: Conqueror Karma Hits PBE
So does this mean you'll consider changing the name at least on Challenger Ahri to Conqueror Ahri???? PLEASE SAY YES! {The challenger name is awful, you guys should have left it as Dauntless in the first place}
: Thanks for the note, RealtorPBE, that's a good point! We'll look into doing something here.
Appreciate the response! Forgot to mention, overall it's a great skin, looking forward to it a lot. Thanks.
I dont think anybody else mentioned this: Opening spawn animation where Ekko thinks of something and starts writing it down on a notepad ---- IT'S STILL ON THIS SKIN It makes zero sense to keep around. Even worse, he's scribbling on nothing with nothing, it's invisible, and yet we still hear him writing on paper with a pencil. SUGGESTION: Either change it to a tablet or hologram interface on his hand with beep--beep-boops or just remove it please. A minor complaint, but sloppy that it wasn't adjusted.
: [CRITICAL] Help us playtest new Champ Select over Thanksgiving!
Doing my part, i'm queued up, but still waiting in queue.......
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: Yo RealtorPBE! First off thanks for all the feedback! >>Mini Gnar's blue fur color: in mini form could be toned down from being BRIGHT royal blue to a more subtle tone in the fur to match his Mega Gnar colors better. I talked to the character artist working on Gnar and there are slight differences in the fur color but that's due to the size difference. Big gnar has more space available for highlighting, which mutes the colors in some areas. At this time we have no plans to adjust mini Gnar's texture since the differences are so minor. I've included a link to a side by side comparison in game. http://imgur.com/vd9ERP5 The rest of your feedback has been send to the Snowday Gnar artists!
Thanks for responding {I wish Riot folks on PBE forums responded more often}. I can see it from your picture, they do seem rather similar, it makes sense what you're saying. It's still just my personal preference if the color hue was toned down, others on here seemed to agree, but hey it's all personal preferences i guess. But overall it still looks fantastic and i'm eagerly anticipating it's release. Thanks P.S. can't wait to see what the splash art looks like! :)
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Snow Day Gnar!
Just got on PBE to try this out {Gnar Main here}. _**Initial impressions:**_ **What I like**: * Love the blueish winter color scheme - blue circles for hyper, snowy particle effects, icy animations for all the abilities is a nice touch. * Love his little outfit. **Could be better**: * **Mini Gnar's blue fur color:** in mini form could be toned down from being BRIGHT royal blue to a more subtle tone in the fur to match his Mega Gnar colors better. * **Q boomerang crisper?:** it plays smooth in visuals as usual, although could be more crisp animation defining what kind of object you're throwing perhaps, minor complaint. * **The transformation from mini to mega getting "snowy" is sorta distracting**, especially when you hold your rage bar for a teamfight so you can time your transformation to mega form. At first it was pretty cool {no pun intended}, but it quickly got distracting and sorta unwanted. Not sure if this can be more subtle and toned down or not. * **Mega Gnar "penguin boulder" sound effect:** the penguin boulder was an ok creative choice i guess {although i'm sure PETA will have a hissy fit, lol}, but i sorta expected a more satisfying sound effect when it lands then the current soft-sounding boulder toss. The clock "GONG" on gentlemen is nice, and smashing house for Dino Gnar, or boulder slam with classic; the ice penguin just sorta seemed like an opportunity to have a penguin "squak!" or something. Maybe people wouldn't like it, it might sound cruel or something, lol, i dont know, but it's just a suggestion. Maybe make the boulder sound like an Ice boulder more, like shattering Ice? Maybe voice effects aren't fully implemented, i don't know. But i just expected it to be better sounding. Probably too late to change. Overall, I'm delighted with the skin, just some minor tweaks i'd personally prefer. I'd be happy to clarify on any criticism presented. Thanks, and "Shugi shugi shugi!"
: So that means Braums Q and passive will still be a ram instead of a lion? Well that sucks...
Agreed, that seems like a minor change that should have been implemented. Slightly different color on particle effects would have been nice also. Sure, it's a 750 skin, but such a shame minor adjustments weren't added for polish.
: Love the skins and the reference!! The only input I have atm is: I just played Ahri's skin. Its a nice looking skin, it just reads that she's trying to hard to be Annie (IMO). The red hair, backpack, and ears is what is doing it I guess. Don't get me wrong, I like it. Just maybe a suggestion of a hair color change- it just seems too close to Annie's color red I guess. Then again, I might be crazy and the only one feeling this way.
I like the new Ahri skin, it's an instant buy for me regardless if it changes or not at this point. However, a color change on the hair might be better. Right now it sorta looks like Foxfire to me kinda (minus the flames of course), with the browns and muddy reds. I like how all of Ahri's skins have a distinct look to them for the most part. Maybe change the color to something that hasn't been done before at all? Brighter red-orange hair perhaps? Just a thought.
