: Her passive doesn't feel like a significant part of her kit. It only ever shows up when you're traveling and it feels a bit awkward to keep getting on and off the board while your moving to another wall. edit: I might as well post my thread. Yay for gloryhoring. http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-feedback/Tg4c8ZMV-feedback-on-taliyah
I definitely agree that it could be more interesting, especially because it feels like it'd be great for roaming, but post 6 i feel like your ult covers that pretty strongly. An interesting idea to make it feel more impactful would be if while you were in a certain vicinity of your ult wall your passive is always up regardless of being in combat? At least then it could factor harder into her big moments of play.
: Kindred Passive Bug
Same thing happened to me except it seemed to get stuck after 1 stuck on the buff bar, but when I hovered over the passive it said 0.
: Tahm Kench, The River King
One issue I've noticed is that after using his W on a minion, sometimes the ability goes on cooldown and doesn't let you recast, but you then spit it out after the duration of holding the minion in is over
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Pool Party Zac!
Awesome skin but his emotes don't seem to have different sound effects? For example his bounce during his joke and when he pounds the ground with his fists both sound exactly the same as in his original, which is too heavy and gooey for water.
: Ekko Feedback Thread
I haven't been able to try Ekko a ton, but he's really awesome. The major thing I noticed in terms of clarity is that playing against him his ult shadow is really confusing. Unless it's a bug and the enemy Ekko's ult shadow guy isn't supposed to be a full Ekko model. However, with it there are two Ekkos walking around and while it's not necessarily hard to determine which is which, it would help a lot if enemy Ekko's ult ghost was like a red version of an allied Ekko's.
: The only thing I dont like on these skins is that{{champion:81}} got ANOTHER skin...I mean, the problem is not ezreal...the problem is that He already have at least 5 skins and one of them is an ULTIMATE tier (that looks like legendary...), so he doesnt really need more (at least for now)... and also he got several skins with no real changes on particles, and thats a bit dissapointing... At least Ace of Spades Ezreal cound become Ace of Spades {{champion:4}} {{champion:110}} {{champion:8}} {{champion:50}} anyways.... The other skins are really excelent.
Tf is already in the skin line with Jack of Hearts.
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: Ashe Update Feedback Thread
Will Ashe be getting an updated itemlist with this rework? If not I feel like she probably should as it sounds like runaan's could be really good on her.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Forsaken Jayce!
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Omega Squad Teemo!
Not sure if its a bug or not but he still uses his normal mushrooms instead of the stylized one from his joke
: I cant connect either during the loading screen I get the "unable to connect to the server. If you have a firewall, it may be blocking the connection. Please refer to your firewall's documentation. Would you like to retry the connection?" error message I tried playing several games and always get the same message http://imgur.com/kJ2TOP6
Been getting this exact same firewall error as well
: [Bard Ultimate] Passive Kog Maw not affected - Bug or intentional?
I don't think this is a bug, as Bard's ult doesn't affect untargetable units and Kog'Maw after death becomes invulnerable and untargetable.
: Request: Screenshots of Jungle Stats
I have a set of Zac screenshots that I just did in a custom, so after his buff today. http://imgur.com/H57Pjag,7fh58mk,WmsdpqT,dgaxE7x,Bw54rEh,ebnpBoa#0 Went from Gromp to Blue to Wolves to Red
: Bard Champion Feedback Thread
I think in terms of clarity the particles for his ult on the Elderwood Bard skin need to be changed. The projectile and AOE stuff is fine, but turning people blue instead of gold makes it hard to tell what's currently in stasis. I think this is a change that should happen at least for right now while he's new, but once he's established it can go back to being blue (like how Dragon Slayer Braum's passive marking were changed)
: [Experimental WIP - 3/3] Mandrake Ward
Will the ward have a unique ping sound to differentiate it from normal pings? Also, will it have a unique ping look on the minimap?
: Hello! First of all: please first look through the forum to see if your bug has been reported already; most threads are about the same bug and it's very hard for us to keep track of the forum and of the bugs like this =( Secondly: it's been reported already =3
Oh that's strange I did check to see if there had been any threads on seraph's not working but the search bar only showed ones from like 4years ago D:
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: Garen is a blue monster!
Saw this as well, and he's blue regardless of whether you have Relative Team Colors on or not. Not sure if it's just for Garen Bot or if it's for the champ in general.
: Personally I think it could use tweaking. Rounding out the needle nose a little bit and changing the light shine between the sellion and eyes would make her look much less old and haggard.
I think also changing how her hair frames her face. It makes her face look really small, and when you can't see the full splash it looks like Kat has shorter almost Riven-like hair, making her less identifiable.
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