: Get ready for ARURF+: coming to patch 9.2
I think Mordekaiser (yes I am biased) and Yasuo should get buffs for URF as well. They've both been really low winrate champs in this mode because they both don't use CDR very well (especially Yasuo). Mordekaiser just doesn't have anything to spam since he has high cast times and is limited by his slow attack speed.
: Nexus Blitz PBE - Patch Notes and Feedback
Morde's W is bugged in the mode and won't give a shield with Aery. This has happened in ARAM forever and still hasn't been fixed.
: They are Stupid OP string right now. The .... shows it was sarcasm.
Just making sure. Yeah, those two are overpowered
: They needed to bring it in line with Press the Attack and Lethal Tempo.....
I'm not sure if that's sarcastic or not, because those two are really strong right now
: The new 3-hit condition for proccing it is much stronger than the old one for most champions. Even champions like Talon who took it before AND do big damage have an easier time, especially in the early game. And that doesn't even count champs like Darius and Singed who now have access to this rune reliably. While 15% is probably too little early game, its still a pretty good rune.
Proccing it by dealing 30% max HP was so easy before, the new one is a lot slower. Sure, the new one might be viable on more champions, but it's far weaker. It wouldn't be bad if we still had DFT, but Riot threw that out the window.
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: Uh. That sounds very bad. I will report this, thank you for finding it. o_o
No problem! I stopped taking it because of that bug. I'm not sure if it's champion specific, but I was using it with Mordekaiser
: Runes Reforged PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread
Has the bug with the mini Flash been fixed yet? If you channel the flash and use it, it will sometimes lock ALL skills, auto attacks, items, and your recall until you die. Your model won't turn while you walk either.
: Runes Reforged PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread
There's a bug with Glacial Augment that needs to be fixed ASAP. If you have it on, use any emote (1-4) like joke or dance and it will shoot an ice laser. Found this out last night while playing in a normal game. It will shoot a laser as fast as you can press it, and there's no cooldown.
: The Banshees changes are going to be terrible for champions whose only way to pop it is also the spell their combo is gated around. Hell, this is already the case, but as a tank item it feels far less bad to play against than this new iteration that carries will be picking up will do. I may be biased as a Diana main, but when Q is your only way to pop Banshees, and the spell your entire combo relies on, it doesn't result in a good experience. It was the same problem when Edge of Night was heavily overtuned and in the meta. I think if you're going ahead with the Banshees changes, it should at least be changed to an active rather than a passive. It discriminates against certain champions far more than others, and those champions aren't necessarily in a good place already. Most meta mid laners have a way to reliably keep it popped without affecting their overall damage output. It's those out of meta that should be afraid of this change.
I'm okay with this. AP champs finally have a good AP/defensive item, while AD champions have had things like Maw, Mercurial, and Edge of Night. So I hope this goes through
: Midseason Durability Feedback
The Gargoyle item is pretty useless at the moment. For some reason, you can't use its active, so its just a bundle of stats right now
: So if his ult only has 2 levels, does he gain an extra skill point, or does he just lose out on a skill point?
: Is there some sort of game equalizer enabled in urf?
Yeah, if the team types, "/eq" and they agree to equalize it, then the other team will get a bunch of gold and the winning team will lose a bunch of towers.
: I can't wait to experiment with these options. {{item:3116}} {{item:3053}} {{item:3065}} ({{item:3751}} {{item:3145}} ) {{item:3146}} would be the first combination I'd try and maybe even switch Gunblade and Steraks with Abyssal/Zhonyas. The combinations are limitless! Especially since Morde can benefit from almost any stat, giving him more options to chose from and making other items more desirable gives him a lot of flexibility in terms of build.
Just tried out the new item on him! Holy dash does it add a lot of burst to your combo... and of course, a dash! Can I add you on the PBE? We should try to play a few games when we're both free!
: These item changes look pretty good for Mordekaiser lots of cdr to some of his more popular items
Yes! These are amazing for him! The one problem I've always found with Morde is that reaching a high amount of CDR was always very difficult. Normally, you would build Nashors and Spirit Visage, which isn't bad, but there are better items. These changes are gonna be amazing! CDR on Abyssal, Hourglass, and the Hextech Belt will get him to an average of 30% CDR each game.
: [Planned - 6.9] Mana x MP/5 x AP x MR Item Pass [Updated - 4/11/2016]
Did you guys just make Mordekaiser a 100% banrate with that Hextech Rocket Belt? Because TY RIOT! You just gave my Mid lane Morde a reliable dash! EDIT: Why did I get downvoted? Wat
: Hey Raid Boss Morde! I'm going to look into this. :) I believe it was working before today's update, so it's pretty unfortunate :( Thanks for the report!
Thank you! I can't wait to try her out, especially while ascended.
: ‘Ascension’ game mode live on PBE for Rotating Game Mode queue testing.
Illaoi's passive and E won't spawn tentacles, only her Ult. Please fix this!
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Urf Kench and Definitely Not Vel'Koz!
Please PLEASE give Urf Kench at least ONE URF sound somewhere. Fizz, Corki, and Nami all have Urf sounds with their skins, so I think Tahm deserves it too. If you could add an URF sound when he ults, that would be amazing!
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: LOL! Morde's movespeed was lowered. That's so hilarious. GG Morde's. Enjoy the ganks. Poor Morde fans. "But I can haz dragonz."
What the heck was Riot thinking... his movement speed was ALL he had for ganks. Why lower it even more? He has no mobility whatsoever, so they decided to cut his movement speed to the lowest... 325
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: [Mordekaiser Rework] - Bugs
His Q also has another bug. If you get 40% CDR, it brings its CD to 1.95 secs. After you use Q on something, the CD goes to 3 seconds for some reason. Another one: His ultimate doesn't give you bonus health from the ghost you get, and they don't get the bonus AD.
: Same problem.
> Same problem. O: It's Pawnce!
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: What makes kalista "op" from another players perspective?
I think she's only OP because of her crazy mobility from her passive. I was playing Mordekaiser, and when I would try to fight her, I couldn't hit her at all. I would chase her to try to combo her, but she would AA and use her passive to back away, so then I would just run away because there was NO chance that I could beat her. Running doesn't help either... she could AA me, then use her passive to jump closer to me. There was no way to hit her or run away from her. I find her passive pretty broken.
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: Games Crashing At 1:45 Or Under :/
Same with me. I just tried playing Viktor on both versions of Summoner's RIft. It crashed before two minutes both times.
: Ongoing: Mass Texture Rebalancing!
You said that Malzahar is being looked into, then what about Mordekaiser? He could REALLY use something. Anything about him? Those are my two mains, but they really need some Riot love {{champion:82}} {{champion:90}} {{item:3070}}

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