: why championship zed. the only way he has been relevant is that he was perma banned for a long time after the changes to QSS and then gutted. he has been completely irrelevant in pro play other than a couple patches where he was a pocket pick into azir.
I don't think the championship skins have ever really had anything to do with what was meta that season (except when they happen by accident) - those are the Victorious skins.
: [6.14] Cooldown Pings on PBE
Just to verify, this won't interfere with self-casting spells with the Alt+[key] shortcut will it?
: What specifically about her auto attacks?
Harrier is slower than her normal autos is the big one (the sound may just be playing earlier, but it's definitely easier to cancel). Other than that, Harrier marks take forever to be proc-able, and it feels clunky - but that's a considerably lesser gripe. Like the proposed design changes, though. I'm in the camp of her E being her keystone spell, and her Q being a lot of power budget that she didn't need (especially with blind being an unreliable mechanic).
: Instant feedback updates land on PBE
A ... are we encouraged to test this feature? {{champion:48}}
: We've changed the visuals since Poro King so are very interested to hear feedback from you guys regarding that. Are the snowballs obvious enough (trail, model, hitbox, etc)? Was it easy to understand when someone dashed to you? Etc. I've personally been looking forward to this change very much. We saw good trends in _Legend of the Poro King_ making certain traditionally 'lame duck' Howling Abyss champions quite viable. It turns out all you need to smash a Sona is some extra hard engage. :)
I personally feel like the visibility is awful on it - but that's mostly because the map is saturated in blue, and the skillshot is trying to be thematically similar. That said, it's waaaay better than the (default) poros were (and underwold TF's cards).
: > [{quoted}](name=Beniga,realm=PBE,application-id=cMKtzQHY,discussion-id=VXmFTGw2,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2015-04-08T01:07:30.406+0000) > > God I hope this comment is a joke. > > Can people really not understand why all champions unlocked will never happen in a permanent fashion? yes why would all champions be made available in the game mode called "**_all _ random** all mid" truly baffling
Sooo ... yeah. This is "All" as in "Everyone" (just like the second "All in the phrase - it's almost like they're the same word). Back when there wasn't an official gamemode, it had to be emphasized that everyone had to random (and everyone had to go play midlane only). I guess EOGMLAPIMLO (everyone go mid lane and play in mid lane only) wasn't as catchy a game mode name.

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