: You are brand new, it takes a few days to get everything set up. Also I wouldn't admit that you have played on another persons account as that is against the rules of the PBE. The Normals Draft mode is the mode we are testing so that is normals games. You will have to wait until you get your IP/RP which should take awhile due to all of the server demand, new accounts, and changes happening right now. So be patient. The Champion Bundle also does not work, and you will have to purchase runes and rune pages with the full price of IP. So start planning ahead for what you are gonna get because you only get 100k to start. So read the FAQ's, get to know where and how you can bug report and sit tight because it's gonna take a bit to get new players fully set up. Welcome to the PBE! You will be testing in no time! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Well I admitted it and I'm still here! Guess they don't seem to mind ;)
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