: Riot games sacrificed a game mode for a theme.
Hey guys! Basically, we’re just limiting the champ pool for this special edition of ARURF to make it fit the Snowdown theme better. We’re not planning to limit the champ pool in future versions of ARURF—it’s just to try something a little different this time.
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: [Blue Minions]-Minions are totally blue, seen by entire team.
Thanks for the reports all. We're working on a new "Relative Team Colors" option that makes it so that regardless of which team you are on (north or south) your allies are blue and your enemies are red in all cases --- UI and in-game units/structures. We've been updating parts of the game over the past many months and this is the last big chunk necessary to give us a unified language for what color means in League. As can sometimes happen with big changes, it seems we've run into an unexpected rendering issue for when this option is enabled. Please see DavieB's post below on how to resolve the issue by updating your drivers or you can also get your minions back to how they were before by unchecking "Relative Team Colors" in the game options menu.
: End of Game Victory/Defeat Banner Bug
Hey All, Thanks for reporting this. We're working on the end of game sequence and it seems part of the changes that we're making didn't make it into this PBE patch. Update coming for this soon! {{summoner:6}}
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: Okay, had a chance to play the map. First off, it looks gorgeous. The terrain is really pretty, thematically coherent, and looks so much better than the old Summoner's Rift that I don't know how I'll go back. Though I was playing on a Mac, I had no connectivity issues. The game got mildly laggy at points, which may just be teething performance issues. There were little in the way of actual gameplay bugs: * Baron Nashor does not aggro onto people attacking him from behind the pit. As Karthus with Blue Buff, I was able to Lay Waste him to death without any return fire. * Baron's minimap icon has black pixels around it. There's some stuff that could look better: * Not all the camps seemed to have a dormant animation. Wolves slumbered and Krugs compacted, but the buff camps, the Razorbeaks, and Gromp didn't have an analogous state. * Razorbeaks feel a little lacking in personality compared to the other camps. They don't have limbs, and they don't seem to do much besides stare at you and peck when attacked. Maybe give them more in the way of idle or threat animations? Make them more birdlike? * The game start spawn looks a little weird from a lighting perspective. It looks like the champs (or at least their shadows) are there for a frame at the very start, then vanish before the champions appear one at a time. * In a game on red side, not everyone spawned evenly around the circle. * Again at the red side spawn platform, the shadow of the person at the rightmost edge of the platform was projected onto the shaft of the Fountain in a way that seemed to be ignoring the ground in the way. Check the ray tracing. * Damaged red turrets appear to be floating above their shafts, which may be intentional, but looks odd. * Turret attacks have no sound until a very loud collision, though this may be the audio engine. * Though turrets look very different between the sides, turret attacks are identical save for color. Even red and blue caster minions have different shapes of their projectiles. It's the one place the two sides don't feel as different as they could. * Fountain laser strikes from a bit outside the ring. * Baron's movements seem stiff, particularly his rotations. With such a fluid spawn, I expected more. * Baron's death animation looks really cool, but the visual transition from living to dead is extremely abrupt. He doesn't fade, it's like a light switch for his body just gets flicked off. * Inhibitors respawn abruptly, which is a missed opportunity. With everything else being gradual and naturalistic, it's a little jarring to have spontaneous appearance of a big crystal without so much as fairy dust in the air. * Nexus death is very smokey and hard to make out exactly what's happening. * Gromp and Red Razorbeak do not obviously attack with projectiles up close, making it unclear whether Yasuo's Wind Wall will block their attacks. Also, Gromp should totally attack with an insanely extensible tongue. But by and large, it looked and felt really good, especially: * The spawn and death animation for Gromp. He's so adorable. * Spells show up *really* clearly on the new terrain. * Despite that, it doesn't look at all dark or inhospitable. Thematically, it's a home run. Whimsical and magical, without being too cute or distracting. * Baron and Dragon have epic spawn animations that make them feel like the bosses they're supposed to be. * The mini-Homeguard at game start is nice and convenient. * The four quadrants of the map have different feels, and it is pretty easy to feel which quadrant you're in at a glance. Northeast in particular looks incredible, and southeast is also very nice. * River looks good and much more water-like. * The different aesthetics of the two sides is consistent yet subtle, and does a good job making it feel less homogenous. There's impressive attention to detail, with even the impassable terrain in the bases being different from one side to the other. * The views outside the play area are gorgeous. Very good job overall, but I'm out of characters!

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