: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Star Guardian Neeko Prestige Edition!
Like people are saying here, this prestige looks like a downgrade to the base skin, it is completly a loss of colors. It's even more strange that she is the yellow star guardian, but she just become yellow in a special skin. I think it would be better if the base were kept in these colors (practically only yellow) and the prestige had the explosion of colors that the base now has. Normaly mahou shoujo gender has multiples transformations tiers througt the course of the story, this way Prestige Neeko can be a new and more powerful (and colorful) transformation she learned/earned to fight against Zoe. I REALLY hope you read my sugestion and take it in consideration, i realy liked Neeko skin (both skins), but consistency problem with the thematic is very annoying.
: - Her hair is realy bad. It will be better with a more natural yellow or even a pastel color. - Her E wasn't supposed to have two different visuals? - Overall, the prestige edition doens't seem very different from the normal one (just less colorfull).
Exactly! Would be better the regular one been more yellow only (matching the star color, coherent with the thematic) and the prestige one more colorful (like a new transformation, more powerful, that's like a rule in mahou shoujo gender)
: Hi, Beardilocks here to answer your question about uncorrupted variants of these skins. First let me start off by saying I love how passionate about Xayah and Rakan Star Guardians everyone has been! I can see that you guys love both their light and dark forms, and we have definitely heard your feedback that this is a feature that you would like. However, I'm afraid that it isn't quite as simple as it initially seems, as there are quite a few things to consider. Please bear with me and read the whole context of why we won't be able to provide these. When we set about designing the Star Guardians for this year, we knew we wanted to evolve the thematic and expand the storyline. Until now, there had not been any definite antagonist for the Star Guardians to fight against - just some slightly generic monsters invading the city. We chose to do this by establishing Zoe as a villain in the universe, and having Xayah and Rakan as fallen Guardians, whom she had corrupted with her evil. When we go about creating a new skin for a character we create 3 "Pillars": Core concepts about the identity of the skin that are like guiding principals that we always try to work in to every aspect of their character. For Star Guardian Xayah, these pillars were: - Corrupted former star guardian with **internal struggle** - Dark star guardian beauty/ beauty with an edge - Fierce warrior spirit As such, when we were making creative decisions about the design, animations, sound, visual effects and voice recording, we tried to make sure that we were representing at least one of these pillars. You can see that I have highlighted the **internal struggle** part of her first pillar, as this is the most important defining feature of this skin. In pretty much every ability, animation and recall, we were trying to play up the struggle between dark and light, between good and bad. You can see this in her spells - her W is her reveling in her dark power, using it to damage enemies. Her R is supposed to be the most exciting moment, and highlight of her gameplay, and so is the point where we create the most contrast, expelling out the darkness and returning her to her original light form. All her voice acting also reinforces this - her voice lines are a contrast to her normal ones, where she is a badass anime villain, especially taunting the _loser _Star Guardians of her former team. We also wanted to play up the dynamic between Xayah and Rakan in this struggle between good and evil. In both their solo and duo recalls we see Rakan trying to save Xayah from the darkness by taking it into himself, trying to sacrifice himself to save her, becoming even more dark and corrupted in the process. This all ties into the story of Star Guardian this year (more story details to come soon!), though I don't want to spoil anything more in that area. **If we were to simply put a light version chroma out of this skin it would remove the central pillar of this skin, the internal struggle between light and dark, and the thing that makes this skin a legendary.** It would mean that a lot of their spells would not make any sense. A light Star Guardian Xayah would turn dark when she uses W (which would be a big contrast), but she would not change at all when she did her Ult (which would feel less impactful than her W at that point). Rakan would fire darkness out of him when he did his W (which wouldn't make sense), and when he ulted he'd turn super dark and grow big evil wings. Their recalls would not make any sense either, as the whole aspect of corrupting darkness would be out of place, and there would be no emotional impact to Rakan trying to take the darkness from Xayah. Further more, none of the VO of them being evil would make sense either. Some players have suggested that they would be fine with stuff not making sense and I understand that, but I don't think everyone would feel that way. I welcome anyone who thinks _all_ players would let a "small" detail like most of their spells not making sense to go to read some of the responses of other players on the boards and twitter about minor details they don't like :( If we did commit to fixing all of these things so that they made sense for a light variant, we'd need to do entirely new visual and sound effects, new animations, new voiceover and new recalls. At that point, we would basically have to charge the price of a whole new skin, or to add these as a toggle they'd basically need to become ultimates, because it would take the same amount of development time as a whole new skin would. Deciding to do this would be something we would have to do at the start of development, not after they are revealed on PBE. Additionally, they would be alternate skins that don't really fit into the story that we're trying to tell this year, which might even potentially confuse players. I know you're super passionate about this, and it's something I think would have been awesome to see too, but if it was something we chose to do, I would definitely want to do it properly to do it justice. Instead we chose to focus on delivering dark, corrupted Star Guardians, which I think we did successfully, but I'm sorry if you're disappointed.
