: Mana changes coming to PBE today
Right, so when you guys come down off of your high from whatever fucked up drugs you were taking to come up with this idea, kindly don't go through with it. Thanks in advance.
: Global Splash Update Incoming!
>We won't be making any reverts or changes during this round, but this feedback will help our splash artists prioritize what to upgrade when they get the chance. You should have kept this open for discussion much longer. A lot of these are terrible...
: Was there a Rioter that said his Q should not crit ? I am 100% sur that it crit on live. I am not on the PBE now so I can't check his current state.
It never has and hopefully never will. That would make him too strong.
: New Mercurial Scimitar just outclasses BT too hard
Remove the lifesteal from Merc and buff BT? I wouldn't mind going back to the whole "everyone rushes bloodthirster" thing we had a while ago since the lane shouldn't be decided by RNG from rushing IE.
: Yasuo is pretty weak on live so this is a nice buff to him to make him viable, perhaps they could nerf Yas a bit if it's to much.
How about we nerf him now, and again once this Shiv change goes through?
: Shiv/IE = 100% crit chance. OP masteries. IDK man seems broken.
My concern is that when he gets Shiv on live, if he was bullied early, its like he was never behind at all, and the extra 20% crit he gets from this change will make him even more oppressive and toxic to face. 60% crit chance with one item is ludicrous given that he's obnoxious enough as it is without the help.
: What have you done to yasuo
60% crit chance with Shiv...uhhh?? Riot? You're...you're okay with this?
: A track record for trying to come up with new an inventive kits. A track record for coming up with designs that push the boundaries of what EVERYONE thinks is possible in this game. A track record of putting out some of the most popular champs in league history.
>A track record of putting out some of the most popular champs in league history. How many times must this be argued? That's a bullshit response to defend obviously broken kits and you know that. If not, crawl out of the fanboy hole and consider the reality of the situation. Just because something is fun to play, doesn't mean it's healthy for the game. CertainlyT has made the some of the most frustrating, agonizing, and downright unfair champions on the roster to play against, and they're only getting worse as time goes on.
: Hey Elijah, Your understanding of the changes is accurate. My goal is not to "use Morde to break the meta" but to find a healthy home for Mordekaiser where he can be successful while still being himself (slow, tough, CC-free overwhelmingly powerful damage dealer). My feeling was that for this sort of profile, the champion could not be both successful and healthy on their own. Morde needs someone to help cover his weaknesses and actualize his strengths. Supports stood out as natural complements. They too are incomplete champions, lacking damage but bringing a lot of CC and ally buffs/hastes. There is no unherent reason why playing Mordekaiser bottom lane will cause teams to lose. Structurally, he has the ability to forcefully push games to a conclusion by using his dragon to smash down the enemy base. In testing, we have had just as many games where he succeeds as fails.
What makes you think _you_ of all people are able to determine what's healthy or not based on your track record of outrageously toxic and unfun designs?
: Hi Whistlesticks - We are looking into making some changes that will improve the quality of life for our boards, but nothing set yet. I'll keep everyone posted as we begin to implement those types of changes. Riot Chesties {{champion:21}}
I don't know whether or not you could help with a little issue - could you by chance slap whoever had the idea to remove Revive and maybe give it back in 5.5? Thanks.
: I personally feel like {{summoner:10}} was more of a troll pick, unless you were picking {{champion:33}} or {{champion:120}} . Even then, it was still pretty troll... There aren't many other champions that benefit from {{summoner:10}} . There's always the possibility that a more useful summoner will take the place of it. Just my opinion, though.
I wish people would realize Revive/TP {{champion:30}} was more than just a "troll pick."
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: Wasn't say clarity was good, just saying thought it would be a better option (makes mana management early game a snap so you can out zone your opponent). Passive twice in a teamfight could be massive, I just don't like dying that much personally :D
Pssh, you've clearly never tried it. Others may disagree, but Phantoml0rd has taught me that Revive/TP Suicide Karthus is the only optimal way to play him. Give it a try before Riot removes another fun aspect of the game.
: Revive is a relatively useless mechanic imo. You're better off taking clarity and building a zhonyas
Clarity remains to be garbage, and while revive is relatively useless for anyone else, it works well on Karthus if you're not an idiot about it. Being able to use your passive twice in a big teamfight is massive. Alternatively I use it just for the "WTF I just killed you!" reaction from the enemy team.
