: Arcane Comet ticks down the cooldown whenever you deal spell damage so it's generally good on DFT champs. Teemo is better with Glacial Augment or Dark Harvest.
I initially thought that too, but Summon Aery is so much more reliable than Arcane Comet. The problem with Arcane Comet is that it launches it in a small AOE that can easily be walked out of. It feels really bad to use Arcane Comet on most of the champs (except when you land a snare/stun that keeps them in place for the comet). It's like launching a skillshot IF you hit your skillshot for champions with skillshot poke such as but not limited to Varus. I do agree that Teemo is better with another Keystone.
: When you level up, from 30 to 31, you get every reward from 1 to 31
Yeah it happened to me too. It's really annoying because a lot of the images weren't even showing up. They should just have a more concise notification saying "Check for rewards upon level up" or something like that because pressing ok ok ok {{champion:33}} is ridiculous. I hope it's fixed before it reaches live.
: Yep. Swain SHOULD be going this Rune tree but its worthless. Iron Skin should be a flat out Damage reduction that scales over time. Making Tanky champs flat more tanky that even works on True damage. Mirror Shell should be a reflection damage like Thornmail but for all forms of damage not just auto attacks Revitalize should be Flat scaling bonus not % (So heals would be what ever the heal is + 20-120 kind of thing) Second Wind should be like a mini-{{item:3083}} where you heal for % of you MAX hp over 10s after taking damage. Thing is Damage is king right now and only SOME champs who stack tons and tons of Def are doing well *cough* Sejauni *cough*. Swain with the New runes is really hurting. He was in the top 10 for Top lane and mid lane and I cant see him in the top 30 after this.
1. From what I understand, Swain most likely should NOT be prioritizing this rune tree. With that said, Swain is in an awkward spot with no DFT replacement. However, Swain can definitely take Resolve as a secondary tree. Especially if anything you suggested goes through. 2. Damage reduction that scales over time sounds intriguing, with that said % damage reduction would most likely be easier to balance because flat reduction that scales could be a problem because some champs if under leveled against an opponent with this flat reduction that scales would end up dealing no damage. Also, reducing true damage doesn't make sense considering that true damage cannot be reduced or increased by usual means. 3. Mirror Shell being damage reflection for all damage sources would be excessive. However, if this was exclusively against abilities it would be fine. Bramble Vest is already insane as it is. 4. I disagree, flat boost early on sounds too excessive but at the same time too underwhelming later. 5. Second wind healing for max HP would be problematic, especially with the interaction with Spirit Visage. Unless it had a decent cooldown with missing health instead of max. Should also only proc when below a certain HP threshold. 6. Agreed, with all this said, imagine how insane Sej would be with this variation of the Resolve tree. On a whole different level. 7. Agreed, but the problem isn't just Swain and the Resolve tree, there's a bigger overlying problem with the new runes in general as some champs don't have a good Keystone to use, and some that do have a good Keystone are forced down a tree they don't want to prioritize or want in general. Hopefully the problem will fix itself if they add and change runes proactively. Swain isn't the only champion hurting from new runes, a lot of champs are.
: Press the Attack Feedback
True damage isn't counted in damage increase (with a few notable exceptions). Damage increase has only historically worked with only Physical or Magic damage.
: He doesn't deal dmg on live tbh. I literally couldnt kill a ~300 hp taliyah (with no armor items) with tiamat ignite and E at level ~9...HOW??! (also had hexdriner and red smite).. They failed harder with this rework than Kog'Maw last season.
I agree. I honestly wish they'd fully revert him. He was 100% fine before Rito touched him.
As a fellow former Shaco main (primarily full AD but also have done AP and Bruiser) I completely agree that E shouldn't be changed to magic. E changing to physical only means armor pen and lethality scales slightly better with the huge con of tanks tend to go armor more than MR making the damage more negligible. E being magic also always AP Shaco to get magic pen and would hurt AP Shaco even more despite damage on lower health going up. The way they made Shaco now means he barely has any front loaded damage in the first place ever since the crit was moved to backstab and E base damage was gutted. Given you're supposed to put points into Q early on (at the minimum you'd have 3) it feels really bad that the AD ratio scales with level (especially being a bonus ratio instead of total). Shaco's damage is going to become laughable and they're going to have to either fully rework him or just revert him to prerework state. Tbh I don't even know why they nerfed his E ratios in the first place given his E base damage is horrendous at best. I'd rather them buff backstab % rather than doing something that'll hurt Shaco more or even just reverting the Q cooldown nerf. I don't think this is the correct way of buffing/changing Shaco, but if they were to do something to E to help Shaco, just make the base damage a bit higher (65-165ish at least), and make the Bonus ratio 120% in the first place.
: Lissandra passive changes
I think the changes were interesting in that the passive infinitely gives her mana by hitting abilities as well as the enhanced auto giving 1 damage as well for each spell/enhanced auto hit. With that in mind {{item:3003}} may be viable on her because you'll be able to essentially farm mana which with {{item:3003}} also gives you the ability to farm AP like {{champion:45}} . With that said, it seems really overloaded to get mana as well as enhancing the auto's damage when you take this in to consideration, especially if they added the change where you get missing mana back by self casting the ult. I think the passive auto is a good idea, but the infinite mana could be problematic if they buffed her any further.
