: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: DUNKMASTER IVERN
i feel like people already said everything about this skin that it shouldve been said, but i have to say that the SFX is excellent. the build-up for his passive is very unique and i hope that, even if the skin gets cancelled, yall use it for something else.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Hextech Jarvan IV!
Really underwhelming skin, specially when you take into consideration that his last 2 skins were blue. Yeah yeah SSG was a team skin and was light blue, but J4 just looks so out of tone with the Hextech theme, especially when you take into consideration that, minus Annie (which looks like a doll + has Tibbers), he would be the only human champion with the theme since its revamp. I think some of it are good (his ult model looks like a big blue crown and the W shield looks really clean), but it's not something that I would personally buy at 1350 and certainly not at 10 gemstones. Like someone said here, it's also really weird that someone got a Dunkmaster skin in this patch and not him that literally does that with his ultimate.
: eh it's one game every day for 3 days a week to acquire 9000 RP and get past the old grants system, it's still more obtained content than the BE system.
>more obtained content not really. daily missions were 50 BE and every item was 1 BE, making 50 items per day. with 3k rp per day you can get 3 or 4 max.
: RP on PBE, it’s back!
i think this is a good step, but it's kinda shitty because, well, people will play games only for RP and i think everyone knows how toxic PBE can be. maybe, like other people said, get back co-op vs. ai games and maybe also aram? since urf is probably going to the vault again which leaves solo q only. also, i can't do the math right now but with every new patch comes skins+chromas+items+wards, which would be WAY WAY more than 3k rp total (2 epic skins is already 2.7k). i guess people are just gonna RP grind which may be your goal but it just doesn't feel good. my suggestion for this issue would be maybe getting the new stuff for 50% off in the first three days that they are going live, which would reward people that read s@20/forums. don't get me wrong, i really miss RP on PBE, but i think this just sounds very greedy for a beta environment. a few people already have the idea that PBE is only for skins and with this update it would be basically correct. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: LeaverBuster has to be here in order to prevent people from “ah you know it’s PBE what do I care /ragequit.” If people have bad internet, they shouldn’t play. Crashes that happen server side aren’t *that* common and historically people have been quick to notice them and stop playing until it’s fixed. You don’t get LeaverBuster for the server going in to maintenance. Everyone is disconnected, the game is deleted, there’s no history of it. As far as the server and LeaverBuster is concerned, the game never happened in the first place. Curious for you to have 30 upvotes within 30 minutes without any comments, though.
this is not a good way to think, imo. people rage quit in pbe regardless of leave buster so the people who get crashes/game issues that get fucked. also, sometimes the problem isn't server side but with one new update the client somehow doesn't go well with someone's pc and thats not uncommon at all. your comment just sounds very entitled just because you're one of the few (really, you are, because most games end up in remake bc people don't connect/keep reconnecting and not on purpose) that don't get issues with pbe. good for you i guess?
: Can you remove leaver buster from the pbe?
i never got the proper leave buster (20 minutes or so), but just yesterday the game crashed so bad that by the time i was reconnecting the game got remaked. and then i got the 5 minutes leave buster because i "quit" then decided to just close pbe tbh this is getting more severe in the last few patches {{sticker:sg-janna}}
: [Hextech Crafting] Rerolling 3 Skins into 1 permanent skin occasionally also gives non-skins items
working as intended; iirc this is also enabled in normal servers {{sticker:leblanc-funny}}
: wait.... If this bug happens do we count as AFK? Will Riot ban us??
Maybe someone can correct me, but I think banning AFK people is a very rare thing to happen in PBE bc the servers are very buggy and stuff. They usually ban people that use slurs or very hard flaming.

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