: Ok but mine stacked? I had 300 RP leftover and had 3300 RP the next day
They are giving now 3300 RP instead of 3000 RP because you couldn't buy Ultimate skins with 3000 RP only.
: I'm still being thrown off by the fact that things like Snow Day Syndra and TPA Shen are available, but other legacy skins or the rest of the TPA skins doesn't even show up. Is this a common thing on the PBE? Also pricing is completely irregular, River Spirit Nami which is an older skin, can still be bought with 1 BE, while Deep Sea Nami, can only be bought with RP. I love being part of the PBE but these small inconsistencies throw me off a bit.
Upvoted for visibility, would be good to know a reason for this.
: These lag spikes are occurring to everyone in a given game, including players within North America. It seems highly likely that this has something to do with the PBE servers. What is the source of that response, btw?
Riot banfhammer! https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/general-pbe-feedback/6KrtEEwg-1018-daily-pbe-status-faq
: Im logged in rn and was it from when i created it to 6am here in sweden so idk.
Give it a couple of hours more. You'll receive it for sure.
: well. i made my account about 24h ago now and still havent got any.
Did log in into your account? A Rioter recently said this: > You should get it by the time that PBE comes up from maintenance this morning.
: Too much ping
Riot gave an answer. > * Players outside of North America receive lag spikes. This is due to distance from servers. There are no plans to open up a PBE server outside of North America. > * Occasionally all players, regardless of distance, experience lag spikes. This is due to our game's internet traffic over public networks. ISP providers who route our traffic experience lag spikes. We can't do anything about this; I apologize.
: Thanks for the question, I updated the body of the post. * If the players are outside of the United States, lag spikes can be pretty bad just due to distance from the servers. * For players all over, traffic is being served over the public internet, and sometimes the ISPs spike in lag. This can affect everyone in the game. It's a known problem and we can't do much about it. :(
Thank you so much for answer! I understand you can't do anything about it. That's really sad, I didn't have any serious problem with that before today.
: RP and Blue Essence
> * Instead of 999999999bazillion RP and Blue Essence, every day you are going to get reset to 3000 RP and 5 Blue Essence. This will get reset daily during the daily maintenance (around 12pm west coast time). > * We MAY increase the daily stipend, but we are starting with this to be safe. > * Champions are still free to play. Also... > **Some clarity on lots of questions** > * Every day RP and Blue Essence will /reset/. RP and Blue Essence do not stack if you didn't spend the day before. You should get your RP and BE a couple of hours after you log into your account.
: 10/18 PBE STATUS & FAQ
> **NEW ISSUE** * None known for right now How about the lag spikes? Didn't have too much these last days, but today the issue got serious.
: [Collection - Runes] New rune page didn´t unlock after purchase
Did you buy it recently? Maybe you should give it some time to appear in your account. I haven't tried to buy Rune Pages, because I thought they were part of the old rune system. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
: Talon Skin SSW isnt in shop
I think most of Legacy skins are not in the store. That's really sad, I wanted to buy Rusty Blitzcrank. :'(
: Toxic player
Did you report him? That's the best you can do right now, whenever you encounter a toxic player, don't hesitate to report him.
: Cant connect to the Game
You shouldn't receive any punishment, this is basically a common error right now. Some matches won't even start after Champion Select and you will get this network error until the match just disappears.
: Can't get in game
Probably your game won't even start, don't worry. Happened to me as well.
: Mana Bar Turns White/Grey
Don't know if this is correct, but that's for Manaflow Band or Presence of Mind, I'm not sure.
: 24 hours, millions of rp did not come, 3300 rp came, 5 blue ones please help?
> * Instead of 999999999bazillion RP and Blue Essence, every day you are going to get reset to 3000 RP and 5 Blue Essence. This will get reset daily during the daily maintenance (around 12pm west coast time). > * We MAY increase the daily stipend, but we are starting with this to be safe. > * Champions are still free to play. Also... > **Some clarity on lots of questions** > * Every day RP and Blue Essence will /reset/. RP and Blue Essence do not stack if you didn't spend the day before.
: Another daily "why does everyone go from 30 to 600 ping" thread...Answers?
When I do a custom game, my ping is 195-200ms, eventhough it's still pretty high, that is normal for me (I play on LAS server). But now I'm getting lag spikes from 250ms until 810ms.
: Come on i came to pbe on saturday and now i have to wait like 10 months to buy something ???? oh come fucking on riot i belive you can do beetter than this give us all champs unlocked and 100 be and everybody is happy like dud this is shitest idea ever however when will the loot come back?
What are you talking about? Any champion is 1 BE, you can buy at least 5 per day. There is even content that you can buy with BE but their original pricing is RP.
