: So, I'm not gonna jump on "No more Prestige skins, please and thanks." bandwagon; I believe Prestige edition skins CAN be successful for other skin lines beyond K/DA (Kai'sa's should be used as a guide) BUT they need to be put through time and effort and not rushed like this... Aatrox's and Vayne's look little more like glorified gold chromas (and there have been plenty of them recently). Prestige skins should justify their name and status and stand out (especially from their counterpart skin). P.S. Talking about K/DA line and Prestige skins, hopefully you won't leave the band (and the set) half-complete :3
Mortdog confirmed that Eve and Ahri will be getting their Prestige skins to the excitment and dismay of many :3
: Yeah, my PBE acc was having issues at the time, couldn't comment or do anything in the boards, had to open a ticket and it took quite a while to fix. I remember reading that the original statement was that "they will be rare/won't come out often" (since they planned for them to be rare collector's edition like skins) but I guess the success made them change their mind-which isn't a bad thing by itself. But that prestige points pricing...
> [{quoted}](name=SecondC0ming,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=ZwxTAljR,comment-id=0002000100000000,timestamp=2019-01-11T18:14:01.456+0000) > > Yeah, my PBE acc was having issues at the time, couldn't comment or do anything in the boards, had to open a ticket and it took quite a while to fix. > > I remember reading that the original statement was that "they will be rare/won't come out often" (since they planned for them to be rare collector's edition like skins) but I guess the success made them change their mind-which isn't a bad thing by itself. But that prestige points pricing... source?
: After released details today about how prestige aatrox will be a year-long available, for 'prestige tokens' which only come from loot box purchases, I definitely feel like they just tried to come at gemstone skins another way in an attempt to make the random loot system a necessity for players who want to access certain content. It's not a rare skin just because it requires 150 dollars to purchase shit you don't want in order to get the skin you're interested in. Bad business model. I wasn't a fan of the gemstone deal, but at least skins were few and far between, and I didn't mind them being predominantly 'hextech' styled. I'm not going to say 'prestige skin', because these are not prestige skins. They're golden chroma deluxe skins. BUT, I like the idea that you can earn stuff towards them longer than a single event. I like that you use a homogenized currency earned for them, I get tired of trying to figure out what hoops I have to jump through to get a new skin. But being tied entirely to loot boxes feels like it shoots this progress in the foot. I guess the only way it really could have been worse if they were "opening loot boxes" exclusive.. Not that I want to give any 'great' ideas here. /s
LOL!! after reading this I was reminded of Hi-Rez and all their non-direct purchase skins w/ 3 currencies and realize Riot is slowly starting to move towards that model... YIKES. I liked the idea of gemstones honestly because they came about during a point when I didn't know if I wanted to keep playing or not. I liked the excitement that gemstones brought, especially knowing I wasn't time-gated into getting 95% of the gemstone content. I didn't feel obligated to grind for every skin that was released but I do feel really proud playing the ones I do own. Plus reworked Hextech is my favorite skin thematic so that reallyyy helps haha. Prestige by definition means something that is worthy of admiration and respect. So I think it would make sense that Prestige skins be moreso a champ mastery reward than a cash grab. Since we are currently capped at M7 I think it would make sense to add M8 and the points you gain from getting S on a particular champ would equate to a unique "currency" or shards used to unlock prestige skins to really show others that you are a boss at that champ. I think thats the kind of reward players have been lookinig for in league.
: I was hoping prestige stuff would be tied to esports and non-league realm stuff (hence KDA skins or such), but now it's the SUPER RARE AND "EXCLUSIVE" gold skin of each new release wave. Honestly I'm surprised how fast the quality and delivery of them fell short.
Considering we already have Championship skin line to celebrate Worlds, As well as Conqueror and Team skins I dont think we need any more eSports-tied skins. The skins are rare in the sense that they are not easily obtainable, thus being exclusive. not rare as in we do not know when we will see another one. I personally don't mind them occurring so frequently as there are some Prestige skins I personally don't want (Akali, Aatrox) so I can sit the grind out. I'm sure a considerable amount of the player-base isn't going to want every Prestige Skin that drops, but I do think there should be a set standard of what is "Prestige" because right now its just an expensive gold chroma.
: And that they wouldn't be released in close proximity
Actually I asked about this when Prestige Kai'Sa was on PBE and a Rioter said they did actually think of making them once per event. Here is the exact reply I got: "We haven't decided on this yet, but if is successful I believe at least one per event. Would you like to see them more often?" - I am Carlos Source: https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/client-new-features-feedback/qKY4WrdK-kda-kaisa-prestige-edition?comment=00070000
: Remember when we got promised Presitge skins would have at least some different detail model wise?
