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: Black Market Brawler completely stops after 10+ minutes
Yup, black market games dc between 10-15 minutes each time.
: "False on chat"
This also popped up on my first chat message in game in green text.
: Can't see point into skill
I can confirm this too, the skill level stars are missing from the HUD now.
: Twisted tree line
I do agree on this actually, why not put up a timer for at least vilemaw :P
: 'Hexakill: Twisted Treeline' (with BANS!) featured game mode now live on the PBE!
Thanks, this mode is far more balanced with the added ban phase to remove certain ungodly threats that otherwise ruin the experience. {{champion:55}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:37}}
: Draven Axe Bug
Was supporting a Draven player last night, where his Q wouldn't activate at all. He still made the best of it.
: [Visual Bug] Viktor Infinite Shield
I have seen this as well on hexakill on an enemy viktor. It can be rather confusing to look at despite it being just a cosmetic bug.
: Can't log in
Going to add my confirm that I can't get in. :P Spent 3 hours with it minimized, no dice.
: Cinderhulk needs to be disabled till fixed its damage either has one 0 too many in its damage per second, or has one 0 too few in how often it deals damage.
In the meantime, I suggest playing aram? No cinderhulk to abuse there.
: (Bug Report)Cinderhulk Doing 10 Times Intended Damage
In the meantime, I suggest playing aram where theres no cinderhulk :)
: Cinder hulk bugged
Cinderhulk needs to be disabled till fixed its damage either has one 0 too many in its damage per second, or has one 0 too few in how often it deals damage.
: Ahri Q Bug - Killing my own minions, turrets, and even teamates!
Gamebreaking bug. xD She can gain her allies shutdown gold to deny the enemy.
: No, I played this game last night. My brother, who also has a pbe account, has played in multiple games with this result.
I can vouch that this has been happening as of late. When a Bard passes X number of chimes people start to dc heavily all around. It seems to prefer crashing bard's teammates more.
: Luden's Echo Passive don't work
Are you sure its not working? Watch closely because the item doesnt visably show its working yet, like how shiv does.
: Client Keeps Crashing
Mhm, I can vouch for this. Both sides keep experiancing constant bugsplats.
: Cinderhulk is great! after you build it, however because it costs 1000 gold to grab this item and 450 to upgrade machete i feel like this item doesn't really help tank junglers all that much, as it doesn't help them with first or even second clear of the jungle which is when most of these tank junglers fall so behind in being able to farm and gank versus the bruiser junglers like Vi and J4. This is most definitely a move in the right direction however it doesn't help with the issues that junglers like Sejuani and Zac are having, which is clear time and being healthy enough to gank afterwards. Sejuani can just barely finish one side of the jungle burning 2 pots and waiting for cd's before starting each camp, junglers that struggle this much to clear their own jungle need help faster than 1450 gold into the game.
The real fix for them early isnt the cinderhulk; its gromp. It allows a sion that normally does 4 camps and back to full clear now.
: Buffed my jungle shen! Jusy a question on how the two (sunfire and cinderhulk) interact? Does the one that will do the most damage take precedence?
It's a unique passive, so sunfire and cinderhulk do not stack.
: Tanks on Fire - Incoming Cinderhulk + Gromp changes
Cinderhulk is an amazing improvement over its earlier incarnation in juggernaut. It gives tank junglers something they need badly, clear time, damage on ganks and stats they love later on. I've been testing it on {{champion:14}} and {{champion:113}} and it fits perfectly with them.
: Bard's health packs are way too hard to see in bushes
It would be nice for your allied bard's medkits were more visable in bushes, I can agree.
: What's this? Urgot buff?
He is already en route for a rework. This buff and the next few are bandaids to cover him while they get to him :P
: VI.............nerf harder plz
From the way they nerfed her, I think their trying to nerf her early ganks during the time window where tanky junglers like sion are in downtime farming to 6.
: Even (more) thoughts on the new Veigar from a Veigar main.
This isn't complaining, its the actual truth. I can vouch that veigar has only two skills in his kit now that can be used. At this rate he might wind up in top lane because mid laners don't have to respect the box at all any more.
