: Nunu's R shield doesn't make sense.
AP nunu is for DMG and "1000 AP ONESHOT MY MOM BANNED ME FOR GOING OUTSIDE AFTER SHE SAW THIS CLIP", Tank nunu is for balanced playing.
: RP bug current status
This is true and real SbT. {{sticker:sg-janna}}
: 6/26 Game shop bug
This is global bug, everybody have this. I think Riot know and working for fix. {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
: Is Fizz's Updated W on the PBE?
Riot canceled this idea, fizz won't get any changes.
: Opened up Hextech chest and received a blank emote
Some emotes and avatars/profile icons are blank on PBE, dunno why..
: 999 error
: Where is the changed Ryze ?
This (mini)rework is actually nowhere. He won't be changed at this moment.
: [Spear of Shojin] and [Atma's Reckoning] bug
Removed from game and will back in next patch - today at 10-11PM in GMT +0.


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