> [{quoted}](name=2514,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=ZwxTAljR,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-01-09T03:03:36.078+0000) > > Remember when we got promised Presitge skins would have at least some different detail model wise? ^ Having unique and noticeable changes to models was the biggest selling point about these Prestige skins for me. I wasn't a fan of normal KDA Kai'Sa and I thought the Prestige one was a good alternative, I definitely wouldn't have grinded for it if it was just a recolor. We already have golden Chromas so I am not sure why Prestige skins are being reduced to such now :c Hextech skins feel more exclusive and special at this point if this is how Prestige skins are going to be moving forward :c
: The skin is lovely! However, auto attacks' sound effects make no sense. Correct me if I'm wrong but she's running around shooting fireworks, why do I hear crossbow bolts sound then?=/
I do believe for her AA she’s shooting out little coins instead of rockets. Idk about E and R-AA tho
: I feel like the ice block on the E, ult and slow particles are all that takes away from this skin. It does such a good job changing her theme that it seems out of place to have a random green ice block. Maybe make it bright yellow/gold to fit the coins so it looks more like it's part of the skin.
I think the green is a nice contrast. Jade is a pretty classic touch to Chinese themed skins. Plus we see it in Warring Kingdoms Vi, Azir and Garen's vfx as well. I think its a decent thematic fit. There is already a lot of yellow going on in the skin and I personally think it would be painful if more was added.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Firecracker Vayne!
Hi! Vayne's R-AA vfx does not seem to have much impact when they hit their target vs. her condemn. For a comparison, her R-AA feels more like Firecracker Jinx's Pow-Pow AA vs. Fishbones AA. Assuming Vayne is hitting you with rockets I would imagine the impact to be more colorful, but I guess it could get confusing with her condemn? I I haven't tested this myself out yet since I'm not patched up atm, but its something I noticed when looking at SkinSpotlights' previews.
: I don't see anything bad with these really. I think they are nice. Even though they get out of the Blood Moon theme, you sometimes get bored playing with the same skin. And it's not like they're the skin itself, they're just optional. I also would like to ask a question. Do you guys still consider giving chromas to base skins like you have done in the past with Caitlyn, Lucian, Zac etc.? I still use the Pink Caitlyn or Bubblegum Zac from time to time. Because some champions have really good base skins and I would really like such a thing. Especially on Aurelion Sol! He might have the best looking base in the whole game. He doesn't have much skin neither and even though I do not know how long it takes to make a chroma, I would assume it's easier to make than a skin from scratch. Seriosuly, I doubt that you guys can give him a better looking skin than his normal one :D Even though I have the Ashen Lord skin for him which I bought in his release, I always use the base one. Personally I think that the Cosmic skin line has the best looking chromas in the whole game. Ashe, Xin, Lulu... All of their chromas were amazing. Would you guys consider giving Aurelion Sol something like that? I can't talk for everyone but I feel like people would really appreciate it! And I also have a problem with the older chromas. They show their name in the loading screen like: Caitlyn Rebel or Morgana Haunt. I assume that you guys will take care of the Morgana one since she is getting a rework but could you guys remove those for consistency. They also are not named after gems neither but that must be a little hard to change I guess since they don't have specific colors like the newer ones to make them name like that easy. And could you add something to the loading screen to indicate that someone is using a chroma, like a paint drop maybe. Since you guys started to release both the skins and their chromas at the same time, sometimes it's hard to tell if a player is using a chroma or not. Sorry if my questions are odd :P Thanks for taking your time to answer these. ^^
I kind of agree with this. I do miss the idea of having chromas for base skins, but when you think about it, a lot of older skins are today's equivalent of chromas 1.0. Think of Snowbunny or Leopard Nidalee, so I see why they stopped. Before Chromas 2.0 came out I had kind of hoped that Chromas would be linked to champion mastery so there's a bit more reward to hitting masteery 7 or something. I get that is A LOT o f backlog, but given the rate they pump out chromas now I think it wouldve worked.
: Problem with the new Prestige Skin: Golden Chroma (Aatrox)
I'd have to agree.. if they continue like this they are just going to be like Smite's golden/diamond skins which look horrendous. A lot of the golden chromas are really boring looking and have no life to them... Its just gold+ brown/black and that ugly cyan color sometimes. I feel like Riot is rushing everything with all the new ideas and cash grabs. I typically like buying limited/rare/exclusive things but why pay the money if they don't put in the effort to be consistent? Pretty disappointing :c Plus variants aren't exciting either. If this is the path of Prestige skins I'm just gonna keep my wallet closed uwu
: Just mostly /r/Leagueoflegends. Typically whenever they throw a fit to the frontpage things are changed same-day. Unlike the League boards where you might as well be shouting into the maw of Cho'Gath instead of giving any type of meaningful feedback. > I'll be sure to buy the skin in place of you Up to you if you want to waste an extra 350 RP on a crappy skin that should be 975. I'd rather save that money for boxes though, and get a 1350 shard that is far better quality than this sub-par skin that doesn't even come close to the glory of Pool Party, let alone El Macho. You prove that people who are used to eating crap are going to like it when they're served it.
Not really. I'm perfectly fine not buying a skin if I don't think its worth the money. I know it would suit someone else's needs if not mine. If I happen to like this skin and will purchase it at its intended price. The only thing I can agree with you on is that El Macho is a great skin.
: Hi,. Can I ask why Twitch has 2 snow skins? And If Snowdown ARURF is back, which skin should Twitch show?
