: The chances of champ skins is actually very low, Mostly because of the fact they would have to re-skin EACH skin to have the level armors (silver and gold for lv 2 and 3). Though i believe there was mention of tests of it. The skins likely to show are the ones that are easy to add that specific armor/color changes to for sake of showing. But at the same time, this could be quite confusing to the player base because it can change a champ to look different and can mess up your counter play against a specific comp because you missed that that was a different champ.
About the confusion for new players is a good point actually, didn't think of it, however, there could be an option for disabling the skins, so it won't mess up with them, and about the armor for the levels, in my opinion, it would be just a matter of time if they wished, although with the big crew I guess they have wouldn't take it too long. Anyways, thanks for the comment because it's a good point to take into consideration :)
: TFT going into live. Will it be a problem?
well im not sure with it, bcause we all know what happened with clash, don't we? although all the matches won't be starting at the same time, which seems to be the biggest problem, but I've never seen a so big waiting time, so it might cause some problems I guess.
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