: Yes it was removed like a week ago. Probably because there are not a lot of people use it. People sometimes use it to troll or feed anyway. {{summoner:10}}
I *always* play Karthus with Revive and TP. This is really sad if it's going to stay gone.
: [Karthus] Q while passive not working
Phantoml0rd frequently points this out when he plays Karthus. This has been a bug for a long time.
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: Ongoing Ahri Play Test Results
Please don't remove the damage amp on her E, if you want to get rid of DFG because people hate assassins, fine go ahead, but don't make Ahri a mage. We already have to suffer through that splash art, don't kill her assassin role too...
: Hi there! Thanks for taking the time to write a post and leave some awesome feedback! Overall, her braid isn't something we considered signature - If you look at Dynasty Ahri, or Midnight Ahri, you'll notice she doesn't have a braid, or anything of the like. In regards to the flow-yness of her hair, unfortunately, we're able to do a lot more with splash than we are with the in game model, and it's important to keep in mind that a champion or skin splash is merely a representation of the in-game content. In regards to the length, we did discuss it, but ultimately decided not to make it longer.
> [{quoted}](name=Riot KateyKhaos,realm=PBE,application-id=cMKtzQHY,discussion-id=aJnrwrdp,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-01-13T00:58:25.145+0000) it's important to keep in mind that a champion or skin splash is merely a representation of the in-game content. Then can you answer why the new base Ahri splash doesn't look like the champion, or match any of her other splashes, including the challenger one that was **just** created? Every other splash looks similar to one another - even challenger - except for the new base. Why? And why is it still going out despite it still being the same art that caused an immediate backlash, only changed slightly?
: Is this Ahri Splash Going to Live Anyway?
http://www.surrenderat20.net/2015/01/patch-51-server-maintenance.html Yup, maintenance was just announced and the Ahri splash is still going to be shipped to the live servers despite feedback. Thanks for the downgrade Riot, much appreciated.
: This is a prime example of new isn't always better. I honestly HATE most of the new splash arts, but {{champion:103}} 's is one I particularly hate, and I wish they would not have changed it in the first place.
The only ones I really had any issues with were Janna's and Wukong's, but Wu's looked a whole lot better after the color change. I would put Ahri with them on that list, but there's far too much wrong with it to be fixed with something as simple as a color change.
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: YES THANK YOU! You said that just about perfectly. In almost no way can I disagree with you.
I keep looking to the Surrender@20 PBE updates to see if it's reverted yet. With each update not showing any signs of the splash being taken down, I'm getting more and more worried that it will be going out anyway. Riot, the first splash update wasn't a very good representation of Ahri, and this one is certainly not even close to being better. Knockwurst is back with you guys, maybe you could have him look at it or if at all possible, have him draw the new one?
: BUGs with Diana,store and Ahri?
> [{quoted}](name=Krystian PBE,realm=PBE,application-id=A4D2003433C8FCD715185A7264A9CC6FDFAD7FEF,discussion-id=1ksvELsu,comment-id=,timestamp=2014-12-29T09:34:58.411+0000) > 3.ahri s new splash art doesn't match up with her model in game. Not a bug, just a bad decision should it make it to live servers.
: New Ahri Splash Art
There is a great deal wrong with her new splash. This however, is not one of them.
: To be honest I liked the oldest Ahri splash a lot (the current one in the official server), and when the new came out I had mixed feelings. It looked so pretty but I was used to the old one. With time the new splash grew on me and I ended *loving* it, even more than her old one. But this... I'm sorry, but I don't like Ahri's new face. At all. The new details and the splash itself look great, but her face... just no. This is just my personal opinion, but I think her face in the oldest version of the new splash art was really beautiful, why they couldn't keep it?
> [{quoted}](name=doranoru,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=6Bkek4Mz,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2014-12-18T03:02:03.712+0000) I think her face in the oldest version of the new splash art was really beautiful, why they couldn't keep it? What I don't understand is why they want to use this particular art. They hardly changed anything noticeable unless you remember the details missing from the *old* new version over a period of a couple MONTHS. In this time they could have done what they should have done and remade the splash to make it more appealing. I like that they fixed her ears, the whisker marks are visible, and the hair is straighter, but what were they thinking with the face change? That specific change made her look even worse than the previous attempt. Please make a new splash, because right now, she REALLY doesn't look like Ahri, and no, the dark gloomy area she's in does NOT suit her. http://th04.deviantart.net/fs71/PRE/f/2012/016/e/8/lol___ahri_by_knockwurst-d4mlo2a.jpg Look at how the lighting here makes her pop out of the picture and how the pose makes her look elegant and entrancing. Is there any reason why it's insisted that everything, including the lighting remain the same, and only minor tweaks happened?
