: It's not too many players crashing the servers. It's too many games running that is crashing the server. And the recent opening of PBE sign ups didn't change anything, it has always been like this. If people actually played normals instead of customs to try out new champs and find bugs like intended then there would be no need for this. If everybody on live servers suddenly all went to play a custom game with 9 bots then yes, servers would collapse. It would be like a huge DDOS attack on the servers since it has to process millions of games at once.
>It's not too many players crashing the servers. It's too many games running that is crashing the server. aint that the same when it comes to new champs?? everyone will runs to try em on the sandbox mode rather than dive in straight to a match as it was on the old times.
: It's like this because the server can't handle as many custom games as people make to test new champs.
yes but, what was the point of increasing the PBE user if they were then complain that too much people were crashing the servers?
: It's due to capacity issues. I made a post here that I'll be updating: https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bugs/xOdB4IEv-known-current-issue-game-starts-delayed-due-to-capacity-practice-tool-disabled
any ETA on when Practice tool will be back?? its been a real hazzle getting into a game, people is dodging a lot cause they dont get to try Zoe
: Yes, we are aware there are player behavior issues on PBE. But reporting just like you would on live, helps our player behavior react appropriately. Please see this recently posted thread as an example: https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/general-pbe-feedback/Eo1l98p8-satisfaction However, please keep in mind that players may not be playing at their best, since they will be playing champs they may not know for testing purposes. In addition, as PBE can experience instability, like crashes. Some players look like they are AFKing, however, they are really having trouble connecting. I know it's frustrating, but please use your best judgement in reporting, and our systems will do the job. In addition, reporting inappropriate names to player support directly works wonders. Thanks all
is not about the play skill, but recently the amount of toxicity have escalated. people rage quit, insta lock, etc etc etc
: Health Bar Update Bugs
sometimes the healbars of wards will just do a weird fly motion when the minimap overlaps em
: Kleptomancy is a great rune, but it crowds your inventory and has too much RNG
I think the rune itself is balanced as it is, I see it something more oriented for early game advantages (gold, random goodie, rewards aggressive play style) than something you would depend on for mid/ late game.
: Runes Reforged and Rune Page Limits Testing
I understand limiting the amount of pages, but then, can why keep the "default" runes pages locked up? To be fair after you familiarize yourself with em, they plain and simple just become an eyesore IMO. like being there without you being able to do anything. also Store is not loading http://puu.sh/xW2ez/864fb697ce.jpg
: Simultaneous Draft Picks are now enabled on PBE!
Glad too see Draft back, Blind pick usually was a kerfuffle about who taking what lane My only concern with Draft, is that People forget PBE is to test for bugs and error, not main accounts for Ranked. so whenever there is a new Champion or updated on. those usually always get stuck in the Ban phase. Is there a way to make from your (Riot) end that certain champions cant be banned during Draft?
: A draft mode, but with no bans, seems like it would be most effective to me. Bans don't work when the goal of the games is play testing. That said, a draft mode would allow for much better quality test games. Players being able to choose the roles they are proficient in would make the games. Mirror matches and players being forced into rolls they aren't proficient in kinda ruins the data. Is master Yi with press the attack op? Maybe. What if he is against a jungler with a solid plan to shut him down? Banning Yi wont give the answer, but having Yi go against another jungler main that isn't playing another Yi could provide a clue to the answer.
This basically. PBE is intended to test out mostly glitch, yet people think is they Ranked Account so any new champ on release was almost always perma banned .
: Manaflow Band needs a buff indicator on top of the ablities bar (like the keystone runes) for its CD
I agree about a timer to know when will be up, BUT, there do is a visual indicator to know WHEN is up, you see blue rings/ bands around the arms of the champions when MF Band is ready
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: Haha I never even though about {{champion:157}} , that could potentially be a great option as well I bet.
