Can't wait for it! p.s. you should add the microphone issue in MacOS 10.14 to the "Known Issues", because is three month you are investigating on it
Hi Pbsessi! You are correct that we are still using OpenGL 1.5 - the reason being because we didn't require the newer features and until recently, relied on some features removed in the newer versions. For the most part performance has been generally bound by other factors so an upgrade wasn't needed and would most likely introduce more issues than fix them. Super glad you're looking forward to Mac on Metal, we'll do our best to keep everyone updated! For the microphone issue, I wanted to keep this thread specifically limited to issues people are encountering on Mac 64-bit, that way we don't conflate all Mac issues. They are actively working on the microphone bug though :)
: Could you analyze that and tell us what the difference could be? It doesnt feel good to have a RTX 2070 and an i7-7700k with 16gb ram and still being stuck at round about 140 fps. Maybe a 64-bit client could fix that
Oof I'm sorry to hear that. Unfortunately we're not pursuing a 64-bit game client for Windows at the moment but even if we did I don't think it would have any bearing on your fps since that's not a limiting factor. While this isn't a Mac issue do you mind sending over your RPD file from a game where you're encountering this so we can investigate? It's located at >Riot Games > League of Legends > Logs > Performance Logs One thing to note though is that there's only ever one RPD file at a time so if you play another game where you don't have these issues you'll end up overwriting the previous one.
: Since league is now going be in 64-bit, would this change the performance of the actual game? For example will it consume more that 4Gb of RAM or have better support. Also will you guys be building it with Apple's Metal API?
Great questions! This change should not affect the performance of the game or impact memory usage any more than the 32-bit version. That being said, if you do encounter anything strange that seems related to the update please leave a bug here! As far as Metal API goes we are currently in the middle of investigating what efforts are needed to support it :)
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