Sorry, but thats the worst excuse i've see a rioter using, and normally they are already really bad. Breaking the intended fantasy of a skin isn't a problem here, starting with the existency of the chromas for thoses skins, a color related skin line. The olders Star Guardians are related to one color, and the color as much to say about their personalities. Also, hear Lulu saying "Yup, that tasted purple." in some skins (like Pool Party Lulu, Cosmic Enchantress Lulu, or even Star Guardian Lulu) wasn't a problem when they are created, even when she has nothing of purple in theses skins, and this does not make the skins bad or confusing, and let's not forgotten Frostfire Annie and Cryocore Brand speaking of fire. There are a lot of skins that the quotes don't match the fantasy. I know that it is not all on your hand but looks like the New Riot doing the same lazy work. "We can't do it because we bilieve all player will like it, even when they are telling us they will not.", "We can't change this cause we think it's fine this way.", "We can't bring back rotative modes because it is too custouse and we believe the enfort can be better used everywhere else." Oh God! Stop with this "Small Indie Company" excuse, Riot is not any small, just lazy! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}} {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} {{sticker:sg-ahri-3}}
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Star Guardian Xayah
Isn't Xayah the Blue Star Guardian? All I see in her pure form is pink, and Ahri is the pink one... Have you guys forgotten what Star Guardians are about? The skin is really good, but if you don't want to be consistent with the theme, put it everywhere else, don't ruin Star Guardians please.
: First of all, I absolutely adore SG Neeko and applaud anyone who worked on her. The model, the vfx, the wings and Towa are just such a serve. But I was wondering why green dominates in her outfit since she's a yellow guardian. I'm not saying it's bad because honestly it looks pretty and ties with Neeko's tropical theme very well, although I was curious to see how she'd look in her main color instead and so I edited green into yellow. The chameleon parts turned pink to match her tail. I think it looks quite nice, but again I adore the original. I just wanted to know if you could share the reason why Neeko's outfit consists mostly of green even though she's supposed to be the yellow one. https://i.imgur.com/GswygYZ.png
> [{quoted}](name=faehoe,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=rueRMRE1,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2019-08-27T22:18:32.211+0000) > > First of all, I absolutely adore SG Neeko and applaud anyone who worked on her. The model, the vfx, the wings and Towa are just such a serve. But I was wondering why green dominates in her outfit since she's a yellow guardian. I'm not saying it's bad because honestly it looks pretty and ties with Neeko's tropical theme very well, although I was curious to see how she'd look in her main color instead and so I edited green into yellow. The chameleon parts turned pink to match her tail. I think it looks quite nice, but again I adore the original. I just wanted to know if you could share the reason why Neeko's outfit consists mostly of green even though she's supposed to be the yellow one. > > https://i.imgur.com/GswygYZ.png She is so beauty here... I would love her this way. {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}} {{sticker:sg-jinx}} {{sticker:sg-lux}}
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Star Guardian Neeko
I haven't tested her myself but my complaints are about the consistency across the theme. Ok, so... she's cute and all, but... Why is she Green? I mean, isn't Rakan the Green Star Guardian of the old Ahri team? I know that Lux team all have a yellow star, besides Jinx, but it's not about the star collor only, she can't bee green while rakan is also green, make her yellow, and if this is a problem with the prestige skin, ~~then the existence of the prestige itself is the error here~~, make her lilac/lavander? (any other non used color) or make her prestige be more than a "You know a that skin? Now it's yellow." like Prestige Battle Academy Lux (the better prestige skin in my opinion). {{sticker:sg-ahri-1}} {{sticker:sg-janna}} {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: God-King Darius
