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: Match History Not Working
Almost everyone on each server has this problem for a time. Rito wrote once in server status, that it does not works. Just keep calm and imagine u are Hachiko
: When entering the store i get a text saying:''error code 0''
I had the same problem with different error code 0, 1 and 999. But today it was okay, mb im just lucky. I reported this bug two days ago
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: Sweetheart Rakan
Great work Sad, that Rito's new version of sweetheart rakan is still ugly. This is much better
: Sweetheart Xayah e Sweetheart Rakan
Hi Rito! I adore your game and almost all the things u do, but this sweetheart skins are the most ugly thing i've ever seen in lol. Especially Rakan. This pink heart on Rakan's ultimate - are u serious?! And what bloody hell happened to his wear? It's a painful headshoot. Their duo recall is too boring for such dinamical champions (do not even look like a romantic slow dance) Xayah is just boring (imho). The cosmic dusk is much cooler, sweetheart look like a step backward THis unusual bright duo could be mush more itresting. Im sad :({{item:3070}} p.s. sorry for my bad english


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