: Riot hasn’t announced anything (whatever you saw on the NA Boards may have been an exploit until Riot fixed it, but I cannot say for certain without a link/source) so until Riot announces a 1v1 option in practice tool, we should treat it as a bug. Will look into that tomorrow.
: It’s a different issue, actually: the real bug is that you can invite him in the first place. The fact that you cannot start a game is intended. Practice tool isn’t designed and built for two people.
Hmm, very strange... I read back on the NA live forums that it was working?
: There is no multiplayer practice tool. They never has... Please only provide feedback within a discussion that is related to the post.
: Practice tool is single-only. Sorry, you just can't pull of a practice game with a friend.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Ally Skin Previews in Champion Select
This may seem off topic, but multiplayer practice tool games are NOT working...
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: Agree with you mate, my last game kata, was so toxic and then ragequit, I still did not see any notification from IFS, or see him stop playing, coz she's been doing this since long
And there is nothing that can be done because most Americans/Europeans can't understand them. Not trying to be racist, but they all need to be banned
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: I think you're being a pretty toxic individual yourself with this post BUT... I do agree brazilians are way WAY WAY too toxic, I understand portuguese and I've been told to "take a cumshot in my vagina", "kill myself", "get cancer" and super bad stuff like that Same goes with latinamericans, I speak and understand both spanish and portuguese, they flame and go unpunished cause americans just can't understand them.
: First of all, you are as TOXIC as the people you are complaining about and you shouldn't be on PBE. Second, you are racist, no doubt about it. Third, your oldest post or comment on the boards is from 2 days ago, so stop acting like you are on the pbe for years. Fourth, i will report you and make a ticket to the support team about you.
: No you didn't. Stop lying. Your account is 5 days old tops.
: We need to build a virtual wall
And no, reporting and moving on doesn't fucking worked, already tried it. Fuck off with that
: What about us,veterans?
It's always those FUCKING BR PLAYERS
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: Try clicking "Cure Cancer" next time.
: Riot, I think it's time to close PBE signups
I can confirm the PBE was WAY less toxic back when it was hard to get in (I know because I got in the hard way)
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