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: I don't think it is horrible, but some stuff really does need to be tweaked. Anytime you change something people have muscle memorized, there is going to be complaints until they get used to it. Being able to relocate things would make it a much more personal experience and given that pretty much every MMO, and most recent games allow you move things around, its a pretty strong argument for being able to move elements. Just watch several people play an MMO that knows the game, they almost all have things in different spots). I honestly thought that is why the items were off to the side in a separate box, but you can't move them yet so who knows. Other than being able to move, i really don't know why the items are in their own little awkward box and the rest of the center element is forced off center.
The option to fully customize the HUD and arrange things where the player likes would get rid of 98% of complaints honestly.
: Help me understand, the reason you feel it's the worst HUD you've ever used is b/c it's not fully customizable? What would you change if you could move things around?
I feel like it's the worst HUD I've ever used because of how the information is dispersed on the HUD. It's far too cluttered in the bottom right corner and the champion portraits don't display Mana or have an accurate enough representation of their current hp. Personally I would move the Portraits back to the left side because lets face it, when you're playing someone such as {{champion:98}}, {{champion:16}}, or {{champion:30}} you have better reaction time to use the coordinating F key to look at the situation they're currently in to see if you're needed. Having the portraits cramped in the bottom right corner of the screen isn't helpful at all honestly. During lane phase when I'm constantly glancing at mini map the champion portraits aren't reliable sources of information with peripheral vision alone. Not even to mention that during a team fight If one of my teammates's ult just came off cool down or they're holding it for a re-engage my center of focus is not really on my mini map. I would rearrange the CS, K/D/A, and the Blue vs Red score back to the top side of the mini map because that kind of information isn't necessary to look at when I'm glancing at my mini map. I typically just press Tab to compare my CS to my enemy laner anyways so it's not important enough to be near the mini map which should be checked At least every 8 seconds at the most. I would also make your basic champion stats displayed by default because there's no honest reason to hide those ever. Also, if we just won a team fight and I want to know who's alive on my team if for some reason I closed my eyes the entire team fight and didn't notice anything I can just look at the left of my screen to see who's alive on my team and tab to see who's dead on their team which basically takes the same amount of time as looking above the mini map to gather that information. If you were able to adjust where the enemy dead portraits are displayed I would put it above the items on this HUD for absolute clarity since it's directly in your peripheral vision.
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