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: <BUG> champion select bug LIVE
Well it happens on PBE too so.
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: Huge lag spikes.
It is not ping I'm talking about, but real FPS lag. I'm use to playing with 100 or so{{summoner:3}}
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: No RP and IP
First of all read all the newbies guides. And just attempt to relog and buy a champion. Worked for me.
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: Ping on Eu players
The ping appears to be high, but it is playable for the cause we are even on the server. The 200ping was not that big of a deal. It's actually fine because you don't really get those annoying lagspikes, it feels like 80ish ping to me.
: New Account, don´t have any champions, and now i cant play :(
Even if it appears that you have no ip or RP( had the same thing) i just attempted to buy and it worked. everything updated and i had all i need to spend an hour buying hampions;)
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: Graves bugs?
Is runnans supposed to work on Graves? Because I tried using it, didn't seem to work. Confusiiing
: [Visual Bug] Summoners spells a little misplaced out of border squares
It doesnt happen every game, i had the same thing when i was i na loading sreen with victorious Sivir. Thought it's because of the skin, seems a lil random now
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I have the same thing. whenever the game finishes, it doesn't focus on the nexus, it hust freezes and then shows the victory or defeat screen. In every gamemode.
: Not able to buy PBE starter kit (champions)
I have the same problem, couldn't buy it, had to manually buy every champion..


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