: It's a massive nerf, but the low elo morons who don't play the champion keeps claiming it's a buff when it's not even close. The Q CD is a buff, but it doesn't buff the way Shaco is meant to be played. Shaco isn't a bruiser who constantly gap closes on you like Jax or Irelia, so a lower CD Q isn't a massive buff like it would be on those champs. His playstlyle consists of using his absurd Q Stealth to get in range to one shot, but to one shot, he needs to build almost strictly damage and combo extremely well. Someone like Rengar or Kha zix can go a lot tankier (cleaver + deadman's) and still do the same amount, if not more damage than a full damage shaco. The removal of the damage on Q (80 at lvl 5) is a MASSIVE nerf since his burst will be greatly reduced from the removal of that damage and the AP ratio on Q is now gone. You might say, but the AP ratio is on backstab now! And Yes, it is on backstab, but a lot of situations you won't be able to get in position to backstab so you will find yourself not even being able to use that AP ratio anymore and the removal of the flat damage is a massive nerf AD Shaco. The problem with Shaco, as it stands, is not even close to being his damage. Compared to Talon, Rengar or Kha zix, he's not even close to compteting with these 3 champions in that regard. Shaco's thing that makes him a little too strong is his absurd stealth duration Q (4.5 seconds at lvl 5). That let's him cover way too much distance without counterplay and get in range to kill someone if he builds full damage without much counterplay outside of building a zhonyas or a GA. A better nerf would be reducing the stealth duration to 4 seconds or 3.75 seconds at lvl 5 to make him have to use Q properly rather than gutting his damage and making him very inconsistent.
Honestly I agree. The duration before the rework was 3.5 flat. The way they're nerfing Shaco is more than Tank Ekko level. The thing that makes me more disappointed is that this gives more incentive to build a tankier on-hit build rather than full damage. AP Shaco might be ok but full AD Shaco after is just going to be terrible. Shaco's win rate is most likely going to go down from 55ish~ to probably around 40. It's going to be disgusting.
: Quoting Extreme person: > As bruiser shaco continues to be completely oppressive for yet another patch, I was REALLY hoping riot would do the right thing and hit the hidden utility shacos kit brings. Maybe hit the amount his clone can tank epic monsters or nerf the clone's dps. Maybe hit the box fear. If that fails, then go after his base damages WHILE COMPENSATING WITH SCALINGS THAT DON'T SUCK. 20/35/50/65/80 (+0) (+50% Ability Power) that CAN crit to 40% ap damage on backstab is a HORRENDOUS tradeoff. Now the break-even point to do as much damage as before is 3 backstabs, which is at least 4 seconds of hitting someone if you have cdr. It's proof now that Riot is either all-inning on the bruiser build, or theyre so incompetent that they don't realize that all this means is people will go gunblade tank instead of triforce tank. With this coming patch, carry shaco will be officially dead, it's been a good run boys, we ekko now. https://www.reddit.com/r/shacomains/comments/61h3a0/if_the_new_base_damage_removal_follows_through_on/
40% AP Ratio on Q that can crit* But yeah this is really bad to say the least. They're nerfing Shaco's already horrendous base damage along with a potion of the AP ratio when it crits. The fact that they're also nerfing backstab doesn't help his late game damage either. I definitely agree his hidden utility needs to be hit in some way while making sure his damage isn't gutted (with that being said Shaco's damage is super low for an assassin already). The only tank items that are even relatively efficient on Shaco are those that give him damage/utility such as Deadman's Plate, Guardian Angel, Steraks Gage, Maw against AP heavy teams and on EXTREME occasions when the enemy is full AD and you're forced to build tanky Thornmail. The problem with building a tankier build on Shaco is that Shaco's damage is relatively low to begin with (aside from his clone being able to use ALL of Shaco's on-hit effects he already has including but not limited to Sheen, Herald, Statikk, Dead Mans, etc.). The point is that the answer is to not gut Shaco's already horrendous base damage and passive ratio. Doing so makes full AD Shaco even weaker considering the crit multiplier is down along with some base damage that was already gone to begin with. AP Shaco also doesn't appreciate the changes as the AP ratio on Q-Backstab got nerfed along with the base damage on Q being removed. Bruiser Shaco unfortunately will be the most viable thing to play if this nerf goes through and even then it still doesn't look very good. The nerf to E's AD ratio was already questionable as they were targeting Shaco's minimal burst without his clone. The only way Shaco could burst a squichy target from 100 to 0 is when a Shaco is so insanely ahead with herald because of getting a lead in the first place. With the Q damage removed, ratio on crit nerfed, and the Q cooldown higher at early levels makes it extremely difficult for Shaco to get a lead with minimal base damage along with now minimal scaling. This makes Shaco even more reliant on building Tri and also nerfs his mid game power spike on getting IE on full AD Shaco. If this goes through I'm not playing Shaco until some form of compensation buffs occurs (if they ever do). Also I think if you think what you quoted is extreme, this is on a whole other level. The quote only scratched the surface of the nerf. Thinking it over this is a lot huger than I initially thought it would be. I think if these changes go through, Shaco's win rate is going to plummet dramatically.
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: Corki R does less damage than autos
I'm fine with the idea of them taking away Corki's safe waveclear with R (like doing a smaller % of damage to minions). I'm not ok with simply taking away essential damage to his kit. Corki is a great mid laner and he is strong but there are other mid laners that are on par if not better than Corki. If this was a slight nerf to his E than sure that's some damage taken away in a way that doesn't take him out of mid lane. R is essential damage and poke that Corki has and is largely what makes him good.
: Well in case of masteries, in my opinion they all are intented to work best at late game. Just look how much percentage values are there. Because gold income has been increased you can get to late game faster making average game time shorter. There is no need to flat stats in masteries as they work only early game wich now will be shorter. You can always cover flat stats with runes.
I agree on late game coming a bit faster than usual. It's not even just normal gold income. It's also experience you get from kills as well.
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