: I feel like the brawlers are too weak to really have an impact
I agree with this to a point. the brawlers just seemed to be flavored minions. Also, when we take out an inhibitor, It doesn't FEEL like our team has more power. instead of giving all the minions a buff, what if the Brawlers looked bigger and stronger visibly, and only THEY would have the inhibitor buff. That way, it would feel like taking out an inhibitor does something.
: No problem man! Also, before you start a game, make sure that Riot hasn't planned any maintenance by looking for the little diamond up by the logo on the client to avoid getting your game getting canceled.
Same thing happened to me. I was in the middle of the game. I forgot to check the diamond. Also. Check time zones as well. For them it was noon, but for me in the MIdwest, it was 2.
: Can't Adjust items?
I had this same issue. At the beginning of the game as marksman, I had a dorans blade and a health pot. I always move the health pot to the #3 spot because that is what's most comfortable for me. I played a game of Black Market Brawlers and was not able to move my pot to slot 3. I could swap the items in 1 and 2, but could not move anything beyond that until I bought another item.
: Making the new gameode permeanit or adding things from it permeantly into the game after event?
good question. I can see a lot of these things turn into items/abilities in the actual game. I doubt they will confirm anything to us, but a game mode like this is a perfect way to test things out. So many goofy interactions could happen, and if they don't work well, they can just chuck the whole thing with the game mode. But if something does work out well, they can figure out how to implement it into the vanilla game. its a win-win!
: I had the same issue in my last game. I was playing BMB when the chat box would disappear. What I typed would be sent to the parties intended but I had to type the rest of the sentence. Not a game breaking bug, however it is an annoyance.
Agreed. Nothing about it is horrible, it's just something that needs to be fixed before whatever patch the issue is on goes live.
: Actually I know what the problem is and it's slightly different. You see, you can still type your message, however the chatbox goes invisible. This definitely has to do with the new hud design. Probably the chatbar hiding after a perceived period of inactivity despite the fact that you're still typing. Upvoting so this gets noticed.
Same has happened to me. I also made a bug report on here: http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bugs/RnrcGanA-bug-chat-text-box-disappears-while-typing
: [New Gamemode] "Black Market Brawlers" Suggestion
Hey. I like the idea. I think they need to be careful because the bigger a "character" is, the stronger we expect them to be. If they make the brawlers too big, there is the chance of people complaining that they don't do anything because they look tankier/stronger than they really are based on the size. All this to say, I really would like for them to increase the size, but would understand the reasons if they chose not to.
: I love the new HUD but I agree. I would like to see what other players have for KDA.
I agree. I am very used to seeing what the scores are. I usually use it to see which champions are getting out of control so I don't get a nasty surprise when I get blown up because I didn't know to avoid someone. BUT I have noticed that by not paying attention to the numbers, I am paying better attention to the game. I wonder if that is Riot's intention?
Riot. Thank you for making updates to the game. I am sorry for the loudmouths who just complain loudly. This is the PBE. I understand that things are not going to be ideal. (hence the testing that I'm here for!) I also do not prefer the new HUD, although to be honest I have not played enough with it to truly attempt to get used to it. I suppose that will just take some time to see what happens. The singular truly frustrating thing that happened to me (because of me not being used to the HUD) was when I accidentally locked my camera. I spent a couple minutes methodically pressing buttons before finding the hotkey (its "y" by the way) to unlock the camera. The HUD I am used to has a button there that can lock/unlock the camera if I accidentally hit the wrong button. Not a big deal, I just think there needs to be a clear way to lock/unlock the camera. (in the moment i was panicking so I forgot to hit escape and go through the menu. *facepalm although I fear others would be in the same boat as me.)
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: "False on chat"
: Can't see point into skill
Same here. There does not seem to currently be a way to see how many points you have put into a certain ability. For most people I don't think it would be a problem. although I can see that being a bad idea for new players who follow builds and ability orders from online. I think it would also be bad for characters whose abilites change with how they level things up (ie. syndra) to keep track of how far they are from something.
: Can't see CS OR KDA On tab
We will have to wait for Riot to make an official statement on this. It appears that they removed a way to see the enemy's cs. I would have to look closer (it has been down for a couple hours). You can still see your own kds on top of the mini map. the text is smaller than it has been before so you may need to adjust to be able to find it quickly. Also. you cannot see anyone's kda by tabbing the stats, but you can see the score if you click on the actual champion (enemy or ally) and look at the info box that comes up. not convenient in my opinion but there is a way.
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: Made account a day ago and still level 1
Try buying the bundles of champs or runes even though it says you dont have any ip or rp. when I did that, everything jumped to where it was supposed to be. lvl 30 AND the rp and ip they give for PBE.
: No need to apologize. Use the search function to help you find similar posts. :)
: I agree with this concept. The main issue I had with teambuilder is that any champion could fill any role, which is cool in a way for people who do creative things like annie sup. This can become an issue when someone wants to do something like aatrox sup, which has not viability in my opinion, but somehow works. I think that teambuilder should be a skill building exercise for someone to be able to practice a specific lane and champ, but we need to realize that all champs dont mesh well together. I think the multi champ thing would be pretty solid, but to make it easier on riot, it would probably be better if it was multi champ and not multi role.
Also agree. multi role could be confusing for the players trying to figure out what they are playing. Which would force them to wonder why choose team builder to begin with!?! Team Builder with people choosing what position they want to be in, get fitted with a team based on that, THEN they could choose a champ based on the team instead of just random.
: [ARAM] - Game Closes
: This is a known issue. If a game lasts over 7 minutes it's automatically labeled as a private game. Please check the forums to see if others have had the same issue before you post. Says that right in the [How To] Report Bugs in the PBE thread.
: the unkillable susan
I don't know. I think the stacking q is the only real thing Nasus adds to a team. That's why he is viable as a tank because the q is where his damage comes from. The rest of his kit doesn't really give him much damage.
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: Team Builder is coming back soon Tuesday (1/21) at 1:00 - 5:00 PM PST!
Howdy! Just posting my initial thoughts. I really enjoyed being able to be able to play a champion guaranteed. That way there's no disappointment for not getting the role/champ that I wanted. I enjoyed being able to label the role that I want to play with the specific champ (ie. mage, marksman, fighter, tank) That opens it up for different opportunities and trying out different metas. As for starting a game, I sort of wish I could choose what role that each person could play instead of just choosing how many people in each lane. But still. that's kind of cool. If I want to try a tower rush strat, I can stack the lanes the way I want to try. More thoughts upcoming.
: So I will Team Builder be completely replacing the regular queue?
From my understanding, Team Builder will be another option, especially for those wanting to try out something new.
: Team Builder is coming back soon Tuesday (1/21) at 1:00 - 5:00 PM PST!
Well I am excited. I will be able to do some testing on Tuesday and am looking forward to giving my feedback to help make teambuilder a reality in the live patch!

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