: Let's talk about The Black Cleaver
Please please PLEASE do not change the Black Cleaver's reliability on {{item:3134}} . The Brutalizer is such a good item for early game on many bruisers and the Black Cleaver is such a good item for late game when you finally upgrade the Brutalizer for additional armor shred, right now champions that buy early brutalizers will be forced to get Youmuu's and that item REALLY sucks for late game, it's so one dimensional and a lot of its value is in bursing someone early. The same way, an early Phage really isn't a lane domination item and so I don't see people getting it and then upgrading to the new Black Cleaver either, it's just a bad idea to do it. Keep {{item:3134}} please.
: Preseason 2015 Experimental Jungle Changes
Camps shouldn't respawn every 90 seconds, it's so long that dedicated farmers just end up sitting there doing nothing. Even if you're primarily a ganker, it forces bad jungle pathing because you have to go out of your way to keep exp on the map where ever it is.
: Rough Notes [PBE - 10/09/2014]
This jungle change I have to say has some major problems, I'm really not a fan and it looks like nothing more than yet another nerf to junglers. 1. What happened to the sustain that the jungle items provided? You barely get anything from the new items now and it leaves you very low with no mana, even worse if you're forced to give blue buff I bet. 2. Why do small camps respawn every 90 seconds? It is almost twice the respawn rate of S4 which is nothing short of HORRIBLE, fast clearing junglers just stand there doing nothing, they're basically out of the game. 3. Why is there even less EXP in the jungle than in S4, where it was lower than S3? This could be remedied by having small camps respawn faster but overall it just nerfs all junglers and their contribution to the game. These preliminary changes are so bad honestly that I even feel like quitting the jungling position.
: Preseason 2015 Experimental Jungle Changes
Please DO NOT attach extreme gold efficiency or gold generation to all of the jungle items, the S4 jungle itemization (I hope you see it too Riot) showed that if you're gonna have an AD Caster item (Elder Lizard) as your best jungle item, AD Caster junglers will be the most popular. There are good fighter gankers, for example Aatrox who was never seen all season simply because of a lack of itemization. If you force junglers into a ghetto 2nd class itemization path, you will only restrict diversity like you did in S4.
: Regarding Ezreal's Q buff
His Q is actually useful past the laning phase for sieging and poking before a teamfight, I imagine that's the idea behind the skill because Ezreal's in-fight damage isn't anything special. I agree W could use some love, it's almost hilarious how Ezreal players even forget the skill exists it's so bad.
: Experimental preseason 2015 changes hitting the PBE over the next few days
Riot, I read somewhere else on the forums that you consider split pushing OP and that it needs to be harder to achieve, you're probably planning to introduce split pushing only items with strong dueling actives. That's cool, but look at the top win rates and the competitive meta, teamfight champions are incredibly strong (Maokai/Ryze/Rumble being a good example, I dare you to name stronger teamfight tops). As for the lowest win rates? all split/pick champions almost to a T. As a jungle main, I haven't seen very much that gives me confidence, many of the changes introduced this season were reversed because frankly you didn't know what you were doing. I almost feel like the Ancient Golem of s3 was better for carry junglers because it had tenacity and just enough tankyness to build full damage, while the Feral Flare of s4 is meant for carrying but it lacks sustain(!) and even worse the stacks synergize more with tanky champions that build no damage, it's not the IE of junglers, it's the Wit's End of junglers. Carry junglers like always have to outgank and outteamfight and build squishy. So Riot, please don't nerf split pushing or carry junglers in yet another misguided attempt to make them viable. Oh and Shen says hi, please buff his E hitbox, he's a tank with no utility or split push.
: Gangplank ult change incoming
PLEASE make the ult activate every 0.5 seconds, with every other DOT ability working every 0.5 seconds, there's no need for yet another nerf to Gankplank. The damage was nerfed yet again so at least make his ult satisfying to use. I would be absolutely gutted if GangPlank got nerfed again Riot.
