: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: PROJECT:Akali
- The color combination (red kama / blue hair) isn't working for me. - The empowered kama and shroud were really difficult to see. - Her weapons were hard to keep track of when I was playing her because of the black interior (ive never had this problem before) - The sound effects were cool but too loud. - The hair seems too faded out because of the hologram effect - Most of the chromas look extremely tacky. The colors clash and are too bright - The detail on ingame armor doesnt live up to the splash art - The echo on her voice sounds good - splash art is gorgeous After seeing this skin I really think you should update Headhunter Akali to have a colored shroud silhouette like KDA and Project. Headhunter also deserves color at the current price point and it would suit the theme so well.
: Project Skins 2019
Project Pyke and Prestige Project Irelia look great. The details on Prestige Project Irelia actually look mechanical and cool. Totally worth buying this one and Pyke. The other skins are nowhere close to this standard imo, which is a shame: Project Akali: the model does not do the splash art justice. Her round white armor and helmet screams Program, not Project. The shroud colors look amazing through. I wish her armor was more detailed and eye catching like Prestige Irelia. As it stands, her ingame model outfit just really reminds me of that kid from Speed Racer. Project Jinx: Her braids need more color because they dont stand out enough from her dark costume. Her guns kinda blend in with her costume too much as well. Her animations are great though. Project Irelia: The mechanical details on Presitge are just so much better that I don't know why anyone would get this regular version.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Arcade Chromas!
Would be cool if you recolored one of Qiyana's chromas to look a bit like Princess Peach, with blonde hair and a pink outfit, since she already has the hairstyle. The yellow cross straps on Kaisa's belly (no chroma) look a bit too chunky for me
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Arcade Caitlyn!
In the regular version her hair seems a bit stiff, unlike in the splash, and it kind of blends in too much with her clothing, making it hard to see.
: The first thing I want to say is how uncalled for this skin is. Kai'Sa was relased on March 7th 2018, just a little more than a year ago and this will be her 5th skin. 5 SKINS IN 1 YEAR! Sure, one was her release skin, another was a team skin and an another was a Prestige Edition but still, please slow down will you! Why was she even picked for this? It's not like she fits the theme exceptionally well. And she FOR SURE is not in a need for another skin neither. Then why? Remember Taliyah? She was released on May 18th 2016, 3 years ago and she only has TWO skins. One is her release skin, the other is a team skin. While there are SO MANY champions that are in a need of skin why, just WHY would you prioritize Kai'Sa? I really do not understand and can't think of a good reason behind it. As a suggestion, when she evolves/upgrades an ability it would be cool if there was something like a "LEVEL UP!".
Popular champs definitely get more skins because the demand is higher. I think they also release more skins for the "attractive" champions, because those tend to be more popular anyway. Maybe Taliyah will end up being a Star Guardian though - which would be more awesome anyway imo. Also team skins don't count. The level up idea is really good.
: I do loved this skin SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much ♥ Everything on her in game for me is amazing ♥ The only thing doesn't worked for me, was her splashart, cause looks more like Vi than Kai'sa .-. So I tried to look out what made me this impression and did some changes: https://imgur.com/GXH7tkv To look better what I changed: https://media.giphy.com/media/J2a1Ys88TjMFEpmPbc/giphy.gif
I agree that she looks like Vi. It's definitely Vi's trademark spikey hairstyle. Not sure how to make it look more like Kaisa
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Battle Boss Yasuo!
I would suggest tweaking the colors in Yasuo's hair in the splash art a bit so it matches the model hair more closely. Right now the model hair has distinct blue, teal and purple colors that give it a distinct arcade feel, but in the splash art his hair just looks blue with light white streaks.
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: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Battle Academia Lux
Its a really nice skin but could you make her face a bit cuter? She looks angry with narrow eyes and pointed eyebrows. It doesn't seem like Lux, especially compared to the super big eye anime icon. I think SG lux's face would suit the anime/cute academic skin better, then just recolor the eyebrows. {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Invictus Gaming Skins
1. Le Blancs model looks really small when standing next to other characters 2. Rakans eyes disappear during recall when hes trying to move the world cup. I think its supposed to look like hes squeezing his eyes shut but it just looks like they disappear and its creepy O_O
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: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: K/DA Evelynn Prestige Edition!
