: Skarner PBE Changelist and Feedback Thread
I realize that a lot of Riot's decisions regarding the game can often undergo serious backlash (just like the HUD update), and I emphasize with Rioters about all the negative backlash they receive for things they possibly spent a lot of time on. I am typically one who applauds Riot for their successes, rather than shame them for failures. I have enjoyed the other reworks they have put out over the past year or two (My favorite possibly being Xerath's). The only last time I was seriously disappointed in Riot, coincidentally, was with their first iteration of Skarner's rework (the one prior to the addition of his stun). I regret to say this Skarner rework may possibly be a much bigger disappointment in my eyes. As a long standing Skarner main, it seems like Riot did not concern themselves with maintaining Skarner's identity. In my eyes, Skarner has always been about sticking to an enemy champions, dealing sustained damage in fights, as well as using his ultimate to pick off champions on the enemy team in skirmishes and sometimes teamfights. Skarner has always thrived in skirmishes much more than he does in teamfights, which is most likely why he has not seen competitive play (Organized teams who stick together have always made it difficult for Skarner to do his job). It seems like whoever was behind this rework really liked the idea of adding this new passive to Skarner, that they completely gutting him outside of the zones trying to balance him. His Q feels super sluggish and unresponsive in the jungle (due to the nerf to his Q passive against monsters and the removal of the attack speed/movement speed bonuses), and as a result, his first clear took a significant hit. Prior to this rework, Skarner could solo clear Gromp, Blue buff, then Red buff, and come out at around 75% health or more. Now, Skarner emerges from this route with ~20% health, making it unwise to try and gank after. Additionally, Skarner lost all his stickyness with the removal of his Q bonus movement speed and with the nerf to his base movement speed. Skarner is going to have a MUCH bigger issue with kiting, and its going to make it make him feel much more useless. Skarner's high movement speed has always been something very fun and unique to his kit after the removal of his Q permaslow, and I'm quite sad its being cut. Lastly, while the new passive definitely makes you feel strong within its zones, it leaves you feeling VERY weak outside of its zones. I personally find this passive to be very gimmicky and not viable. It seems like rarely will you ever fight in these zones, as it is very easy for teams to step outside its confines are return you to your sluggish and weak state. Ultimately, I am unsure as to what this rework hopes to accomplish, as it will leave Skarner in a significantly worse place that where he currently is. I'm sure I am not alone when I ask you to please refrain from taking this rework to live servers. I'd rather you keep Skarner how he is on live and have you call off all plans to rework Skarner, but I know the odds of that are very low. So instead Riot, I ask you to revise your current approach to Skarner and possibly come up with a new rework altogether, as this one seems to be such a misfit in regards to keeping Skarner as Skarner. Thank you to all of those who read this comment.


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