: Yo RealtorPBE! We absolutely are going to update those particles! Not sure when the update will be out but, rest assured he will ship with the correct clone models.
Fantastic, that's great news. i'm digging the look, it was just unexpected to see the mowhawk classic look in his timeshadow :) Thanks for responding and so quickly (too seldom other Rioters make it feel like they forget about us in these forums sometimes)
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Academy: Ahri, Darius, Ekko, and Vladimir!
Question about the Ekko skin: Are you guys going to fix his timeshadow/clone??? It's his base model still. Seems sorta weird to have one look and his timeshadow look different. I know this is just a 750 skin, but you'd think at least that would be adjusted to match his new skin.
: New Items - Sterak's Gage and Titanic Hydra
First thought... These new items seem tailor made for Gnar. Health based damage on attacks, health tank items. I'm lovin it. EDIT: At first i thought it was called "steak's" gage. ohhh steak, yummy :)
: his big form has a second so i don't see why his mini does not
: Yay, an actual good skin for my beloved little beast. I waited for it too long *^* But imho this watch on Q (mini form) doesnt really make a sence.Its like "Hurr, wait a minute, i need to take this FRICKING BIGGER THAN ME pocketwatch and throw it at you, herpa derp" (i guess he have big pockets, another point is that we can see its actuall size in the recall). What i mean by that is that itll make more sence if he throws his cane/hat at everyone. + its kinda buggy atm. Rage gene looks like ketchup sprayed all over him (idk if its intended or not) and his dance recall while big make his face clip through his clothing. I know thats the same dance animation as always but it looks pretty bad then all the fur goes through the clothing. It makes it feel unfinished
Totally agree, would have preferred the cane as his Q boomerang, and the ketchup splashes for rage looks terrible.
: Hey Nurse Flan, This skin is so wonderful! I love the outfit and how it gets torn when he gets larger. And I love all of the new skill VFX. It all looks so smooth and fits together well with his gentlemanly look. My only problem with the skin is the transition between Mini and Mega. He gets red patches on his model when he changes. It sort of looks like ketchup spreading everywhere. The original Gnar skin sort of has a slow tint to red happening. I know its still just on the PBE, so it may be a placeholder for some work you guys are doing. If so I understand. I'm just wondering if its intentional, because if it is I would suggest going more with the way that original Gnar transformed. Thanks again so much for the wonderful skins!
This is exactly the problem i was mentioning also, although less eloquently, lol.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Gentleman Gnar!
At first i thought I noticed some texture color tearing on the skin. Then i realized this was apparently intentional color changing for the "Gnar-bar" increasing representing his anger rising etc. However, it looks TERRIBLE in it's current transition, it looks really peculiar compared to his classic skin. The textures look less like he's getting mad and more like a mistake in color texturing transitions. And then his Mega Gnar form is the exact same white fur color as mini-Gnar. In my opinion, Mega Gnar should be a darker color similar to how on his classic skin he goes from orange (mini) to brown (mega). The transition would make more sense as well this way then just being white in both forms. I also agree with those who already posted about the overall Voice overs that should be "gentlemen" changes and the monocle looking more like a 1-piece goggle instead of an actual monocle.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Omega Squad Teemo!
Ok just got to play him on PBE, here's my feedback so far: Overall, skin theme is great, exactly what you'd expect. * Autoattacks are good, they sound and look good, and the attack animation feels clean and good still to auto minions etc. I'd argue almost easier feeling, if that's weird to say. * Was a little taken back seeing that it was still a blow-gun instead of a rifle like it seemed in his hands. It's still good, just would have preferred a gun. Ohh well. * I love the Q dart being a knife throw, very clean animation also, feels good. * Running animation for speed boost W looks good, not really sure how you'd change that. Maybe another sound effect like an alarm like he's trying to escape? I just love the "da da DAH" Super Teemo sound whenever he dashes, would be need if this skin had some kind of sound effect also for dash. * I honestly was pretty severely disappointed in the mushrooms looking like normal teemo mushrooms. Can we assume they're just a placeholder? I was honestly hoping for something more thematic for the schrooms, like they become landmines, or at least different looking mushrooms, something different. * While the new VO is cool, it is VERY chatty, similar to Super Galaxy Rumble. Some people will love the constant chatter and comments, others will be annoyed like crazy just like SG Rumble cause he is constantly talking. I'm not exaggerating, play SG Rumble, you'll know what i mean, they're both chatty cathys. I personally can live with it, others might be turned off. THAT RECALL, so awesome! Otherwise overall a great skin.
