: Rune Description have problems
Several have already reported that, I think. Me too but I already reported it srry my so bad english xd
: Compre campeones y skins en el PBE
Amigo, soy de Latinoamérica pero te recomiendo que intentes hablar en inglés, asi los rioters y la gente, (que en su mayoria son de NA/EUW) te pueda ayudar. Intentá reloguear y segui esperando, yo anoche (4 am) compre campeones y recien me llegaron hace unas horas (9 am). Saludos! Friend, I am from Latin America but I recommend you try to speak English, so the rioters and the people, (mostly from NA / EUW) can help you. Try to relogue and keep waiting, last night I (4 am) buy champions and just arrived a few hours ago (9 am). Regards!
: I did a post in the both languages because I'm a brazilian, so, he can anwser in portuguese if he wants :/
As you wish but the rioters ask us to speak in English, apart from that it is much easier for them to be able to help us! But no problem xd
: que merda em kkkkkkkkkk
Brazilian friend, please try to speak in English! Thank u :)
: RP Refill? Refil de rp? [PT-EN]
If I am not mistaken, rp is recharged when you have less than 500 in your account. I do not know very well, so I hope another user responds too! ^^
: Attempting To Reconnect
idk, something similar happened to me, I could not connect to a game of ARAM, and I could not reconnect
: Şampiyonlar
Hello! First I ask you to speak in English, so more people can help you with your bug reports. As far as I understand, you can not buy champions? If so, wait and restart the client. I spent a few hours ago but I already have the champions on my account!
: [Xayah] Spell not found
I have the some problem with the Rakan W. (Sorry for my English haha)
: Mudaram os scripts (escreva os foruns em ingles porque assim a maioria das pessoas podem te ajudar)
x2, pls comment in English ^^ Thank u!

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