1. Love the music when she goes invis at 6 2. Demon form looks bland, and I dont think the dark gray skin with bright yellow looks good 3. Q sound effect seemed a bit too loud 4. Yellow lashes should be toned down to look like peach gold (same as ahri).
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Hextech Jarvan IV!
I'd like to see a new side to Jarvin honestly. Odyssey J4, Star Guardian J4, Arcade J4, Master Chef J4, Gentleman J4, or some younger version of J4 with longer or different hairstyle. This skin looks too similar to dark star and ssg. Dark blue armor skins. His crown looks cool though.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: DUNKMASTER IVERN
The theme does not fit Ivern. Sports skins are also not very popular on League anyway (aside from Dunkmaster Darius). His bright orange hair looks scary. His body blends into the Summoners Rift background too much. His other two skins are much nicer. I agree Sewn Chaos Amumu cancelled skin is much better than this one. You had a lot of cool themes you could give Ivern but this should not be it.
: [CLOSED] PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Arclight Brand, Kayle & Morgana Chromas!
Looks really nice! Morgana Pearl: would be nice if the neon green bra was more of a pastel green to suit the other colors.
: Can we get a better quality Base Splash for Morgana and Kayle?
100% agree. Morg and Kayle's mini portraits in game and in char select look much lower quality than what they used to be.
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: while the new one looks cleaner, the old one had the grim reaper parts way bigger http://lol-wallpapers.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/Ghost-Bride-Morgana-1-Concept-by-Zeronis-League-of-Legends-Artwork-Wallpaper-lol.jpg and now even though they still show in the new splashart, in game its so small it might as well not exist
Oh wow, that concept art is gorgeous. I would love if Riot would make this exact design (old model) in high quality where you can see those grim reapers on her tombstone-like wings and her model looks more elegant again. The new model looks so ghoulish to me. I also really prefer the spectral white/blue tones in the original model as opposed to the sewer green/dark blue tones in the new version.
: Akali buffs
Yeah, Akali still feels ridiculously weak to me. Before she was good at lane sustain, securing 1v1 kills, and escaping, but now she doesn't excel at anything. Every other champion I play offers more in terms of securing kills, damage, cc, and teamfight power. Maybe they should just nerf her shroud length and increase her damage so she can delete squishy champions like the other assassins. The shroud doesn't seem very good right now anyway.
: Ghost bride Morgana {{champion:25}} was one of the best skins in the game! But the ethereal elegance has been lost a little bit with the rework (no flowing veil or flowing shear skirt overlay). I think the reason she looks less "ghostly beautiful" is that the current updated model has an almost invisible hemline which makes the skirt read as short. Therefore, the dress doesn't look as long as the other morg skins, has less of a grand wedding extravagance vibe and off balances her torso to leg ratio. So, if possible could you please darken the ripped hemline to make the dress look longer (and hopefully more trailing). I also saw the trailing bound wings --> veil retexture idea and I think that is also genius. Thank you! And amazing work riot :) [](https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-mdS0X3HNLAI/XG4797rzEyI/AAAAAAABPQM/BOdzBrEs17cQGtSHuVFWDWERYvmLRdYVgCLcBGAs/s1600/morg54turn.png)
her roses are also violent blue instead of ghostly light blue, her hair has a greenish hue instead of being dark blue, her corset looks chunky instead of elegant, her gown looks like a cocktail dress instead of a wedding dress, the tatters at the bottom arent as visible.
: The new Morgana looks good, but...
Ghost bride wings should look like tombstones again. Looked way cooler.
: Ghostbride Morgana Adjustments colours and veil/wing/tail
The hair curl and veil are definite improvements. Still needs more work to get it back to being as good as the original though. The roses on her head look too big and the dark violent blue color burns my eyes. The roses should go back to being light blue. Her old dark blue hair looked better than the green hair hue in the new version. Her face looks emotionless now, instead of sad. I preferred the big wings that looked like tombstones. And her super long elf ears. The poofiness of her original dress looked better, and the tatters were more visible. You've improved the new models corset a lot but i would tweak it a bit more to get the cut and pattern of the original, which had a really elegant look.