: Please revert Ahri's face
They shouldn't be trying to use this art anyway. How hard is it to accept that we don't like how it looks, or how she's represented in it? Stop trying to force a change that doesn't need to happen.
: New splash art for Ahri something different
> [{quoted}](name=Uzumaki Karin,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=PBVN8poq,comment-id=,timestamp=2014-12-18T09:09:09.668+0000) Change is good Highly debatable >I think people have to give things a second chance or look in this case. So do I, except this **IS** the second chance with her new splash, and it still doesn't look good.
: Poor {{champion:103}} suffers from the "waifu syndrome". She will never get her splash art if Rito doesn't drop the dream of satisfying everyone. Her appearance has always been inconsistent, but people try to make it look like she "lost" something. In reality they just want her to match their wet dreams. http://a.disquscdn.com/uploads/mediaembed/images/1545/6217/original.jpg
I can't speak for others, but all I want is for her to look like the original art, and not anything like the updated splashes. That's it.
: I really like the current (live) splash art and wish they'd make her look just as elegant. I doubt I'll ever come to like this new art, though it's mostly for the fact that she's just randomly floating in a bunch of half-dead trees *for no god damn reason.* But...at least the latest revision actually makes her *look* like Ahri instead of some bushy-haired woman in Ahri's clothes. Exhibit A: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-RtoMqJPUDmk/VJIsGOMeEJI/AAAAAAAAgPk/36rbCPV-doo/s1600/head2.jpg
How does that face look like Ahri's? Everything else you said I agree with completely.
Rioter Comments
: About New Ahri splash art
Riot stop, please stop trying to make this splash art work. This is even further from where she needs to be. Can we get someone in here to explain what's wrong with the original without using the word "outdated" or the phrase "needs to be updated to fit in with the current arts" please?
: Should be able to turn down Kalista bond
The Black Spear should replace her current passive and be accessible at level 6 when she levels her ult. I thought this champion was some sick joke when she was announced, and after seeing her kit in action, watching her hop all around the lane avoiding danger is truly disgusting, so a new passive is something I'm begging for. As for her ult, I think she should be able to use her *new* passive to throw down The Black Spear, which gives anyone on the team the ability to be sucked in and launched out, functioning as it is on live, except the launched ally CHOOSES when to get sucked in. Without the link passive, her W no longer has the BS -20% max health damage passive, which makes more sense since it's supposed to be a scouting ability. Without the hop passive, she should have increased AS / AD to compensate her. Looking back on this post, this sounds a bit harsh...but I really hate Kalista and everything she brings onto the Rift.
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: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Pickpocket Twitch and Safecracker Evelynn!
The skin looks great, I'm sure Twitch players will love it, but on the subject of Twitch players...I have one recommendation for Twitch himself. I know this is beating the dead horse with a stick at this point, but could you please change his ult back to Spray and Pray? It wasn't funny when it was replaced, and reverting the name would make a lot of Twitch's very happy.
: No updates since last week
I just want them to fix Ahri's new splash to make it look like the original (or don't change it at all - that would be better.) Aside from that, the suspense is killing me, this must be taking a huge amount of effort for an 8-9 day break away from updates.
: I really don't like any of the new splash arts, I agree with you saying they look wayy too cartoonish. The ones i particularly don't like are Ezreals, Wukongs, VAYNE, Ahri, and Blitzcrank. When I first saw Ahri's new portrait square, i thought someone messed up and put Haunted Zyra there instead, I understand that Rito probably put a lot of work into these splashes, but many people just don't like them. I think someone of them just need retouching and most others just need to be removed completely.
The only one I have a major problem with is Ahri's. Some of them look off in some places, but they're tolerable. Ahri on the other hand doesn't look like Ahri. Similar MAYBE, but it wasn't her in the cinematic, and it's not her in the new splash.
