Any chance we could get the version of her splash art with her hood down instead? Looks more badass, sexy and generally more awesome. Also lets you see why she even has her arm up against her ear like that, which just looks bizarre with her hood up.
: Help us bugtest the new Champ Select!
Any chance you could add a visual warning/confirmation when attempting to ban a champion someone on your team has chosen as their Intended Pick? Super frustrating when someone bans the champ you want to play and then say "whooooops didn't see sorry better luck next time".
: Quinn PBE Feedback Thread
After thinking long and hard about this rework since it was announced, I've finally come up with a positive for the changes. They open up the opportunity to make a grim, tragic and depressing Legendary tier skin for Quinn. Overall * Quinn is wearing a worn dark blue hoodie and torn jeans with some unremarkable sneakers. Her crossbow is replaced by a pistol. * She will animate in a very unenthusiastic way out of combat, but in combat, she'll take on a sort of "deranged murderer" style of movement. * Backing animation has her look up longingly at the sky while a storm cloud forms above her, culminating in striking her with lighting to bring her back to base. * When she dies, she clutches a dead bird to her chest and curls up into the fetal position. Abilities * Passive - Harrier * Enemies are marked by a partially visible ghost bird that you can only just see from the corner of your eye. * Q - Aerial Assault * Quinn enthusiastically throws a dead bird in the targeted direction, using the same quotes as before (Go for the eyes! Gouge 'em Valor!). The bird explodes in a green and red display of blood, guts and decay. * W - Heightened Senses * Largely the same, but uses a zombified version of Valor's face instead for the animation. * E - Vault * Uses a more sickly animation; she runs at her target off-balance, then smacks into them and rolls away and back up to her feet. * R - Tag Team * Quinn hops on a rusty bike with a basket in front of the handlebars, then dumps a dead bird in the basket. And I have a perfect name for this skin. Wait for it. "Quinn and Valor"
: Quinn PBE Feedback Thread
> [{quoted}](name=RiotRepertoir,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=PE1LJTOM,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-10-28T18:18:29.343+0000) > * To all the players upset that they cannot turn into Valor and fight anymore, I am sorry that that was so important to you as far as playing the champion goes, but that aspect of these changes is just not going to change. Truly, I'm very sorry if that ruins the champion for you, but I'd prefer to be forthcoming about the fact that it's not going to change than leave you hanging waiting for an answer forever. I hope you can find enjoyment eventually in this new version of the champion, or that there is another champion out there that can give you a similar feeling to the previous version of Quinn, but if not, I understand. > * To the players saying that her base play pattern feels bland now, I agree that there is some work to do on that front. The amount of damage coming from Q relative to passive feels off at the moment from what I can tell, and Skystrike in its somewhat vestigial form seems to be making things feel worse than if I'd actually removed it and put that power elsewhere. This is directed mainly at Repertoir. [WARNING: INCOMING SALT] If the plan was to ignore feedback all along, what is the point of the PBE? Why bother sharing these changes in advance if you weren't going to back down either way? Really straining my faith in Riot with this kind of attitude. The snark aside, there is something I do desperately want to hear from you, something to truly justify these changes. I realize this isn't a Q/A thread, but I've got a few questions for you that I need answered. * Why were these changes needed? Was she too strong/weak? Not picked enough? Something else? (She's already an incredibly mobile champion, the new ult just removes the excitement from pressing R - so making her the "mobile marksman" is kinda redundant) * Why does she need to be considered a marksman at all? She has never been in the same class as traditional marksmen, and for me personally has always done best by punishing unwary foes (a perfect example of lore shining through the in-game character: she's supposed to be a Demacian scout, so it makes sense that she can handle herself in a 1v1 in the middle of the jungle) rather than attempting to team fight. * What part of these changes do YOU think is cool, interesting or fun enough to gut the whole champion for? * All other reworks (the ones already implemented in the past and the ones we can see on PBE) have maintained the champion's core identity. Quinn and Valor's core identity was something wholly unique: they were two champions at once who worked in perfect tandem (quite literally two champions: both Quinn and Valor get their own minimap icon + kill callouts). No other champion can claim that, although there are other champions with multiple personalities (Lulu+Pix, Lamb+Wolf, etc). What possible reason is there for not just completely reworking a champion's kit, but also to completely gut their core identity?