Its not like there are a lot of champions in needing of a skin, obviously that's not the case, let's give another Legendary skin for Darius. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: I have no idea what you are talking about. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Maybe he's asking for a ward skin and a icon tab in collection. I would appreciate the first one. ~~Can I ask where are you from?~~
: Feedback & Discussion - Changes to emotes coming to PBE in patch 8.12
Why don't have a Defeat slot? Let me cry... {{sticker:sg-soraka}} {{sticker:sg-janna}} {{sticker:cass-cry}} {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
: The problem is it doesn't matter whether it's minions, a target dumby, or an actual player, the w is delaying more then .4 seconds to fire off.
I think you need to hit the champ to W fire. I haven't seen this problem, but i don't like how hard to farm with W became.
: Irelia Bug Discussion
I don't beleave that at this point we'll have any type of update in OotL Irelia. Well, as i've said before, Riot is focused in do lazy work now. Just Looking some things that we received in low quality: Lancer Rougue/Paragon Blitzcrank: A penguin walk animation for a jet flying robot. Don't matter the excuses given, there are no reasons to think that a big arms robot isn't Blitz. Sweetheart Rakan: How many negative feedbacks was given about the visual of this skin? And all that changed was the hair. Gun Goddess Miss Fortune: No new tech was the excuse this time, but each form use exactly the same recall animation without reasons to, there aren't at least an animated splash art form each form of the skin, and it's only 4, like Spirit Guardian Udyr. And here we have a serious case, it's a ultimate skin, that is just looking like a legendary with ingame chroma change. And here we have a serious case, it's a ultimate skin, that is just looking like a legendary with ingame chroma change, there was a time that legendarios must change walk and attack animations. Now we are playing League of Don't Matter What Players Think. {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
: Where can I find it? Please I would apreciatte to read it.
: Ahri's Foxfire Bug! @RIOT GAMES
At start, W just target champions, this maybe the "problem".
: Hey there Richard, What part do you feel we are ignoring on? If there's something I missed I'd like to see it so I can address it. We did make a post over on Irelia Mains on reddit about the feedback that we are iterating on today and tomorrow.
I read the post, everything that was said about OotL was changes in splash art, if you don't wannt or don't have time to give new VFX and SFX at leat change it to a pinkish color to better match the theme. And for love of Nagakabouros change her blades that are looking like meat... The skin really deserves new VFX and SFX, but if it is impossible to do them, do something to improve.
: Irelia Bug Discussion
Basically, Riot are again ignoring players feedback about a lazy job in a skin... Well, this is the new Riot, I miss the old time. Not only extremely nonsense the silverish VFX in OotL Irelia, there are bacon blades. I hope one day we'll see Riot truly working to make the best again.
: I don't think infiltrator should be mentioned, since it's a 975 skin to begin with, so they were gonna give it particles regardless
Well, Poppy say hi... I just pointed it out cause they had the same level of changes in prerework irelia (new blades for ult), they shold at least have the same changes to skills.
: Order of the lotus Irelia is missing. I can find it in shop bun i cant use it.