: Yeah, watch them do nothing about it. What I really wanna know is if leaving out Ahri's bell on her dress was intentional but ofc Riot won't answer us. Now the in game model and the splash are REALLY inconsistent. The face is horrible too. Gj Riot, worst new splash.. leaves all Ahri's actual mains and players in disappointment. It's not a bad splash but it's NOT Ahri.
Yeah I'll agree to that, it's not a bad splash by any means, but it doesn't do Ahri justice whatsoever.
: i'd say change the hair
That would be *one* of the changes she needs. Her hair needs to be long and straight, not short, matted, and tangled.
Rioter Comments
: I decided to edit it~ might need more effort but yeaa! i enjoyed doing it ^.^
It's not perfect, there's still the matter of the rest of the body, but baby steps. This does make her look much better.
: Victorious Morgana feedback
The only things I would suggest other than what's mentioned are having her hair be a bit longer and blonde since it kind of looks like it in the teaser. Other than that, well done.
: Will there ever be a chance to ge told victorious skins ? (like giving us the choice between the different victorious skins at the end of the season for example)
That kind of takes away from the reward. In WoW, back in BC if you pvped during the 2008 olympics, you received a Spirit of Competition, a small Chinese dragon pet. There is no other way to get it (unless they decided to put it on the black market AH for some horrible reason.) Like the spirit, the victorious skins represents how long you've been playing, and shows how experienced you are. I wasn't around for Victorious J4, and didn't do ranked when Victorious Janna was around, but I wouldn't want to have them be accessible since it takes away the "Veteran Badge" the owners earned years ago.
: I agree, I think that here eyes should be changed to blue like the cinematic only to be more consistent because that's how I picture her. I also believe that her hair is too short from what I'm used to seeing. Good points you're making there.
Blue eyes?? Absolutely not! This was the primary knee-jerking rage reaction from Ahri fans when they watched A New Dawn. (Yes I was included in them.) Her eyes are yellow, and yellow they should stay.
: Ahri Splashart Feedback
Her eyes are too dark - need to be more yellow. Curious why they changed the way her dress looks. She looks like she's in her 40's now. The bell is gone. She doesn't look like she's in Ionia anymore. Face has lost the asian look to it. Tails look like carpets. Her hair is tangled and short instead of long and silky. Her ears look half their size. Is she laying down or running? It's really hard to tell with such an awkward pose. Overall, she just doesn't look good in this new splash. She doesn't have what makes her "Ahri." Look at this shining goddess in the original art, this is what Ahri should look like.
: I think they tried to make the whiskers as subtle as possible, which takes away from the mysterious fox lady feel. The ears are also quite small. I think they could have made an even better splash than this one is and that's why I'm quite upset. If you look at the New Dawn cinematic concept for Ahri you can see that they improved on her look and added so much more beautiful details, especially on the dress. I think they should have made her look more like this picture.
> If you look at the New Dawn cinematic concept for Ahri you can see that they improved on her look That's your opinion, I don't see improvements in the cinematic version. I honestly hated the way she looked in it to the point if refusing to accept Ahri was even in the cinematic. The only positive i'm seeing with the new art is that it's a more detailed piece...that can be said about any one of the new arts. However unlike Ahri's, most of them look wonderful.
: New splash arts feedback
I can deal with some of them looking a bit off, but Ahri's looks terrible. She hardly looks like Ahri now. I really hope they redo it to make it seem like the old splash, but it's a lot to hope for since they're focused on mass producing all of these updates.
: I agree with you 100%. Her face makes her seem.. well not like her :( Gonna miss the old splash unless they make changes to this one.
> I agree with you 100%. Her face makes her seem.. well not like her :( Gonna miss the old splash unless they make changes to this one. Consider how many people disliked Vayne's new art. They didn't do anything to it despite the negative feedback. Now that everything is on Boards now and is being monitored, please Riot, roll this splash back to a later date. It doesn't do Ahri justice at all.
: Regarding Ahri's Splash~
I don't think it's enough to change the face. It would help tremendously, but her whole body looks weird, especially with such a dark a dismal background.
: Please let us give a huge honor to your designers riot.
I love most of the splash arts you've done Riot, although Janna looks weird, and everything about Ahri's...oh God why, please no, don't ship Ahri's out as is. Please make her look like the old splash, this new one makes her look double her age and very much less inviting to play.


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