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: Actually, Vayne has her Arclight skin to portray her as part of the Noble line. So basically, for clarity. While your suggestion is aesthetically pleasing, it probably looks very cluttering and can make it difficult for (new TFT) players to distinguish all available characters, as well as their origins/regions/class. For example, Arclight Varus would *probably* be a tad difficult. Is it a stronger unit? Is it a unit with a different class and/or region than the default version of the unit? Etc. Riot plans to eventually release most if not all champions, some in smaller additions, some in bigger additions, and some in entire new sets. It is likely that some other champions will need to use skins in order to portray their region or classification better, for example in case Riot decided to make Lux an Elementalist and thus using her Elementalist skin, or Dragon Sorceress Zyra on the off-chance they'd like to make her a Dragon. Just examples.
I can understand that from a point but considering that there are already 150 champions it would only make it more difficult getting a champion to 3 star if they decided to add themed skins as champions as well. In that case (like Arclight Vayne) they would have to make a decision on whether they want to keep the 3 star in as maximum rank or go with multitudes of certain champion (with different origins/classes) to be honest. Even if they used themed skins as their default it could, in some cases, limit their (Riot's) capabilities expanding on classes and origins in the future. As I said. I can understand it (hence it's called an "idea" :p) but it could also increase their income (new players that are interested in the autochess genre might be interested in buying skins) which Riot is looking to do (Looking at the past few months anyway).
: Consistent Item Drops for all
I agree. Equalizing the amount of items earned would make the gameplay experience as a whole better. Had plenty of games where atleast 2 players already had TWO completed strong items at stage 2-1. Players should not have an unfair item advantage like that. There's already enough RNG in the gamemode.
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It's taking so long because players refuse to log out. Since there's no AFK/disconnect timer they can stay logged in indefinitely until they lose connection (ISP related), get disconnected for things such as maintenance or close the client themself. It's one of those things (auto-disconnect after x time of not playing a game) that Riot really needs to implement for this type of tests.
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