: Have you guys started to work on how it interacts with colorblind mode?
We are pretty much using the same colors as live and testing internally with CB folks.
: At least in my opinion they looked super out of place with the rest of the game. It felt clunky and something I would find in a much lower quality game. I just all round don't like how they look
Thanks, lmk how you feel next tuesday when they're back on pbe. made a bunch of size, color, and feel changes. should be much closer to live plus the new features.
: Why Remove The New Life Bars?
They'll be back bb. Thanks!
: Thank you for considering this feedback! Sorry that you guys had to work hard on something that has not been received very well. Also by now you guys might have heard about the ammo system and how many people think it is underwhelming and doesn't make the health bar come together like the old one. Would be great if you guys could do something about that aswell. Thank you again {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
It's fine, dude, we appreciate the feedback. This is one of those features that we don't want to impose any relearning so bringing the size and color much closer to live makes sense. There's a lot of fun additions that we don't want to get in the way of with cosmetic changes.
: Healthbar Turrets suggestion
Very cool idea. We plan on adding similar animation when a tower dies and probably when it's bursted like say when Rift Herald shoulder charges one.
: can you make the 1000hp marks on the HP bar a bit thicker? when things get kinda clustered, its a bit difficult for me to tell if i should use my darius/(whatever champion with an execute) ult on that tank just yet for the reset or if they have stoneplate up and i should wait.
Sure, I'll try it. Was considering that as well.
: Hey, my problem is that it is really hard to see the current HP of someone who is in stasis (e.g. Zhonyas).
Ok, we'll look into it. Thanks!
: New bars are fine, it just that size is way too big, if they make the size same as before it would be perfect. But yeah, they could be customized .
We are pulling the size and colors to live values and some other small tweaks like coloring the level number and scaling it up a bit. Should go a long way towards making these feel more familiar while still getting the cool new stuff.
: The Rengar Health Bar Bug, And Also Suggestion To Make Video Quality More Laptop Friendly
: (Visual Feedback) About the new Towers, Inibitors and eye-candy around the map
: My thoughts on the new healthbars
Thanks for taking the time to post this feedback. We are making a bunch of small tweaks to address everything you've outlined, but keep in mind, this is an iterative process. Level font will be larger and team colored. Gonna shave a few pixels off the health meter height. Regular damage will last a bit longer. Gonna tweak colors to increase tick readability. Gonna make health width the same as live (it already is for objectives, etc.) Thanks again and lmk if you have more feedback as we change stuff.
: New Healtbar
Thanks! I'm sure you're right, but in the short term, there are some small things we can do to help folks adjust quicker like tweaking the size and colors a bit.
: New Health Bars....
We hear you and we are tweaking the size and colors based on feedback. Thanks!
: New Health Bar In PBE
Could you be more specific? Is it the height?
: Health bar bug on Kled
Thanks for reporting the issue!
: [HP Bar Feedback] It's much harder to tell at a glance what level someone is
Yeah, it looks smaller than intended at the moment. I'll update it. We plan on testing a subtle animation on teammate's level boxes indicating they are close to leveling. Unsure about showing it for opponents as well, but I agree that counting cs is not super engaging. I'll discuss it a bit with other folks here.
: ***
Any in particular?
: Im deaf. {{item:3070}}
The good news is, there are plenty of visual cues for this already.
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: Curious about how exactly y'all handled the CC rating - I've attempted to quantify CC before and it turns out that it's pretty rough >.< You wrote that you tallied hard crowd control as higher weighted then soft CC, but I'm not sure that's actually the correct way to go about it. Arguably, crowd control actually comes in both offensive and defensive forms, so talking about it in a broad 'this is how long you made the opponent stand still' never seemed tell the story I wanted it to. Have you thought about separating it into two categories, one that talks about the amount of damage the opponent took while CCed, and one about the damage mitigated by something like a blind? Obviously I'm just trying to toss ideas around but I'm just slightly worried that just a rating based off of some variation of (Time CCed)*(Strength of CC) isn't really that useful as a stat.
Yeah, there's plenty of room for more breakout stats to paint a better picture of utility success. Effective CC is interesting, but I think we can hit that in another pass - maybe even in the moment rather than post game. For example: giving more prominence to your CC which helped secure a kill in announcements or kill callouts - maybe self only if we want to go overboard :) I also think you're correct in that the CC rating as planned trades story for agency - tells less of a full story, but the support player has more control over that number. Again, we may get more specific in the future and no stat tells the whole story.
: My CC text seems to be lower than the stuff you show in the picture. The duration bar overlaps with the hp bar. This makes the hp bar a little unclear, and the duration is impossible to see.
Could you post a screenshot, please? What resolution and aspect ratio are you running the game at?
: Hey Rayven, as someone who is red/green colorblind, I've actually found it kind of hard to see the enemy death 'beams'. The red of it blends in almost perfectly with the ground, and I can barely even tell there was anything there. I have the same problem with Blood Moon Kalista's passive rend spears, I can never tell how many there are in me at any given time, which is a shame because I like the skin but wont use it for that reason. Is there any chance of having something changed for the new death animations if Colorblind mode is ticked on? Maybe a yellow for enemies? I can see allies just fine, and I dont know if I speak for other colorblind people or not. Thanks for the great update, regardless!
They might be too quick generally. We can always tweak the color a bit more to better contrast against the map. We'll keep an eye on it.
