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: PBE Bug Mega Thread - Summoner's Rift Update
When playing as nunu bot in a custom game, some of the jungle mobs flickered between their idle/dead state and their alive state while I was in combat with them- this was particularly noticeable with the krugs (big krug went back to idle appearance while in combat rather often) and the Gromp (which had the mini-Gromp flash in and out sometimes while I was fighting it).
: Nidalee Gameplay Update Feedback/Bugs Thread!
New Nidalee feels **fantastic** in the jungle (though dangerously squishy on first clear). The traps chew through every big mob, and hunt makes chasing down enemy champs and getting back out much easier- feels like old Kha'Zix (which is probably a sign it won't make it to live at this level of power). The whole kit feels like it flows really well together and tears through camps. This is all from an ap itemization perspective. Hunt pounce is a bit tricky- I've had it not work a few times, I guess because I was just outside of the range or I had my cursor off the wrong way. I guess with pounce being locked to cursor there's no way to make it easier to jump to the hunt target.
: Skarner PBE Feedback/Bugs Thread
New Skarner doesn't feel that great in the jungle to me (though he could be suffering by comparison to new jungle Nidalee, who feels fantastic). The passive stun feels limited, and having to auto-attack to proc the stun instead of having q proc it feels odd. I think having q proc the stun on jungle minions (if you don't want that sort of power in lane) would at least make the jungle feel a bit nicer. I also don't really see what Skarner's niche is- if I want lots of cc there's a bunch of other junglers that can do that better (Naut, Sejuani, ect), if I want damage there's many other junglers that can do that better after the ratio nerfs, and if I want someone who just sits around in melee and punches things Braum or Udyr feels better.
: [4.4 PBE] Feral Flare - New upgrade to Wriggle's Lantern on PBE
I think it opens up opportunities for on-hit builds in the jungle- Vayne in particular. A big weakness of building her to maximize her w was that it meant your sustain was pitiful- but Feral Flare gives life regain on-hit like the first version of BotRK did.
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: Xerath rework now back on PBE
Jungle Xerath feels problematic. First camp without a leash will leave him very low *with* optimized runes and masteries, though once he gets more abilities his clears get smoother. He has a hard time taking major jungle objectives- he can't solo dragon until he has SotSW and WotA, and may not be able to solo baron at all. He has moderate mana issues even with SotSW (thanks to its 200% loss of effectiveness on AoE spell mana regain from the prior state) until around level 13 or so, when his passive fills out enough. Its helpful throughout the jungle, but you still need blue until then.
: [minor bug] rune combining
Is there a reason that there's a rune cap in the first place? For someone who bought a bunch of t1 and t2 runes, they could be locked out of getting t3 ones (though I guess they could combine them)- and more to the point it prevents testing t1 and 2 runes on PBE if you have all t3 runes.
: Hii! I took a look at my PBE acceptance e-mail, which is indeed another e-mail than you wrote here (then again, Riot could have changed it). What does your e-mail say and what made you think it might not be legit? o_O
At the top, it says in a seperate banner "We are updating our email address- please add to your address book". Then there's the league logo, a header saying "Get to testing!", a picture of Jayce (which has a link in it that leads to a broken PBE signup page), and then "Congratulations! You’ve been selected to be a Public Beta Environment tester for this PBE cycle! As a tester, you’ll help us root out problems, test ideas, and work with our development teams to build new stuff for upcoming League of Legends releases. Please click the button below to create your account on the PBE!". After that there's a button labelled "Create your PBE account", with a functional link. Finally, it says "To keep up to date with our current experiments and to provide feedback on your gameplay experiences, head to the PBE Forums. For information on what to expect from your PBE experience and answers to some commonly asked questions, check out the PBE FAQ." Both PBE forums and PBE FAQ have valid links. The reason I was suspicious was the different email address (though apparently capitalization doesn't matter?), and the fact that every link was something like rather than, say As to my other question, the FAQ says all the old accounts were deactivated, but I heard that they mainly deactivated the more negative accounts. If I create an account using the link, will my current account be deactivated? Once the wave ends and the new account would go on hiatus in the new system, would this account still be active?
: I'm wondering why you ask this AFTER you already went and made the account. If the e-mail linked you to the correct links, you can ASSUME that yes, it is the real deal. Why else would you be here? The capital letter has nothing to do with the address, as it's still the same.
No, this is my old PBE account. I'm unsure whether I should use the link in the email to make a new PBE account.
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: Went back in to check on this - turns out Yasuo's Q is only supposed to apply on-hit effects to the first target hit; CertainlyT just didn't get a chance to dig into Yasuo's bug reports before the list of verified bugs was handed over to me. I'm trying to come up with a way to avoid this in the future without creating tons of delay between tester reports and our verification, but also without creating a ton of extra work for champion designers. Would an update contained within this thread (like this comment, or like the edit I made to the megathread) be enough when we discover a bug isn't actually a bug?
That seems reasonable to me, especially if the megathread is stickied. Also, just to clarify- Yasuo's q is supposed to apply on-hits to only the first target except when whirlwinding, but doesn't apply to whirlwinded targets right now because of bug, not intentional limit?
: [3.15] Verified Bug Reports (Updated 12/10)
Any updates on when Yasuo's q is going to apply on-hits to all targets? Affects his jungle quite a bit- hard to test sustain when you're getting a third to a quarter of what it should be, depending on the camp.
: Updates made to the client's frame
I dislike these changes- the spacing between the letters on the league logo feels too small (as does the version number), and our currency numbers seem too large. As cliche and uninformative as this is, something about the font hurts my eyes.
: Team Builder Bugs!
A few bugs. As captain, I could not pick roles, only positions. When 4 people picked ready and the 5th did not, I could not boot them, and ultimately had to exit. Inside the game, there was constant unknown variable spam in orange text, including for frenzy.
: One For All Enabled On PBE!
Syndra's orbs can create quite the fps drop when there are 25+ of them from different skins and ranks all getting thrown around at once.
: Spirit of the Spectral Wraith is still reducing smite's CD (from 36 seconds to 29!). Is this intended?
Guess not, since as of today's patch only summoner spell CD reduction in masteries affects smite's CD.
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: Jungle Changes on the PBE (10/31/2013)
Spirit of the Spectral Wraith is still reducing smite's CD (from 36 seconds to 29!). Is this intended?
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: [Site Update] New Font
The front page of the community sites appears to be invisible unless you're logged in, along with the sub-forums. Individual threads and the red tracker work fine, though. Using Firefox.
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: What's the difference between and
Seems to be now, but I assume that that was the same (and that our passwords got forcereset the same way NA's did, since I had to change mine again after I changed it yesterday).
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: Lucian, the Purifier, now available for testing
Lucian's early mana costs seem excessive- I'll often find myself out of mana after one or two rotations, especially if I've been leveling q (which seems to be the default ad/bot lane assumption). I think q's mana costs could be cut in half and would help Lucian's early lane (while still gating his aggression by having w and e and r have high mana costs).
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