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: Patch 4.5 - Itemization Changes
I'm not a big fan of the change to Frozen Heart. I always tried to find ways to buy it because it's a good item. You want the item picked up more, I get it. But here's the kicker with this item, it only has late game stats on it. A lot of armor, CDR and attack speed reduction. For someone who wants to get tanky, health is better early game and usually a bit of AD/AP is better for their abilities rather than CDR (which you don't get the full benefit of either until all 3 of your abilities are maxed). Then there's the attack speed reduction, what is the purpose of the item? To counter ADCs primarily. A Warden's Mail is enough for that early Jax or Tryndamere but for real heavy duty countering you want the attack speed reduction. The item also gets a lot more gold efficient the later the game goes. And that's where you're hitting it. When I look at the item now, Thornmail may out-muscle it in my end game build. What I want is not some 100 armor, that stat is already inefficient because I'm already stacking armor or the lack of HP for the price, what I want is to destroy their late game ADC and this item doesn't do it that well anymore.
: Let's talk about Lee Sin retune
I hate these changes so much. I don't understand why Riot has such a hardon for champions with cool but clearly OP kits like Thresh and Yasuo but then they hate Elise and Lee Sin. They are bad late game, they lose just as much as they win, and of course they are very high skill cap. Maybe in competitive they are stronger, but if you're going to face against a Lee Sin master that's what bans are for. Nerfs numbers if this is such a big concern and that's it.
: [Planned 4.3] Itemization Changes (Boots / Duo Lane Gold Items / DShield / Ruby Crystal)
PLEASE please don't nerf Lucudity boots, how else will my Soraka or Janna reach 40% CDR? This hurts utiliy supports even more as their core build becomes more expensive and less flexible. And you are also nerfing cool builds like Blue Ezreal. Only AP mages that have tons of gold will ever get those "extra" CDR, anyone that can only afford 1-2 CDR items is screwed.
: Proposed nerf to Nasus which SHOULD fix his biggest problems....
I read the reply in the other tread and it's a good point. Usually when you push to tower, you have an advantage, but against a Nasus top he gets to lifesteal for free. Hurting lifesteal really has the largest effect on top Nasus without doing much to his jungle. I don't understand why they're going with these "kit changes" over just number changes.
: Wriggle lantern and overall gold in jungle
Sorry but the Wriggles is useless. The sustain change from lifesteal to some meansly 10 life per hit when even the spirit items now give 5 life per hit is an absolute joke. I really hope this item becomes viable, as of now single target junglers are really hurting.
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: Please don't remove the Spirit Drain passive from the Spirit Stone items
Absolutely! Let's not forget how bad the jungle is this pre-season, there havent been any changed to making it better for junglers not to fall behind extremely easily or even get items that allow them to make an impact.
: Jungle Changes on the PBE (10/31/2013)
The new Wriggles is an absolutely horrible item, please change it. I bought the old Wriggles that exists on Live right now, it's a good item. Now I know this is an opinion you've heard very rarely, but the **old Wriggles of Season 3 was a good item**. For 2000 gold, you had 25 AD, 25 armor and 15% lifesteal, not to mention the best clears money could buy. The item was gold efficient, but the real reason the item was good was the **lifesteal**. The Wriggles in today's meta is the cheapest lifesteal item in the game, simple. Who builds it? Any jungler that really needs lifesteal both for clears and late game, typically bruisers. Shyvana, Master Yi, Xin Zhao, Aatrox(Diamond Prox even did it at Worlds) are popular buys. The cheap lifesteal is usually good because other lifesteal items like BOTRK are bad on junglers. Other junglers that make use of it are Nocturne, Vi, Trundle, basically any bruiser that wants the early clear for whatever reason and then is going to use the lifesteal late game. I understand you want to make the **Season 4 Wriggles** some "farm" item, but honestly the old Wriggles was already a farm item, that also had late game stats. If you want any jungler to build this in the new season, it **needs lifesteal**, not life per minions hit, but lifesteal. In its current state, it's a one dimensional item that has bad gold efficiency.
: Nasus is on PBE! Please post bugs/feedback here!
As a longtime Nasus player, I REALLY feel that his ult animation and his Spirit Fire animation are too similar, and that's a problem. On live, the ult is easily distinguishable as a very close circle of sand around nasus while his spirit fire is bright and has a bigger circle. However on the PBE, all his abilities are the same color, this weird blue-ish tint and even his wither takes a second to notice if you're playing against him. His ult is the worst offender though as Nasus casting it should be a huge signal to his opponent Nasus is planning something, but it takes around 1-2 seconds to realize he cast his ult and not Spirit Fire on himself. Please make his ult circle tighter or a completely different color, and honestly just his whole color palette is really hard to tell what's hes doing.
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