: Once it goes live, it will still occur only in practice mode. Which is still single player and wont affect me in anyway. And probably not a bug at all considering Aatrox long Q cast time and the nearly instatenous cooldown refresh allows you to keep Q-ing before the previous Q animation finishes. I dont know what you want Riot to do. Nerf Aatrox by having his Q cooldown start at the end of the cast because of a bug that only occurs when you have 100% CDR which is only possible in practice mode?
There is no need for a nerf and thats obvious. League has borders that are invisible so that champions can't just float up or bounce up. The answer is simple. Just either A- remake the border, B- Fix Aatrox's bounce or make the border higher, or C, which is to make it impossible to hit a border and continue to climb once hitting it. No nerfs needed duh.
: This "bug" is only possible in practice mode. Its ridiculous how people are reporting cooldown bugs when its only possible because of the 100% CDR in Practice Mode.
Yes but once it goes live then does that mean you want The bugs in game when it hits Live servers? PBE is for this, to Discover bugs and test new features, IF you disagree then leave PBE.
: I don't see how this is game breaking you fall down as soon you stop or use flash. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LeMCSoeekXY (still uploading) 10 minutes left.
This does not only work with structures only, I forgot to mention that you can do it against baron, fountain (both spawns), thick walls. And it's gamebreaking cause maybe in a way idk how someone actually just gets stuck.
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: They can't. Also, just for reference, "not trying to be annoying" is same as saying "not trying to be offensive.. but" which means that you're gonna be annoying, no matter what. Please go play on live boards if you hate having high ping. I've been living with 250+ ping all the time. Well, I guess you could make a new PBE server if you can pay for it.... What's riot's benefit if they make a new server? They won't gain any profit.
Ok so, u dont need to be a giant pain in the ass ok. im just saying that i whould enjoy/prefer a Eu server, im not demanding it, and yeah if i post on the live forums they wont even know how frustrating it is to play with a higher ping, i didnt understand till i became a PBE tester. So u dont need to be a giant pain, im just saying not demanding.
: I'm all in favor of having our EU PBE server. The problem is the costs and maintenance needed to keep it running with the latest updates. Imagine all the work they have with the actual PBE server in USA. Now double that work and the number of people needed to make it run. If that's not enough, think about the number of players needed to play there that actually are going to test the game and submit bug reports. I play with a 250 ~ 350 ping and I'm not happy about it. Still, I enjoy the opportunity to be helpful and to be able to test the game and be part of one of the biggest communities ever.
yeah....ik. but im just saying that i whould like/prefer a Eu server XD not demanding anything :PP
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: New Game Mode! (idea)
I whould like to hear EVERYTHING. (even if its hate im ok with it just no swearing :P)
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