: [CLOSED] PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: K/DA Prestige Edition!
Ahri hairstyle isn't a trend. She is using the "I want to speak to your manager" haircut. Please change it. The concept artist of KDA evelyn already made loads of beautiful styles. I hope you use one for KDA prestige Evelyn and replace this Ahri one with one of the concepts cause they look really nice. Concept art reference: https://i.ibb.co/5GpdK10/kda-eve.jpg
: Transcended Kayle, but with hair like splash.
I like the style she has in her skin but I think your edit is better for an angel character that flies around. All Kayle's hairstyles should look a bit more windswept. Most of them are really stiff and/or spikey
: Kayle Gameplay Feedback + PBE changelogs
Some feedback about skins and animations: 1. Her wings on every skin looks amazing!!! Huge improvement! 2. Default skin: I prefer her classic armor to the body suit. Her face looks creepy. Her hair looks stiff and awkward. 3. Silver Kayle: Wings look amazing. Her long white shirt in model does not match splash art. I like the longer tails on the splash art better. I don't like the yellow face color with her white/blue outfit. Does not match. 4. Viridian: Again the art and model don't match. I like her elegant elven armor in the art better than the bodysuit in her model. 5. Trancended: hair in art and model don't match. I like the model. Pee color in final wing form should be toned down. 6. battleborn: looks good 7. Judgement: looks really cool but there are coattails in the art that don't match model. 8. Aether: Looks beautiful but I don't understand why her gold armor suddenly switches to black at the end. Seems out of place. 9. Inquisitor: tone done color hues slightly and its perfect 10. Pentakill: initial form (hard rock fangirl) looks really out of place. I would suggest she should always be wearing the armor and definitely the blonde hair throughout all morphs. Looks awesome otherwise. 11. Sitting animation seems out of place for her. She seems like the kind of person who is always on guard and vigilant.
: I made a WHOLE post about something and it all got deleted before i pressed post so imma just do a quick TL;DR cuz UGHHH... TL;DR Riot Kayle looks nothing like splash art. Improvement Suggestions - Make her hair more lighter/ashy blonde instead of "pee" yellow hair. (think splash art or janna base hair colour) - Edit her outfit (+ the drone wings) to be dark grey/black like splash art kinda fit the fantasy i got of special ops agent when i saw the new splash art - Make her shoulder pads way smaller as they are HUGE compared to her splash art. - Make her outfit more of a body suit/cat suit - Recolour ult to it flashes red and blue like police sirens (as it doesnt make sense for her auto attacks to be blue and E to be blue but Q W R to be gold) - Recolour her W to maybe redish or maybe even green or something or even blue. - Recolour her Q to match the rest of her abilities. (im talking about recolour like what happened to silverfang akali after people complained/suggested im not talking about totally new VFX/SFX just PURE recolour of abilities so it matches) Here is the splash art next to the ingame model to further show my point of these 2 being nothing alike. https://imgur.com/a/BqUa62q https://imgur.com/a/VBd819R
Yeah, whoever did the splash art for Riot Kayle did an amazing job and the model should reflect it more accurately, especially her head and hair. The hair color definitely needs to be lighter. Also she has elf ears in the model and human ears in the splash art. I think human ears suit this skin better. Her hair should also flow more nicely. Currently hair looks super rigid. I think the drone wings are cool.
: Morgana Gameplay Feedback
I think Morgana's new tail (?) is a bit confusing lore-wise. Why is it there? Why doesn't Kayle have one if they are sisters? It makes her look like a snake, so she looks like Cassiopeia's sister instead of Kayle's. Also my eyes keep getting drawn to her tail whenever she moves so it's a bit distracting. I also think her "loves me, loves me not" line is a bit confusing. Maybe I'm missing something but it doesn't seem like Morgana. Blackthorn: Beautiful skin but it needs the autumn leaves on her wings and particles again. Her dress would be lovely a bit wider (like the older version) with the roots again. The tail is REALLY distracting on this one. It makes her look like a snake instead of a tree. Blademistress: looks AMAZING Sinful Succulence: really like this one too except the tail is really distracting again. it moves around so much and draws the eye away from everything else. I feel like she shouldn't have a tail. Ghost bride: The older corset looks more elegant, her older wings look cooler, her new hair color looks too busy and I recommend making it one solid color again. Tail again sticks out like a sore thumb, her longer ears were cuter, her old necklace was more elegant, the older tatters were more visible. Revert a bit? Please? Bewitching: definitely needs the Halloween particles and bats again. Otherwise looks much better!