: Ongoing Ahri Play Test Results
This is all really great feedback OP, the kind of stuff you'd think Riot would be LOVEING to have right now. I personally can't seem to get games on PBE often enough to do as thurough of a job as you have, but what i have gotten to play her in a bunch of bot games and some 1v1's, and i've gotten roughly the same assessments. She does feel more fun to play, the mobility is fantastic. But the lack of damage and ability to trade with other "non-dfg" burst mages/assassins is frustrating. Hoping they make some more improvements to her damage and not just leave her this way.
: Ahri Feedback
Bravo, i think you've really nailed it when it comes to how some small further changes to the current PBE Ahri could help tweak her in the right direction. I love the movement change to Q, but the overall damage seems to be lacking somewhat without DFG or the charm bonus. The changes you've proposed seem fair and not out of line in order to keep her in contention with other top mages and/or mid-lners. I hope Riot listens and considers these suggestions.
: Is Ahri's W animation faster?
when i tried it out on PBE, it felt the same. Perhaps the movement from the Q combo-ing with Foxfire is getting to their targets faster?
: Ahri's PBE changes weaken her severely as an assassin and make no sense thematically.
i would also agree with your thoughts mostly. She does feel like she does less damage. However, when i tried it out on the PBE, it took some getting used to, but the movement buff on Q is fantastic, you have to admit it if you've actually played it much. It feels like somthing Ahri should have gotten all along. And any Ahri main who actually knows the champ will tell you that her ult is mostly to setup her combo and less for the damage these days, well, with the new Q movement buff it allows for it also. I love the mobility, and her combo is still alright (althought not as bursty obviously). If they're going to get rid of DFG, and that decision is done and people need to get over it, then this is a step in the right direction to help Ahri have a place on the rift. But removing the 20% buff from charm does feel severe. I do hope they revert that change, but leave everything else.
: Ahri Changes
i would also agree with your thoughts mostly. When i tried it out on the PBE, it took some getting used to, but the movement buff on Q is fantastic. Any Ahri main who actually knows the champ will tell you that her ult is mostly to setup her combo, well, with the new Q movement buff it allows for it also. I love the mobility, and her combo is still good (althought not as bursty obviously). If they're going to get rid of DFG, and that decision is done and people need to get over it, then this is a step in the right direction to help Ahri have a place on the rift.
: Tristana jumps into action!
I love the new look for Tristana! However, the new voice work audio sounds...off. What i mean is that it sounds just different than you'd expect looking at the new Tristana model. Maybe i'm just so used to the older, more high-pitched voice, but the new audio sounds just plain weird. It doesn't sound like what you'd expect Tristana to sound like. It's almost too "mature" or "adult". Not sure how else to describe it, but i think if it's possible still at this point, they should tweak the voice work some. Anyone agree? Disagree?
: Change it back to Dauntless PLEASE. Making it "challenger" is just awful, it sounds like something you get as a reward for reaching challenger. The conflicting verbal themes is horrible. PLEASE CHANGE IT BACK!
To further clarify, the name "Dauntless" is more fitting than challenger simply because of the meaning of the word. I understand Riot's intention is to have this celebrate the beginning of a new season, but what better than to boldly pursue your new goals regardless of the hurdles you'll face climbing the ladder. Dauntless: adjective not to be daunted or intimidated; fearless; intrepid; bold: a dauntless hero. What title could be better? Please reconsider changing this back, it's such an original and better word than "Challenger", and will simply confuse those without the skin, and annoy those with it from the constant "challenger fail" jokes. PLEASE CHANGE IT BACK RIOT!
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Challenger Ahri!
Change it back to Dauntless PLEASE. Making it "challenger" is just awful, it sounds like something you get as a reward for reaching challenger. The conflicting verbal themes is horrible. PLEASE CHANGE IT BACK!
: I have the exact same issue, i'm lvl 2, have the RP/IP, but never leveled up. Help appreciated for all of us if possible.
As an update, i sent in my support ticket and Riot took care of it the next day. Just send in a ticket guys :)
: I've had this account for a while now and I'm still not level 30
I had the exact same issue. Per suggestion from another post on this subject, i sent in a support ticket to Riot. They took care of it the next day.
: PBE issue lvl 30 still hasnt came into play for me
This is a known bug/issue apparantly according to the email i got from Riot support. I had the same problem and sent in a support ticket per the suggestion of another post on this subject. They took care of it next day. So just relax, stop making pointless polls, and just send in a support ticket, and they'll take care of it.
: After 4 days i am still not lvl 30
I had this issue also. Just send in a support ticket. They took care of it next day easy.
: I didn't automatically become level 30 even though I started p be yesterday.