yasuo is even more OP cause low cooldown, and no mana
: I made a thread already with this but just in case no one sees it I'll post it here <3 I absolutely adore Kleptomancy. I&#039;ll be blunt at first, this is hands down the most fun and interactive mastery I&#039;ve ever used. I seriously l o v e using this keystone, I really hope you guys keep it in and don&#039;t remove it and/or heavily change it. There&#039;s nothing that can describe how exciting it is to see a surprise item appear in your inventory, even mana pots and stealth wards!!! This is seriously such an enjoyable and interesting mechanic that works wonders on champions like {{champion:81}} and{{champion:41}} in addition to champs like ranged supports. Some people might not like the RNG mechanic of what you get but I honestly love it to death, id find it extremely boring if it just gave you a health pot say every 3 procs of it. I&#039;m sorry if this post is horribly structured, this is my first time using the PBE boards and I just wanted to express my appreciation to Riot for making this amazing keystone :D Also, others, what do you think of it?
you talking about Kleptomancy, right?? the mastery do is fun but I can see it out right being abused 1) long range AA champ have an advantage. 2) to the 2 you mentioned + add {{champion:157}} their Q is counts both as an Spell and an AA so it procs Klepto 3) you can sell the RNG item on store, add in the 1-5 Gold you already get, it means that your champion will get the gold advantage earlier
: I absolutely adore Kleptomancy
actually cause it works on "on hit effects" like {{champion:41}} {{champion:81}} and ,everyone Favorite Champ, {{champion:157}}, Q, given the extra range I can see it being abused a hell to get gold curve advantage in Lane.
: Runes Reforged PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread
So Regarding Legend Stacks. Any type of Minions gives 3% Large Monsters camps: 13% Epic Monsters: 65% regarding Large Monster is it by design that the 13% progress for Legend Stack is granted the moment you split the Ancient Krug into the 2 Krugs?? Epic monster: Seems kinda unbalanced that relatively :easy: Epic monster like the 4 elemental dragons give the same % than Ancient Dragon, Baron and Herald.
: Maybe if they buffed the 5% on iron skin and mirror shell to 10% but like I said in the post, that small wait mixed in with the fact that you get double the base stats from conditioning just makes it way better. On top of that you don't have to rely on a healer/potions to proc the percentage buff.
maybe is something aimed to Jungles ???
: Hey, Runes are looking great. Really excited to experiment around more with some of the different runes. However, I was disappointing to see a complete lack of lethality anywhere in any of the runes. A lot of people run lethality runes and depend on them for their playstyle. Is it possible that precision will ever be swapped out to lethality/magic pen adaptive? Would love to hear your thoughts on this suggestion. You should be able to get lethality from runes somehow! In addition, what is the full list of consumables that drop from Kleptomacy? Thanks guys! - Spection
Health Potion Mana Potion Biscuit Oracle Extract Stealth Ward Control Ward Farsight Ward Sack of Gold This is all what I have got so far
: From what I understand it has to be 3 separate instances of damage not unique. Unique is just bad wording that I hope they change so for an example 3 auto attacks would proc it but I am pretty sure dot effects only count as 1 instance so something like Cass miasma would only count as one instance of damage. Not sure if this helps but that's just what I have figured out
Yeah is like old Thunder Lord Decree basically
: Runes Reforged PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread
Small detail, but it will be good if Kleptomancy description specified that only procs on Champions and that it has a 3 seconds cooldown
: Made a post about this but figured it wouldn't hurt to post it here as well. So in the resolve tree you get a choice between Iron Skin, Mirror Shell, and Conditioning. Iron skin gives you 3 armor and 5% increased armor when you get healed by 20. Mirror shell is the same thing but instead of armor it's magic resist. Now conditioning gives 6 armor AND magic resist + after 10 minutes it increases your armor and magic resist by 5% at ALL times. I just feel that out of the three you only really have one option. The other two are just worse versions of conditioning. Yeah you have to wait 10 minutes but every game is going past that point and you get so much more value. Any thoughts from anyone else?
I think that's how it works, Scales and mirror are intended for Early game champ maybe making 5 Armor/ MR and extending the 5% will make em more appeal able?
: Kleptomancy in the Jungle
Either by design or by Mistake Kleptomancy dont work on Jungle monster which is a massive let down
: List of champions who needs compensation for AD marks removal and haven't gotten it yet.
not really cause ALL champions lost something where AD, AP, Armor, Health, so its not like magically now Tanks will be able to stands ADC. if anything the only that would need a nerf will be Jungle monsters and minions not champions emselves
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