: [5.13] Core AP Items Pass
I think the Hourglass change is fundamentally good. It's been pretty op for a long time now. The Seraph changes scare me. It gives a *ton* of AP now, not to mention when you have the new mana-buffed RoA and the %AP buffed Deathcap. Rylai's seems scary too since suddenly people with easy to land AoE spells can use a 40% slow on them to hit another spell. In my mind Morg W, Velkoz W/R are all not DoT spells per se (I'm thinking poisons, Malz E, Swain Q E) but they're going to be insane if they get a 40% slow. So I hope my terminology is off and you are including this kind of spells in the DoT category. Otherwise Morg QW (W lands first) makes a properly aimed Q almost un dodgable, Velkoz will easily land the second proc of W and probably and E, and wipe whole teams with a 40% slowing R. Also get ready to nerf champions who already build WotA sometimes, because they're going to be over the top now.
: [PBE Feedback] "New Missile System" - Rewriting Skillshots
I'm very glad you have a team to clean up the (probably terrible, judging by the kind of bugs we see around) code that makes up the game mechanics. Are there any plans to have all champion code written or at least reviewed by actual programmers rather than having designers do it directly? Surely this would help avoiding another Azir fiasco. Keep up the good work.
: Free champion rotation bug
I just had this too. Could only pick Sejuani, anything else gave me an error that I don't own the champion, even though they're in the free rotation. Also just made an account, didn't receive the IP/RP yet even after relogging, so couldn't unlock any champions. After the game I got my IP/RP.


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