: STORE IS ONLINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
: Lose it {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
GOD, NO!!!!!!!!! {{sticker:sg-shisa}}{{sticker:sg-shisa}}
How about those we got 9999+ RP and BE on past days, we will keep it or lose it?
: I really worry when the game crashes or when I can not reconnect to a match and I hope I do not suffer punishment for problems like that. Sometimes the connection goes down and when I reconnected the match did not exist anymore. and I do not know what to do when it happens.
I was worried about it too, but I think those games basically are deleted, like they never existed. Happened to me as well.
: I would agree, I would also say people use it just so they don't have to spend real money on skins and just use PBE to try out champs they don't own and skins that they don't own (exp. Snow Day Gnar). I am new to PBE so I might be wrong but I thought it was playing new champions, reworks, and new skins to find bugs and make them better and to find bugs in the client (exp. the shop being overloaded). If I am wrong about this please tell me but I thought that PBE was a testing thing before they hit live servers.
Of course we can try new things and try out champs, nobody should expect you to be 10/0 with a champ you never used before, but what's the point of being stomped and then get angry because "it's my team's fault!!"? Test everything you can, just don't be hostile.
: Spamming boards with posts like this isn't going to help either. They will still get the same punishment and you will still keep playing.Even if they would change the requirement from honor 3 to honor 5, the accounts made before the change won't be terminated. There is nothing else for you to do besides reporting them and moving on.
1.- This is not spam. 2.- It needs some notoriety because sing ups just opened a couple of days ago and it's our duty give feedback about it. 3.- This is better than pretending that nothing is happening. And yes, I'm reporting all games with toxic people.
: Just mute them, report them after the game and move on.
Have you ever heard the expression "Don't try to cover the sun with your finger"? You are both part of the problem if you think that is enough.
: The match ends for everyone in the middle of the game?
Don't know if there is a common pattern, but I had 2 incomplete matches and 1 of those 2 never started. EDIT: Lol, just happened again, match never starts, no loading screen.
: I know right? It's sad to be honest..... I live in Brazil, so i was happy when i was able to play in the PBE I only encounter others brazilians in two games. And my god those guys were toxic..... First game, IN CHAMP SELECT, they start cursing the other players: THOSE FUCKING AMERICANS, SUCK MY DICK, YOU ARE ALL BITCHES'(Just translating, they were talking in portuguese). I talked to them and, what do you know? They stop and even try to talk in english Second game, our Yasuo begins to rage:'ARE YOU FUCKING RETARDED OR SOMETHING?! FUCK YOU MAN!'(he says this in portuguese, i am only translating). I tell him that he should stop, he was being toxic. 'Oh wow, he is crying behind the monitor, i bet. Shut up, there is no rage'. And for my surprise, my team agrees with him And this makes me think, if a person acts like this on a TEST SERVER, i don't even want to imagine how they treat other in a ranked game. Not only that, how, HOW, those people have a level 3 honor? I agree that you need Level 5 honor to play in the PBE
In one of my games I had to ask an enemy to stop saying "This is an english server" while 2 brazilian guys were talking on ALL chat. Don't think is necessary to be that racist, I understand if someone is trying to communicate with you and you don't understand, you can ask that person "hey, do you speak my lenguage?", but limiting other to your lenguage because you don't understand, that's an intolerant person. I'm not even Honor 5 (I'm 4 :c), but I guess is the best solution.
: I just joined myself. In one game, I got away twice with barely one hit in my lane against a Zed and we never saw him again... There's no rank here, there's no real "loss" in playing these games. The point is to try things out and just play. Victory is practically a moot point; at least that's how I was looking at it. Maybe if that message spreads there'd be fewer toxic experiences. On a side note, once the lag dust settles, PBE is pretty epic. I've never been able to say before that I owned all the champions lol. Everything costs 1 Blue Essence and you get tons of RP for whatever you want to try out. Such a brilliant system to 'pay' us with 'free' stuff to beta test for them. I've seen it myself, but... how could you be toxic in such an environment? Maybe people will be happier when the store is back up. I for one am already happy just having all the champs
You couldn't have said it better! I think everybody are missing the point that PBE server is on NA and not even close to their respective live servers. I play with 195-200ms and I'm fine with it. I don't understand why people is being so hostile on PBE, it's really a paradise, free champs, free skins, free icons, just why?
: I can be a generally toxic support main sometimes, not very bad, I just get frustrated sometimes. Just made my PBE account, and I am trying my hardest not to flame. I mute all right away I dont feel like losing this account lol also the second I get a PBE account the store is down {{sticker:sg-ahri-1}}
There's no valid reason to be toxic, I think we all appreciate your attempt to be better. If you like League, do the thing you are probably not doing on Live servers: Have fun. I lost almost all of my games for the reasons I posted here and I'm not angry. I was sad to find out PBE was the same experience as LAS server (in my case).
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