: Corki PBE Feedback Thread
Will the package have a different cooldown on non Summoner's Rift maps? I ask because I mostly play ARAM.
: The one thing I can't find myself getting accustomed to are the [Cooldown icon changes](http://i.imgur.com/fZ8a3sY.png) the white circle isn't intuitive and it feels like my CD's are just grey icons until they're active unlike the [live CD icons](http://i.imgur.com/gD8taI8.png) which I think are perfect and do what they're intended to. There's the numbers which are fine since both have them but numbers aren't as reactionary as the live clock system. Praying this isn't overlooked.
I feel the same way, right now it appears the same way as when you don't level the skill.
: [PBE Feedback] "New Missile System" - Rewriting Skillshots
I don't have video of it, but I've noticed while playing ARAM on PBE that some skillshots from Fog of War seem to come from a very high altitude. It was most noticeable against Ziggs, also I was west side.
: Ekko Feedback Thread
His head seems a bit too big, the proportions don't seem right.
: We've changed the visuals since Poro King so are very interested to hear feedback from you guys regarding that. Are the snowballs obvious enough (trail, model, hitbox, etc)? Was it easy to understand when someone dashed to you? Etc. I've personally been looking forward to this change very much. We saw good trends in _Legend of the Poro King_ making certain traditionally 'lame duck' Howling Abyss champions quite viable. It turns out all you need to smash a Sona is some extra hard engage. :)
After having played on live it's still kind of hard to see, especially from Fog of War, I wish there were some contrast to it.
: ARAM Improvements Incoming!
I don't mind the addition of the Mark/Dash thing, just make it way more visually obvious, it was hard to see in the fray in the Legend of the Poro King.
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: Same as mentioned above. Also statistics are not "personalised" - I dont know which are mine.
You can hover over the portrait on the left and it'll show the summoner name.
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: [Pathing Line] Pathing line does not show full movement path
It should be noted that it happens in fog of war areas.
: Nasus is on PBE! Please post bugs/feedback here!
I wasn't able to hit inhibitors or the nexus, I believe it's a range issue, since I was able to after using my ultimate. Also, super minions couldn't hit inhib or nexus.


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