I had this issue, sent in a support ticket, was taken care of next day. Just send in a ticket guys.
: My account still hasn't leveled to 30
I have the exact same issue, i'm lvl 2, have the RP/IP, but never leveled up. Help appreciated for all of us if possible.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: El Tigre Braum!
Would it at all be possible to darken the top/mask color to be more orange...ya know...like a tiger?? The yellowish gold seems out of place to me. I'm sure the reasoning is to help the skin differentiate more from the red theme of Dragonslayer, but i think it could be made more orangeish without looking too red. Just a thought. Overall this is a fantastic skin, and i'll definitly be buying it. Played around with it and couldn't find any bugs.
: Let me try to explain Dauntless a bit better. It's the antithesis of Championship. So, Championship Shyvana celebrates the end of the season, Dauntless Ahri is celebrating the start of the season. :] Glad you like her!
Thank you for explaining that, it makes SO much more sense now themeatically. I even just posted how it looked like an off-color championship skin, lol. You might edit your orignal post to explain the theme better to people :)
: The best we can do without altering gameplay is what we've done with this skin's Charm, and other skins - we've added a bit of color to the trail. For Dauntless Ahri, there's a bit more pink in the trail, as compared to Foxfire Ahri. Midnight Ahri has a bit of dark purple/black added to the Charm's tail, etc. The charm itself has to remain the same for gameplay. It's similar to how we can't do a whole lot with Kayle's ultimate.
Yeah, i hear what your're sayin, all i'm saying is i think it would look more cohesive if maybe the color trail of charm could be adjusted a little more to be consistent with this skin's new color theme for the particle effects.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Challenger Ahri!
Bug: Audio missing on laugh and taunt, assuming cause it just got put online? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My biggest asthetic problems with the skin so far is: 1. Overall, it looks too much like a mis-colored Championship Ahri 2. The outfit looks like a cross between Championship Riven mixed with Popstar's jacket from a distance. Yeah, the're different, but it seems awfully similar from a distance on the champ structure/silouetee. Would it be possible to perhaps hike up the top and show more hip/leg? At the risk of seeming like a pervert, i think it would look better to show off more of her backside (yes, i mean her butt, like frostblade irelia ), and fix the tails once in for all if at all possible. The "tail issue" is really noticable even more than the other skins, her tails are all spread out and wonky. It's a real shame cause (again not to be pervy, simply appreciating female form, lol) but the character model could have a very good looking behind model, but right now it looks all clipped and more noticeable. 2. Her head needs love, especially the hair, maybe make a longer flowing hair coming out of the helmet or a longer more flowing pony tail, it just doesn't seem "foxy" enough, and too white. None of her other skins have long flowing hair, that would be a neat change. 3. i mention in another reply i still think coloring on charm could be better to make particle effects cohesive without altering it so enemy players can't tell it's charm. 4. Give the abilities a slight audio change also, like how PopStar has different audio on her abilities (especially the Q), maybe something that reflects the darker, almost mystic aspect of the color scheme on the particle effects. I dont know, i'm no audio expert, but a slightly different sound than the base model would be nice. Otherwise, appreciate the effort, as a hard-core Ahri player i'll be buying it regardless, but i'm not sure if i like it more than PopStar at this point.
: Ahri being my main, I'm just not too fond of this skin. Not my idea of what I wanted her next skin to be, not "pretty" enough I suppose for Ahri. Maybe taking the helmet looking thing off the front of her head and making her hair longer and flowy would make it look better. I feel like Ahri should have a Valentine's day skin or Christmas skin. Would suit her better.
I agree, longer flowing hair would be awesome, no helmet
: This has been consistent for all of Ahri's skins. The orbs needs to stay the same colors (blue and green) because it's important to see if she's got her passive up or not. We've added some wisps around the orb itself. The charm can't change purely because of the iconic gameplay read.
I understand what your'e saying and your reasonings i think, however, it really feels out of place with the color scheme of the other abilities to have charm exactly the same as other skins, it seems even more out of place on this skin. I love the subtle change of a new color theme on the orb, foxfire, and especially spirt rush, but her charm seems so out of place being "normal" coloring. I dont see why the ability couldn't get a slight dark outer coloring like all her other abilities without making it hard for other players to tell if it's charm still or not. I mean keep it a heart but put a small dark coloring around it.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Blood Moon Thresh!
No new bugs to report yet. Feedback: I first noticed the blood spatter from each strike, which i think is a nice touch (obviously being Blood Moon and all, but they didn't have to add that). The skin seems as smooth as the others and base model. Hooks, lanterns, everything seems polished. While I personally would have preferred the ArcLight Thresh skin to come sooner, this is a pretty neat addition that I'm sure folks will enjoy. GJ Riot


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