: I agree with you that he is definitely a higher-level support in terms of play-style and strategy. He is definitely a niche pick that teams needs to work with. That being said, I do believe though as a support champion he should have some leeway between laning and roaming. All of the current gp10 items require some lane presence. Right now I feel like he does need some gold incentive for chimes. He feels to me like he should just run around the map getting chimes, looking for kill opportunities, controlling objectives, and warding/removing wards. I feel like his play-style is similar to a jungler, minus farming the jungle.
I find his best windows to roam are after a kill, when the lane is pushed back, or when the enemy bot lane or your adc has recalled for whatever reason. Theres plenty of good windows to walk off and roam, just give him a week of play :D
: why is pbe always down
Perhaps their coding mandrake ward back in.
: What are good times to use Bard's R?
-If your jungler has arrived for a gank, it is a good idea to turn off the tower. -If your coming in for a gank while roaming, use it to catch someone over extended from their tower or cut off their escape route. -If you are in danger of dying in a fight, ult yourself when people try to chase you as bait to lead them to their doom. -Block enemy smites with his ult and help kill them mid objective fight. -Save your own tower if help is on the way. The possibilities are near endless :P
: What if Bard had a thornmail like passive + gold from chimes?
Giving someone like bard a thornmail passive would make him nigh unkillable and a toxic nightmare the moment he rushes frozen heart. :P
: Thoughts on Bard
Bard's chimes start off close to him, then slowly fan away to encourage him to roam. A smart bard will determine the right times to go roam and leave one or two health shrines for the adc. From there he can go roam if hes not needed bot, dropping off medkits or invading with your jungler for easy kills. It's not imperative you collect every single one like thresh souls. Just look around the map and make judgements as to where your really needed. Bard kind of plays like an lcs level support that actually benefits from it. That said bard also works best with adcs that dont require babysitting like caitlyn, sivir, corki and trist. Botos of swiftness/mobility also lets him zoom through the map really easily. I can start w and leave one at top, mid and the bottom side buff camp and make it back before minions arrive in lane.
: Wait what. I thought the whole point of his Q was to last hit and get more damage. Kind of like nasus Q... except he gets AP... That way you can farm up easily early game, avoid fights as much as possible, and eventually turn into an unstoppable machine that is able to E stun carries from a long range and W / R to kill them. :)
Math wise even if you throw in the fact that his q double stacks, he actually does 35% LESS damage late game than pre nerf. They kinda hid an olaf level nerf in the form of "compensation". o_O;
: I will just say this once for the new AP STATIK Item.
This item is not meant to make it infinatly easier for leblanc and katarina to 100-0 every champion in the book instantly. I like the fact that it does gradual damage from proccing it multiple times in a standoff, or a seige. Riot is trying to push assasins away, not make more point and click instant death like ap tristana, as an example. Even Veigar, the champion whos identity as a burst mage has had his burst removed. :P
: bard portals
{{champion:268}} has this already by getting an assists from his ult's movement speed bonus, why not?
: Bard's Chime Placement
Most chimes will start next to bard early on, and as time goes on they will fan out further and further. It's up to him to make the call as to weather or not to go for these, maybe invading with the jungler for a kill. It's why bard is best with adcs that can handle a temporary 1v2 (corki, cait, tristana... ). Playing bard has actually been teaching me when it might be a good idea to go roam to mid and help gank there. (Also if you want to ward as bard...its a good idea to leave your adc 1-2 health shrines before you go as sustain/escape button).
: the jungle diversity is relly low
We should see what they plan to do this cycle. The way it is now, the only way you'll commonly see new junglers is captains ban lee sin and vi. I saw the new jarvan try to solo krugs and holy cow, at lvl 1 he walked away at 20% with a light leash. =/
: I really don't get why people are getting so worked up. Veigar still has the highest burst of any mage, able to 100-0 all but the tankiest of opponents. Annie comes nowhere close to Veigar. Also, keep in mind that the Annie stun is nowhere near as long as the "baby cage" of veigar, and Veigar doesn't really need a stun, he just needs them to hold still while he brings down all his spells.