Whistler Village Twitch falls under the "Winter Sports" category of skins. When This one releases, it will likely fall under the "Snowdown Showdown" or "Winter wonder" categories. Also worth pointing out that aside from the splash art, Whistler Village twitch has no snow elements in game. The vfx are standard and the texture is essentially a recolor.
: Don't even bother opening feedback threads if you're going to ignore and swat it down with excuses. You asked for feedback, I provided it based on my opinion as a long-time player and a whale who would have bought the skin without question--had it not been for this dumb little icicle that ruins an otherwise pretty decent skin, or the extra price for something that two years ago would be a 975 skin. I can see this is just gonna get pushed through regardless of what I say because nobody but me actually cares about Mundo's skins. Just like how Feral Warwick got ruined even tho there was plenty of feedback against it. Good to know nothing changes unless it gets 20k upvotes on /r/LeagueOfLegends And for the record, Yarn friends Blitzcrank and Amumu looked more appealing to me than this skin. EDIT: > The story behind the Ice shard in his back is that he was a prince who was shot by a shard of cursed ice by Ice King twitch, which is what caused him to transform into a horrible monster. Though this isn't clear in game, you can see Twitch in the back of his splash, which should hopefully help to convey this narrative. [How is a blurry image in the far background, outside of the CLOSED WINDOW](https://imgur.com/shsXNxs) on the opposite side of the ice shard supposed to convey that Twitch has "cursed" Mundo in any way, or that this Mundo is anything other than a fancier frozen version of normal Mundo? He might as well be Zaun's Ambassador to the Frejlord instead of some regal figure as-is. It doesn't even read as Twitch in the splash art. Now that I've got the splash art, it doesn't AT ALL convey what you are saying you're going for with this skin. Mundo doesn't even seem to be inconvenienced by this "Curse."
I'll be sure to buy the skin in place of you. This is not really feedback more than you simply expressing your distaste for the skin. A lot of us who give feedback would love to see some small changes to skins, but feedback doesn't mean that it needs to or will happen no matter what your "credentials" are. I'm sure Riot gathers consensus internally and with the playerbase across regions, not just r/leagueoflegends or this PBE thread.
: Winter Wonderland Neeko's Splash
Ah I think this splash plays on Neekos thematic a bit too well. I know she is a chameleon, but from an artistic standpoint, contrast/value shifts are a good way to bring focus to a piece. I think this edit would make sense if Neeko were in the act of shape-shifting/camouflage because the lack of color variety would help drive home the point of her blending in. Winter Wonder Karma's splash also has a bit of warmth to it, as it transitions from blue/white to green.
: I see. Do you think it's an issue with the actual gold? Or that the brown areas (pants, gloves, etc.) are too prevalent?
I wonder if it would compliment the gold more if instead of brown the darker areas had a more plum undertone? Basic color theory is that yellow and purple are complimentary. I think the colors would look less dull and muddy for golden chromas if there was a hue shift in the shading. I refrain from golden chromas since they tend to look like a color dodge version of the normal skin. The colors supporting the gold elements do not seem purposeful in my opinion. I do think Something like the Bewitching Janna Chroma looks good though, overall the colors harmonize very well and deliver a unique mood to the skin.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Snowdown Chromas!
I wanted to suggest a non-human skintone chroma for Soraka, but omg... the selection is goregous Q.Q! I especially love the Ruby and Pearl variant. Also I think Winter Wonder Neeko Chromas may be the best chroma set yet. I literally want all of them. I know this is more me gushing than feedback but good fucking job!
: I can only agree partly, the hair color should be different but not white/blonde. Better go for a Violet/Dark Red. The brown is really not that brilliant
I dont see the benefit of the prestige edition having the same or similar color to the normal K/DA skin? Also. I suggested blonde/ash brown NOT blonde/white... I even specifically pointed out why it shouldn't be blonde/white. Stinger Akali's white/platinum hair was unfortunate and very unlike old Stinger. Ash brown would kind of deliver on the desired effect, while keeping variety between Akali and Kai'Sa.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Winter Wonder Soraka!
I am asking this before the chromas come out but I wonder if their would be variations in the skintone for the chromas? I know other winter wonder champs have more human skintones but I think Soraka would look amazing with a more ice mage/witch/healer idk vibe. Frosty hair and skin. This skin design-wise is gorgeous but the base palette just look rudimentary to me.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: K/DA Akali Prestige Edition
Hi. I am curious about the possibility of Prestige Akali being blonde or an ash brown? I used to play Stinger Akali a lot pre-rework and I miss having a proper blonde-haired skin. New Stinger comes off as being more platinum/silver-haired. I understand the possible monotony of having an all-blonde Prestige line but I think it would honestly really work well for Akali. I think the auburn color doesn't compliment the skin as well and looks super saturated combined with he jacket. It doesnt give off the same 'untourchable' and powerful vibe as Kai'Sa's to me.
: K/DA Kai'Sa Prestige Edition
How often can we expect to see a Prestige edition skin? I assume they will be more frequent than ultimate skins but less frequent than Hextech releases?

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