: Games not starting
Same. All I did was log in then get into a game. I have no clue what causes this edit: might be done, I just was able to get into a custom, playing as graves
: Minions' projectile
This is for champion gameplay & feedback. That suggestion should go in the General section
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: It's in HTML 5.
So the update has come in and the pbe launcher is no longer in adobe air?
: Runaans Hurricane on Gnar makes his W passive hit three things at once. This is kinda OP when you build him AP attackspeed. Today I saw that Gnar's W passive does equal to the amount of AP you have so I decided to build him with {{item:3115}} {{item:3089}} {{item:3085}} {{item:3020}} {{item:3128}} {{item:3157}} Since my game crashed when I went to attack baron and I was alone in a custom game I cant get the exact Ap or attack speed stats I had, but I do know I had around 600 AP and 2.15 Attack Speed. SO since {{item:3085}} procs with W passive on Mini-nar I was able to hit three enemies at once + 600 + 45 magic damage + 14% max health around every 1.5 sec plus the added attack damage and magic damage from auto attacks. So not sure if this is going to stay like this, but the real focus I would like to show is that Runaans procs with Gnar's W passive.
Until you get into mega gnar 2 seconds later and lose your scalings
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: 1- UTILITY (to herself): E makes her dash as RIVEN,VAYNE ,GRAVES "Active: sona does a quick dash in the direction of your cursor" 2- E makes her have the same effect as ORIANNA W: "sona release a sonic wave around her, dealing magic damage to nearby enemies. The wave leaves behind a sonic disruption for 3 seconds, lowering enemy movement speed and increasing ally movement speed for 2 seconds. This effect diminishes over time." 3- LISSANDRA E Ring of Frost Freezes an area around Lissandra, dealing magic damage to nearby enemies and snaring them for a short time. 4-KARTHUS E +mov.spd active: Drains mana to deal magic damage to nearby enemies each second,max 4 seconds,also increase mov. spd in XX % during 2 seconds,This effect diminishes over time. but I prefer the dash (1), a grinding sona would be the best. sadly,the managers of this rework dont want to hear us...
I really don't like that first option. It makes almost no sense, let alone we don't need anymore mobility creep(untargeted, at least)

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