: Will the new death effects play through fog of war? Sometimes it can be pretty confusing if you kill someone with a basic attack or other targeted projectile that follows them into a bush, since you don't see them die and in a large fight you might not see the kill announcement for a while. Currently the only way to figure that out instantly in such a situation would be to pay attention to floating text like "+300 gold", which again can be hard to track in a large fight. Is it possible to make the new death particles play even if the target was in brush or fog of war? Or at least make it something like "only visible if you are within X range of them on death" so that executing to Baron or jungle camps doesn't give away too much information?
I don't think they play through fog, but there's supporting info in the kill callouts on the right side of the screen.
: By eventually, do you mean in this pbe cycle?
: I hope you can clean up the CC text to make it more in line with the UI theme. I'm certain small touch ups will happen once the major fixes are implemented but I feel it's important the added text doesn't distract too much from the rest of the game.
Agreed. We're taking another pass at the styling. Looks better in motion though.
: Are there any plans to update the grievous wounds icon that is seen in the "Spell Attribution" picture? It looks so out of date compared to other status symbols
Yep, we'll get to grievous wounds eventually. It's got that "I <3 MoM" tattoo look.
: really like the looks of this, I'll keep an eye out for any bugs while playing
: will you make the Spell Attributions and Death VFX colorblind mode as well?
They are already red/green colorblind friendly.
: just to be sure, the summoner spell tracking doesnt work on flash? itd be a shame to get rid of flash jukes
: is this on the PBE already? because i can't seem to trigger it, spacebar moves the camera to the champion, but there are no visual effects or smthg
Hey Mega, after a delay, I believe it's being deployed today.
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: Hextech Keys number not going down after opening chests
: Hud completely dissapears
Go into your options and look at the keybindings for Show/Hide UI. Is it bound to a key?
: Please fix the flipped minimap bug, its happening to me on live too and i cant stand it
What is happening on LIVE? Flipped minimap should be fine there.
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: Can you keep the level up arrow and put the icon above the arrow?
Even in the old version the plus was replaced with evo icons. What's the benefit of having both?
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: Please, make all ultimate green circles. I understand that having the ultimate icons is visually appealing, but there are a number of reasons I think a single color would be better. * Green circles would be more readable at a glance, specially during team fights when to quickly scan all the ultimates from both teams we have to look at the two far opposing sides of the screen * Pie charts/radial progress during charging are super hard to read for some ultimates, even 2/3 full in the live square icon version. Now they are smaller and cropped do a circle will make it even harder. * The game has a very small number of summoner spell icons, they already have very distinctive colors and it's easy to see them, also see the the progress pie cut (only TP is slightly harder to see the difference between 90% full to fully available), but there are more then 100 ultimate icons and not all are that readable. Unless you are very familiar with a champions kit, it's hardly distinguishable over 90% charged. * Vods on youtube are 720p and some broadcasts are 720@60fps and all the aforementioned small differences will be proportionally more impactful below 1080p.
Agree with green dots for ultimates. Might not happen for launch though.
: Possible bug with the new Spectator Mode
Thanks for reporting. Might need more info later.
: Looks great, I really like how the ultimate timers look and the scoreboard is very clean as well, that's how it should be in-game too imo, the first team reversed so you have portraits and farm one next to another! :)
I hear you. Thanks for the feedback Remus. LMK if you find any bugs.
: Reading through S@20 it seems those do not turn on by default and you must force them. Are you guys aware of that? (Haven't tried it myself yet).
Hey nightmare, are you talking about the spectator update or spell costs (another thread)? EDIT: nm I know what you mean. Looks like we are still turning it on for queues.
: PBE Bugs and Feedback Thread: Spectator HUD Visual Update
Some known bugs: 1. Certain resource types don't play nice with the target frame. 2. Some options are borked (we would really appreciate coverage here) 3. Minimap is the old parchment style.
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: I really like this addition; although I usually know roughly how much mana an ability costs, this is quite helpful instead of having to pause + hover over an ability. :] One question though, how will this work with things like Jinx's Q? At the moment, there's no mana cost shown when she's in rocket form; is that going to be changed or will toggled abilities just not have mana costs shown? x)
That's a really good catch! Doesn't work currently, but it should only display when there's a cost (even when toggled if there's a per shot cost).
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: [Minor chat bug] Text shadows dissapears when pressing Z
: 4k monitor HUD BUG
What's your OS? Do you have OS level text scaling on?
: when you've played a game for 4 years and you're so used to where all the information is than familiarity is a big deal. its also the fact that there is a ton of information on the right side of the screen so its a lot to try to differentiate between. before everything was spaced out better or spread out through the screen, it was easier to know that I can look in the right corner for items and left corner for map. Now its, i know i need to look in the left corner but I need to look through all these boxes and try to find what I need to know. It's just not practical at all in terms of organization of information. There is a reason most games have things spread out instead of in just one corner, especially when its a lot of information that a player needs to know at once.
Careful not to conflate the muscle memory and clustering issues. Things can be grouped without being cluttered or difficult to parse. Regardless of where they were previously, many items and consumables are used as tactically as abilities and therefore make sense in the center group where other moment to moment cds are monitored, for example pots in a duel or zhonya's. On the other end of the spectrum, we also felt that things were a bit too tight around the minimap so we moved out all the scores back to the top right freeing up the minimap to focus on strategic info like where folks are, their current resources, and objective availability. edit: Also, I'm not dismissing familiarity as an issue. I just want to get into feedback other than "I'm used to it there so it needs to be there."
: New HUD just needs 1 more change; move items to the left corner
: Thoughts on the HUD Change PART 2
Hey Sophia, the text you're seeing on the PBE right now is SUPER WIP and not even close to what we have planned as far as readability. Expect it to change a lot over the next week. How do you feel about the new cooldowns and animations?
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