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: I have to agree the E slow feels like garbage. Legit feels like a worse version of twitch Q and even though its probably not intended, it makes it dependant on the W active (which doesn't even feel good because it just brings you back upto normal move speed) which just feels like poor game design, ie. lets give lissandra a passive that gives her mana back because her mana cost are high..
Then you have youtubers with videos like ... ProfesorAkali :"REWORKED TEEMO IS 100% BEYOND BROKEN! *INSTANT ONE-SHOT* TEEMO REWORK - League of Legends" RedMercy: "*NEW* TEEMO REWORK IS NUTS!! WTF HAS RIOT DONE?? LOL - Reworked Teemo Gameplay" And nothing said of how it feels the gameplay. If someone play on pbe this teemo, will know how awful the E feels, the new passive give power on first 2 lvl then feels less powerful, and the removal of invisibility takes all the fun from the character. You have a new teemo with less burst and a ability with the purpose to ambush that doesn't work.
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: Bare Runes Page
This is great when you want to edit on champ select, better than the current system, you can keep the current on runes pages show in the account and this when edit like a expand option. EDIT: it is actually there
: Masteries
Same error on training mode, edit masteries, error, button disabled, on return to client there is nothing on masteries...


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