: Yeah, this is a big change for the character. We're hoping the new visuals on the spell let it make sense.
The new "Tag Team" is perhaps the most unsatisfying and thematically mis-matched ability in this whole game. From a purely gameplay perspective, I'd rather just pick a champion with strong team fighting / dueling power and take Teleport than use this ult. As an added bonus, Teleport can't be interrupted by anything short of hard cc, while Tag Team is interrupted by as little as an enemy champion glaring in your direction - even while already active. The ability to traverse the map quickly seems like it'd be extremely powerful... on paper. In practice, though, Quinn simply doesn't have the damage or utility to back it up once she gets there, and meanwhile other champions with huge global mobility DO have tools to instantly join the fray once they arrive (TF can stun, deals tons of damage; Rek'Sai can knock up, grants pseudo vision, is meaty enough to survive a few hits). Overall, the new Tag Team doesn't feel satisfying to use, unless you're a chronic feeder or on tilt and you'd like to get back to lane consistently fast after dying. Now, the real problem with the ult: Thematically, it just doesn't work. Everything from the name, to the animation, to the very idea of its function. The name "Tag Team" implies that Quinn and Valor are, well, a tag team. As in, Quinn tags Valor in and jumps out, and vice versa. Right now, it might as well be called "Taxi Mode" and summon a literal taxi for Quinn to ride in. The animation is the worst thing I've ever seen. It looks and FEELS just so, so wrong. It seems like you just took Valor's flight animation, then slapped Quinn's E-Dash animation under it and froze her in that pose. It just looks lame and uninspired. The real kicker is that it doesn't even make sense: Valor is supposed to be a vulnerable but agile and deadly Demacian Eagle. To be able to carry Quinn would take either a feat of magic that doesn't fit the champion's theme or for Valor to be literally colossal (like, Cho'Gath big). tl;dr: The new "Tag Team" is awful in every way, please don't do this to one of my most beloved champions.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: PROJECT: Fiora!
The hair makes her look a lot like Evelynn, and if you take away the sword, well... Can she not have Evelynn's spike-puff hair, and maybe keep her signature hairstyle (with highlight)?
: Hey there! It's not that her particles need to stay the same for clarity. Her Heartseeker skin, for example, has a lot of sparkly pink particles, and a pink arrow. A similar discussion regarding 750 RP skins was brought up when we released Sweetheart Annie. We realize that not everyone can afford to (or wants to!) spend 975 RP, 1350 RP, etc., on a new skin for their favorite champion. Some players want all the bells and whistles for a new skin, and others just want them in a different outfit/armor. Creating 750 RP skins is a way for more players to have an opportunity to get a skin for their favorite champion.
Well, Ashe already has two 520 RP skins, so if someone just wants to see her in a different outfit, thats not really a problem. The difference between Sweetheart Annie and Marauder Ashe, however, is that Sweetheart Annie does look fine with regular fire (personally would prefer pink, but no biggie there), while Marauder Ashe just looks... weird and out of place without unique particles. Regardless of price, if you see a cool armoured black and red archer, you will likely be incredibly disappointed when her black arrows morph into bright blue projectiles in-game.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Marauder Ashe and Marauder Warwick
When I first saw the model for Marauder Ashe show up, I was super excited - Sylvanas was my favourite character from the Warcraft franchise, so having a sort of "dark ranger" Ashe was awesome. Then I got into the PBE and tried the skin out in a custom game. The default frosty spell effects utterly ruin what otherwise would have been an instant buy for me, regardless of price. It just feels like a massive thematic mismatch... especially since in the model, she draws back a black/red arrow, but then shoots a bright blue projectile. Please, please, please increase the price to at least 975 and give us some custom red and black particles! Would be great if her E could be a bat also, but at least change the colour. ;)


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