Veigar's changes mathwise actually cuts his damage 35%. So a 100-0 is closer to a 100-20 at the moment that requires a horrendous amount of team setup to do. The e also requires them to be stunned so they cant simply 100-0 him from IN the cage, or take him down with them. Because he has to walk up and q them at the right angle. Note the stun has a full one second delay (.25 cast time + .75 delay) which gives you a very odd and wonky window to land anything besides a q.... (add in ult if its up ) which mind you, e---> q is not mana efficient. The full second windup coupled with a metwor that takes 1.2 seconds to land? yeah....
: Veigar
I actually love the new q as well, because the tricky little yordle can squeeze out ap killing the small raptors from his tower as well. W and E though see no use at all though :P
: veigar E
Veigar's stun went from somewhat insanely strong to the worst stun in league :P It has a half second cast time now, paired with a .75 second delay making it one of the most reliable tools I've ever seen to get a fight in in lane or even escape with it. The E being so unrelaible makes his w only to be used for farming, meaning poor veigar only has 2 skills in his kit; a better q and ult :P
: Do the mastery defense tree need updates?
They kind of confirmed their not going to work on masteries THIS season. Maybe for season 6.
: [Dragon Bug] - Dragon buff sound plays to you when enemy team slays dragon without you seeing it.
In addition, in the last game I played, a dead reksai body showed the animation of getting the dragon buff. Is this intended if you have vision on their body?
: new ap item available for testing soon!
This could be pretty interesting as an item. It just has to be carefully crafted so certain mages like Ahri and Leblanc dont run rampant over the entire league cast with it :P That said though veigar and a ton of other lesser used mages would love this!
: Veigar Changes
The Q change overall is pretty good, and his ulti has less cooldown and mana cost (which was a problem when you wanted to lvl 6 all in). His main issue is that his w and e are detatched from his kit and need work to pull it in line with the rest of his kit. 1) Change E warning time to .5 seocnds 2) Increased W fall speed -FIxed and then he's a proper champion again.
: Azir Nerf
I'd say the correct way to go was nerf the early game q damage, and not gut his range. Or at the very least, make points in W increase his soldier's range to encourage his image of being a hypercarry.
: Veigar changes hitting the PBE Soon
Veigar's Q change is good...very good. The Ult change is also nice, less mana and cooldown overall. His problem now is that his W and E no longer mesh with the rest of his kit. A smaller delay on E (a half second) would have counterplay, but not make the stun entirely useless. W having a faster fall speed in addition to this would make everything in his kit mesh perfectly together again.
: [Suggestions] Current Veigar mini-rework, Add Some Flavor!
I played Veigar a fair bit on live and finally got to test it with a pbe pass today. His Q is better...a LOT better. Easier to farm, more stacks and poke in lane without having to get in someones face to trade. I approve of it a lot. The nerf to his R is fair, more of a buff really with the reduced mana cost and cooldown. He no longer has to buy cdr items really, because it all evens out now. The only issue is now his W and E are only usable now to tell people "don't stand here". The stun cage is very dodge-able with its current reset timer. The GOOD news about his current problems is that I think they can be easily fixed, and even make him a relevant and fun champion for all. If his stun time window was cut to about a half second (.5 seconds), it would give enough time for someone to back away if their paying attention, but also give veigar a somewhat usable stun, so he doesn't have to use it as a defensive threat (the way it is now, you cant really use it offensively- they have more then enough time to walk clear of it, or into the box where they can easily dodge the meteor. That said, giving his meteor a shorter fall time would make it an actual part of his kit, and not some random item used to waveclear only. It would make everything mesh so much better. Me, and probably everyone else wouldn't mind Veigar's W being gutted in exchange for it actually being usable. W and E having an interaction together like someone suggested above would also pull his whole kit together and give him a real identity. Long story short, his Q and R are great, his E and W just need to mesh with the rest of his kit. I've been trying to build him like nasus in a sence, get an early rod of ages {{item:3027}} . Gives him sustain, more than enough mana to farm, and will help him scale into late game like riot seems to want him to do now. His laning phase is a lot safer thanks to his q buff alone.

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