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Firecracker Vayne Prestige Edition!
Here are some suggestions to slightly alter the prestige model so it's not just a gold chroma: 1. Alter Vayne's hair slightly: shorter ponytail, no ponytail / pixie cut, hair fastened in a bun, soulstealer vayne hairstyle, or different bangs/fringe. 2. Remove her glasses or alter their look slightly. 3. Remove her leggings and give her a tattoo on her leg. 4. Change her chest so there's no cleavage showing - it's all fabric. Coven Camille skin had more alterations with her chromas than this prestige Vayne skin does. That said, I think this gold color scheme looks nicer than the red one.
: Get ready for ARURF+: coming to patch 9.2
1. Cannon noise is never-ending and annoying. I know it's supposed to sound like Chinese New Year fireworks but it's just horrible to listen to constantly. 2. Random champs (AR) does not fix the problem. It's just ARAM where the team with better random champions always wins. Constant dodges, etc. 3. I suggest having URF mode for the first half of then event then switching over to ARURF for the second half. This way people can play the champs they want for awhile. The meta champs will get spammed. And then ARURF comes in, giving people a break from the meta champs due to randomization. 4. Fizz is overpowered and untargetable. He needs nerfs.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Firecracker Vayne Prestige Edition!
Another chroma given a prestige tag...? {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} No more prestige skins, please and thanks.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Blood Moon Pyke!
This is good but his cape looks very similar to Sand Wraith.
: Please don't make Prestige skins lose their value. Don't get me wrong I think this skin is... just ok but my point stands, prestige skins were supposed to be rare or exclusive like borders once were (Now everything has a border), plus it doesn't even make sense in this skin line. If you think about popstars you think about glamour, shiny sparkles, yadda yadda. Now on a blood demon? No, please. Stop it, let them be PRESTIGIOUS for a reason, and don't slap them 24/7 to any skin line that comes just because. Also now in the actual skin, the sparkles look way off, and the red eyes don't fit.
: Oh god... where do I even start. First of all, when you guys first announced Prestige Edition skins I thought they were cool. Prestige K/DA Kai'Sa was really good because it changed a lot and was different. Her hair, the glitters... Sure it was hard as hell to collect 2500 tokens but it felt worth it. But when we all JUST got our skin you guys announced Prestige K/DA Akali. Man, was I SHOCKED! When I first heard of these skins I thought they would be released in the same period like Ultimate skins or even Legendary skins. But then I was like, It makes sense since K/DA has been getting more and more popular (especially Akali). But I personally don't like the skin. The classic one is just soo good with all those different neon colors. To me gold isn't doing justice to the skin. The hair isn't as different as the Kai'Sa one neither. And now there is this... I really don't wanna say it because I know you guys don't like us saying it but this is just a golden chroma with golden effects. I don't even understand, why gold? I thought Prestige Editions would be like different, spiced up versions of the normal ones. Didn't think you guys would just make them all golden. This is a Blood Moon skin. It doesn't make sense for it to not have red or blue. I think this skin is a really poor choice. And trying to get these skins in such a short time is not easy for us. I know you guys want to try new things with skins like Pajama Guardians, Prestige Editions and all but I don't think they are working. A few years ago you guys gave us Mythic skins (Hextech Crafting skins). I think they are pretty much in the same situation. Hextech Annie is a really nice skin. The next few skins you gave us are really nice as well. But now you guys just keep giving us random Hextech (X champion) skins. They cost 10 Gemstones which are soo hard to get. I have only gotten 13 of those and I just can't get myself to spend them. The Hextech theme got really boring as well. TBH every metalic skin line got boring. I personally really want to see more fantasy skins like Coven and Elderwood. I don't want to see golden chromas neither. The golden chromas that we will be getting for the winter event don't really fit the skins nor the theme. They made sense and looked good in the Lunar Event but these just don't work. Like Bard is all soft and fluffy, gold just doesn't fit. And the gold color seems more like a yellow-ish brown on them for some