: It's Back!
: ARURF Available for Testing!
when will any other game mode coming? please bring one baaaaack pleaseee :(
: Time to change ARURF to AOURF (Always On Ultra Rapid Fire) because this a game mode that should just be permanently added imo. I have way more fun than I ever do with League when it comes to URF. It's nice to just have super quick, non-competitive games where tilting is so minimal that it's basically non-existent when playing. Riot/Tencent need to realize that League doesn't need rotating game modes, it needs staple game modes that any player can enjoy at any given point. Why would a game company want seasonal, fair-weathered players over stable, consistent ones? I would definitely fall under the latter if they made more game modes permanent rather than rotating, especially URF.
thats exactly what im saying........ it isn t fun anymore just with regular summoner rift or aram
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