: These boards are out of control.......
Its a test server, but it's also a server for general feedback and bug reports.
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: how long ago did you see him?
Uh... 3 or 4 days ago whenever ARURF went live on PBE. I haven't seen him since.
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: Garen no longer shows up in ARURF?
It's probably related to his Kit update but the one game I did see garen in ARURF he literally deleted people in 0.5s or less due to the bonus damage from single targets with his spin.
: Arurf Balance
Id like it if they removed Smite from the ARURF SR map variant. It's not fun being in a 2v1 scenario for anyone unless you got lucky with a champ that has decent waveclear or permashields.
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: Gnar gameplay and balance feedback
Gnar is fun, could be doable in the jungle... However the ONE thing that bugs me the most is that the boomerang does not do any return damage on its way back, and I'm too used to this with Sivir. (I blame myself). Any chance the boomerang could do return damage however NOT mark an opponent the second time with his W's HP Shred? Also might wanna specify on his E that he can jump on allies or enemies to get a jump boost. Saying just a unit leaves it a bit vague, and I honestly didn't figure it out until I played around with it for a while. Would a "Unit" also include a ward as well if it's within vision range from a pink or sweeper? If so this would be interesting for some wall jumping shenanigans. I know this already includes Zyra plants, Heimer turrets, etc. Something about Wallop, his W; It feels very disappointing to use. By this I mean It's hard to tell if an enemy is ACTUALLY stunned or not. I don't know if it's just the animation, Gnar's size, or me but anytime I use this ability I feel like it doesn't pack a punch to stun like it should. Overall his mobility is fluid, It's actually quite fun to hop around and look for allies to jump on for an escape. I can certainly shout at my friends on skype when he's released on live to come and let me use their heads to escape. I really haven't tried him as an adc even though he's listed as a marksman. I think it would be better to clarify that as a fighter instead, in the late game he can't stay in small form enough to really do damage except maybe proc his W once or twice along with his skills before the tantrum meter kicks in. Change his role description and I'll probably be happier with it. It would confuse people less when they try him out as a marksman, only to be disappointed that it won't really work out that well with the rapid rate he transforms. (Something to consider for LIVE anyways, when people are new to this)


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