reason. I know you guys want responses like "This looks awkward." or "There is this bug." since these skins are already made and you guys can't really change anything big about them. And I know that I got out of the point but I had these in my mind for a while now and just wanted to say them because I care. To summerize things up, no more gold skins/chromas please. The Prestige skins are not fitting the image in my mind and they are being released too frequently. And for all the effort it takes to get them, they should at least look better than the original ones. P.S.: Isn't the name of the skin too long. "Blood Moon Aatrox Prestige Edition". I just checked it on the PBE and it barely fits in the loading screen. Maybe you guys could change their names and just call it "Prestige Blood Moon Aatrox" or could add a star or something to the front like "★ Blood Moon Aatrox". Would also make them look more prestigious. Also, I thought these skins were going to get their own splash art. This is the exact same one with a gold filter. (And I am really sorry for my English, I had a really hard time trying to write this :D)
TaricBestGirl nailed it. You could make "Prestige" a distinct variant set specifically for KDA skinline (releasing Ahri and Evelyn then stopping). Instead you guys are going nuts with the gold chromas, and now passing them off as prestige skins. Unlike the OP, I prefer Prestige Akali to the normal one, because I thought the classic one was way too dark purple all over and the colors stand out much more on Prestige. But she's right in pointing out that Prestige Akali only had very minor changes (no new hairstyle) unlike Kaisa. Again OP nailed it again with the gold color scheme not fitting in with the established blood moon color scheme. And I agree that the blood moon Aatrox looks far superior to the gold chroma prestige one. I agree that hextech skin designs have gone downhill. I did like SoulStealer Vayne and Hextech Annie but none of the others stand out to me at all. Again i agree that the gold chromas don't fit the winter theme, and look greatly inferior to the regular colors.
: Good to know Prestige Skins are Common
I honestly feel like Prestige Akali and Kaisa are Variants and Prestige Blood Moon Aatrox is a golden chroma.
: Problem with the new Prestige Skin: Golden Chroma (Aatrox)
Yeah, this seems really wonky to me, too. Not to mention that blood moon skins should stay within the color palatte to match the others. This prestige Aatrox is just a gold chroma, on a skin line that shouldn't have gold chromas because it has a very distinct, thematic color scheme already.
: Nexus Blitz - Bug report Megathread
1. During Prize Battle there were only 2 fights. The team that won the second fight automatically won before other people had a chance to fight in the 3rd round. 2. Do not gain champion mastery points or chests at the end of the game. (maybe intended, but idk)
: Queue dodge - need a longer timer
Would adding blind pick mode help? That way one person on each team can play the new character/skin. It may reduce the amount of dodging a bit since you have a higher chance of playing and testing the new content. Not to mention, it's probably beneficial for more people to be testing the new content anyway.
: Nexus Blitz 2.0 - Feedback Thread!
Bug: if you drive the sled into your own Nexus it regains health and never dies. So other people can't use it and someone got trapped on the back. Note: The sled is really fun but it has caused my team to feed/int/troll more than it has helped my teammates.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: K/DA Akali Prestige Edition
Bug: Akali doesn't turn neon at the end of her recall dance.
I got this same invisibility bug while playing Shaco. It happened randomly during one of the many times I ulted. As usual, Shaco disappeared while splitting into his clone during the ult. But instead of reappearing, he just vanished completely off the screen. I couldn't even see myself, but I could attack and put down boxes. I ran into the enemy nexus to see what would happen. I died. I came back as a translucent ghost. The enemies could see me but not click or target me. I could attack them. I could also attack their turrets without taking damage. Seemed like a really serious bug but I couldn't reproduce it. Maybe something glitched while Yi was in alpha strike. But there must be some other condition that triggers it. I SUSPECT IT MAY BE FIORA. There was a Fiora in our game too and the glitch happened while I was fighting her. So maybe one of her skills triggered it.
: I'm glad someone else likes it XD
@Riot Sirhaian @Riot KiWiKiD Any chance we can make Akali's hair neon again?
: I second this neon rendition, it looks a lot more exciting to play.