> Order of the Lotus is disabled today. We had an issue with the model and she'll be available tomorrow!
: Irelia Bug Discussion
So... You're saying that Order of the Lotus has an issue with the model. Seeing the SkinSpotlights video I need to ask: There will be no VFX/SFX for the skin? This skin has much more potential than Infiltrator (Reason why Shadown Evelynn recived 975 skin's treatmant) and had the same type of changes before the rework... I really hope you'll say that it will.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Gun Goddess Miss Fortune!
If the skin is priced at 2775 RP, how many it will cost in early sales? 1975?
: I'd like to comment on the cape, I don't see enough feedback about this. It looks blank, or empty, like textures are missing. It's so... flat. Compared to the beautiful feathers or textures on his base and cosmic dawn model, it's way too off. It almost feels like a custom skin compared to them, and League's general modelling quality. https://imgur.com/mVDV7u7 https://imgur.com/asAQO0W How the hearts shine depending on the angle (in game effect) is actually really good. It's disappointing to see a good effect like this, and then all this blandness from the cape. I feel like they're some parts of a napkin that were attached to his back. How to put it... It looks like the base models of the champions, when they don't have any color or texture and they are blank, like the cape has entirely been untouched. Like this : https://imgur.com/uyinK5j Anything that could be addressed on this? Maybe just make them look more feather-y, like the edit that got spammed kinda everywhere, and it wouldn't be out of the skin's context since Xayah still uses feathers as projectiles. And they're birds, that itself is pretty much enough...
I was about to comment the same thing right now. Also the cape when the passive shield is down looks really stranger.
: Not gamebreaking, just a comment on "Collections" in the client.
I see this, and some skins are not rigtht classified, like Mech Rengar, Lancers Blitz (the 2), Dawnbringer Riven, Nightbringer Yasuo, Lancer Zero Hecarim...
: This as also happened to me, I din't alt-tab in loading screen or anything like that. But if it is black and u alt-tab it comes back to normal.
No, Windows 10, Yes. Never happen in live server.
: Updated the known issues. The minimap bug should be completely gone now. Thank you for the reports thusfar (especially the ones that include pictures!), please keep them coming as you see issues!
I don't know if its related or not but now my minimap sometimes starts completely black. Image for explanation. (This was occurred in SR first) https://imgur.com/TZt78iB
: [CLOSED] PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Victorious Graves!
I hope that TT chroma can have the black hair back. Purpleish/Blueish isn't so good.
: Hey thanks for the report - just checked with the team and this *should* be fixed with the next update. Let me know if it's not, yeah?
Talking about health bars, I saw a Rengar with part of him health bar as grey health, at the end game, this was more than him real health. https://imgur.com/vFH4mL2
: Thanks for your response! We're still looking at all the feedback so I can't say if we'll change anything specific, but it may not be too late. You are correct that the intended thematic is pretty far away from Blitzcrank's generally silly personality; this was a challenge the team wanted to tackle when wanting to deliver a really badass skin to Blitzcrank players. This ultimately ran into many challenges and resulted in us having to try to balance the levers available to us. The run specifically was really tricky because it inherently became apparent that the original 'floating' run animation we had once the model was completed instantly made him feel like a new champion. We tried a lot of variations to solve this issue but ultimately concluded that a floating blitz really made it hard to recognize him in playtests. We actually also tried adding legs, but those looked even more silly and awkward when we made them so we avoided that direction. Thanks for the feedback!
See he walking as a penguin make me sad about the skins. They are so cool but this run animation... Now I'm really disappointed to think in buy them. {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
: close the game and delete all pages , included the first , delete one by one and then the last you need to create one to delete the first , if its posible im going to make a video about that
I tried, still bugged. {{sticker:cass-cry}}
: Getting into games without Runes
Runes are okay to me, Masteries otherwise... ~~And tanks for the BE for Runes~~

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