: the new chat is really bad rn
My issue is that the text is too small and thin. There definitely needs to be a better font. But otherwise I really like the new loading screen.
Rioter Comments
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: K/DA Akali Prestige Edition
I made a few messy edits to Akali's shroud colors: https://imgur.com/a/AKm33vU 1. Original Prestige Neon colors (with original white fur) changed to Yellow. 2. Current Prestige colors (for reference). No glowing hair or kamas. 3. Edited prestige colors with glowing hair. 4. Original Neon KDA Akali for reference. 5. Same as #3 but with glowing blue kamas and different pose. 6. Current Prestige colors (for reference). No glowing hair or kamas. Same as #2. Observations: the neon colors look much cleaner than the current prestige colors (brown and yellow). But the new prestige colors definitely suit the skin better. Akali's hair and silohette is much more visible when it's glowing neon so I think her hair should be made neon again and the hat should go back to being a shadow. This also makes the KDA lettering stand out better. You could also add a neon glow around the rim of her baseball cap or add some street art designs to the brim like I did. Her kama are also more visible in a different color. I think her shoes look much cleaner in the neon version so I messed around a bit in #5 sop it doesn't look so much like she's wearing mary janes. Most importantly: I think her hair should glow neon again. And honestly, the original neon colors in yellow look pretty sweet (#1).
: The new colors look really nice. I would definitely buy it as is. But I also liked the old neon colors on her. Most of all I preferred that her hair turned a bright noticeable color in the neon colored version (from dark purple to neon pink/purple). I think turning a darker brown color during shroud doesn't stand out or pop out nearly as much. I also felt that the diamonds on her pants stood out much better in the neon version, which looked really cool. Her mask is also a bit difficult to see. In normal KDA it's clearly green, but in prestige her face looks like a dark shadow with no mask. I think it would look nice if you could give the mask a brighter color to stand out more. Or... what might work even better is to give her some really noticeable gold eyeliner and gold lipstick instead of a mask - which might suit "prestige" even better. Can you add more sparkles/glitters following her while she's gold? I notices she sparkles a bit without transformation and I think it looks really nice. It would be cool if she was even more sparkly during shroud.
Please make her hair glow :D Also, can Drop the Mic emote be available again during the next event?
: Nexus Blitz 2.0 - Feedback Thread!
The Cart does not move for the left-side (blue) team. All 5 of my teammates were standing in the circle with 0 enemies present and it just sat there. Then when the enemies walked into it it started moving and destroyed our turret. =*(
: Played a few games, have a few thoughts. - The 2 vs 2 midlane showdown event is far too one sided, the side with the higher level will usually win. Sometimes you'll get matches where one side are all level 5's while the other are 6 and have their ult. - The shield buff is still too strong, especially on someone On Fire. Event buffs should be applied indirectly like the Blitz minion, direct buffs like the shield only makes snowballing easier. The design philosophy of "HERE JUST HAVE MORE STATS" along with a GA or a shield just feels like shit to play against. - The stick stat really isn't as good as it's made out to be, you'd have to be a champion with hybrid scaling to make any use of it and most champions can't. It's just a ton of stats put into one item, but hardly any champions can use it effectively unless you're someone like Jax. - I know it's still early but the map is bland, give it more color like the TT map. It doesn't need to be an exact but smaller copy of SR, the map deserves to have its own unique feel to it like some RGM maps do. - URF as an event is a fun idea, but its broken and pre-determined. I don't want to say remove it, but I don't think it's a fair event either given some champions are just undoubtedly far more broken than others. Other team has a Fizz or Zed? No point in playing because it's a 100% guarantee win for them. - Maybe make herald more powerful? I don't see too many people going for it since you can easily end the game without it. - The map might be a bit too big this time around, the top area of the map is basically ignored since the red buff is no longer there.
I agree about changing the theme away from summon rift. Maybe somewhere in Noxus? Or piltover/bandle city? Would be kinda cool if a Noxus gladiator arena rose up from the ground during the 2v2's. And have draven as the announcer instead, for that part.
: Nexus Blitz 2.0 - Feedback Thread!
I don't know if it's just me so I put this on a separate reply, but I really dont enjoy the paranoia mode.
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